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Alice Alice had finally got a working vehicle from the mechanic shop, not that it had not required a substantial loan from Iris and lots of work done on her own time to the vehicle. It wasn't flashy or pretty but it was hers and it worked.

Cars weren't wholly uncommon so it wasn't a big deal given there were probably a few dozen at least working in El Dorado alone but she had picked up Iris first and brought Harlan inside and then drove through town beeping her horn and letting in anyone else who wanted to go on a 'Road trip to Nuka Cola'.

O.V.E.R. 9000 the Sentry-Bot was being pulled behind the car and Vaultmeat was hanging his head out of a window as she drove around haphazardly barely staying on the road as she put Radio Roswell up on the stereo!

"Hey guys, what do you think they'll have at Nuka Cola? I hope they have a new flavor of Quantum, oh my gosh, I just love Nuka Quantum." Alice prattled on excitedly not even watching the 'highway'.
Iris Lark Iris sits in the car and she looks nervous, mostly because her arm is still hurt and because Alice is driving like a woman possessed. "We're going to where they make cola?" She asks, perking up slightly. "I might feel better for that." She allows, moving to pull the seatbelt over her form.
Harlan      Harlan sitting in the back has his arm hanging out the window opposite of Vaultmeat. Head currently wrapped in a bandanna, his beard wisps a bit in the wind. "Stuff rots your teeth young lady. Beer is way better for you." He nods sagely. "Take it nice and slow..." He adds as if he knew what he was talking about.
Abigail Caine "A new flavour of of Quantum. Because quantum isn't a flavour," comes the response fom Gale in her trademark deadpan tone. She is sitting with her rifle braced against her lap, reclining in the back seat of the car. Sleek broad-rimmed black hat in improbably good condition, aviator's sunglasses, too large leather jacket, and all. As tiny as Gale is she manages to seem larger purely by attitude. She has a lot of tat.

"Have they ever? Actually had a new flavour." The brunette is watching as the desert goes by with a thoughtful frown on her lips, brow lightly furroward. She's not terribly friendly but she is well-known around El Dorado as an excellent wilderness guide and she won't stab you in the back. Abigail Caine is Caine, so she has a bit of a reputation.

"Tell you what, darling. If I find a nuka cola quantum you can have it." Then Gale reaches up to tug the brim of her hat down to shield her glasses from the light.
Harlan      Harlan reaches down to the floor of the VaultMobile and snags a barrel from a pile of parts that is a disassembled m60. He hums to himself as he pulls a worn out toothbrush from a pocket and begins cleaning. He occasionally smooths down his beard and blows to push out an extra bit of grime. Operating rod and barrel jacket soon get similar treatment. Great way to pass time on a roadtrip.
    The older man hums as he works, head swaying side to side. There is the occasional mumble as he notices a minor defect or piece of grime followed by a "Tsk tsk".. and a "There you go, all better."
Iris Lark Iris isn't really paying attention to the conversaion or anything else going on, mostly because she's looking out the window as the scenery goes by. This is the fastest she's ever gone and she's enchanted with it. She turns briefly from the window to gaze at Alice. "What does this thing do for fuel?"
Alice "Yep! David Ghoulie was talking about it on Radio Roswell, he said they opened the Nuka Cola Plant back up and there is new flavors and EVERYTHING cause like..." Alice paused before turning back to look at Gale, "You don't know that for sure." She was not watching the road at all now, "Also, Quantum IS a flavor and Black is a Color and Robots and Dogs and Cars are people. Right Vaultmeat?"

The Mutant Puppy barked excitedly before moving around the backseat to walk over Gale and stand on Harlan to put his head out the other window, tongue wagging happily.

Behind the car, poor O.V.E.R. 9000 was being pulled along against his will.

Still looking back as the car veered off the highway, Alice frowned at Harlan, "I am taking it slow, I didn't even try to shift the gears all the way yet, jeez."

Speaking of hazards, there was a very large boulder in the path of the car!
Abigail Caine "Right. But if Quantum is a flavour then how can you have a new flavour of it? That would be something else," Gale responds dubiously but then she is shaking her head and looking down at her relatively immaculate rifle. The advantage of using a milita carbine- it's been carefully maintained for her.

Gale sighs and readjusts her hat, settling back into her seat and closing her eyes. She seem to be fairly comfortable that way, potentially blind to the world. There's room to see a little, perhaps. It's hard to say for certain.

"Hey... Iris." There's a beat before Gale asks, "Have you ridden a horse or- anything like that?" Perceptive for a girl whose vision is impeded with hats and sunglasses both. But then, wilderness guides tend to be percpetive people.
Harlan "Come on, Vaultmeat! I'm trying to clean this.. not get fur up in every crevice." Harlan offers a hopeless sigh, nudges the pooch away, and covers the components with a cloth.

"Guess we know who the VaultMobile is really for, huh?" He wraps a muscular arm around the dog and noogies it playfully. He then lazily leans his own head nearly out the window in accompaniment to Alice's fearless canine companion. He ushers a contagious yawn and casts a side glance to monitor the conversation.
Iris Lark "I only rode on a horse once, when I first came to El Dorado." Iris says, remembering the jaunt out to see a Vertibird for the first time. "Horses hurt your butt, this is different and there is so much of a breeze." They hit a bump then and it causes the Healer to cradle her injured arm a bit as she grimaces. "Don't like the bumps though."
Alice Alice shrugged her shoulders, looking back just in time to swerve the car around the boulder as she cried out, "Oh Sugarsnaps!" Vaultmeat meanwhile doesn't seem to have a care in the world as he buddies up with Harlan.

After the last incident, Alice pays a bit more attention to the road especially as they pass through Roswell because she didn't want to hit anyone and she was a little emberassed at her own poor road safety!

"Cars are way better than horses I think, but a car can pull a horse without killing the car so I guess they're useful." Alice replied with a shrug as she stepped on the gas a little.
Abigail Caine Gale's frown deepens when the vehicle swerves and the woman grits her teeth. Better than admitted she might be bothered, after all. There was tension there, alongside the realization they might be in serious trouble. But she keeps a tight lid on how she actually feels about the situation.

"The thing about horses is that they require fuel that thankfully grows all over the place all on its own. I'll be all for phasing them out for cars when power cells start sprouting up out of the ground. Maybe that can be the next big science project."

Gale doesn't even look up this time when she makes her opinion known, just crossing her arms over her chest as the vehicle keeps rolling along.
Harlan "Horse doesn't have anything on the range or speed of a car." He comments as he scratches behind one of the ears of VaultMeat, his gaze settling momentarily on Gale.

"That said.. Horses handle terrain better don't they? Think it really just depends on the situation." He nods his head slowly as he stews the comparison over.

"Horses have the added benefit of not exploding when grazed by an unlucky round." He squints and recalls the exploding vehicle just a few days past. He shifts a little uncomfortable.

"Well, if you gotta go.. I guess go out with a bang." He mumbles.
Alice "Whatever." Alice replied with another shrug of her shoulders before patting the dashboard of the car, "Don't listen to them, you're not going to explode." Iris being a super busy doctor may have drifted off to sleep in the VERY RELAXING car ride.

Turning the car off the highway while looking at her pip-boy, Alice announced, "Nuka Cola should be near this town."
Abigail Caine "Cars seriously almost never explode," Gale responds to all of this, shaking her head. "Even if you puncture the gas tank they should just leak and maybe catch fire. I mean, seriously, what kind of godawful fucking luck..." There's a pause as the woman considers this for a moment. "Nevermind. Nevermind, I don't want to know."

Sighing heavily and shakin her head Gale returns to looking at the road, watching for the factory. "Not saying cars aren't useful. Just that horses are better for day-to-day unless you're loaded with more caps'n sense."
Harlan Harlan quickly reassembles the m60 after its right and proper cleaning. He glances toward Gale and offers her a non-committal shrug.

"I see your point. Then a fast vehicle with a good range offers more opportunities for making caps.. Bah, don't know why I'm evening commenting. Prefer to stay put when I can. Stay with my tools." He shakes his head and picks up his Pip Boy from amongst his things.

"Here in one piece.. Maybe you ain't so bad at driving after all."
Alice At some point during the excitement the trailer hitch that O.V.E.R. 9000 was attached to had come loose!

"Oh no!" Alice cried out as she looked in the rearview mirror, "Over9000 is gone! We need to go back and find him." She SLAMMED on the brakes and begin to reverse the car... however long it took to find the bot but by then, it would be too late to go to the Nuka Cola Factory.

Maybe another time!