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Lucette     Evening, rain outside. The perfect time to be alive out here. Meanwhile, Luce is leaning back at the sable she'd settled into after a brief outing. Her collar is turned down and her hands go through her hair to frisk some moisture out, or maybe settle it in. For the time being she's got her new toy on the table infront of her and is looking it over closely, with some fiddling.
Abigail Caine     "...Ponchos," is about all that can be heard of what Gale is muttering a she comes throught he door of the Saloon. She adjusts her leather jacket carefully, squinting slightly as she surveys the people present. She takes a deep breath and then makes her way toward the bar with careful strides, hands in her jacket pockets as she travels. There's a sleek assault rifle across her back in Militia colours, though right now she's not in uniform.

    A few moments later Gale approaches the tall woman seated toward the back, two mugs in hand. She's an opposite of Lucette in many ways. No makeup to soften her features, small but intense in how she carries herself. She holds out a drink. "I don't think we've met. From out of town? First one's on me while the caps're good."
Lucette     Luce glances up and smiles, "Yeah, new. Courier in on a delivery, decided to settle in for a while and recenter myself." she explains while looking at the kit. "I'm Lucette, by the way." she greets, sitting up and moving to slide her Piece back into her duster while appraising the lass before her.
Abigail Caine     "It's a good place for it at least. Fewer roaches anyway." Gail shrugs and then slides the offered drink across the table to Lucette before raisign her own to her lips. She takes a sip, appraising Luce in turn. Gail is slendder, and probably quite nimble. She's well-outfitted but carries a very light pack to be as wet and dusty as she is. She also favours her left leg if one watches closely enough. And her left hand. "Gale. Nice to meet you." She offers a quiet smile, and looks Lucette over one more time. "Probably stuck in here for a couple of hours if you don't want to get completely soaked."
Lucette     Luce smirks and takes a sip of the drink. "Don't mind a little rain, helps keep the dust out." she mentions, "Don't mind waiting the storm out either, or if it doesn't I guess I'll have to wander back to my camp and settle in."
Abigail Caine     "Honestly, I like listening to the rain," Gail responds quietly. she takes a seat opposite Luce now, sliding into it languorously, without really needing to pull out far from the table. "I mean, not having dust getting into e3verything is a bummer but you can't have everything, right?" She's still got that quiet smile as she glances over the room before turning her gaze onto Luce once more and taking a long sip from her drink. "Alright if I ask you what you've got on the table there." She tilts her head toward the kit Luce was examining and then shrugs.
Lucette     Lucette nods and then blinks. "Oh, was just calibrating my plasma pistol." she mentions offhandedly, "Haven't had much time to take it apart and get a nice look inside." a small flush and chuckle follow that admission
Abigail Caine     "Ah. I haven't actually looked inside of one of those yet either," Gail admits quietly. "The ones I've seen without owners were either too expensive or too damaged to really be woth the time." She shrugs at that. As Lucette flushes Gial smiles a little more, perhaps soothingly. For all that she's softspoken in a geneerally even tone, and with a rough voice to boot. "What made you decide you wanted to stop here? And feel free to tell me to get out of your fucking face any time you want. I know everyone loves a girl who invites herself to a party, but..." She shrugs.
Lucette     Lucette smirks, "Don't worry. I had a job leading out here from Oregon, was worth the caps." she explains, "Longest trip I ran solo, so I'm resting and steeling up, waiting for another worthwhile long-distance job, running short-range while i'm here." she adds.

    "Always had an interest in plasma weapons, so learning how they work will be a fun exercize."
Abigail Caine     "Honestly, I was always a little leery of a pistol that would burn your house down if someone got drunk and pulled the trigger." There'sa bit of a teasing grin with that though and ultimately Gail just nods and settles badck agianst her seat, taking a deep breath. "If you need something in town, Lucette, you can bug me and I can try to scrounge something up. You seem like better company than most of these assholes."

    Another glance around the room follows and then Gail shrugs. "Can't complain, really." She finishes off her drink and then takes a deep breath. "Want another while I'm geting up? Tastes... About the same warm as cold anyway."
Lucette     Luce gives a small catch of breath, then exhales quietly. "Fine with one drink, need to stay on my feet if I wanna be able to do this and not blow it up." she teases in return. "Right now I just need caps. Gotta save up for holsters, medical kit, tool kit." she lists off the top of her head, "Anything else will just come up as it does."
Sammy     Too much time cooped up has Sammy in a obscure mood, he needs input for a few ... ideas he's cooking up, and thus, picks up a few projects he's working on and emerges from the second story, , a largeish pistol cradles in a big red square rag, two gun barrels sticking over his shoulder, and his own holster, as he ambles down to find better light, "I see more than myself thought it an idea to find better lighting." he reaches up to flick one of the hanging saloon lights as he lays the pistol down beneath ita few tools already brought out. "How you doin Lucette?" he gives the 'Courier' a wave of familiarity. He cracks the chamber on the pistol, clears it, it grits and makes him grimace a little. The SMG and AR also go on the table, cleared and their magazines dissapear into his pockets as he works on swapping out bits of his cleaning goodies.
Abigail Caine     "One drink it is. You'd be on your feet with two though, promise." Gail is smiling at the response, however, and walks with a light sashay as she takes herself back to the counter and orders up another drink. Soon enough she slides into her eat beside Luce once more, leather jacket, combat armour, and all.

    Gail seems content to be quiet now, the short, intense brunette woman keeping her attention half on Lucete and half on the room, drinking fairly companionably. As Sammy approaches their table she takes another deep breath, studying the man from head to toe. Carefully. A hand is lifted as a greeting and then she tugs on the brim of her hat.

    It's a nice hat.
Lucette     Lucette hums. "Well, if you insist." then she peeks to Sammy and smiles, "Doing fine sharpshooter." she chimes to Sammy, "Nice piece, sammy. What's that, an MP5?" she asks curiously to the smg, motioning at it. THen she peers at Gale, "I'll take yer word for it, then." she chimes in brief parting.
Rose Decending from above, another appears, but it's no angel come from the heavens, Rose instead simply walks down the stairs. With her helmet tucked under her arms the Ranger pauses for a moment, looking over whatever gathering there might be below before she gives a nod to familier faces and makes for the bar, almost certainly intending on a soda.
Sammy     Sammy beams up to Lucette, "One of the 'Black Guns' indeed, chambered in the ubiquitous 9mm cartridge." he taps it with the edge of a pick as he works on dismantling the heavy pistol. There's easily five pounds of steel, not counting the heavy gnurled grip. It makes a little 'whrr' noise plaintively at him and he tilts his head, dropping the cylinder out, then back in. "Probably in service three hundred years?" he smirks and smiles up to the Militiawoman.
    It's not that he's on good or bad terms with the Militia as a whole, there's just one he happens to think has too many cactuses wedged up their poop chute. So this Militiawoman is given a pleasant smile, and a nod of aknowledgement. New person, new chance at the Militia redeeming themselves. "I'm thinking on putting it and the AK up for sale after a little bit more cleanup. They got a bit of that Pecos River silt to 'em."
Abigail Caine     The drink that Gale ostensibly brought for herself is slid to Lucette when she accepts and then Gale seems to be content to sit. It turns out to be a soda. She doesn't introduce herself to Sammy right away, apparently content to stay seated and listen to him speak for a moment. The Smile is returned faintly and accompanied by a slight raise of an eyebrow. "Gale," she offers. "My sister owns the saloon. I'm just pestering all her customers to death while we've still got rain."
Lucette     Luce nods, "What're you putting it up for?" she asks Sammy, and then glances to the arriving and blending Rose as she descends. Eyes then come to soda offered, and taking a sip. "Ah, you're one of the Caines. Nice to meet you." she muses
Sammy Sammy fetches a bit of oil in a dropper bottle from a pocket, and continues fiddling with the .223 Pistol, happy with the mechanis of the cylinder and it's amusing to watch him peek up at the light through it, fro ma pocket he produces a long piece of string with a brass weight on one end,tests the revolver that it fits, applies a little of the heavier scented stuff from another bottle to the length, and drops it from the breech, out the front, the rope getting thicker down the way, 'flossing' the gun dutifully as he cleans it out, pausing to check the bore again, and sidelong glancing to Gale, "That'd make you... " he thinks, "Joe and Lilly's Aunt, and CLaire's... cousin. And my landlord's sister." he grins, setting the gun down, looking at the grey-black-grease of his hands for more than a minute, wiping his right down on a cleaner spot of the red rag and offering it out. "Pleasure to meetcha at last." he smiles to Gale, it's a natural, non-forced smile.
    "Well I'm about seven thousand caps shy of my goals, so... I think I need to get about a thousand between the two guns." he tilts his head to deliver a rough ish quote to Lucette.
Abigail Caine     "Yeah. I'm always out and about because no one smart wants me hanging around in the bar bugging people. I think it's probably my face." This is stated in the drist possible tone, despite the fact that objectively Gale is actually a pretty enough woman. Fit, albeit very slender, short but also fairly severe. She's certainly not one of those raiders with a bone where a nostril should be and burn scars on half of their face. Bonescar is pretty popular with the ladies, though.

    "Yep. Abigail Caine. Lately I just run people through the Wastes and make sure they know how not to shoot their dicks off." Gale shakes her head slowly at that. "...Anyway. Pleasure to meet you both." She watches while Samm yis working on his gun but doesn't comment on the weapon in front of her. She squints alightly.

    "Anyhow. KC's got her hands busy around here lately and decided to run the place into the ground by letting me loose on people. Enjoy." Gale actually grins at that.
Lucette     Lucette smirks. "You seem fine enough." she answers following a solemn nod to Sammy, "I'll keep yer offer in mind for that MP." she notes, leaning on the table as she pulls her glock 86 out, again looking it over. "Need a toolkit at some point so I can try this stuff with more'n just my hands."
Sammy     Sammy's got quite the toolkit already in use, pipe cleaners, swizzle sticks, spudgers, scribes, files, those 'ink' erasers that don't do more than shred paper... looks like some toothbrushes and such that've been shaved and bent with a flame to brush at different angles. He's quite proud of his handiwork, the little .223's LED's lighting up as if they had been sleepy the whole time, the cylinder spins happily, and the hammer sounds good and solid and smooth with it's click-click-click-click-click on the empty chambers.
    "Lucette, I'm pondering imposing a bit of a more permanent stall up at Pop's shop on Main street North." he considers. "Somewhere I don't have to pick up the tools and de-grease the table every night." he gestures to the bar. "... When Pops is happy with my reworks I'll poke at your Glock there a little." he mischeviously grins; and then to Gale, "I don't know what the Militia does for it's armorers, but I'd bet you could use a feed chute polish on that service rifle." he gives a bit of a knowing nod. "I know a #2 paper clip hit with a hammer just-so makes a better-than-factory ejector spring too."
Abigail Caine     "You're cute, he's nice, and I've got two beers in me," Gale observes, though she's still smiling as she does. "Stick one asshole in here and I'll probably punch them and then everyone's punching everyone and it's just a great big mess. You know how people are. Everyone loves a good barfight. It's good for business unless they start breaking furniture but apparently Miss Kitty believes we should be avoiding breaking the teeth of paying customers."
    Gale rolls her eyes at this but the smile nevrr quite departs here lips she takes a breath afterward and then twists slightly on her seat to better face Sammy as he begins to address her. She nods a couple of times and then takes a deep breath. "For the most part we maintain our own gear," she observes then, lightly tilting her head to the left as she does. "I don't think I need to worry quite yet but I'll probably want some help pretty soon. I'll keep you in mind."
Sammy     Sammy nods and looks over at the rifle a bit more, a sidelong squint, "Yeah, that'll take the paperclip hack. Mind you; because it will, #2 paperclips are mighty hard to find. People turn 'em into lockpick tools as well. They bend with a squish and tear if you don't anneal them if you do that though."
    The H&K , venerable black gun that it is, is field stripped iwth a blur of hands, dirt and grime evident in places, he begins dutifully cleaning it out before setting the pieces aside, and taking the red cloth up, folding it at the corners, and shaking the sand out of it. "Dang. Poor thing." he gives the red rag another shake, and a snap, and then lays it out flat, and smooths it out, laying the gun parts back on it. "So yeah, I'd be Specialist Sammy Jenkins, NCR, Ranger, 9th Batallion if someone asks all official-like. But around here it's just 'Sammy' " he muses. "Though if you radio in for help, and call for 'An Angel' rumor has it something happens to those requests and they send me out anyway." he has the action on the H&K actuall moving more smoothly now. Another few little drops of solvent and more black goo is coming out as he works it with a soft click-tug-click-tug-click-tug on the slide.
Lucette     Luce smirks at Sammy, "Don't worry about it. I need to learn how this hunk works on my own." she explains to Sammy, then glances over to Gale. "So, ms Caine. What's your specialty? You work for militia, but, what do you do?" she asks with brow raised.
Abigail Caine "It isn't any worse off than the ones you find buried with lost caravans out in the wastes a ways. Looks like it'll shape up proper." Gale glances at the MP5 and shakes her head slowly, though her expression is a vaguely symapthetic one. She shifts her weight slightly in her seat and then shrugs her shoulders slightly.

    "Reconnaissance," the woman responds thoughtfully, tiltign herh ead slightly as she does. "But like I said. I spend a lot of time teaching people how not to die like idiots and the rest of it wandering around on my own. The Militia leaves a lot of time free to handle other stuff, really."

    There's a pause while Gale considers this for a moment before coming to her feet. "I also teached unarmed combat sometimes. In case you need that sort of thing. Sammy, want a drink?" Whether or not he accepts Gale starts toward the bar.
Sammy     Sammy looks up, "Funny you should mention finding things in lost caravans. Not sure what it was I pulled this out of, ... but why a gas station owner would have this in his safe before the bombs fell? I think it was worth it to dive in and hold my breath, made it a little easier to hear the tumblers spin." he nods to the AK on the table, with a visible 'water line' stain on the wood stock, "I mean, it's not like everyone had the time to douse their stuff in Cosmoline." he chuckles with a bit of gallows humor, and his fingers break the bolt of the HK apart and he starts investigatingthe firing pin with some very loved dental picks.
    He looks over to Gale, "But it's fun to watch civillians stumble over their first twelve miles away from home... not so fun hauling them back. But it does tend to make them -less- likely to go out unprepared the next time. The ones you can get to before the Wasteland takes it's toll.... And if you've got some ice I'll share some of Kitty's special Degreaser." he winks and pats a shiny steel hip flask in one of the cargo pockets.
Abigail Caine "I'm about to head back out for the night. See if I can find anything else," Gale answers as she walks past the table again on her way toward the door. Leather jacket, improbably sleek black broad-rimmed hat, carbine, and all. She tips the brim of her hat as she heads for the door. "Grab you adrink another time then. Take care of yourselves."
Sammy     Sammy reassembles the bolt carrier & firing pin on the H&K , black solvent dripping onto the rag as he gives it another shake. He slides it into place, applies a little bead or two of oil, listens to how it sounds as it is cycled, and dry-fired, and looks satisfied for now, "Much better..." he murmurs to the gun, and starts to bundle the toys back up, clearing the table with deft swiftness, and slinging the SMG and AK over his shoulder, the .223 pistol slides into his pocket, and he glances around the bar one more time, then pads along upstairs on panther-quiet footfalls.