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Owner Pose
Manuelito Heading down Gold Road East is the familiar Navajo, Manuelito. It was evening time and the a little cooler out than normal.
Clara Caine On this more chilly evening, Clara comes from the clothing shop. There was a need for a new jacket. What she pulls on in a long leather coat, and then tips her hat to the side, boots hitting the wooden steps.

"Hey, Manny!" Calls the cowgirl, raising her hand to wave at him.
Manuelito Manny smiles as he sees Clara and walks on over to her. Giving her a soft hug, he steps back saying "How are you Clara." He asks warmly.
Clara Caine Coming from the last step Clara hops down onto both feet, hooking her thumbs into pockets, the long leather coat whipping around her.

"Well enough." Says the cowgirl with a shrug, coming to a stop about a foot away. "Yourself?"
Manuelito Stepping back from the hug, Manny smiles "I am well too, Clara." Looking around quietly, he asks "Where you headed off to?" He asks lightly as he looks back to her.
Clara Caine After the hug Clara shrugs and goes to walk, just anywhere. "Got no place to me, sort of wandering."
Manuelito Stepping closer to him, Manny smiles ever so slightly. "What about a picnic down by the lake?" He asks calmly.