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Kurokumo Mibojin      It's not often the Doctor becomes pushy, or demanding. However, Kurokumo manages to pull (read cajole) Ashur's hulking frame to the Shantytown Clinic. They never should have gone to Roswell. They never should have gone into that room... She'd do a housecall, but seriously doubts she has the materials necessary to care for him correctly. Dragging him into one of the Exam Rooms, she darts out to collect the materials she'll need to repair the damage the best she can.
Ashur "It was worth it, my Kumo," Ashur rumbles in that growling bass, his voice resonant and strong-- despite his wounds and the lingering pain that makes his great bones ache, there's a vitality in him, a godly vigor. He's practically flush with energy. "With the Pip-Boy you found there, your knowledge of science and medicine will grow; master it, and you will become a font of miracles. Perhaps within it lies the key to little Celeste's barrenness."

The beastly man rolls his shoulders back, the grooves of muscle along his shoulders flexing and tightening, scrunching the skin. He eases down upon the examination table, the thick layers of his chalk white toga cascading down his legs to pool around the ankles. Gravity tugs the fabric down, exposing more of his torso than normal-- including the band of bruises that wraps him like a belt. The skin is sore, tender, the organs beneath it squished and the bones filled with myriad microfractures; having such a vast weight press down on you, even for a few moments, is cruel.

"But you must be more careful. You carry my child, little one; and I loathe the sight of you wounded, besides."
Abigail Caine     Gale arrives at the clinic not too long after the doctor and her husband have headed inside. She is wearing her leather jacket, militia uniform, and, a pair of dark glasses and a broad-rimmed improbably well-conditioned black hat that might be just a little too large. Quie a find out here, really.
    Gale is also wounded. She is clutching at her left side, looking non-plussed while she holds a holodisk case in the other hand, backpack worn loosely across both shoulders to keep it out of the way. She may have been shot or stabbed, but whatever it was there's some blood. Not enough to kill her and she's walking but it should probably still be sewn up.

The woman is scowling as she looks around. Small, slender, and with enough attitude and tightly coiled energy in her light frame for someone thice her size. That might just be the carbine worn over her shoulder, of course.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "It's never worth it." Kurokumo mutters bitterly, as her fingers touch the tender spots of mottled bruising along Ashur's ribs. She had watched him die that day, and having come back was more than she could ever hope for. The Doctor looks tired as she applies her skills to his battered body, since she's lost so much sleep over his near-loss. The front door opening to the clinic catches her attention. "I'll be right there!"
Ashur The tone of Kumo's words and the look that darkens that pretty face inspire the braided man to cup her face; it's so small against his massive hand, rough and dark fingers curling to scritch behind her ear. As she tends to his wounds, applying salve and bandage, his lips curl in a faint, reassuring smile. "I will not die," he tells her, "from something like that. I have long thought it so, but now I know for sure-- I am blessed by Mars, and I am his champion; I will bleed the world dry long before I fall."

He hears the door, too, and reaches down to start fixing his half-undone toga, once Kumo's ministrations come to an end. "Go, little one; I am well. Just give me a moment to catch my breath."
Abigail Caine Meanwhile it seems Gale has made herself comfortable leaning on a wall. There's perspiration on her forehead, though the hat and the glasses don't make this immediately obvious. The diminutive militia woman has also seen better days. It's most evident by the way she is muttering curse words to herself as she considers the room through dark shatter resistant glass.

Eventually Gale takes a deep breath and holds it, sighing very softly. "Take your time, I'll be fine! You're used to stains, right?" The holodisk, for whatever reason, is kept out in plain sight. She holds onto it tightly for now.
Kurokumo Mibojin      There's a longing look mixed with irritation, as if Kurokumo resents the idea that Ashur could simply sweet talk his way out of dying. She presses a kiss to his hand nonetheless, before making her way back to Gale. Kurokumo is 5'10", oddly tall for someone of Asian descent. "Stains are fine, we can scrub them out later. Now, where does it hurt?"
Ashur Ashur maintains that steady smile as his woman's lips flutter along his hand. "Good girl," he praises, giving her head a little pat as she about-faces and exits the examination room. When the door slides shut behind her, his expression freezes for a moment, and then turns to a grimace-- jaw tightening til teeth grind, every motion he makes to properly adjust the folds and knot of his toga eliciting a dull throb or a stitch in one place or another. Divine or not, the Legionnaire face one hell of a reckoning, and helped slay a machine whose legacy is writ in the cracks of his skeleton.

At last, though, he is dressed, and rises to his feet. He towers, and the office seems to shrink around him, the resplendent, chalk-brightened toga brightening in the light. He walks forward, opens, hunches over, spine contorted, and slips through the doorway sideways.

That is how Gale and Kumo will see him enter-- shuffling horizontally through something made for men, not monsters.
Abigail Caine     "I think, well, here," Gale responds vaguely. She gestures to the middle of her left side, around hwere the bolood stain is most evident. "I was out scavving and someone left a couple of 'dud' grenades out in the middle of their shit. One of them went off when I moved it but... It wa a dud, so it just messed up the bag and my shirt."
    Gale offers Kumo a wry smile and then takes another of those deep breaths, twisting so that Kumo can see where the shrapnel pierced flesh. It really didn't go very deep at all. Either the armour stopped it or the grenade was, as Gale says, not in very good shape. She takes a deep breath and then rolls her shoulders slightly.
    "And... I brought you something, actually. I thought it might be help-" Ashur emerges and Gale slowly turns her head. She doesn't quite stare but she definitely blinks a few times. The man only has a foot and a half on her, after all. Happens every single day.
Kurokumo Mibojin      It's that deep, contricted breathing that Kurokumo listens to most. She takes a stethalscope, trying to see if the breathing is wet. "You certainly got lucky, I have to say. Let's get that armor off of you." She does what she can, helping to remove the belts and buckles until Gail's bloodied shirt is the only thing in the way of the wound. The Doctor notices Gale's bewildered stare, huffing a small laugh as she hears Ashur shuffling awkwardly through the door. "Don't mind my husband, he's friendly enough."
Ashur How sweet the honeyed lies that spill from Kumo's lips-- he, Ashur, friendly enough! A feral aura shrouds him; he seethes with every motion. The weight of his limbs dramatizes every step and swing of arm; a rustle of thick braids emphasizes the turns of his head, and the throwing of that narrow-eyed golden gaze against the world like a natural disaster. A beastly man, hirsute and oversized, bursting with muscle and a naked intent to destroy--

That is who the doctor calls 'friendly enough', the brute who smiles like a shark: all teeth and hunger.

"Hmph," he snorts, and in that moment the brute is a bull, and he stampedes on cloven hoofs. "You will be fine, woman; my Kumo is the most skilled medicus in El Dorado."
Abigail Caine     Dry breathing. Fortunately. Gale isn't about to die from her lung filling with blood, not even if she does have shrapnel imbeded a few millimeters from where it could contact a lung. Instead, it can be pulled out with pliers and a bit of care. Who says Gale isn't lucky?
Blue eyes shift slowly from Kumo and then to Ashur, an eyebrow lofting as the woman takes in all of the coiled strength nad ferocity that is entailed by this muscular behemoth. She take a quick breath and shakes her head once ss if to clear it. "S'not that. Sorry. For a second I thought he looked like someone I used to do business with. But your guy's even strong, so."
    Gale herself is frenetic intensity in a tiny package, held still mostly through force of will and the proper application of Physics. She doesn't really move other then to breathe as she is being taken out of her armour and treated. Nor does she show any degree of modesty as clothing is being pulled aside. She's about as small as she looks, and in multiple dimensions.
    Gale squints slightly a she looks Ashur over from head to toe and slowly gives him a faint nod, tilting her head slightly to the left a she does so. "I'm sure," she agrees slowly. "Even keeps thigns sterile." Even if Gale is ruining any sterility even now by bleeding all over things. Removing shrapnel makes that situation worse, something which is only to be expected.
    "Anyway, I'll be happy to pay for my treatment. and... Thank you." The woman takes a deep breath and then slowly exhales one more time. Holding still is clearly a bit of a challenge. With a free hand she reaches up and pulls her sunglasses off of her face to fold them and hang them from the collar of her shirt.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo looks mildly bewildered, upon mentioning that there could be another behemoth like Ashur running about! "Ashur, you are too kind..." While she works, there is the sound of metal plinking into a surgical pan, forceps carefully removing pieces bit by bit. Once it seems that she's recovered everything, she helps to sterilize and bandage the wounds themselves. "I'm sure we can haggle something." The Doctor is distracted by her work.
Ashur Rumbling with each step, Ashur strides forth and halts at a wall a few yards away from where his woman works. He folds his arms over his chest and leans back, the sprawl of his shoulders contacting the cool surface. The clinic's lights blink and set his shadow to dance across the floor and the wall-- and oh, how it stretches with the light that filters in through a high window, arrows of pale gold shot through with motes of twinkling dust; the long dark shadow and the bright white toga play together in dramatic chiaroscuro.

It might be literally impossible for the man to not be intimidating. Even so relaxed, the environment wraps him in harsh and clarifying attention.

"I do not know who I remind you of," he says after a moment, "but I have never seen you before. You stand before Ashur and his bride, Kurokumo."
Abigail Caine     "Awesome. Pleased to meet you both. You are in the presence of Gale Caine." The woman lifts a hand and waves once for both Kumo and Ashur's benefit. She is more concerned on holding still while she is being treated and keeping her gaze shut. "I bet we can work something out," she agrees in a mild voice. "What though depends.
    "Do you have a pipboy, Doctor?" That question is asked in a voice that is just barely above sotto voce, slight sharp at he edges by the grimace that comes with being tightly bandaged across fresh wounds. "This disk I have here seems to be- a field medicine manual. I think. I would be willing to trade for medical supplies... Or, hell, just getting patched up every once in awhile."
    At that last statement Gale gives a light shrug of her shoulders and takes a deep breath. "I figure that I'd be doing us both a favour, honestly." Gale's gaze goes back to Ashur and she studies him for a long moment before biting her bottom lip and decided to remain silent.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo laughs, not unkindly but with the joy of unexpected gifts. "Yeah, I just got a Pip-Boy several days ago. More than happy to trade that for a good deal of patching up." It's not too much longer before Gale is all sorted out, the Doctor admiring her handywork. "Thank you, Ashur. I had forgotten my manners. Nice to meet you Gale, I'm Kurokumo." Her smile is professional and friendly, touched by a bit of pink with Ashur's assertion of marital possession.
Ashur Ashur stares at Gale. There is a certain severity to the gesture; the bull damn near bursts at the seams with exaggerrated masculinity, the thick toga doing nothing to hide the swell of muscle, and that dramatized machismo adds a certain weight to his look. He doesn't blink as often as he should; whenever she breaks eye contact and looks back, that steady, appraising gaze is still there. The eyes are a vibrant amber gold, sheltered beneath an almost Cro-magnon brow, adorned with long lashes and thick eyebrows.

Is he stripping her in his mind? Pondering a thousand ways to kill her? Whatever the source of his withering intensity, one thing is undeniable:

Ashur has no chill.

"What is it you do, woman?" His friendliness manifests in that most classic form of small talk: blunt interrogation.
Abigail Caine     "What don't I do?" Gale asks reflectively as she watches Kumo go through the last of the bandaging and check out the nice, neatly lined up cotton rags for signs they might unravel. She takes a deep breath and then cants her head to the left while giving Kumo a measured look. "Awesome. If you'll patch me up when I come into town like this and keep me from bleeding out it's a trade I'm more than happy to make," the woman states seriously. Gale doesn't smile. She has this sort of laconic, naturally solemn expression that seems to match her tone. The sarcasm is being restrained, for the moment.
    Ashur might be the reason for that as blue eyes turn upward to carefully consider the Colossus of Rhodes in the flesh." Another deep breath, an abrupt grimace and faint scowl, and then a deep frown. The expressions play across her face in rapid succession but she seems to be most comfortable with the last.
    "Wilderness scout, militia reconnaissance. Unarmed combat training?" The woman briefly bites her bottom lip. "I am going to guess by looking at you that you punch things until they break." Gale shrugs. "Feel free to tell me I'm wrong."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Ohhhhh, you definitely see action on a regular basis. Yes, I will accept that trade." Kurokumo knows that look of restraint all too well: She uses it when around her husband, and the sarcastic wit she is accustomed to would only inflame tempers. "He ripped off the tail of this gigantic robotic scorpion, with gattling guns for armaments. It's why he's walking funny now." Deflective humor, to push back the fact that he was nearly lost to her.
Ashur "I rent asunder the limbs of a steel beast; six legged, with guns mounted upon it, and an articulated tail that unleashed a storm of lead. A relic of a bygone age; one of the advanced machines built by mankind before the fires of Mars purged the Earth." An impressive-sounding feat, to be sure, and it would explain the bruising and scrapes he now bears-- but a torso that heavily scarred, where the golden flesh is painted in pale knots of tissue and burn, does not come from one battle. It comes from years and years of physical abuse.

"Like all such machines, it was no match for my might; that our species was so degenerate as to try and replace the virtues of man with those of computers more than justifies the cleansing apocalypse."

His voice is a livid growl, tempestuous and reactionary; filled with a heat and passion that suggests a genuine hatred of the subject matter.

"Caesar is fallen, but the will of Mars remains absolute: that which is made by men's hands will be unmade by them."
Abigail Caine     "Al... Right. That does sound very impressive," Gale responds in a slow voice that comes with a slightly eye norrowed expression which would make it difficult to tell whether she is simply impressed or her brain is dribbling out of her ears. She does not, however, keel over dead as the latter might imply and instead looks between both of the people in front of her one last, frenetic time. It's obvious she's been trained to be wary. This is no giant who has been taught of their immorality by repeated trails within the crucible of war; it isn't a scientist with an army of robots nor a general with men at their command. Gale is a tiny, battle weary,tightly muscled ball of energy and wits. That means she's always watching and always on her toes.
    "The will of Mars," the woman agrees slowly, tilting her head slightly to the left and then checking from another angle. She readjusts her rifle in a way which carefully avoids even the suggestion she might think of levelign it on anyone and then flashes Kumo a quiet smile.
    "That's great. Thank you. I really appreciate it. I can't use a disk like that and you never know when you might be shot and not have a bag of caps handy." Then Gale lifts to the balls of her feet briefly- creating that lofty height of five foot foor- and moves to put her sunglasses on once more.
    "I"ll get out of you folks's way. Thanks for the linens, Kurokumo. Ashur. I aprpeciate the help." Then, it seems, Gale is moving to collect her milita jacket. Somehow the black leather jacket she wears has no holes in it at all. It's a lot luckier than its owner, certainly.
Kurokumo Mibojin      The tension is thick, Kurokumo's husband being himself while recovering from nearly being crushed to death, and Gale who simply wanted to have shrapnel removed before going on her way. It's a wonder that fights don't break out more often in the Clinic. "It's nice to meet you, Gale. I hope we can see each other outside of medical care some time." The Asian woman gives a wave, before turning to her husband. "You ok?" She murmurs quietly.
Ashur With a nod so slight he might as well be still, Ashur watches as Gale departs, before looking toward his Kumo. Arms unfold, fingers curl, and he draws them in long slow strokes along her scalp, petting her like one might a kitten. "She seemed nice."