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Vault Girl It's fallen on Joe and Sparrow to question Martin Polsky, the aide of Mayor Jared Solomon only because he had insisted he wouldn't talk to anyone but the lady who saved him. Joe was there, because, in technicality, Martin was Joe's prisoner.

Hopefully a new Mayor being elected and a new Sheriff being appointed by that Mayor would help clear this sort of thing up in future, but for now, it was a buddy-cop scene right out of a comedy matchup.

Martin was sitting in the cell, sipping a glass of water with a blanket over his shoulders.
Sparrow Sparrow had a rough evening and morning following. But now? Sparrow's appearently feeling a little bit better because she came to the station when it had trickled to her that she was needed to talk to Mr. Polsky. She'd cleaned up and rode out to Ye Ol' Clink to meet Joe for the questioning. Per the nirm the young cowgirl's prematurely weather aged face is set in a mask of innocuous neutrality to her surroundings. "Howdy." She greets the room at large.
Joe Caine Joe stands in the corner, staring at Martin from beneath the brim of his cowboy hat, a cigarette burning between his lips, while the ash built up for at least an inch before fluttering off the end. He exhales a deep breath of smoke, offering a polite nod to Sparrow as she enters, "Howdy darlin'," He says this in a non-threatening manner, "He refuses to speak to me, and they told me I can't beat the info out of him.. so, maybe you can get somewhere with him.. before I /have/ to beat it out of him." He gives a menacing glare back to the man, who he just stares at.
Sparrow Sparrow smirks dryly taking a rolled cigarillo from her pocket to light it. Habit begets Habit. "Aint no sense in beatin' a horse that's already broke anyway, Mr. Caine. Side's, his best hope of gettin' out of this with anything resembling life quality is by helpin us answer some questions." She says shaking out the cigarette leaving a trail of bluegrey sulfurous smoke in it's wake. She taps the bars and blinks a bit, her smile? Small and tight but not completely unsympathetic. "How're your wounds today, Mr. Polsky. Nothin' infected? No new bruises or broken bones?"
Vault Girl Martin walked over to the cell bars and gripped onto them fearfully, "Please Miss Drake." The accountant pleaded, "You must believe me. I tried to go to Sheriff Wayne about all of this, then Mayor Solomon had him killed. He said I'd be next if I opened my mouth. I'll tell you anything I know, please, just don't leave me locked up in here! I had a family to think of."
Joe Caine Joe nods slowly, even though its quite obvious that he personally doesn't believe there is no sense in beating a horse. Especially this one. He removes the dying cigarette from his mouth, the butt pinched between his fingers before he flicks it onto the ground when Martin starts to spill, "Then start talking, everything you know. Now. She doesn't decide your fate though bud." His arms cross now, those massive, muscular arms of doom.
Sparrow Sparrow holds up a hand, "Sa'll right. Will E. Told a friend of mine about it. The town will believe ya, and I wouldn't be surprised if Solomon was holdin' yer family over ya. I know he aint dead yet." She looks over her shoulder towards Joe, face not changing from the thoughtful serious expression as she nods, "That's true enough but plenty of folks want to know the truth of things. Ya can't pretend ya don't know and that you didn't partake but if ya really mean it.. You should talk." She starts checking the poor Aide through the bars, "Thing is Mr. Polsky, most of us know bits of the truth. Enough we'll know a lie when we hear it. What we need is the glue and that's gonna come from you. Put this thing together for us. I may not decide your fate but if you can get us Solomon, your family and your neck have much better odds of escaping this unscathed."
Vault Girl Martin took a deep breath, "I'll tell you what I know, but I can't tell you what I don't. Jared, Mayor Solomon, he's part of a group called the Omerta who operate up in New Vegas. They're gangsters as far as I can tell. I'm not sure what the angle is there, he might not have been on the best terms with them because of something to do with New Reno and the Bishops? No, I don't know who they are, this is just what I pieced together."

Martin sighed and sat back down on the little bed in his cell, clearly worried for his own fate, "He planned to lead an expedition to Vault 30 using the stolen caps and 'take over' New Mexico with whatever he found in there. I know he has at least 2 or 3 gangs under his command and he had been planning to hire some mercenaries but someone else was putting pressure on him. I think he had debts. When the Vault 30 Map got ripped up, he was going to cut and run and he did. The man you all killed was Jerry, his brother, he just came in from New Vegas to talk 'important business' with him."
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods, "Hm, that makes more sense." Joe seems to calm down quite a bit, his blood pressure dropping dramatically, "I figured out a little bit of this and that, but you did tie in the few pieces I was missing. You know who else has the pieces of the map?" He asks, his eyes shifting their attention from one person to the other.
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Figured most of that but that does put things together a bit more. Frankly I thought he was using the caps to pay up the militia instead of raider gangs. Make's a bit more sense with him payin raiders to off important people like Ma, Pa and Sherriff Wayne." Sparrow honestly doesn't look surprised and his answers seem to suffice her beliving him in most respects. "'Bout the mercs and the vault and what not? Do ya know if he took the map from Caine's office, or was it stored somewhere? Any papers, paperowrk, secret places he'd go to meet with folks that he might've left files or holo's at?" She blinks, "Pieces?" That's new.
Vault Girl "Nothing I know of." Martin replied with frown, "Two of his men were fighting over the Vault 30 Map from the Mayor's Office and it got ripped up, when he lost that, he lost everything for his plans I suppose. I'm not sure where he would hide out, as you can see, he left even his own bodyguards behind and his own brother. He was a dick, but as I said, I did what I did because of my family. That's all I can tell you, I just hope you'll give a good word for me with the new Mayor."
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods after a few long critical moments of staring the assistant down, "I believe you. Thank ya for finally cooperatin'." He offers a tip of his hat, "I will mention somethin' to the new Mayor about how you're not totally a little dickhole like your boss.." He takes a step back, "Of course, I can't just release ya, I have to go through channels, but don't worry. You won't be in here too much longer." He looks back to Sparrow, "Thank you for your assistance, if there's any more information you can get out of him, please feel free. Until then, I have to get goin'. I'm behind schedule cuz.. some one.. not gonna name anynames.." He looks towards the prisoner, then back to Sparrow, ".. refused to talk.."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "I'll do my best to tell the Deputies I know, too and no doubt whomever wins the election will want to know the truth of what Solomon's been doing for the aslt few years. Greasy Es Oh Bee is probably headed towards Vegas. Let me have a look at you, you want a smoke, settle in for a bit because I'm positive that you aren't goin anywhere. But I'll make you as comfortable as I can." She glances to Joe, smiling around her cigarillo, "I'll let you know, Mr. Caine. I'll send the information through Jude if I don't see ya more personal like." She tips her hat.
Doomguy doomguy crackes his neck "howdy sherif hows the info gathering coming along" he asked with a little amusment as he looks at the prisoner
Vault Girl Martin shook his head, "Not much of a smoker, but now that Sergeant Caine isn't yelling at me, I'm going to try and get some sleep."

Doomguy is greeted by a deputy and it turns out they could really use his help figuring out how to use some type of advanced firearm and the pair of them wander off to do that.
Sparrow Sparrow nods and moves out but says as she does, "If you can think of anything else that might help clear you and help us find him. Let me know or talk to Aidan, he's my brother. I'll stay nearby incase your wounds flare up." INdeed, she doesn't leave the station, she nods to the Deputy and let's them know she's going to park it outside fir a little bit, til Aidan comes in. Hours? She'll wait them. That's where Stockton will find her.
Stockton Stockton's spurs clink along with the steady, heavy boot falls of the big man. He'd heard there was a prisoner of interest and made his way to the Sheriff's office post haste. Shoving a shoulder into the building he comes to a slowing scuff as he eyes the deputies milling about. Finding Sparrow and the cell in question he approaches a bit slower paced. "They already rope ya into deputy, Sparrow?"
Sparrow Sparrow snorts, "No. I'm just the prisoners attending." She replies, cigarillo clenched in her side teeth offering her hand up for a bump of greeting to her fellow Waster. "He helped spackle in the parts we were missin, Swagger's been through, got his grip on the situation as well. Seems Solomon was holdin' POlsky's family over his head when he had a change of heart. Still wonder at what point he -had- a change of heart. Doesn't mean his family needs to be drug in it. We were right though, but all that diversion to the Militia's Armory being boosted wasn't related to Solomon's plans for the caps from the Mine and from the Taxes wasn't enough to hire the Militia Mercs we dealt with, Abe's got them under his belt for a week. We can buy'm for more though I suspect the MIlitia might wanna work that out with'm. Solomon's a Ganger though, nothin more than a sophisicated raider. Omerta, from Vegas. We need to catch up with Lucky, Sammy too, see what they can tell us about them since they come from those parts. Think you can do that for me, Slimjim?"
Stockton Stockton tilts his head when Sparrow goes into the launched spiel. The hand bump is given and he nods slowly. "Knew he was Omerta. Knew he had problems with gangs in New Reno. Had been tempted to send them a letter or a courier and see if they wanted to come collect his sorry ass. Sorry I didn't do it sooner." A nod comes and he chews on his own cigar, "I'll hit them up, see what they know or can come up with. Either way, I don' think we seen the last of that rat bastard." He looks at the man behind the bars and chins towards him. "He the one singin'?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Martin Polsky. And yeah, he aint dead." She exhales a plume of smoke through her nostrils and looks wry but exsausted, the last few days weighing a bit heavy on the cowgirl. "Been forthcomin' enough, claims not to know anything else." She lifts a shoulder, "Not sure I'd press for much else right now. Time and sweatin' it out watchin' people be hanged for their crimes might loosin' him up. Till then." She taps a nail on the chair she's sitting at. "I'm gonna be right here."
Stockton Stockton takes note of the name and gives a thin lipped smirk. There's a glance to the cowgirl as she droops a little bit. A hand falls to her shoulder and he sort of nudges her back into an upright position before retracting it. Taking a more deliberate look around the room he puffs on his smoke and exhales slowly. "Fair 'nuff," he nods at the end and he glances outside, "Prospect of death does a lot fer a man's tongue, just gotta be careful wit it, sometimes they'll just tell you what you wanna hear to make the pain stop." He shrugs a shoulder and nods, "You eaten tonight yet?" he asks of the cowgirl since she's going to post up here. A smile is there though, the irony in Sparrow posting up at the Sheriff's office isn't lost on him.
Sparrow Sparrow shoots him a look. "No. I took care of Lucky, took a nap and the courier came ta get me to let me know Martin wanted me to come have words with him. Guessin Swagger's swagger wasn't as appealin' to him as it is everyone else." She winks at Stockton' with an amused laugh. "I figure Aidan'll drop by and I can ask him to grab me a potted meat sadnwhich or somethin' from the Saloon."
Stockton Stockton shoots her a look right back and shakes his head, "So you been runnin' 'round witout takin' care of yerself again," he counters without waiting to hear her objections. A meaty paw reaches out and snags a passing deptuy by the shirt collar, half hauling him up to Stock's eye level. "Fetch some food fer the office," he suggests as he pushes a handful of caps into the young man's palm. Wrinkles appear at the corners of his eyes when he smiles down at the guy and carefully sets him back on the ground and dusts his shoulders off before sending him on his way. "Fixed, afore you get tah exhaustion this time," he flashes a toothsome smile to the stubborn cowgirl. "Well. Can't say as I'm shocked," he muses aloud, "No word on Solomon though? No hide er hair?"
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "Naw, it's why I think he might be headed for Vegas. He can't get the map, ripped to shreds appearently, so now we get to see if folks are goin' ta be able to find it and hope we get to it before, one, the people Solomon was payin' get curious or come to take their price in caps outta El Dorado or two, he gets to Vegas and the Omerta want whatever he thought was worth extorting people so noticably. MY guess? He stepped up his slow leak from the Mine to somethin' more because he got word the Enclave or brotherhood were gettin' close. Have to consult with a couple people, see what they think. Run it by Jude since he's got a brain for this sorta thing."
Stockton Stockton nods once and clucks his tongue while looking out the window. "Figure he's either back to Vegas, or hiding with some of the gangs he paid that ain't lookin for more money yet. Either way, El Dorado ain't outta the mud yet," he shakes his head and gives Sparrow a nod, "Enclave was closest I think," he says quietly which further proves her earlier theories. "Well. He gets Omerta to wrangle a posse down this direction, they'll at least lose a few to the Wastes on the way down, and there's no way they'll just uproot from Vegas, they got a good thing goin there." Switching sides of his mouth with the cigarillo he puffs another slow draw. "Jude's got a good brain, I worry about the wisdom of when ta use it."
Sparrow Sparrow lifts a shoulder, "Vaulties gonna Vault." She laughs under her breath watching out the window for a bit gesturing for Stockton to join her to sit and shoot the breeze while Sparrow waits for Aidan to roll around so she can tell him what's happening first hand and Stockton's bid for Sheriff. Not nearly enough mocking has been done.
Stockton Stockton laughs in a bark before shaking his head, "Vaulties gonna Vault," he agrees and turns around to settle his tookus on the bench, it's a close fit, but they're cozy at least. "Hopefully the Saloon still has those Brahmin cheese things they were doin' earlier." he mentions of the deputy out to get food. "So what'n the hell is a Ranger doin' on yer farm?" he asks.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "He likes me." Sparrow replies with a sidelong look at Stock and a smirk. "And since he joined Vault Team Six and his group's headed back towards Vegas and California and he's stickin' around yanno." She coughs a little and looks towards Stockton almost sheepishly. "It's complicated. How's Ma Volkner, hmm, how's she takin' the news of you goin' law?"
Stockton Stockton snorts, "And I love you, ya ain't extended an invitation tah bunk at the ranch yet," he sidelongs right back. Not even hiding it anymore. Just here, see this torch? It is yours. "He joined Six huh? Guess he's not much of a Ranger any more then." There's the cough and the 'complications' and well, the big guy doesn't really know how to hide the furrowed brow and flat line face, "Complicated," he repeats before moving to stand again. "She's fine, got a new crop comin, and she's makin' talk about buyin one of her acres back."
Sparrow Sparrow gives him a long look and ches on the end of her cigarillo but she's Sparrow and she gives not an inch. Stubborn as a mule. "They're crazy, not awful, cranky ass old man. You should at least wait to make sure your caps weren't wasted. She gonna try for Brahmin?" She wonders suddenly serious, Ma Volkner of some personal concern to Sparrow.
Stockton Stockton meets the stubbornness head on, because he is just as ornary. "They are crazy," he concurs before snorting at the comment about being a cranky old man. "She said she's thinkin' about it, you know Ma, that means sometime next year she'll have deliberated enough," he rolls his eyes some but then the mention of Brahmin. "I asked her if she was thinkin' livestock. She said no, she's happy to let someone else clean up after brahmin shit." A laugh comes and he winks at the cowgirl. "Food should be here soon," he says, "I'll be nearby," he assures even as he steps outside.