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Fern     The city is busy enough during the day and when the sun starts to go down to leave the earth a little bit cooler it's like the rats come out to play! Fern is a rat tonight. As the sun sinks lower against the horizon beyond the city walls, the girl makes her way down the streets at a pace that suggests she has no place better to be. She's loitering, that's for sure, lingering now around the hotel entrance. She's not close enough to the door to make it seem like she's going in, and she's far enough away to look a bit sketchy.

    Hands are stuffed down into her pants pockets and she leans back against the wall, chin lifted slightly so she looks down her nose at anyone who wanders past and looks at her. A twitch of her lip sends a sneer if anyone looks too long.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya comes out to get some air. Her room isnt a good one and its rather hot as the window faces the setting sun. Even though its now dark the heat adds up in there. Leaning on her staff she smiles as she gets out to the cool air. "I should just get a sleeping bag," she muses before her eyes light on you. "Hello child...its rather late. Dont you have somewhere to go?"
Fern     A slow, exaggerated roll of her eyes to the side casts Fern's gaze upon Shreya, and at first she is staring at her with a look of distaste. It changes as she -really- gets to see her, however, the sight now causing her lips to twitch again as a snarky grin appears. "Ho-ly shit.." she murmurs to herself, now interested enough to turn her body towards the woman and lean against the wall that way.

    "How do you guys survive all that radiation? They say that's why you see shit n'stuff, right?" Fern asks as she takes it all in. "Wow," she grunts to herself with another wide grin starting to show. "Where do you even find lipstick that color? Hell.. where do you even find lipstick!? That's lipstick, right? Or is it like.. antifreeze or something?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya tilts her head to the side. "Lipstick came later but even ancient tribes colored their lips. This..." She indicates her mouth. "This is made from melting a bit of wax, and some crushed fish scales. It makes this color. Ladies prefer red but, if this is the color I am given by Atom than I wear it." She ventures closer. "It is not offensive to be skeptical, I am most used to being presumed mad." There is a pause. "How do we survive? Not all do. We live in the aftermath of division. Unholy creatures stalk the wasteland seeking our blood. These are the last days the Christian Scholars imagined but their knowledge was faulty. Where is the coming of Christ? Nowhere. This is our world now. A world ruled by Atom and changed by his glow!" She hunches down. "Visions can come from the glow yes and it us becuase of one such, here am I in El Dorado."
Fern     Fern just about gags at the mention of fish scales. Her eyes bulge almost as much as Shreya's are naturally, and she shudders as her shoulder lift closer to her ears. "How can you use scales for that? I'd hate to have that scent stuck under my nose all day.. and which ladies? You wear that lipstick for the ladies? Or are you not a lady? You look like one," she then notes as she starts to look Shreya over a bit more thoroughly, taking a few steps closer.

    Hands slip from her pockets and her arms cross over her chest, bulking up that jacket even more. "Didn't say anything about you being mad. They say crazies don't know they're mad when they are, so it's kinda pointless to argue that one, huh?" She grins. "So, what's the craziest vision you've had? You've had some crazy ones, right? Ever kill someone 'cause of a vision?" she wonders, too many questions firing left and right. "You know, like.. thinking someone was a Deathclaw or something when it was just a little old lady?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles and bends down further so she can speak much closer to you. "So many questions let me try to address thek all. I was the captive of a Raider Gang called Finn's Warlords for several years. They burned out any desire for men in me. I have had my fill. But that was the old me. That sad girl is dead. So if I did wear the lipstick for someone it would be a woman but I wear it for Atom. Does not this shade remind you of the glow. Likewise my tattoos. Craziest vision.." She thinks. "Well you define it as crazy but let us say most intense. I once received a vision of a man with darkness behind his eyes, visions of his predation upon the faithful, using the Worship of Atom for his own base desires. As I screamed and wept in the wasteland I found a circular object of metal with two red points of light. I dug it up oh so carefully. I left it below the mans pillow and as he rose the next morning his head exploded!" She smiles. "Glory to Atom."
Fern     It's hard not to listen and pay close attention when Shreya is so close. Fern stands a bit taller, no longer leaning against the wall so much, and her eyes focus wide on Shreya. As she hears about the man's head exploding it makes Fern's eyes widen more. A grin bursts through. "Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" she exclaims. "That's wicked cool! You fuckin' dug up a land mine and.. what the fuck-- you're crazy!" Fern is howling with laughter then, looking at Shreya like she was the coolest person ever.

    "You fuckin' blew his head off!? Holy shit that's rad!" She's cackling more now. "Whoa.. How did you get it under his pillow without it going off? How did you.. Did you drug him and put him on it while he was unconscious?" she wonders, those wheels a'turnin' in her mind. The look on her face makes it clear she's trying to figure this out.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shrugs. "I was very careful. The mine was hundreds of years old perhaps it was not as sensitive as it once was but I knew when I laid eyes upon it that Atom had guided me to it for a reason. There was no need to drug him, he was already steeped in whiskey. It was his destiny!"