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Julie     Descending the staircase from the second floor of the Saloon, Julie's presence is announced by the feminine, loud tap of heels on wood before she even enters the main room of the establishment. Her eyes are already on the swivel, drinking in the various drifters who sit huddled over drinks and the assortment of robots that serve them. She's looking for one in particular, however, and pauses on the bottom step, hand draped against railing, while in search for her. "Hmm.."
Lucette     The arrival of Lucette isn't so announced aside from striding into the Saloon with a gentle tugging at her ears on occasion. She has a slightly hazy look to her while wandering in to find an empty table to settle in at.
Julie     From her position, she's afforded a good view of the entire room both coming and going. It's the former that catches her attention, though, and through the front entrance strides the very individual that she's looking for. Julie wonders if she's a regular of this place, and is even more curious as to why that would be. Her previous revelation that she's a Knight of the Brotherhood stands in conflict with a few things, but she chalks it up to any number of reasons. While she's wary of getting too involved, there is the previous matter that had come up when they'd first met. Julie approaches the table with a natural saunter that's not so much put on as it's a consequence of habit. Moving in a way that draws the attention of the room has been a way of life for her for a good while now. "Miss Lucette," Julie raises her voice before reaching the table proper. "Just the woman I've been looking for. I believe you said that if I needed anything beyond my business with Miss Caine to seek you out and let you know. It just so turns out that I do. May I join you?"
Lucette     Lucette's settling into her kit and on the seat as her name's called. It takes her a moment to turn Julie's way, more when she gets to the table, for Luce to turn and tug a small ball of formerly white fluff from her left ear. Tenderly.

    "Sorry if I missed anything." she apologises quickly, but still in time to hear Julie mention she was after something and gives a nod. A glance at the fluff would show a fair bit of red and pink hues staining it. "What can I do for you, Sparkle?" she offers with a warm smile, her hand stays close to that ear though, half cupping it.
Abigail Caine     Gale enters the Saloon with a quiet swagger to her steps. it isn't the sort of wired machismo a raider tends to carry or the deadly grace of a NCR Ranger. Gale is a girl in an an oversized black leather jacket, an improbably well-maintained broad-rimmed black hat, dark sunglasses, and the colours of a militia rifleman. She walks like someone too bored to give a damn what the next person has to say to her.
    Long strides carry her silently across the floor toward the table where Julie and Lucette have just met up, and she buries loved hands into the pockets of her jacket, shifting her shoulders to adjust the rifle across her back. "Afternoon, Lucette. Ma'am." Gale bites her lip for a second and then reaches up to give the brim of her hat a tug. "Gentlemen over'n the far corner giving you trouble?"
    The guys are leering, especially as the group of women grows to there. But other than their drinking and being a bit loud they haven't actually done anything.
Julie     "Missed anything?" The inquiry comes with a look of mild concern passing over Julie's face. It doesn't take much to put two and two together while watching the woman tug something from her ear. It looks blood stained, and then there's the matter of cupping her hand around her ear to better absorb the words one might direct her way. "Oh, my, were you injured?" Julie pauses at the table, and doesn't immediately pull out a chair to sit down. She offers a warm smile in return. One that tries to be comforting. The feet of the chair scuff as Julie pulls a seat out, and there's a small ceremony of sweeping her hands behind the skirt of her dress before she slips into the seat. Rather than sit back in it, she stays almost on its edge, arms folding against the table to provide her a spot to lean against. "You look rather beat up. I'm reticent to ask something of you and almost feel obliged if there's something I can do for you, instead. Seems like you could use some relaxation."

    She's distracted away from giving Lucette her full attention, though, as another woman approaches. This one is dressed quite differently from Lucette, but nonetheless armed, and Julie stands out in the kind of clothing that's meant to catch the eye rather than divert it. She seems particularly amused when the 'Ma'am' is offered in her direction, and with a tip of the hat to boot, but she offers a polite nod in return. Her smile is wider, and a bat of her thick lashes allows the light to play against the glittery shadow on her lids. "Trouble? No trouble. As soon as my business with Miss Lucette is done I imagine I'll have some to conduct with them." The sultry edge of her tone leaves no mistake as to what she's speaking about, even if she keeps it classy.
Lucette     Lucette shakes her head to Gale, "No trouble from the other patrons, ms Caine." she offers in reply. "Just another mark of my work in that damn town out west." she mutters about injury. "Don't worry, still perfectly able for the time being, wouldn't let this impede in me doing any work, so favours should remain unphased as well. What can I do for you, Sparkle?" she repeats, then turns her attention to Gale. "They been trouble to you, ms Caine?" she carries on the side.
Abigail Caine     "Seems likely," Gale agrees quietly, taking a deep breath as she does. "Just be careful. The tall one's been raising a bit of trouble lately and I don't really feel like trying to straighten him out." She gives Julie a nod, however, acknowledging her control of the situation a she slowly shrugs her shoulders. "We haven't met before now. Gale Caine."
    Lucette garners a shrug from Gale who takes a deep breath and turns, placing her hands behind her back like she might decide to lean on the table. She doesn't, however, barely letting the gloves rest against it at all. "Not enough trouble it matters," she concludes, shaking her head. Gale reaches up and removes her sunglasses, folding them and hanging the black frames from her shirt.
    Gale then abruptly starts to walk toward the bar. She soon returns with two drinks. One bottle is offered to Julie. "First drink's on me if you're sticking around. Working for Miss Kitty?" She keeps the other bottle. "Got you yours before, Luce." Cheapskate.
Abigail Caine Gale holds up a finger and adds, "And Gale is fine. Ms. Caine is... I don't know. Don't think she exists." The woman squints briefly.
Julie     Turning her attention back to Lucette, Julie flashes a grin at her casual deflection of offered services. She seems completely unruffled by it and continues on despite the fact. Or, well, would, if not for the glance to the side to once again look at someone else that's been identified as Miss Caine. Julie wonders just how many women in town go by 'Miss Caine'. Rather than speak, her hand lifts and dips into the front of her bodice, bypassing the rather low neckline of the dress. A piece of folded up paper is pulled free and then slid across the table. She'd prepared for an instance where she wouldn't get to talk to Lucette without other people being able to hear. And Julie, if nothing, is a woman who knows all about discretion. She prefers things to go that way. Business between two people should remain between those two people. "I'd like to know if that's possible. If you could get back to me with a price on it, too, that would be marvelous." Only then does she turn to look at Gale, who is offering both an introduction and a bottle of something to drink. A sly grin curves her lips, and Julie reaches up to take it. "The whole bottle? Don't think I'll be able to drink it myself. Yes, I work here, now. I'm Sparkle."
Lucette     Lucette offers a smirk about the whole gotten drink before, and nods about the complaint on names. "I'll keep that in mind, Gale." she offers politely, free hand reaching out to take the paper and up to her duster warily for unfolding and peeking at to read over. And offering a smirk to Julie. "Sourcing's something I'd need to step out, not something I have a spare of onhand. Depending on how difficult that is will determine the price I ask." offering a small wink up to Julie as the paper is slid into her duster.
Abigail Caine     "Sparkle. Pleasure." Gale looks pretty matter-of-fact when this is offered, taking a moment to look sparkle over from head to toe and back. She isn't leering but she's not shy about admiring the woman either. Then again that's probably expected under the circumstances. Gale shrugs and then tilts her head slightly, glancing down at the bottle she's holding. "The rest is for later," she observes before giving a soft laugh. Then the woman twists slightly, looking between Juli and Lucette. She's starting to grin slightly as well.
    "Enjoy it. I'll get out of your hair now. Probably don't need me stepping in on your business. Afternoon, Luce. Sparkle." Julie is flashed a brighter smile. It somehow works on that generally stoic face and then Gale shrugs one shoulder and turns toward a nearby table. She strolls over to it and grimaces, leaning forward and shaking her head. "Damn it... Some people." Gale is scowling as she heads toward the bar for a rag. Look at how much fun she's having, everyone.
Julie     Lucette's words demand her attention. At the end, it's not just Lucette who is winking. "I'm sure we can come to an agreement we're both happy with." She considers it a situation of negotiation being open, but only time will tell. Time always tells. She feels a little bit like a ping pong ball having to glance between the two, but if she's bothered by it, it doesn't remotely show. Glancing up to Gale, Julie's smile seems to brighten far more than before. "The pleasure is mine, Gale." It doesn't take any special skills of observation to see that she's being looked over, and it should be no surprise that Julie sits up a bit straighter as a result, offering a more.. tantalizing glimpse given how Gale is looking down, and that neckline seems even more low from this angle. There's plenty to admire. "Later, hm? I look forward to that." And while Gale may have gotten the first round of it in, Julie is not at all shy about doing much the same. There's an appraising study done from head to toe of the woman in the black leather jacket, and Julie's hand lifts to wiggle fingers in her direction as she takes off.
Lucette     Lucette spends a moment to slowly tamp the fluff back into her ear and center herself before standing. "I'll make a quick jaunt to the outpost and back to see if I can find what yer after." she chimes, "Meanwhile, see if you can't keep Gale cheerful. Feels like a downpour the moment she turned away." her eyes twinkle, "Maybe the three of us could share a drink and some stories when I get back." just loud enough to Gale to hear. Or maybe a bit more with ears plugged.
Julie     "I appreciate that. And your secrecy." Julie is quick to include the other, but doesn't bother hiding a smile as Lucette carries on. "Oh, I think I can find a way to keep her cheerful. That is my specialty, after all." Julie's eyebrows hike at the further suggestion, allowing her expression to turn decidedly more hedonistic. "Maybe we will. Even if we don't share any stories, it's my experience that drinking tends to lead to them, so there's always that." Julie picks up the bottle that had been given to her and rises from her chair much as Lucette did. It's pushed under the table and the hand not occupied lifts to gently pet at her hair. "Be safe out there. I'd feel awful bad if something happened to you when you were trying to help me."
Abigail Caine     When Gale comes back past the table Julie moves to show off for her the brunette- looks. She might have been being polite before but it seems if a view is offered she's happy to admire it. Julie is flashed another of those smiles, just enough to show that somewhere in there is a cute face that even bears a dimple. In another life she was probably a sweet little thing.
     The mess at the other table is being attacked as Gale goes back and forth. She's scowling and cursing up a storm as she moves back and forth. Animated gestures follow and then the woman finally kicks over a chair with a soft clatter.
    Then Gale groans because she has to bend over and pick it up. Responsibility.