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Iris Lark Iris walks into the market, closely followed by her piglet pet Bacon. She moves along the stalls and tents that are set up, chatting amicably with some vendors that she's started to get to know. After a circut she sits with a friend who is serving stews and fresh water, stretching out as they catch up on the local gossip, most notably the election for Mayor.
Qwillis Qwillis, for his part, was a native of Shanty town. Parents lost to the wasteland, he himself was just another person before. Having picked up jobs with a mechanic, it was actually out of town where he really came into his own.. and had the accident happen. Now, back in his home town, he was figuring out how many changes had happen. His old home was already gone, claimed by another. So he'd make his way through that market, just so happening to stop near where Iris and.. a pig? Was talking with someone. Well, they had food, pig. Makes sense, right? "Hey.. uh.. my place is gone so I'm having a bit of a hard time getting set back up. How much for a meal and drink? I need to get back on my feet it seems." He'd smile lightly, with the faintest of clacks that comes from where his right hand would be, revealing that actual metal claw with a bunch of wires attached to it vanishing to some point inside the coat's sleeve.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Qwillis for a few moments before she turned to her friend. "I'll take care of his meal." She murmurs quietly before she turns to smile at the man standing before them. She gets to her feet and reaches out to shake hands. "I'm Iris Lark, I run the Clinic across the way." She points vaguely in that direction as she woman running the booth spoons some stew into a bowl. She hands that and a water to Qwillis, waving away payment. "Come and sit with us, and tell us what happened to your place." Iris says, settling back down on a rather large sack of grain. The piglet, Bacon, runs in small circles, squealing at the new person. Seems he's a bit shy.
Qwillis Qwillis hesitates, looking to Iris, before smiling slightly with a nod. "Oh.. uhm.. thanks. I appreciate it." He'd nod and accept the food and water, carefully moving around that booth to sit with them. The water in mechanical hand and food held in the other, he'd settle cross-legged near them, revealing that left leg was also mechanical in nature, a basic tripod system it seems that's responsive enough to his moving. "I.. well. I went east for a bit. Following jobs. I hadn't been in Shanty town for a while. So I guess they thought it abandon. They were surprised and.. didn't let me in." He'd shake his head slowly. "It's not been easy getting back here either."
Iris Lark "You're welcome." Iris says, shifting so she can easily carry on a conversation with Qwillis. She watches him as he eats and drinks and explains and when he mentions Shantytown she glances out towards the Clinic again. "That's a shame, but..I'm sure you'll find a place to hunker down in." She looks thoughtful for a few moments and then adds. "If you don't, and the weather gets a bit crazy, feel free to stop by the clinic. There is space there and a place to sleep until you can find something more permanent."
Qwillis Qwillis smiles slightly to Iris and nods, he's doing his best to be polite about it, but it seems he's quite ravenous. It seems so due to how fast that food is consumed, along with the drink. "I.. ah.. pardon. I'm actually a pretty good hand at mechanics." He'd hold up the mechanical hand. "I had to make this myself.. no one else knew how and thought I'd be stuck one armed the rest of my life.. Unfortunately, the explosion took out most all that I had too."
Iris Lark Iris winces as he holds up his arm and she scoots a little closer, a hand reaching out. She remembers herself before she makes contact and she glances at Qwillis. "May I?" She asks, gesturing towards his mechanical hand. The owner of the booth saw him eat fast and without a word, she reaches out for his bowl and refills it. Iris sees this and offers her a wink before she turns back. "We don't have much in the way of mechanical equipment in the Clinic, it's mostly things I learned while I was ..uhm..growing up."
Qwillis Qwillis chuckles and opens the hand fully, holding it out so Iris could see it. The wires seem to mimic tendons, front and back, with plates carefully arranged to avoid it gripping something binding the wires on the palm. It's only three digits, two 'fingers' and a 'thumb' so far. "Of course.. I.. well.. I'm still working on it and my leg both. I got out with my tool kit.. but someone stold my weapon and other clothes. So I've had to fend off things with my wrench, when it's come to it." He'd shake his head slightly. "I'm hoping to pick up work at another mechanic shop, or start my own place. I'm actually a tinkerer.. Just about any sort of mechanical or computer device I can probably do something with.."
Iris Lark Iris spends a few minutes gazing at the hand, her fingers following some of the wires. "This is..very good workmanship." She murmurs, giving Qwillis a grin before she settles back in her seat. "So you lost your home, weapon and your clothes?" She furrows her brow and reaches into her rucksack, rummaging around a bit. "Well like I said before, until you find something, you're more than welcome to bunk down in an empty bed in the clinic." She pulls out a small pistol, and holds it up. "This should do for a weapon until you can find something better. It's pretty dangerous, as I'm sure you know, and a wrench isn't proper protection."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles, accepting the second bowl and eating it too. Although slower this time. He'd watch Iris finish looking over the hand and chuckle. "Ah.. well, thanks. I've studied designs. Whatever the Vault Dwellers would let me see. So I had an idea.. It has.. issues. Sometimes. Generally the worst time of course. But it works. Thank you." He'd start to eat again, only to pause at the pistol offered. "I.. really? Uhm.. thank you. I really do appreciate this.. I.. I haven't even told you my name. I'm sorry. I'm Qwillis.."
Iris Lark "Qwillis." Iris repeats, nodding as she offers him a smile. "I'm not using it, and I'm probably never going to use it. Someone should, so I hope it's useful to you." She says, shifting again on the bag she's sitting on. "Are you going go build yourself another place here?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris and nods lightly. "I.. thanks. I hope I don't have to.. but like you said. Better this than a wrench." He'd finish his food and nod. "I was going to. Actually.. I was wanting to open my own shop. A mechanic place. I'll fix whatever.. mechanical or computer or.. well, whatever."
Iris Lark "Well, I wish you luck." Iris says, climing to her feet with a soft grunt. "Bacon and I have some work to do at the clinic, so I'm going to excuse myself now." She picks up the piglet and gives him a fond smooch. "Please do stop by if you've a need, I'm usually found around the clinic."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to the vendor and gives back the utensils before standing himself with a nod. "Oh! Of course, of course. If you ever need help repairing anything.. let me know, ok? I'm never one to forget a good deed and I'll be quite happy to help, if I ever can."
Iris Lark "I'll remember you." Iris says, raising her hand to wave goodbye before she steps towards the clinic.