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Iris Lark Iris is laying on her left side on the office exam table. Her right has been wrapped with bandages, and despite her work on it, it's still seeping blood. The Healer seems to be asleep at the moment, her breathing soft and even.
Sparrow Sparrow has been busy, but someone'd come by long enough to pull Sparrow out of the Sheriff's office long enough to mention that Iris was still winged. Sparrow'd shown up with some expeidience after that and she knocks lightly on the Office door jamb. "Doc?" She asks softly before seeing Iris is asleep. She slips inside and shuts the door behind her, "Hey, Iris?" She asks again moving over to shrug out of her duster and take out her Medkit.
Iris Lark Iris blinks awake and seeing Sparrow gives her a wry smile. "Hey, I had someone lookin' for you." The woman slurrs softly. It looks like she took something for pain. She wobbly as she sits up, arm hanging useless at her side. "You look pretty today."
Sparrow Sparrow's usualy stoic expression twists into a small grateful smile, "Thank ya, kindly, Doc." Nevermind the slightly wild tired eyed expression on the cowgirl's face, "What'dya take?" She's asking for medical purposes. If she knows what she's using she can just use more if needed. "C'mon and let's get you layin' down and we'll see if we can't get you good as gold." The smile is gone for concern again her blue eyes sharpening as she studies the blood where it soaks through the bandage in places.
Iris Lark "Alcohol." Iris remarks, holding up three fingers. "I had two shots of something clear." She shifts until she's laying down flat and she glances at her arm. "I can't sew well with my off hand, so I didn't try. I just taped myself up.." She sighs softly and shakes her head. "I'm glad you're here."
Sparrow Sparrow grunts, "Well it'll work." She shkes her head with a tiny less worried touch of a smile. "Get comfortable and let me get my kit set up." She takes off her hat and gets her hair pulled back. ONce that's done she checks the tape job with a pair of thin medical siccors in her hand, "Hate to ruin a good tape job, not bad for your off hand. I'm happy to help, Doc, all ya gotta do is send word for me and I'll come soon as I hear. Well, provided I'm not elbow deep in an emergency."
Iris Lark "You have a life and you are busy too." Iris says, in a firm tone of voice. "You're here now." She settles back on the table and closes her eyes, trying to keep from moving too much. "I thank you so much Sparrow, I'll pay."
Sparrow Sparrow tchts softly under her breath giving Iris an admonishing look under ashen lashes, "You will not, Doc. You're the person most folks come to for this stuff so you bein' down a wing sets all of us back." She explains as she snips the tape and bandages away rather than risk moving everything too much more. She gets the iodine and forceps ready to check for bullet fragments and bone chips to make sure nothing is going to go wrong. "You're very welcome though. I bet it's been gettin' pretty busy lately with the flurry of factions makin' their way in and out of town."
Iris Lark Iris opens her eyes and she watches Sparrow as she works. "Iris, you call me ..Iris." She leans up a bit on her good arm and watchest, she is probably moving around too much but she is a lightweight and she's pretty sauced. "I always want to talk to you when you're here, talk talk and I never can find the words. Isn't that silly? They're right here."
Sparrow Sparrow reaches up to steady Iris before she gets too far, "All right Iris, do me a favor and don't be a squirmer. Hate to have to strap ya down." It's a gentle reminder from one Doctor to another to not rock the operating table. "It is a little silly." The blonde cowgirl admits with an uptick of one corner of her mouth tugging at the premature lines. "But then when we're in this place we're both usually pretty busy. A quiet conversation isn't always possible."
Iris Lark "Strap me down?" Iris says, giggling softly as she lies back. "It has something to do with something Stockton said." The slight woman slurs softly. "I wanted to talk to you about it, you know?" She squints as she tries to remember, and when it doesn't come to her tongue right away she sighs. "I should never ever ever drink."
Sparrow Sparrow's brow lifts. "Sure, Iris, shoot. I've known Slimjim for long enough I might be able to give ya some insight." She works slowly, her hands are always so steady and it helps her as she moves to withdraw a few missed bits and then applies some disinfectant to the ounds before she starts to prep her needle and thread. "Well, after the last few weeks I think we've all earned a drink or two."
Iris Lark "He said his Ma would adopt me. What does that mean?" Iris says, turning away from Sparrow as she doesn't want to watch the woman stitch up her arm. "Is that a custom that you all have here? I know that a lot of you have family, seems odd for him to say that, he doesn't know me that well, why would he say that?"
Sparrow Sparrow bends over her work, focused enough that she doesn't see Iris turn away. But she hmm's at the first part, "Well, Ma Volkner is a lovely woman, Tribal. Strong. Wild. Much like her Son. She tends to like that in the people she knows. Smart. Stubborn. Someone who's willing to stand for what they beleive in. It's not necessarily a custom in El Dorado. I mean for the most part it takes a town to raise children. Miss Kitty knows just about all of us havin' taken care of us at one point or another. But Ma Volkner takes it a bit more seriously. People she takes in as family are family. Stockton has a pretty good insight into people, yanno, when he decides to cut the macho bullshit and use it."
Iris Lark "I thought he was joking." Iris says softly, trying not to wince each time she feels the needle enter her flesh. "He and Jude were making fun of me, and it was on my mind, and I can't get it out of it." She turns then towards Sparrow and watches her work, a slightly green tinge to her skin. "I never had a family. I've been alone for as long as I've knownn better."
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles quietly, "Yeah he didn't mean any harm by it. He's an ass and there's no apologizing for it. But he's not straight up malicious and if Jude was helping I can only imagine it wasn't mean to be mean." She lifts a brow in surprise looking up to Iris for only a moment before turning her eyes back to the stitch, loop, knot of getting everything in place. After that will be the setting and bandaging. "What about Vault Team Six, aint they like family?" She wonders.
Iris Lark "That's my team." Iris says, and she giggles softly for a few moments before it ends in a yelp. "So a team is like a family?" She considers this for a few moment as she watches the needle go into her skin. "Maybe I misunderstood, and yes..I'm fairly certain they were ..being funny rather than plain rude."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "Yeah. Jude had names for it. Crew or something. A team can be like a family; basically a family is people who stand with eachother. Sometimes they do bullshit you can't stand and sometimes even you tussle but always you come back. You can't imagine a world without them, not because it's impossible but because you really don't want to. Sometimes Blood ain't family and your Team or Crew is. Sometimes you can have more than one family; if you're willing put up with listening to the cross talk that will undoubtedly happen. But I'm certain he meant it as botha compliment and something of a self depricating joke. Ma Volkner likes ladies who keep her Boy in line."
Iris Lark Iris seems to be working out something, and it shows in her face. Her brow furrows and eyes narrow, and finally she nods. "Does he step out of line often? I know that he has the manners like a bull in a china shop." She reaches out towards Sparrow with her good arm and pokes her gently on the cheek. "What is going on with you, Sparrow? You look haunted."
Sparrow Sparrow laughs, "So often you'd think he were drunk, Iris. Well he used to anyway, he's been gettin' better." She shakes her head and finishes up the last stitch, standing to get the iodine to make sure it's swabbed before putting on the salve and bandages. She pauses when she's poked, eyes wide and turning towards Iris for a long moment before she smiles a bit warily. "This whole thing with Solomon's got the Nightmares up again. Hard to shake'm. Got some herbal tea that'll take care of it but it's not been easy. Playin' nice with Polsky. Tryin' ta ake sure I don't tarnish the Drake name and pop off an do somethin' drastic. It wears a bit. I'll be all right, though."
Iris Lark "Do you promise?" Iris says, sitting up and swinging her legs over the side. "Because if something happens to you, who is going to tend to my wounds?" She slips off the exam table and wobbles a bit. "I don't really trust anyone else." She holds out her arms for a hug, a slight sloppy grin on her face. "You don't know me, but you can talk to me. I give good listen."
Sparrow Sparrow finishes up and looks up when Iris stands and steps back to stand herself and holds up her hands at the offer of a hug, careful she half hugs back but it's quick and she's off to get her hands clean. "Don't trust anyone else? Well I'm flattered but that's dangerous. I thought Derk and Kump were about in the clinic from time to time?" At the offer of a listen Sparrow laughs. "Yeah, I'm not real good at talkin' that stuff out just yet."
Iris Lark "I haven't met Derk yet, if he works here it's when I'm out." Iris says, and she puts her hands behind her back, an abashed look on her face. "Sorry." She mumbles, turning to exit but she stumbles and ends up on the floor, grimacing. "I really..really shouldn't drink."
Sparrow Sparrow finishes cleaning up and moves over and reaches down to offer a hand up, "C'mere, Iris. Let's get you comfortable. What're you even apologizin' for? Hmm. It's your bottom ya fell on." The cowgirls words are quiet and gently teasing. "Though you should take it easy, Iris. I'll get Ma Volkner to make you some ea that'll help with the pain and make you a bit sleepy but it shouldn't sauce ya."
Iris Lark Iris nods a few times, blinking as she gets to her feet. She stumbles back over to the exam table and climbs back up on it. "Thank you Sparrow, I'm sorry I tried to hug you, I get ahead of myself sometimes." She stretches out and rests an arm over her eyes.
Sparrow Sparrow laughs, "Oh Darlin', it wasn't that. But I was covered in goo and your arm is hurt. Try it next time you're sober and your arm isn't killin' you." She moves to get Iris settled in. "You're welcome. I'll be back with the tea and maybe grab somethin' from the Diner for ya. Any preferances?"
Iris Lark "I don't know, something..brown." Iris decides, her eyes still slightly unfocused. "I'm sorry all the same, though." She rummages around, a frown on her face. "Are you sure you don't want me to pay you?" She purses her lips and looks slightly confused. "I've got caps."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles and pushes Iris hair back from her face. "You're not payin' me." She says again firmly. "And somehtin' brown. Got it. I'll be back, you try and take a nap." She stands and pulls on her hat and duster. She'll return in a short while with stew and a razorgrain and honey muffin along with the news that she'll have the tea tomorrow.