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Iris Lark The sun is starting to set in Acme, the clouds that can be seen on the horizon are pale pink and fluffy. The inside of the store is well lit now, several different lights strung from the ceiling and on the few countertops that are still in good shape. A pile of scrap is set outside of the front door and someone has mixed some cement to patch several holes in the walls. Supplies, both for cleaning and building have been piled in one cleaned out corner.

Standing in the back where a few other supplies have been carted in is Iris, she's reading from a leather bound book and occasionally she jots down a note or two. The door is propped open to allow whatever breeze is out there the chance to enter.
Eden Eden comes in and starts right where she left off. Picks up the next likely looking object and starts examining it to see if it can be fixed. Turns to Iris and says "so-- just keep on going here?" Looks at Achilles and says "Hi, I'm Eden."
Achilles From outside comes Achilles, a large sack thrown over his shoulder. "Alright babe, I've finished up out there. What do you need me to start up on now?" He isn't in his power armor, and he doesn't have a weapon on him, but that's probably what's under the blanket in the corner. Eden herself gets a nod and a friendly wave, "Hello Eden. I'm Achilles."
Iris Lark Iris looks up from her book and she offers Eden a friendly smile and nods. "Yes, just on anything that you can, if we can save a few caps here and there by rebuilding from saved materials, it would be good." Her gaze shifts over to Achilles and she furrows her brow. "Come over here before you keep working, you're hurt and you shouldn't be carrying around heavy things until you're tended."
Eden Waves back at Achilles and goes back to work separating the good from the bad, enjoying the process and whistling softly as she works. When she finds a useless item, she takes it out to the scrap pile to be taken away.
Achilles "I'm not hurt that bad." Achilles assures Iris, but he sets the bag down anyway. At least he's taken to listening to Iris about his well-being more. "Beides, how are you feeling?" The giant of a man walks on over and gives the small doctor a kiss on the forehead.
Iris Lark "I'm not sure, really. My arm hurts, but I haven't had time to find someone to tend it." Iris murmurs, bringing a shoulder up in a shrug. "Too much to do to slow down." She tilts her head up after the kiss and gestures for him to sit down. "Let me take a look at your wounds, I'll decide if it's bad or not. Then we can take the cement and fill in the holes in the walls." She tilts her head slightly as she gives him a check up, moving to pull her leather bag closer. She pulls out salve, bandages and a few other things before she goes to work. "Hold still now."
Eden Eden pauses as she hears Iris is hurt too. "You know, it really doesn't do for the doctor to be hurting. Do you need me to try to find someone?" She is genuinely worried.
Achilles For the most part it appears that Achille's wounds are still the old ones from where the Enclave squad and their backup assaulted him. Bruised ribs, laser holes through his shoulder, and an assortment of other bruises and scrapes. He actually doesn't look to have taken any damage from the fight for Solomon, power armor and luck be praised.

"Yeah, if you need me to I can try and fetch a healer before I get back to work. If I'm not allowed to die fighting, you aren't either." There's concern in his voice, but he doesn't move, lest he mess her concentration up.
Iris Lark Iris shrugs her coat from her shoulders, revealing a wrapped right arm. It's obvious that treatment is needed because blood has been seeping through the bandage. "I wish you luck finding one." She says, to both of them. She flexes her fingers on her right arm after she finishes patching up Achilles and wrapping his wounds. "It hurts more than anything else, a dull pain, I might have not found all the bullets in the wounds." She sounds tired but after a moment she just shakes her head. "Lets finish with the walls here, and then we can go looking for someone."
Eden Eden is still very worried. "If you are sure- you are the doctor. please let us help if you need it though"
Achilles "Sure thing babe, it'll be done quick." Achilles leans in to kiss Iris before moving to take that sack back up and begin to make preperations to mend the walls. "I was doing some reading, and that isn't safe. So we'll find you a doctor even if I have to ride out somewhere to get it handled."
Iris Lark "I just want to make sure the mole rats aren't going to get in here and undo all of our good work." Iris says, moving towards the back wall where the biggest hole is. "If we can patch these holes, and then cement up their hole, we shoul dbe okay for a while." She keeps her right arm carefully still and after a few minutes she chuckles softly. "I will find someone tonight to check the wounds and sew up the holes. The bone wasn't broken."
Eden Eden says "If you are sure. I'm done with this section, not entirely sure what to do next. What will we be selling here? A clinic for you, but, are we gonna need coolers or racks or what?"
Achilles "One of these days I'm going to sit down and learn medicine myself, so I can be more useful around the clinic." Achilles decides. But for today he's handling manual labor. It clearly isn't his first rodeo, because once the mix is ready to go he starts repairing the holes and adding a little extra where the wall is looking weak. "I think we'll be selling things we come across, but I'm not entirely sure."
Iris Lark "We're going to have a bit of everthing. Weapons, armor machinery. We'll repair things...and people." Iris lets her lips twitch into a smile while she explains. "Maybe we'll even offer help to people who need it, it's not our base, but a place we can all work to make things better in this little nook in the world." She points at some supplies in the corner and then towards the front of the store. "We're going to build some shelving, I think, with a mix of the reclaimed metal and some new wood. A new countertop, sanded and stained and ..we should probably get some coolers, we can sell drinks and the like."
Eden Eden says "ok, I can keep a lookout for stuff for those. This stuff is sorted. I could start on the other side of the room. I'm sure there's enough here for some shelves." She picks out a few pieces of metal here and there and sets them aside. "My pile of useable nails is in that can over there, if you need any"
Harlan      Harlan arrives looking pretty damn good for a man who was riddled by machine-gun fire and smacked by a power fist. He's clearly been following Doc Iris's orders and applying his salve on a regular basis. He pauses in the door way and glances around. "Eh, this place has a lot of potential!" He nods with a grunt.
    Noticing the others, he offers a friendly up-nod. "Evenin' here to help where I can." He then eyes Iris and pulls a package from under his arm wrapped in ruined paper. "Hey doc! I found something I wanted to give ya for patching me up!"
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Harlan when he shows up, a smile on her face when she sees that he's been taking care of his injuries. This makes her shift her arm slightly so he can't see that she's still injured. "You got me something? You really didn't have to do that, you know. I enjoy taking care of most people." She eyes the package with interest though.
Achilles "You keep on and you'll turn me into a proper person yet." Achilles teases Iris, finishing up his section of the wall before moving to start working on another. As Harlan enters the man gets a slight wave of greeting. "Hey there. You were at the fighting, right? Not sure if you saw me without my helmet, but I was the guy in the power armor."
Vuk Vuk is as always, not listening...well. At least he -followed- the Doctor to her store instead of diving off into the wasteland! He's got some sort of fruit in hand he's chewing on as he seemingly, sheepishly brings to peek in. "Hey Doc! Look! No new holes!" he shouts out in greeting.
Eden Eden says "Am i the only one in town not full of holes?" Looks over at the newcomer "Hi, I'm Eden. Nice to meet you"
Harlan      Harlan gives Achilles a thumbs up. "Ah, right! Yep, I was.. Not nearly as well equipped as you though.. But time will fix that." He walks over to Iris and hands her the package, its obviously book shaped.. A pretty thick book for that matter. "Well out in my roaming for a bit of scrap, I came across this.. Hopefully its useful to you." He then nods to Eden, "Harlan.. Nice to meet you too.. And yep, probably so.. after that Battle for Impeachment."
Iris Lark Iris stares at the book that has been handed to her and because of her being a bit stunned she doesn't notice Vuk at first. She beams at Harlan and carries the book over to the counter, opening it up carefully. "Oh this is wonderful, thank you so much Harlan!" She finally spots Vuk and waves him in . "Come on in and help us patch up some holes in the walls."
Eden Eden says "Well, I'll be back soon. I think I have some brackets already made to get this together."
Achilles "It took some time for me to come around to the idea of wearing the stuff. Hate the Brotherhood and Enclave, so I didn't want to be associated with them. I still don't use ranged weapons unless I have to though." Achilles explains as he works. "I've had a lot less of those too, Vuk. Ever since you showed up I stopped getting shot as much. Small miracles do happen."
Vuk Vuk slinks in, expecting to be yelled at, because he isn't in a clinic bed! But hey, Iris isn't yelling, things are good. "I found some piece of a map." He says as he looks at the walls..deciding to start with bigger holes first. "Oh and the Enclave has space stations." He says, it's not like Vuk's methods of dispensing information ever make sense.
Harlan      Harlan chuckles happily, "Don't mention it, Doc. I figure its in my own self interest to put that book in your capable hands.. And as I said before, you do really important work. Anything I can do to help you out, I will." He nods sternly then grins at Achilles. "Here here.. On that one. Enclave can go to hell.. and the Brotherhood can go to purgatory. Last thing the world really needs is military organizations.. Militias are one thing, but gathering up a bunch of warmachines and artillery.. then acting like you is some kind of king or something.. Pfft. They can fuck off."
    He blinks at Vuk. "What the hell is a space station?" He shrugs and then cracks his knuckles before he starts applying his talent as an Artisan to the repairs of the store. "Measure twice.. cut one." He murmurs as he evaluates a hole.
Iris Lark Iris gazes over at Vuk, a puzzled look on her face. She goes back to looking in the book and she reaches up to turn a page with her dominant hand, forgetting that it's injured and she lets out a startled yelp before she claps a hand over her mouth.
Achilles "I don't really care about that. They killed my people." Achilles finishes up and pushes up to his feet, dusting his hands off. "I'm going to think up something to keep those mole rats out of he-" His attention cuts to Iris, a frown on his face. "You alright love?" He takes a few steps forward, just in case. "I think it's like that thing the little men took us up into. We could see the earth and the sun from the windows. It was.. an experience."
Vuk Vuk makes a vague gesture at Achilles when he seems to get it. "Some thing like that..see..the Ancients, they left this world, for Satansoft was destined to consume it in the radiation of war. So with the Guidance of Saint Sony, they made places they can inhabit and watch over our world. Such as it is. I think the Enclave controls them now, and has allowed Satansoft to corrupt their true purpose." Vuk explains as he works on filling in a hole in the wall. "What made these holes?"
Harlan      Harlan frowns at Achilles. "Ah, sorry to hear that. I understand what its like to lose people." He raises an eyebrow at Iris. "Hey! Take care of those steady hands, Doc! We are all counting on those." He starts plugging up a hole with a board hammering in some nails with precision. "Satansoft? Saint Sony? What kind o'jibberish you wanting about over there.." He mutters as he works.
Iris Lark Iris eases on to a stool and continues to read, but she's grimacing. "It hurts, I'm going to have to go find someone to help me soon." She mutters quietly, turning the page again. "Mole rats made the holes, and once we're done patching them we're going to seal their hole up too so they stop gnawing on the store."
Achilles "I'm not sure what you're talking about there." Achilles says, staring blankly at Vuk. "Sounds like they made that up." He walks over to rub at Iris's back, careful to avoid the side she was shot in. "Need me to go get you anything?"
Vuk Vuk scowls when people think he's making things up but he lets it go. "These are things beyond your comprehension." He decides and begins to slap the filler in, Vuk? Vuk clearly doesn't know how to make the job -nice- but it'll stop things! "So..we go into holes, to kill mole rats now?"
Iris Lark "No, we fill the holes with concrete and let them fight with that for a while, if it doesn't kill them." Iris responds, rubbing at her eyes briefly. She gazes at Achilles and she frowns for a moment before she speaks up again. "Do you think you can see if Sparrow is around El Dorado? I really need her."
Harlan      Harlan finishes up with his hole and roams over to Vuk. "Pardon me.. Let me smooth that out for you.. Takes a special touch." He smooths it by using a piece of scrap as a trowel. "And plenty beyond my comprehension."
Achilles "That or you bought into their lies. Probably just in space so they don't have to deal with monsters and radiation." Achilles suggests to Vuk. "Don't believe everything you hear." When Iris makes a suggestion he leans over and kisses her cheek. "Sure thing, I'll get on it."
Eden Eden comes back in with the brackets she needed. "Hello again" Sees they are kissing and goes on about her business building the shelf
Iris Lark Iris waves to Eden with her good arm and goes back to scanning the journal. She closes it and puts it aside, walking out the back door with a bucket of cement held in her off hand. She kneels down near the mole rat hole and after a few moments she starts to pour the cement down the hole slowly. "Almost feel bad for doing this."
Harlan      Without much fanfare, Harlan meanders over to Eden and her 'work in progress' shelf, he makes himself helpful by holding things steady as she puts her brackets into place.. after a few adjustments of course, its got to be level damn it!
Vuk Vuk will gladly like Harlan do the real work..he isn't prone to working for real you know? It would be some thing other then getting in trouble, or shooting some thing. "Iris? I don't think we'll kill them by plugging up holes. They tend to actually have very large nests underground, and likely have dozens of other exits. I suspect they'll get the message. Other wise..we can pour gasoline and moonshine down and throw a candle in!"
Iris Lark Iris places the bucket on the ground and steps back into the store. "We'll do what with what and throw what in?" She asks, her eyes a little wide. "That seems crueler than cutting of this path to them." She eyes Vuk for a moment as she moves towards him. She studies him for a moment and then points to the other holes in the walls. "Get to work, please."
Eden Eden rolls her eyes. and grins "I would have never thought to make it level. Could you hold that next board up please?"
Vuk Vuk mutters when Iris decides to yell at him to get back to worse. "Yes Mistress Lark. Please no more beatings.." he says, taking on a hunch backed like limp towards the wall to begin slapping on more concrete mix, haphazardly. But you know, stuff won't get through! "Please! No more whippings Mistress Lark! I'll work harder! I'm a good slave!" he crowns.
Harlan      Harlan cracks a laugh and holds up the next board for Eden.
Iris Lark Iris narrows her eyes as Vuk gets back to work and she sucks in a breath and lets it out slowly. As she walks back to where she was working she silently counts to twenty before she takes another breath. She works one handed, doing a far better job of it than Vuk with her handicap. She'll go over his work again later, and make it look prettier.
Eden Eden smiles and says "thanks for the help. This one looks about done. Do you think we have enough for another?"
Harlan      Harlan rubs his beard and glances around. "Sure if we scrap things together.. I need to collect a few cinder blocks together, a little fuel, and a pipe.. Get a forge and bellows going so I can melt some of this scrap and fabricate some more connectors and nails." He hums, "Probably set something up out back... Really do need a proper workshop."
Vuk Vuk mutters a bit, because there is no rise from Iris. Now he needs to get shot so he has an actual reason to be in the clinic, right? "So Iris, can I actually just put the clinic as my place of living if some one asks for..some kinda census? I was thinking of advertising my wares as 'The Doctor's Special Stash' or some thing. Since I can't seem to keep my self from being shot to pieces of the like." At least this topic is..some what factual, he does get shot -alot-
Iris Lark Iris glances over her shoulder and after a minute she shrugs a shoulder. "If you want, sure, I can have Achilles fix one of the empty rooms for you if you want. A proper bed, somewhere to keep your things." Her voice is a bit subdued, might be because her arm hurts. Might not.
Eden Eden nods at Harlan "That's a good idea. But- where's the best place to put it? Is there enough room out back?" Looks over at Iris. 'Achilles is getting you help, right??? Can I do anything in the meantime? I'm getting very worried aboutyou over there."
Iris Lark Iris gives Eden a startled look and nods once, and then again. "I think he went to see if Sparrow was around town." She says, giving the other woman a reassuring smile. "I've had worse than this, if you can believe it, I'll be okay. I promise."
Harlan      "Won't take too much room for the basics.. Smaller the better for nails.. I can probably use some of this concrete to cast a crude crucible." Harlan comments, "I'm gonna go look around and see if I can figure something out." He beams at Eden. "Nice meeting ya by the way." He points toward Vuk. "You too.. conspiracy guy." He waves to Iris. "Enjoy the book." With that, he slips out.
Vuk Vuk grunts at Iris and turns around to glower at her. "How about, sit down, let us fill in holes." He says to her suddenly, trying to sound as serious as she does when she yells at him to sit put! Hopefully it -works- better. "Don't get mauled by mole rats." He says to Harlaan!
Eden Eden waves goodbye. Goes over to Iris "What would you tell a patient with your wounds? I believe you've had worse, but maybe take it easy?"
Iris Lark Iris rolls her eyes at Vuk and walks to take a seat, keeping her injured arm close to her. She nods to Eden as she leans back slightly. "I would tell them to take it easy, but this place isn't going to get into shape if we take it too easy." She glances around, her brow furrowed slightly. "This place is going to be pretty."
Vuk Vuk will make sure Iris stays, he is allowed to break rules, she isn't. "We need a Mr. Handy. Doesn't the vault have one? We should borrow it..then I can't be told I have to pay off all the doctoring with dusting shelves." Vuk totally thinks Iris might have him try..or he just gave her an idea!
Iris Lark "I do fine on my own, I don't need help." Iris insists, shooting Vuk a look before she hunches her shoulders slightly and scowls. "We might find those in the Vault though, and other things. I'm a bit afraid to be honest, of going back."
Eden Eden thinks a moment "They might let me borrow it.. maybe. Hmm" Looks back to Iris. "we aren't taking it too easy. We've already done a bunch and we'll keep at it, right? I think it will be really pretty"
Vuk Vuk scowls when he considers the fact they -still- need to go in that vault. "I don't want to go back in there either. We really aren't prepared for it. We need like..EMP grenades. Maybe Alice can beg them off the vault city security.."
Iris Lark "I hope we can show Jude that we managed a lot while he was busy." Iris says, and then she glances at Vuk and laughs. "We have more people now, and maybe we can...recruit someone else to help us?" She sighs softly and shrugs. "Once we get it cleaned out, it will be quite useful."
Eden Eden asks Iris "how many are on the team now? I'm sure I haven't met them all. I think this place has all sorts of uses. How far is it to the junkyard they were taking scraps to, or were they jsut piling them outside town?"
Iris Lark "They're piling them out back for now, and when we have enough we'll drop them in Roswell's scrapyard." Iris replies, leaning back against the counter. "I think there are about ten of us now?" She says, musing for a few moments as she thinks. "I hope Achilles didn't get lost somewhere."
Vuk Vuk is listening and grunts about the how many are all in. "I think we should still try to get a second doctor..for when you get banged up." he says to Iris, for once, his logic might exist!
Achilles About that time Achilles makes it back in, clad in his black power armor with the massive sword slung over his shoulder. "Hey, sorry. Ran into some ghouls on the way back." The armor itself doesn't look damaged, but it is splattered with blood. The sword gets sat aside and he takes his helmet off, moving to Iris' side. "She was busy right this second, but somebody should be out this way. Otherwise I'll have an ass to kick when we get home."
Iris Lark Iris twitches as she stares at Vuk and then suddenly she bursts into tears. "I told you to ask Alice about that!" She says, wiping at her eyes with one hand as she tries to gather her emotions to stuff them back into a jar. She sniffles and lets out a soft sigh before she starts mumbling about another doctor.
Eden Eden says "or... could you train someone? you seem to know an awful lot, and there seem to be a bunch of newer folks. Isn't one of them suitable for learning?"
Vuk Vuk winces when Iris yells at him, well that didn't go well. "Well she never sits still long enough to speak with! Sides..uh, as the doctor, I think we actually need -you- to tell us if the other person is really a Doctor, you know? I mean, other wise, we could hire some one like me, to fix broken bones. I don't think we really want me to try that."
Achilles "Vuk." Achilles says quietly, his hard gaze settling on the older man. "I don't care if it was an accident, the next time you make Iris cry I'll throw you through that wall. No, scratch that. The next time I hear you've mad a comment that hurt her feelings." The sword might be down, but the giant is still clad in his power armor, which has the helpful side effect of making him even stronger.
Iris Lark Iris wipes at her eyes and shakes her head. "I'm just down Achilles, it's mostly not his fault. He just..triggers me!" She glowers at Vuk for a moment and then she slumps as she sighs. "He means well though, I think."
Eden Eden goes over to Iris and hugs her. Says nothing, but hopes very much we can get her what she needs
Vuk Vuk recoils a bit, mostly because he is pretty sure Achilles can infact, can put him -through- a cement wall. "Hey..I didn't mean nothing!" Vuk, the man who will waltz right up to the Enclave and go 'Bitch what up?' is pretty sure a man who perpetually seems to be half dead like him self, is about to murder him..and that is how Vuk is going to try and get around Achilles towards the door!
Achilles "Think before you speak, that's all." Achilles heads over and exits his power armor, straightening his clothes out before he goes over to where Iris is and rubs her back, since Eden has her in a hug. "Besides, Iris is the best doctor. I'm glad she joined my team." He leans down to kiss the top of her head before stepping away. "Who else is gonna keep me in line?"
Iris Lark Iris tries to get to her feet and is a bit wobbly when she finally stands. "I think we should call it a night on the cleaning though, we got most of the holes patched and tomorrow is another day." She glances around and frowns. "Tomorrow we can build shelves and paint, maybe?"
Eden Eden says to Iris "you're right. plus this big lug looks like he wants to be the one hugging you. Painting next time sounds good to me"
Vuk Vuk looks much more excited about -painting-. "I know how to Paint at least. I mean, properly, that was some thing we did even where I was from. We didn't do much with ..uh, make concrete know. Proper. It was used to fortify positions.."
Achilles "Sure thing." Achilles moves to collect some of the things he's left out and return them to their various spots. "I can build shelves, probably. Likely mess up the painting if I try it."
Iris Lark "We'll convene tomorrow then, or sometime soon." Iris says, moving to pick up her bag and other items. "Thank you all for helping, I'm sure Jude will want to thank you as well."
Eden Eden says to Achilles "Square and level and you'll do fine." proceeds to pack up her tools. "I'll see you all tommorrow."