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Guardian Caldwell The gang of BoS members were headed towards an old abandoned military facility. For one reason or another people had decided to tag along, whether it be to help the cause of the NMBOS, or simply to kill some feral ghouls and hopefully keep the wastelands safe. You all had your reasons but Caldwell seemed to call the shots on this mission. "When we get there, theres probably going to be a ton of resistance. I hope everyone brought some heavy gear for this one." he was carrying nothing more then a alien blaster pistol, a weird gun but it worked nontheless. Caldwell continues marching in his T-45D power armor, complete with helmet as they moved through the wastes. It was oddly quiet for some reason..strange since they were nearing the abandoned military facility with supposed feral ghouls, shouldn't they have felt them by now? It was all too odd...
Doomguy doomguy hold up his bfg9000 to caldwells statment "i got this and plenty of ammo im good" he says while marching with the group
Abe     Sometime ago, Scribe Errant Abreham Mcdonald had himself one of those neat, little 'Suit-Up' scenes where our heros slap on their gear and strap it in. He felt like hot business, I tell you what... But now, beneath the afternoon sun, he's regreting his choices.

He sits, slumped on his horse, vaguelky aware of his surroundings. Sore and tired, he questions every single life choice he has ever made up to this point and why he is not laying beneath one of Soon-to-Be Mayor Miss Kitty's tables right now.
Manuelito The Marshal of the Militia followed Caldwell and his merry gang as a liaison of the Militia. Slung over his back was a massively long rifle, a fifty caliber Anti-Material Rifle. He walks alongside the armor clad man, eyes looking to military facility.

A frown creases his lips as he speaks quietly. "Seems off, doesn't." He says, eyes glancing to something that appeared to not belong. "Going to need a good line of sight for the rifle." He mutters, looking around.
Eden eden jumps up from the back and grabs the nearest person with a gun. No idea who it is... and says "Over there!!! rockface!!! ghoul!!. toward the military base"
Guardian Caldwell The journey to the military base is rather quiet, aside from Edens yells of ghouls. He nods to Doomguy and smiles "I appreciate you, friend." he turns to Eden "We'll deal with it when we get to the base. Theres going to be plenty of them and I guarantee they know we're here." he slowly draws his blaster pistol and walks forward towards the military base. The base was a decripit facility with old fences posted around warning tresspassers they'd be shot if they didn't keep out. This being long abandoned, seemed like a bit of irony.
Manuelito Spotting two towers, Manny shifts his weight and heads to the one on the left quickly. His hand slides to his 10mm in the holster and withdraws it. "Into the creepy tower I go.." he mutters.
Lucette     Lucette's quiet in following the group glancing where she can to try and stay alert. But nothing seems to stick out to her, enough that she's just keeping rearguard and keeping out of the way.
Abe     "Hell's it going to do, tell it's buddies?" jeered Abe to Eden, the man on the horse... even as he was slipping off of the horse.

Do not be worried, this was intentional. He flopped the beasts reins across a post near the guard house at the fore of the base. Deep seeded memories and training told the horse that this would be enough to hold it. "Alright, you... you just stay here, Boss." he uttered to the horse as he tucked a few things into it's saddlebags.

He busied himself, checking the charge in his pistol, the charge in his glove... Ghouls liked being up close and personal. He had something for the bastards today.
Manuelito ... Annnd Manny falls down the shaft as he made it half way up, hitting the ground with a thud. Frowning, the Navajo gets up, rubbing his back. Turning, he heads to the right Tower, climbing and get himself set up.
Eden much quieter now Eden peers around to see if there is anything to help Manuelito with
Doomguy doomguy runns headlong at the base "leroy jinkins!!" he dose this 90% of the time anyway
Doomguy as doomguy ran down the hill he spots the first ghoul charging his bfg 9000 he fires it giving the ghould the middle finger as he dose turning the ghoul to bloodie mulch when the greenish round hits it
Lucette     Lucette does her duty. She remains in the back and squeezes off a bolt from her glock, burninating a nice hole and toppling over one of the ghouls, and making a rather wide shot for a second that buries itself in the dirt and fizzles.
Manuelito Setting up in the tower, he takes aim on one of the Ghouls and takes in a breath. Aiming on the ghouls head, he discharges the 50 caliber rifle. Once was a head explodes in a pink mist.
Guardian Caldwell The base goes quiet as all seems to be taken care of...the ghouls were all dead, or so it seemed, and everyone got out with little to no injury. All in all it was a good day. Surely nothing else could go wrong, right? It was time to raid the insides of the base for the supplies they came for. "They should be in the armory what we're looking for...hopefully it hasn't been looted already, also remember, the New Mexican Brotherhood is always recruiting able soldiers!"
Doomguy doomguy looks at the armord man "ill fight for ya, how do i join" he reloads his guass rifle before he got his answer
Abe     Laser pistol in hand, Abe steps aside to give himself a good line of sight before he cracks off a pair of shots. He almost looked cool as he hefted that clunky AEP7 and sighted down the broad body of it. He set the sights on one and squeezed the trigger, the weapon kicking gently in his hand before he squeezed again. Angry streaks of science sprang down range and reduced the first ghoul to ashes where it stood.

He repeated the process with the second, zap, zap, another one hits the ground in a heap of faintly gleaming ash.

"You talk to the boss there." Abe answered the man with the gauss rifle as he strolled up and sifted through the ashes or rummaged in what remained of pockets. They might have keys... or keycards. Never knew what you could find on a ghoul.

It's when you started pulling out old wallets full of pictures, letters that never found others, or engagement rings that never found the fingers of lovers, that things got sad.
Manuelito Slinging the Anti-rifle, Manuelito made his way back to Caldwell. "'Fraid I don't have a good close quarters weapon." He tells him lightly. "And, besides that, this is as far as the Militia will go." He turns and begins to head back to the entrance.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Manny "Fair enough." to Doomguy he looks over to him and smiles underneath his helmet. "You're fine to join if you want, now let's go get that equipment." he slowly makes his way to the armory and opens the door, suddenly being hit with a hot dosage of radiation and slashing of ghoul claws as he goes stumbling backwards. More ghouls and even a couple glowing ones charging out of their nest towards the group and spreading out amongst them.
Lucette     Luce centers herself and stands to follow while maintaining the backline, glock up when Cald gets knocked down and getting in position.
Manuelito As the ghouls bust out again, Manny blinks. Turning, he heads back to the Tower in a run and heads back to his position; cursing along the way.
Doomguy doomguy fires a large ammount of heated metal downrange at two ghould turning them into a mass of gore
Manuelito Throwing off his hat which mystically lands on a hook, Manny got down and into position once more with the rifle. Taking aim, Manuelito fires the rifle once more, taking down one of the ghouls with a shot to the head. turning swiftly, a bit to swiftly, he fires on the second and misses completely. Frowning, he turns the weapon on the third ghoul and fires; successfully killing him via a head shot.
Abe     God damned Wasteland, God damned Ghouls, God Damned Caldwell just ringing the dinner bell for this bunch of brain-friedn cannibles.

Abe went down under one ghoul, two more piling on him. The first was the worst, a glowing one, he could feel it seeping in, making his teeth itch. Ther others cold scarcely get through the armor... if at all.

But still, the anger boiled up inside of him. His teeth ground and he came around with that right hand at the last one standing. He bellowed his anger and struck, the pneumatic ram firing off into the thing's chest and causing it to erupt with the force of the blow... He was just happy he wasn't in his street clothes.
Guardian Caldwell The final ghoul goes down with Abes mighty nerd rage. This time it looks like the rest of the ghouls are gone, or fleeing. This means theres only one thing left to do! Enter the armory and get that sweet phat loot. Caldwell shakes his head as he rises up "Son of a bitch that hurt..." he mutters to himself, dusting himself off as his hyrdraulics kick in and he walks into the armory, motioning for his comrades to come with him..this was the end of the road for the BoS, after this the treasure would be rightfully theres! Today was a victory!