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Lucky It was the next day after the battle. Gentle rain fell steadily from the sky as warm wind swept the area.

So, Lucky made his way back to the ranch after the battle. He was in the barn, resting on top of the table; right arm wrapped up and in a sling. Wincing ever so slightly, he took the sling off and undid the wrapping before pouring alcohol over the wounds.

His scream could be heard clearly outside the barn as he did this; birds of varying sizes flying off at the start of the scream. Pain course through his body as the alcohol is applied.
Sparrow Sparrow has back and forth a few places today, having taken the long route home to check something out. So Afternoon rolls around before she rides up on Bluebelle with her spare pony in tow. She looks tired and wild eyed looking towards the scream from the barn as she trots the Appaloosa up to the barn and slings a leg off. She steps into the barn swinging bright eyes about before spotting Lucky and her brows knit. "Shit, Lucky.." She moves over towards him. "Why didn't you go with Iris last night?!" It's short, a bit shorter than normal, but she seems to be stretched thin. Jittery.
Lucky "Here was closer. there was a Militia corpsman that helped with the wounds initially.. but only for so much." Lucky replies calmly. He was in pain, but refused to show it in front of her.

The arm looked like shit. It was mangled by the bullets that riddled through it; flesh, muscle and tissue were sown together hastily. It was a good stitching, though more could still be done to hold it together better. "I've been through worse." He says reassuringly, giving her a soft smile.
Sparrow Sparrow mm's softly, distractedly, and nods as she moves over. The doctors eyes close a few times as if blinking away some unwanted vision as she moves over to get Lucky to settle on the bench while grabbing her medkit from her saddle bags.

Once done with that she moves over to grab a milking stool and settles in to do some work on his arm. "I don't have any drugs for you. I'm sorry. The Clinic's prepped for that kind of thing. I've got some ether though.. if you'd prefer to be knocked out for it." Sparrow's voice is unusually raw, distracted, her eyes feverishly bright almost.
Lucky "I .. I'm good."

Lucky pauses after speaking, eyes on her now. pushing off the table, he walks over to her; his right arm dangling at his side. His left hand moves gently to her waist, eyes looking to hers as he speaks; "Before you work on me, something seems a little out of place with you. What happened? What's wrong?"
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Nothin'. Long night. Sit, let's get you looked at. I can do this, Promise. Aint nothin' ever made my hands shake." She lifts up steady hands to prove her point before touching Lucky's cheek and then pointing at the bench. "Lay on down and we'll get those bullets out of you and set your bones. Gonna be a while, you might pass out anyway. Okay?"
Lucky "I trust you Sparrow." He replies softly, head nodding as he steps back. Back to the bench, he lays down and looks to his arm, frowning "Think it needs amputation?" He asks quietly.
Sparrow "No." She replies, "I think ya need to not worry about it and leave it to the Docs. I'll do what I can then you should check in with Iris, make sure she's all set all right? Now, if ya pass out I make take some time to take care of myself so don't be shocked if I'm not right here when you wake up, all right?"

Sparrow helps Lucky down and settled on the bench before she sits to get to work. First? Getting the bullets and schrapnel out.
Lucky "Alright.. Thanks." Lucky replies with a warm smile.

Getting the stitching out was easy; but once done, the carnage of the damage is revealed. the flesh and muscle is torn apart by the high-speed bullets. Specks of bone chips can be seen within the fleshy mound and luckily, most of the main arteries and veins were not hit. Hints of bullet fragments and even a few bullets could be found within.
Sparrow Sparrow pulls her hair back securing it away from her face and gets to work. Careful to make sure the arm it strapped down at wrist and shoulder She's careful about the business, knowing it's going to hurt she does her very best to ensure it doesn't doo too much damage. Sparrow is silent as she works, despite usually being a little reassuring right now? She's using everything she has to focus so talking and distractions aren't an option. It's going to be messy and Sparrow is careful with the forcepts getting every little scrap of metal and debris out.
Lucky Lucky winces now and then, eyes closing as pain envelopes him as she does her duties. He doesn't pass out on his part though, seeming able to push through the pain as she works.
Sparrow Sparrow is careful to avoid tendons, careful to rinse and clean as often as possible to make sure that nothing at all is missed. An arm is more useful than legs in the wasteland and she would hate to have Lucky loose his trigger finger. It's going to be a long one. there's cleaning, cautarizing, stitching, setting and splinting that needs to be done. It's going to take hours and Sparrow makes sure to be up to get Lucky liquids to say hidrated and before she sets the arm she -insists- on the ether.
Lucky A few times Lucky passes out as the pain becomes too intolerable. Each time, he is only out for thirty minutes or so before waking back up to her working. As she draws toward the end of setting, he at first declines the ether, however at her persistent, he agrees to it.
Sparrow Sparrow knocks Lucky out for a bit with light ether use, keeping him under until the chipped and broken bones are all tended to. She wraps him and sets his cast before she stops giving him little touches of the euphoric vapors. Checking on him to make sure he's comfortable before she settles in with her pip boy to read about her own possible issues. Reading little snippets she gets to figure out how to best keep herself from loosing her sanity to her nightmares. That's where he'll find her, mulling over her own more insubstantial wound.
Lucky Waking a bit after the ether was applied, his eyes blink prior to him sitting up. Turning, he slips off the table and walks quietly over to where she was sitting. Looking over her shoulders, his brows raise before he coughs, saying "Heya." Calmly and steps around to the front. Looking to his cast, he smiles more "Thank-you for everything Sparrow."
Sparrow Sparrow is performing surgery in Martha and Grant's barn. She looks strung out, sleepless, and obviously she's not able to multitask as well as she normally can. It's been a rough few days for her, "Yeah, no problem Lucky. This is how El Dorado does. Who we are. Have you found a nice spot to tuck yourself into? There's lots of land yanno."
Lucky Leaning in, he kisses her cheek gently before stepping back. "I know, but.. still thank-you." He pauses and shrugs "I haven't yet honestly. Where is it that you sleep?" He inquires calmly, avoiding the subject (at least for now) of what he briefly read.
Sparrow Sparrow lifts her fingers to her cheek and a small smile breaks out over her wan distracted expression and she looks up, reaching out to touch his good arm. "Thank you too. I mean it. You've been real supportive." She nods towards the main ranch house, "My rooms in there, but I don't always sleep there, sometimes I camp. Sometimes I get a room. Afraid it's a little foreward to share a room right at this point."
Lucky Lucky chuckles "oh, no, no. .. no, I wasn't thinking that at all.. Just, curious ya know. I'll probably pitch a tent I think; I like the outdoors." He adds gently, his good arm bending up to touch her hand gently. "Just curious is all." He adds, pausing. "I.. shoot, I saw what you were researching." He says quietly.
Sparrow Sparrow looks at her pip boy and looks back up at him. "Dunno, something's got a hold on me. Already shook up after that whole...thing yesterday." Her lips cut a sneer. "Make a stop at tht place outside Rosewell before comin' home. Seein' if they had any good supplies for medicine. You know,you never know, the witchy types often do. Place is cold. Curious but cold. Stirred up the demons in me." She turns off her pip boy. "I gotta get into Martha's herb cabinet to make myself some tinctures until they let go of me.
Lucky "Dunwich?" lucky asks quietly. He had been there before and the place gave him the heebie-jeebies. taking her hand in his, he squeezes it gently. "Yeah, that place creeps me out..." He pauses for a moment "Well, until it is gone, I am around; here to talk or whatever." He smiles reassuringly to her.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles a bit and nods. "Lert me go get the herbs. Gonna smell a bit so best to do it out here in the barn anyway. I'll be back." She stands and touches Luck'y shsoulder before darting off for a few minutes. Leaving him in the barn with two horses staring at him.
Lucky Walking over to the said horses, Lucky picks up two carrots. "Hello beauties." He whispers soothingly as he lifts a carrot to the first one. with some hesitation, the horse takes it and Lucky pets the head of the horse gently, a small smile crossing his face. Turning to the second horse, he feeds it a carrot as well, nodding. "How are you two doing today hmm? Enjoying staying indoors I bet; what with the rain and everything.."
Sparrow The blue roan mare nickers softly, more socialized and comfortable with people she leans in to crunch at the end of one of the thick carrots offered. Only after Bluebelle does the younger horse move up to sniff at the offering and lip and crunch on his own. They seem content to sniff at Lucky and nibble at the offered treats until Sparrow returns a few minuts later with a small potato sack full of items. Blue blows a greeting at her partner and Sparrow slaps her flank in passing. "Don't eat to many of them carrots, Blue, you'll ruin your dinner." She looks back towards Lucky and moves over. "You can help if you like. You good at making tea from scratch?"
Lucky Petting Bluebelle softly as Sparrow returns, a smirk creases his lips. "Oh, ho so you were trying to butter me up for more carrots hmmm?" He says teasingly to horse; a grin shifting on his face. Stepping back, he watches Sparrow continue forward before turning back to the horse, winks and gives Blue another carrot.

"I learned a few tricks from mom." lucky replies, shifting his weight to follow her. "What are you making exactly?" He inquires.
Sparrow Sparrow gets the hot plate set up with a makeshift battery, ah the ingenuity of Wasters and limited resources. She gets it set up and turns on the radio setting up the old El Dorado station to listen to the six songs they have on repete. Mortar and Pedestal are next and she turns her pip boy back on to reference it. "Something that's supposed to sooth stress and anxiety, and help me sleep. Valerian, light comfry.." She shakes her head. "Says it'll work all right so I'll ahve to try it. So hopefully it'll help over time. Says to take it sprinkled in tea to make it more pleasent to taste or somethin. TRhis damn thing's been pretty useful."
Lucky Lucky chuckles "Aye, I love having my little pipboy around." He replies casually, glancing to his before back to her. "I don't know much in the ways of medicine.. I am unfamiliar with that one." He notes, turning to the items "So .. what do we do first?"
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "Well I need you to make the tea. I'll do the medicine part. There's some tea catches, leaves and a pot there. The well water is just outside just fill the teapot from it?" She nods at the rest of the stuff. "It'd save me havin' to figure out the right amount for tea while I grind this powder up."
Lucky Nodding, Lucky departs for a moment or two before coming back with water from the well. Taking it, he heads over to the makeshift stove and sets it on there before turning to the tea catches and leaves; beginning to fashion them up quietly. After a while, he breaks the silence "So, you think the culmination of events leading up to last night, as well as last night even has led to these nightmares being manifested in some way?" A beat "Or could it just be the town? I mean, there are those signs after all.. Maybe there is some truth to it."
Sparrow Sparrow shrugs, "Could be." She says quietly. "Last night felt a little..hollow." She murmurs softly. She tilts her head at Lucky, "No big deal. I'll be fine. I've had nightmares afor a long time, figure I'll have'm my whole life." She chuckles as she carefully grinds the herbs she'd gathered together adding a few leaves and some flowers here and there. "You th faithful type, Lucky? Believe in somethin' other?"
Lucky A slow nod is given as he watches her quietly. "Ah, I see. Well then I hope this does help." He replies cheerfully. He pauses and shrugs. "I do, yes. I mean, I suppose. Given all of the natural creations around us, the goodness that shines through this evil.. You have to think that someone created all this and is trying to show us something.. Right?"
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "Maybe I did when I was small. But I've never seen anything that showed me to believe in anything but people. Least wise til they give you reason to believe otherwise. Most of the time goodness doesn't win, it shines quick and breif and bright and is snuffed out by the evil unless a bunch of good folks get together. But that doesn't happen cause there's too many folks interested in only themselves and their tribes. Human nature I think."
Lucky Lucky nods quietly "Suppose your right." He replies quietly, giving her a small smile. As the pot boils, he moves over to it and takes it off. "I guess I never really thought on it very much. To busy helping, surviving. we don't have a lot of priests back home.. Honestly, I really think of one." He sighs, frowning. he places the teabags in the cup before proceeding to pour the hot water over them slowly.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "I've met a few sisters about, one preist maybe two. They tend to stick to the cities. Where it's safest." She admits and chuckles quietly before tilting her head to Lucky and finishes the herbal mix which has begun to smell a little funny and definately pungent. "Almost done. Tea's comin' along?"
Lucky "Seeping now. Just need to add your herbal mix and should be good." Lucky replies kindly. "Does El Dorado have these. sisters and priests?" He inquires calmly, handing over a teacup to her.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "Yes. The church is down kiddy corner to the saloon I think. Justine and Tina are the sisters I've met, there are others though." She says with a little smile. "Quiet, nice, a bit nosey." She takes the tea and considers Lucky before turning to put some of the herbal mix in the tea. "This'll probably knock me out seein' as I didn't sleep well. I got a hammock in Blue's stall.
Lucky "Ah, well then, I should go take a look sometime." He replies optimistically as she takes the cup. Nodding, he steps closer to Sparrow "Alright, well then, I'll help get you to the hammock." He replies sincerely.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles a bit, "Thank you." She says softly and sips her tea standing and gently nudging him to follow out past the mares to a little bench out overlooking the Drake ranch. It's a nice enough view and something calm to distract the cowgirls mind from the last twenty four hours. She seems mutely content to have Lucky's company there with her.
Lucky A welcoming smile is given to Sparrow as the man follows beside her out to the little bench that overlooks the ranch. Standing beside her, the smile shifts to a warm one as he takes in the beauty of the lands with her. His good hand gently reaching over to take hers as he enjoys the scenery and the moment with her.
Sparrow Sparrow will sit in silence, she doesn't mind his hand on hers, the callous digits curled lightly in his. She finishes the tea and soon enough, as suspected, she starts to drift to sleep and can easily be led to the hammock where she passes out gratefully into a blissful sleep thanks to the herbs.