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Jude Some courier made out like a bandit as Sparrow and Jude play a little message tag, but it is arranged that Sparrow meet Jude at the Vault Town store to get the installation of a new holodisk on her spiffy pip-boy. Jude makes it look pretty simple, undoing a slot on the underside of the pip-boy and adding the new module. It leaves it heavier, but also far more adept at pulling up the holo-overlays for practicing medicine. He hums a little as he works, but in a few minutes, he smiles and hands the device back. "Giver 'er a test drive. If'n it has any troubles, jus' bring it on back and I'll fix it on up for ya. Ain't much that gets it a guarantee no more."

He gives a wink and asks, "How you been doin' otherwise, Miss Sparrow? I ain't seen much of ya lately."
Sparrow Sparrow leans on the counter watching the process with a wrinkle of her nose. The cowgirl and Tech are not particularly friendly with one another but Sparrow has started to find a new appreciation for the arm worn device. She takes it back and slips it back onto her wrist with a flip of the securing latch and adjusts it to her wrist before turning it on. She looks it over and thumbs her way throughy the switches to check out the overlay available.

Sparrow? Looks roughshod. Tired, a bit pale and her eyes are almost feverishly bright. Despite this Jude earns a smile that deepens her crows feet. "It look like it's going to work just fine. Certainly be helpful given the amount of strange wounds I've been dealin' with lately. I'm all right, Jude. Been busy, was sure you'd've heard by now."
Jude Jude shakes his head a little. "I ain't heard much lately. After I found that there ledger, I've been keepin' scarce for the most part." He tucks his tools back into the depths of his militia duster and rises from the little stool. "Also been in Acme a lot lately too. We're openin' up the general store there. Plenty to distract myself with, I reckon." He turns his attention back to Sparrow, his eyes a little worried for her roughshod appearance. "What's the news?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Yeah. I just got back from healin Doc Iris." Her lip quirks a bit, "She's the one you're runnin' with right. She's adorable when she's drunk." She chuckles quietly as she cotninues to flip through the informtion on the holodisk. "Don't be too much of a stranger. Stockton'd miss ya for sure, so would I. She hmms, "Oh, Solomon brought his brother in and he was bein' driven out of town by Solomon's aide. Ended up dead in a shoot out but Polsky survived. Basically confirmed my theory, save for it wasn't the Militia he was bolsertin'. My Mistake since he took all those caps and then the Militia got all those arms. But yeah, Abe hired the Mercs that Solomon didn't pay. We need to figure that out because Abe's got them on retrainer for ..four more days now. Before they 'take what they're owed out of the land' and then head back to where they came from." She coughs. "Stockton's belief he was Omerta was confirmed. But yeah he was goin' after Vault thirty and he's not dead and we have no idea what he's gotten away with. Map's in shreds and scatteredto the winds though. Still thinkin' that he moved so fast cause the Enclave of the Brotherhood was gettin' close to where it was. Still waitin to see if Polsky has anything else to say while attendin' him. Wouldn't talk to Swagger.." Her eyes glitter in some amusement.
Jude Jude bobs his head as he listens. It's a lot to take in and he doesn't seem to understand some of it, but he nods diligently all the same. "Wow," he chirps with a smile. "I done missed an awful lot it looks like." He laughs a little and shrugs. "Hopefully I done did my own small part then." His shoulders relax visibly and he breathes deeply. "Might be that I can relax some and let ole O.V.E.R. know that I'm probably pretty safe nowadays. Ran afoul of raiders pretty well every day the last week. I was startin' to think it wasn't jus' dumb luck."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "Jude we couldn't have done it without you. We probably couldn't have done it without all the work everyone did. I'm just sad ya haven't been there to see it but I don't blame ya. Almost dyin's no fun for anyone." Her brows lift and she nods, "Yeah? I've had okay luck, except when I went to Dunwhich." She sniffs and shivers. "Place is weird. Went there to see if they had any interesting remedies I could pick up." She shakes her head and looks back to Jude. "You should be careful though, all right? Who else is goin' ta help me figure out how to work all this weird old tech I'm findin'?"
Jude Jude laughs and blushes faintly. "I ain't goin' nowhere, no how." He gestures down and says, "Vault Team is tryin' to clear out the lower levels of this here vault. Some creepy ass robots on down there. Some that Vuk claims to have seen before. Slaughtered his people I reckon." He shrugs and frowns a little. "Ain't much good that can come of havin' an evil robot factory under El Dorado any how." He looks back up at Sparrow and his smile returns. "I picked up a little piece of information, but... I ain't got no context yet. I'll... uhh... I'll send y'all a message when I sort it all out."
Sparrow Sparrow tilts her head then nods, "All right. So far I haven't heard much more than I have been hearing. I've also been pretty focused on Solomon. Not enough though. Lower levels fo this vault? That's .. a little scary. I thought this wasn't supposed to be a really real vault. Why would they have had robots here?" She wonders as she turns off her pip boy and stands up straight smoothing her fingers over her duster. "Going to at least give me a hint as to what it's about or do you want to leave me with the anticipation?"
Jude Jude explains with an idle shrug, "It wasn't a real vault-tec vault, no. It was a combined facility for the old world's military and Robco. I sort of wonder if it might be related to that Enclave facility in Roswell, but I ain't too certain. Just a hunch, I reckon." He pauses a moment and refocuses. "Anyway, it was a place where they could make weapons and robots even if the worst done happened. Somethin' down there went wrong though. I figure an AI of some manner, but we didnt't go too far in. Folk wanted to get some reinforcements." To the last, he just grins. "Nah. No hints. Not till I can frame it right."
Sparrow Sparrow wrinkles her nose and sighs, "Tease." She says playfully before adjusting her hat and looking around the store. Taking it in in depth for a secon before turning back to Jude, "Robots. Never was real good with robots. If I'm about and you need medical backup let me know. It's always good for Iris to have someone at her back so she isn't scrambling alone. I should get back to the Sheriff's station incase Martin wants to talk more. It's been nice seein' yer face, Vaultie, don't be a stranger?"
Jude Jude bobs his head and promises, "Never a stranger. I should be safe bein' topside now. I'll drop in to see ya. If nothin' else," he gestures to his Militia uniform. "I'll letcha know when I'm on guard duty. That's borin' as hell without someone to jaw at." He opens his arms and offers a hug. "It was real good to see ya, Miss Sparrow. You be safe, ya hear?"
Sparrow Sparrow dips in for a quick hug, under all the layers of clothing she wers, the cowgirl's fairly atheltic. She squeezes quick and tips her head, "I'll do my best and I'll be around." After the quick hug she turns to head back topside.