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Vault Girl Everyone's favorite murderer of bad guys had come across evidence that some raiders were taking ghouls from Roswell over to Dunwich to sacrifice them in a cave in the hopes they could summon their 'totemic god'.

Doomguy had gathered you all and led you near Dunwich where the skies seemed darker than they should have been and the air seemed to have a strange chill to it.

It didn't take long for the group of you to find the group of raiders because of the SHOUTING and SCREAMING coming from the cave they were conducting their sacrifice in.

They were also no match for all of you. There was about two dozen of them in all and they had killed the ghouls they had kidnapped.
Doomguy doomguy rushed in his bfg 9000 raoring as he mowed down raider after raider leving more to come his way "i need backup on my pause" he says to any of his allies listening to their comms
Alexianus Alexianus rushes forward, charging with his spear shouting. As he approaches the raiders he begins skewering them as the rest of the group do their own feates of badassery presumably around him.
Abigail Caine Gale does the most badass thing of all: she conserves ammo. As other people scream and charge while firing off huge numbers of bullets and murdering with abandon the diminutive scout is taking the hard-earned rights of her successful scouting of the wilderness: she squints, sights down her rifle, and makes 'bang' noises to herself under her breath as people drop to rounds from the BFG 9000 or end up skewered on spears.

It isn't that Gale isn't ready to fight. By all rights, no one can fault her unless they are paying close attention. She does fire a few times- covering fire, suppressing shots, designed to support her allies. But it seems that the laconic, foul-mouthed miniature scout will be damned before she wastes a cartridge. Let some other poor fool do that.

The woman's boots sound softly against the stone at the mouth of the cave and she stays close ot the walls, an inobtrusive target. When she does take a shot the raider in question goes down like a rock. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Gale always has bullets.
Stockton Stockton left Brandywine a ways back, no use in getting the good girl dead on account of being too lazy to hoof it himself. With his pistols holstered at the small of his back, the big man doesn't really break from walking until there's screaming. While Alexianus and Doomguy charge forward and in to mow down the bulk of the raider population, Stockton is coming up behind them with a grim determination. While Gale saves ammunition, Stock conserves it by using it sparingly. The gunslinger alternates fire between the revolver and the desert eagle, clapping off pointed shots that blow holes in faces more often than not. The deadeye aim of the man is on point tonight. The first bloody deed done, he reloads with a few quick clacks of metal and magazines. Re-racking the slides he holsters his weapons once more. Why? Because badass.
Ashur Amidst a chorus of screams and ritual chanting, the world falls to chaos; the shadows stretch and curl like grasping fingers, the sun seems vanished from the sky, and cold seeps into the bones. A memory comes unbidden-- ethereal voices and hands whose touch was chill fire. A shiver dances along Ashur's spine.

"This land is cursed," he declares, the disgust and discomfort in his voice clear even through the metallic filter of his helmet's air mask. "Slaughter, then burn them all."

He walks as others rush, every step a thunderous thing as his salvaged power armor clanks and rumbles. The breeze through the cave rustles along his white cloak and makes the feathers of his crest wave-- he's an eye-catching figure, enough that when he crosses the cave's threshold it is inevitable one of the cult raiders spies him and charges, a curved knife in his hand and eldritch vulgarity on his tongue.

Ashur grasps his throat. Metal fingers dig in around the esophagus; the blunt tips pierce the skin, draw the flesh taut. The raider kicks, slashes, stabs, struggles, as his face begins to swell and flush a cruel dark.

Ashur lifts, and the man's feet depart the ground, kicking and flailing.

Ashur watches the man slowly die of strangulation.
Achilles Achilles doesn't exactly charge in, rather he wades. His pace stays the same even as the raiders notice and charge them, his ebony power armor clad form not wavering in the slightest. When the first raider makes the mistake of getting too close, he finds himself held aloft by his face. Before the shock can truly register the grip tightens, causing his head to burst like an overripe fruit.

"They do not stand a chance against us." The giant sword strapped to his back is drawn and promptly stuck through another raider before being yanked aside, leaving his innards on the stone floor. A dark chuckle is amplified via his helmet and his blade is raised in a taunting fashion. "Come, test your mettle against me. Puny raiders."
Alexianus Alexianus begins, as he is skewering various raiders, to slowly align them into cross shapes, perhaps subliminally, perhaps purposefully, but they are one in the same as he slashes at raiders with his spear and pushes them to the ground.
Doomguy a raider walks up to try to stab doomguy only to recive a punch to the face and used s a sheild abzorbing the incoming damage the tosses the body aside as he blows away more raiders "death to all who oppose me" he yells over the blair of his guass rifle
Abigail Caine Gale is quietly inspecting the corpses of the raiders she passes to make sure that none of them get up and shoot her in the back. One of the men takes her kneelign down as an invitation to go for his pistol. He moves with the speed of lightning. Unfortunately, grabbing a weapon and drawing it involves moving much further than simply placing a foot on the offending hand and grinding your heel on someone's fingers. Which Gale does. Afterward she rolls her eyes and kicks him in the jaw while saying, "If you just lay there your jaw will be busted but you'll live. Maybe."

A moment later Gale is walking away from the downed raider and he actually picks up his N99 10mm sidearm. She shoots him without even turning around. His fault for being in the same place as he was when was looking asth im a moment before. The scout continues through the pile of bodies doing the dirty work no one else has time for.
Vault Girl The Raiders are dispatched in short order by the group save the lone survivor who is kicked in the jaw, he doesn't seem mad though, instead he laughs, "Idiowts." He said with his broken jaw, "You're all gonna be sacwified now. Hahahahahahah."

A massive roar could be heard coming from outside of the cave. It was the most terrifying roar you had ever heard. It was inhuman, demonic and guttural.

You smelled brimstone and sulfur in the air and heard massive footsteps and claws scratching against rock...
Vault Girl The 'Hellclaw' which itself seems to be a rather daemonic-looking Deathclaw with glowing red eyes and possibly flamebreath? Entered the cave without any further warning. Ashur and Gale manage to avoid any attacks but Achilles finds himself on the receiving end of a large slash to his power armor!
Ashur The Hellclaw barrels toward him in a rage! Ashur narrowly avoids the slash with a quick hop back, boot heels scuffing up a cloud of dirt and gravel dust. His retaliation is swift-- he circles around it and smashes his right hand into the thick, plated scales of its side. There's a pneumatic hiss, the whirr of machinery, and the gauntlet's ram drives forward on impact, intensifying the blow. The beast's side shows a bruising scuff-mark, but the damage is largely superficial.
Achilles Achilles leaps into action after the he takes that nasty blow to the armor, bringing his sword up in a calculated slash against the hellish Deathclaw, before attempting to follow it up with a heavy attack, only to miss entirely. Still, he at least let it know he was here.
Abigail Caine "Oh, what the fuck is wrong with this town? That is the last goddamn time I am ever volunteering to follow 'Doomguy' anywhere... Fucking atom on a pogo stick." Gale is just staring at the Hellclaw as it emerges. She backs up a few stesp, nimbly avoiding the first swipes of its claws. Then the woman just unloads. An entire clip, much of it pinging off of ridges of bone armour. Some shots find home. She squints, adjusts her glasses so they glint in the light and takes another shot, scoring a spray of blood. "And it's bullet proof? What the serious..." Still grousing she moves to reload.
Vault Girl The Hellclaw for all of its bluster doesn't seem to be doing a very effective job of attacking.... or maybe it was just getting warmed up.
Stockton Stockton continues to throw lead at the massive beast, watching the bullets just ricochete off of its hide and into the cave he simply mutters and curses up a storm right along with Gale. "Just fucking die!" He growls at it as he moves for further advantage, trying to find a new angle.
Alexianus Alexianus begins violantly stabbing the beast, tired of everybody simply failing to even hit the thing. His thrusts sink in and presumably fail to phase the creature, but his ferosity is something to appreciate for what its worth. At least he tried, afterall.
Vault Girl The Hellclaw tears ferociously into Ashur even whalloping him right in the crotch with its barbed tail; thankfully armor protects from some of it but oh god that hurt!
Doomguy after some time of missing doomguy says "ya im missing on perpos to give yall a chance" when he dose finnaly hit hit flips off the hell beast and says "fuck you and your ansesters with a iradiated pole"
Ashur The hellclaw dances around the cave with a speed and agility that belies its size; the group struggles to wound it. The titanically-clad Ashur, opting in a moment of heroism to live up to the white knight aesthetic he's rocking, charges the potent beast, letting loose a ferocious battle cry-- he's a stampeding bull, boots smashing the ground, leaping and wrapping massive arms around the deathclaw's neck, its torso, shoulders-- indulging in a period of absolute insanity to immobilize it.

It bucks, writhes, claws, and his body is absolutely shredded by the assault, but still Ashur, foolhardly and vainglorious, holds on, riding it like a buckin' bronco. "Kill it!" He bellows in command.
Alexianus Alexianus thrusts with a powerful blow, just narrowly missing the hellclaw as its right leg is impacted by bullets, moving it just out of the way of the spear blow. He then pulls back for yet another thrust into the abdomen of the beast. A wise man would duly note that this man has stabbed the thing about eight times to little real effect, but man does he look fierce!
Vault Girl The Hellclaw goes absolutely bonkers and begins to rush around the room spewing actual fucking flames from its body as it runs around but they don't seem to be very hot. It does a number on everyone pretty much except for Gale who escapes relatively unscathed as it tears and slashes everyone with an unholy anger and anguish.
Vault Girl As for Achilles? He dissapeared on a spirit quest because he's a Beastlord and Hellclaws are Beasts. Maybe he smoked too much Wasteland Weed earlier.
Abigail Caine Gale goes insane. She fends off a claw with her rifle and then swears up a storm as a shot goes wild. She doesn't bother to count. It's empty. So the woman lets go of the weapon and lets it slap against her hip as she whirls around and then goes into a flurry of kicks against the monster Ashur is holding. She's actually a frenzy of movement, landing powerful blows - for a girl only five feet tall - and pummeling the Hellclaw to visible effect. "My boots don't catch fire, shit stain! Goddamned monsters get freakier every fucking week!" One kick buries a foot in the things ribs.
    "Good thing they're steel toe.." The Deathclaw is flailing but it's not down yet. No matter how many times she kicks it.
Doomguy doomguy lets out a battlecry as he shoots the creaturs arm off the slamming the gun into its torso and praceds to gut fuck it with heated metal spewing from his guass rifle "fear me"
Alexianus Alexianus gallantly watches as flames erupt from the deathclaw made of fucking fire, his hair gallantly blowing in the hot wind as the BFG9000 tears the beast asunder, and plunges his spear into the earth!
Vault Girl The Hellclaw cries out in anguish as Doomguy finishes it off with his BFG9000! It's an unholy roar that chills you to the core despite the wave of fire that erupts through the cave!

The corpse of the Hellclaw becomes a pile of ash and you are left wondering if it was just a mutant or something else altogether.

At least it didn't ruin all of the sweet loot to be found in the cave!

Sadly, the ghouls were dead earlier, so they can't be saved now.
Ashur Fire bursts from the demon's skin and flows around Ashur; the heat chars the paint of his armor and blackens its bloodied white, flowing around him and flicking at the air like braids of red hair. The flames, the claws, the trauma inflicted on him-- all of it is lost in the sheer fury of adrenaline jolting through his bloodstream. The giant tames that hellfire monster, wrestling with it until at last it goes down to the combined might of the team.

Beneath him, the creature turns to so much slag and ash, leaving him hunched over in bestial posture, breathing heavily. He clenches his hands at his side, straightens, leans back, and roars as loud as the hellclaw ever did.
Stockton Stockton watches as the beast falls and he quickly checks his guns for ammunition and then the coast to make sure it's clear. "Looks like the beast is down, usually this is when I start listenin' fer explosives about to go off," he mutters through his helmet. But there is only ash and debris left to sift through. So the former merc does a cursory check before heading bakc to town.
Doomguy doomguy nodds his head to the group "you all fought bravly tonight drinks are on me back at the gold digger" and with that doomguy heads outa the cave and back to civiazation
Alexianus Alexianus nods to the others among the group, before simply wandering off into the wastes, his iconic red legion cloak billowing; the man remains the very image of classic gallantry, even as he walks away. "Salve!" he shouts behind him, before disappearing.
Stockton Stockton picks through a few things, reloads his guns, checks on the crew and when everyone is healthy and whole, he ambles back to his horse to load up and mount up. A little click of his mouth and the pair start back away from the hellmouth. "Yeah, I hear yah girl. We ain't comin' this way again any time soon. Sides, I got a feelin' we're gonna be bound tah El Dorado sooner than later," she just nickers at him as they disappear into the night.
Ashur Battered and burnt, his armor bearing dents and arcs of black crust from the flames, Ashur's primal scream continues on for a full minute or two. It's a way to vent the tension-- just suck in a deep breath, arch back, clench hands into fists, and make other people regret not being deaf yet.

When it finally ends, he kneels, scoops up a handful of the hellclaw's ash, and lets it slip through his fingers like grains of sand. What lingers he wipes off on his cloak. "I will burn the corpses, and set flame to this whole cave," he announces. "Dunwich is a wicked land. We will not leave these spirits to join its army."

Everyone else can go home. Ashur will be getting his human bonfire on.
Abigail Caine Gale nudges the Hellclaw with her foot and then slowly shakes her head, turning to survey the rest of the cave and sighing heavily. After she's done looking around the woman just places her hands on her hips, methodically reloads her rifle and then turns for the moth of the cave. She might be tired but it's the good sort. Too worn out to be freaked after everything just happened. Right now Gale is just going to head to town and try to find herself a drink. Mission accomplished.