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Lucette     Afternoon, summer, warm. Luce is glad she's adjusted her clothes since that event in Gohauq. Otherwise she might have to find a way to dress down for the benefit of her kit. She slides into the saloon and finds herself a table to settle at, flopping into a chair and leaning. "Ow."
Abigail Caine     Gale is a bit bloody, slightly singed, and just as dour as eve while she strides into the saloon, her hands buried into her pockets. She stalks up to the bar with a frenetic intensity, energy barely contained in favour of tension. She orders a drink and quickly downs it before ordering another and turning to survey those present. Lucette in particular garners a quiet wave.
Lucette     Lucette, heated up like she is and shrugging out of her duster, offers a wave to Gale. She's delicately pulling out one arm first, then the other with less decorum while observing a few long scratches on her left arm, with fading bruises beneath. "Damnit."
Abigail Caine     Gale takes her second drink and walks toward Lucette is seated, sipping on it as she goes. "Evening, " the woman calls laconicaly, returning the wave she was offered and then moving carefully remove her jacket. "Looks like you were in a bit of a scrape. Everything alright? The brunette asks carefully as she looks Lucette over fron head to toe.
Lucette     Luce offers a nod of her head. "Mostly fine. Ran a small delivery out to some town to the west from Roswell." she murmurs, "Weird stuff out there. First some rocks get my arm, then I get weird scratches right through my duster, just on me." she considers.
Abigail Caine     Gale frowns faintly at this statement but she nods. A brief scan fo Luce follow and then she takes a deep breath, moving up beside the table. "I've run into some pretty weird stuff recently myself. Did anything jump at you that could have exlained it? Let me see the bruises if that's okay?" There comes the deep frown and then Gale briefly bites her bottom lip. "I hope that's worst of it you ended up with?"
Lucette     Luce points to her left arm. The bruises are yellowed and almost gone with the scratches being the angry red foreground. "Yeah, nothing worse. Just came back from clearing a location with the local chapter of the Brotherhood." she explains, "Bunch of ferals." she explains.
Abigail Caine     "You wouldn't believe what we found by Dunwich," Gale observe,s shaking her head slightly as she does. "Better not thinking about it." Shaking her head Gale leans against the back of a chair, tipping it backward and smiling quietly at the woman in front of her while she does. "Glad you're back in one piece. Soundsl ike something worth celebrating. I know I'm about ready to do something. Have you had dinner yet?
Lucette     Luce smirks, "Ah, so you were out there too." she murrs. "As for food, I haven't had anything substantial today. Just vittles on the road. Not settled in fully yet." she explains.
Abigail Caine     "Okay," Gale responds, nodding slowly. "Join me for dinner?" That comes with another of those slow smiles, one that lights up the woman's face and shaves a few years off of her features. She then shrugs, resting a hand along the edge of the table. "I am not much of a cook we can manage way or another."
Lucette     Lucette nods, "Sure, sounds like a good arrangement." she chimes, moving to go and bring her duster back on. "Hungry anyways, lots of walking and combat stress." she murrs
Abigail Caine     "Alright." Gale nods at that and then straightens. She offers Lucette and unnecesary hand and looks back toward the doors thoughtfully. "Fancy a bit of a hike, maybe? There are some spots out in the desert near here that are prettier than people give them credit for." She turns just a little bit and titls her head slightly to the left. "Really, our options are wide open, though... Preferences?"
Lucette     Lucette chuckles. "Kinda partial to staying indoors for now, if that helps narrow the decisions any." she inquires with a brow raised.
Abigail Caine     "That makes it easy," Glae responds with a soft laugh. "We can actually ahve dinner right here if we're not being adventurous." Then Gale straightens and turns slighty, considering the counter. "If you're willign to swap stories you can tell me a bit about what being a courier is like, maybe."
Lucette     Lucette smirks and nods, "Well, I can sit back down." she offers, going to settle back into her seat, "I can share stories, sure. Any kind of topic you'd like?"
Abigail Caine     "Weirdest thing you ever ate," Gale offers aefore movign to head toward the ocunter agian and rolling her shoulders as she walks. "Or saw, if you want to make it easy. Whe re are you from, anyhow?" It won't take Gale too long to gather food. She actually goes behind the counter and into the kitchen in order to cobble their dinners together herself. The basics of cooking, at least, Gale has down.
Abigail Caine She soon returns with a couple of plates and a faintly triumphant expression. Cooking fires 0, Gale 1.
Lucette     Luce blinks. "Probably a radscorpion casserole, and a yao guai with three heads and five legs." she answers, an affirming nod given as she looks down to th eoffered food. "I'm from out west, Navarro's where dad said I was born. But as far as I could remember we were always moving from place to place delivering information or packages."
Abigail Caine     Someone's madea hash out of purple potatoes, some pink bell peppers and afew similar odds and ends, setting it on a plate beside what mutst be the egg of one of the large chicken-like creatures kept in a couple of the pens in town. The food is set in front of Lucette. "So Courier is an inherited sort of tile this time?" Gale asks, tilting her head slightly as she does. A nod follows, however, and the small woman splaays her fingers on the edge of the table. "At least now there's a bit of time left over for you. Radscorpion casserole's not so bad, but- how did the Yao Guai taste anyway? Those things jsut seem like they'd be pretty weird. Or maybe lke fish. You never know.