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Vault Girl The Town Hall is fairly busy and for many in the city who care about their vote, it's the only real choice on where to go when they cast that vote for Mayor of El Dorado. In light of what happened with Mayor Solomon, it seems that citizens of El Dorado are out in force to vote on this fair evening.

It's a quick affair, you're checked against the registry, handed a slip of paper with all of the names on it and a pen and you voted!

Quick and easy!
Jude Jude arrives to do his civic duty. He looks more than a little nervous as he does, staying fairly close to those he knows. He's wearing his militia combat duster, but the solid lumps of armor are easy to see beneath.

After his patient wait, he is given his ballot and pen. He checks his vote and slips it into the ballot box. His eyes keep flitting back to where he knows Solomon's office is. Once done, he eagerly beats feet, glad to scurry back underground.
Iris Lark Iris walks into the town hall, and gets in line with the rest. She folds her hands behind her back as she waits for her turn at the poll. After a few minutes she is handed a ballot and a pen and she gazes down at it for a moment, her nose wrinkled. She finally jots down a name quickly and slips it into the ballot box and takes a few steps back to people watch for a few minutes.
Achilles Once Achilles is handed his slip of paper he takes his time looking the names over, before checking the box next to Katherine Caine. He doesn't know any of the people personally, so it all comes down to hearsay. "There you go, have a good day."
Sammy     Crowds are a thing, they make the paranoia rise up a bit in the Ranger's sense, but at the same time, it's also the fine art of people watching, he soothes the paranoia with the mindfulness of a hunter of wolves. A sheepdog amidst the throng, that is till he has the paper in his hands after waiting through the line. He prints his name, checks the box for his candidate, and folds the ballot on the line, using the clipboard to stuff it in the box, then clips the pen back on the clipboard and hands it off to one of the attending clerks, before drifting back to the side of the room, to meld into the shadows for a bit more, back to the wall in between windows, eyes with a view of the exits.
Alice Alice comes in to toss a vote in the elections just like everyone else, because if she didn't vote she didn't have a say! She would have voted for the Overseer but he didn't seem to be running for Mayor and that made her sad. It also made her sad that Vaultmeat and O.V.E.R. 9000 were not allowed to vote and both had to wait outside.
Tina Sister Tina's arrival is preceded by a whisper passing through the crowd. The result of the sudden murmur is that she is given a bit of space by the crowd. Not by choice, but because of her nun's habit, and some lingering respect for the church. A bit embarrassed by the courtesy, she makes sure to have a smile and a word of thanks for everyone she passes, even if she is unable to hide her blush at the unexpected hospitality. "Thank you... bless you, Sir... thank you, Ma'am... thank you so much..."

Receiving her own slip of paper, she jots down a name and slips it into the ballot box. Her civic duty done, she withdraws to a nearby wall next to Iris, to recover her breath and watch the crowd for a bit. "Such a wonderful turnout," she muses, watching the voting. "Who says no one votes anymore?"
Iris Lark "I don't know, but maybe a change is here." Iris says, sotto voce to Tina as she leans in to give the woman a warm hug. "How have you been doing? How is the Church?"
Achilles "Some places I've been aren't afforded the luxury." Achilles rumbles, looking over the crowd with some unease. Perhaps it's because he isn't wearing his weapon inside the building. "Though I suspect they're glad to be rid of Solomon, for the moment at least."
Tina Tina returns Iris's hug warmly. "Mmmmm... it's good to see you out tonight," she says softly to her friend. "I am well enough, for now, even if my spirit has been troubled by recent events. The Church is well enough. We are working on providing aid to the families hurt by the taxes, but I worry that we will not have enough money to help everyone who comes to us. And while we seem to be rid of Mayor Solomon, I doubt our troubles will be over once we have a new Mayor. The world just isn't that kind."
Alexianus Alexianusmerely stands near the polling booth, his arms crossed watching as polls are placed and pleasantries are exchanged, his face stoic. From time to time he gives a wave to others, though after a moment he pipes up, "I am not entirely familiar with this process myself."
Sammy     Sammy glances and spots a few individuals that stand out from the crowd, mostly because of familiartiy, he watches Tina and Iris but stays back in his watching motion, his eyes sweeping, peering at the crowd. The paranoia settling back and relaxing a little, this herd is quiet, not agitated, look for those that stand out, watch for the ones that are veering from normal crowd behavior.
    He shifts on his knees just slightly and leans against the wall. melding into it.
    His brain is trying to pick out where someone might interfere with the election, where would they start. How would someone upset the balance of such a simple thing as an election.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Tina, a frown on her face. "Well I want to help, If any of them need medical help, send them to the Clinic. If they said that you sent them, I won't charge them a single cap." She pulls out a small pouch and hands it over to Tina as well. "This will hopefully help as well, it's all I've got or I would give you more."
Achilles "It's new to me as well." Achilles offers towards the stranger with a slight nod, before looking back over at Iris and Tina. "If this mayor does not serve us well, we'll replace them too. They have no power unless we give it to them." His hand comes up and clenches into a fist, "And so long as we crush any Legion or raiders who impose on us, we'll thrive."
Alice Alice shrugged her shoulders and said with a grin, "I voted for Donald Snipes. He seems pretty cool, he gave me a free beer if I would vote for him. I gave the beer to Vaultmeat and Vaultmeat was happy, so I think it all works out."
Vault Girl Some of the local old ladies were handing out free muffins and home-made soda to the people who had finished voting. A few of them even had hard candies to offer to the ones they had known since they were little like Stockton! Old lady hard candy from the pocket, oh yeah!
Alexianus Alexianus nods to Achilles in turn, before turning back to watching the others. "This... voting system-" He cuts off as free muffins are being handed out. "-Nevermind, it is perfectly adequate." He stands, visibly bothered as he considers the muffins, but remains with his arms crossed.
Stockton Stockton's spurs jingle jangle as he takes heavy boot steps towards the town hall. Of course, those old ladies get a polite smile. The big guy could never avoid being doted on by them, it only took an enthusiastic grin and a few polite words to have them tittering and shoving candy in his big mitts. He's unwrapping a piece as he stalks up the steps and into Hall. Tipping his cowboy hat at those gathered that he recognizes. "Howdy," towards Alex, Alice and Achilles. Freakin A's.
Iris Lark Iris turns to gaze at Alexianus when he speaks up and she goes pale, taking several steps back as if she's seen a nightmare or a ghost. She manages to gather her wits, and does an about face, walking towards the exit quickly.
Achilles Achilles goes to say something else, when Iris goes pale. He looks from her to Alexianus, eyes narrowing a bit. Though, he's never reacted well to people making his girlfriend upset. Without another word he turns and follows her out.
Tina Tina stares after Iris and Achilles, blinking in surprise. She blinks and blushes as she is handed a muffin and a cup of soda, offering a swift murmur of thanks. The latter is downed in several quick and rather unladylike pulls, while the latter remains in her hands as she passes the cup back and hastens out after Iris and Achilles.
Sammy     Sammy continues his vigil, watching people mill and move, the table of baked goods and the little grannies are given an appreciative nod, and he tries to think if he'd like a muffin, or juice. But he remains at the side of the wall, watching actively, watching people mill in and around, get their clipboards, make their votes, drop them in ballot boxes, and file out of the office. A slow moving process, but it's a flow to be watched.
Alexianus Alexianus blinks as he is abandoned, realizing that the only two people in the city willing to speak to him have now left.
Alice Alice looked around as everyone began to leave and shrugged at Alexianus, "I wouldn't take it personally, she's not a big fan of the Legion and Achilles is a bit of a tool." She continued to linger.
Stockton Stockton snorts at Alice, "By that she means a blunt instrument," he clarifies while partaking in a muffin and another candy, because he's spoiled. "Mostly it's cuz yer still wearin' Legion colors," he notes, "Bad life experiences, honestly I'm surprised you ain't found yerself normal clothes yet. Ceasar's dead and all."
Alexianus Alexianus Nods to the others, before mentioning, "I would not cast these colours aside, for they are part of my being. I would instead destroy those who ruin them, though perhaps those two will change their hearts in time despite this." He straightens up, finding a more comfortable position from which to consider the citizens of El Dorado.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya comes forward, silently casting her ballot before moving away so others can do likewise. Her strange tattoos make her stand out from the rest.
Sammy     Sammy casts off from the wall, silently drifting with the mingling crowd, taller than a few, but not as tall as some, he drifts to the refreshments table, and thanks the ladies serving the muffins, and takes a glass of root beer, popping his mask off to take a sip, for he has misplaced his lucky straw.
Willow Caine The swish of a skirt whispers as Willow Caine steps into the Town Hall. She makes her way to the ballots and when handed hers she signs her sisters name with a flourish and deposits it in the box. A bold gaze scans the hall as she tries to suss out who else is here and voting, and for whom. "Good evening all." She says, a polite smile on her lips.
Stockton Stockton shakes his head at Alex, "Sorry, feller. Jus' like ain't no body gonna associate red, white, an' blue with America, ain't no body in these parts gonna associate goodness and honor with those colors and those clothes. The colors ain't a part of yah. Only the principles." He shrugs a shoulder and moves away to vote, casting his ballot with a happy hum.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stares at Willow. Her gaze doesnt waver if spotted. Odd that.
Alexianus Alexianus nods, and makes his way out of the hall. Dust trails him as he fades into the distance
Willow Caine In an almost bored gesture, a fan is produced from Willow's purse and flicked open. She lazily fans herself as she stares back at the Zealot, her smirk a challenge. She takes a breath and speaks up. "I hope ya'll are voting for my sister, Katherine. This town needs a good woman running it. We all know that if a woman can run a household, she can keep a town under control."
Sammy     He looks on a moment or two longer, but Sammy drifts past Willow and gives her a smile, finishing his root beer and setting the bottle in the catch-bin, more of an aside, "Generally it's bad form for lobbysts to appear at voting sites and encourage anyone to vote a particular way, Mz. Caine. The time for the campaign trail is over. But between you, me, and the wall? I do hope Kitty wins. I also hope the town gives her the support she needs to do a better job." he fastens his mask once more and ducks out, drifting out into the street from whence he came.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya replies in a soft voice as the other holds her attention. "I already cast my vote. I was just trying to figure you out. Do you work in an administrative role or a more personal capacity?"
Willow Caine Willow flicks her fan shut and her swaying walk takes her closer to Shreya. "Figure me out, sugar? I'm easy to figure out." She waves a slender hand and a saccharine smile appears on her lips. "I'm simply family, nothing more and nothing less." She gazes around the town hall again before she takes the bell skirt in hand and turns towards the exit. "I hope you cast a smart vote, sweet heart." She says before she steps through the exit, heading back to the Saloon.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya tenses up a bit as the other woman gets closer. "Well I think I did." Her voice has little affect tonight. "Your dress is lovely as temporal things go. Atom keep you."
Sammy     Something caught his attention after a short while, Sammy follows some people who look for the most part not on the level back into the voting booths, literally drifting back in, he watches them carefully, shadowing them, as if waiting in line, but instead of picking up a clipboard, he just gives the clerk a nod, and points to the sketchy poeple, which causes the bespectacled clerk to look over their glasses at the voting pair then back to Sammy nods are trade, and Sammy stands up again, walking awy with the drift of the crowd like he'd been part of the normal flow of the room.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya drifts out of the City Hall now that her business is concluded. Her bulging eyes are disconcerting to some. She doesnt seem to have friends in this place, perhaps not so surprising.
Alice Alice lingers around drinking the soda and eating the muffins as she watches all of the interesting people who come in and out of the area before she starts to walk towards Sammy to talk to him only to get distracted and see he's gone!
Sammy     But then again, there's Sammy at the edge of the room. Like a shadow out of the corner of the eye. Like a proper sheepdog he's watching the crowd, but he's found another place to loiter, this time it's nearer the exit, rather than off the side, but he still lines up with his back to the wall, to be able to watch people on their way in, and cast his gaze over those on their way out. Mask is undone, so it's FriendlySammy. But also the armor's had the warpaint sandblasted off by more buckshot, patched in places and painted back over just a protective coat of flat black to keep it from rusting.
    Eyebrows quirk at Shreya and Alice, but he leans back against the wall once more.
Alice Alice does spot Sammy just as she's leaving and she waves to the man, "Hey Ranger Sammy! How are you doing tonight? Did you vote for the NCR guy or someone else? I Understand if you can't say!"
Sammy     "I can't tell you who I voted for, of course. That'd ruin the surprise." he tilts his head at the girl, "And while I think the new Mayor, well, will have a different stance on things than the old one. Seen anyone with a bead on how much of that fresh tax money the 'Legitimate Businessmen' claiming to be Tax Collectors grabbed?" he asks curiously, folding his arms across his chest.
Sammy     Sammy listens for her answer, then nods, and heads out.