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Augustus Nielson The sun is setting at the close of yet another hot day in the New Mexican Wasteland. The town of Acme lies to the northwest at the end of the infamous Clovis Highway. A gang of bandits from New Vegas, the name of which is currently unknown, has come and taken control of the town by force. Those who have managed to flee from the town alive have spoken of the bandits forcing them from their homes, and seizing their supplies, threatening and extorting them for their services and skills, and worst of all, using any unlucky soul they please as random target practice. While no reward has been formally offered, would-be saviors from the nearby city of El Dorado have made it their mission to liberate the poor people of Acme.

In the short distance from the side of Clovis Highway to Acme, the illumination from the various lights and fires from within the town makes the town near impossible to miss. The town lies at the base of a large plateau-like hill that serves as a good vantage point to attack, or defend the town.

The Specter had done a thorough scout of the town. There was no way he could take care of this problem alone. He would have to wait for a better opportunity. Perhaps if he took out their leader, he thought, they would destroy themselves through infighting. A good idea he thought, until he realized figuring out who the leader was would be far less simple than shooting him would. He reluctantly decided to stay and watch Acme for a bit longer, hoping some opportunity would show itself.
Skittles Skittles groans as the small town comes ever closer. She hadn't ridden on a horse for so long, but soon, it'd be over. Who knew someone who grew up with horses would have such an aversion. That prewar motorcycle was looking ever the more promising. Casting her baby blues over to Caldwell, she asks, "So what's the plan once we reach engagement?".
Ruane Roman Raune is not a warrior. He is not the sort of person who should be hired or work with people to clear out a village full of bandits. Notoriously weak, lillie-livered the man is not exactly the first person you want to end up in the line of fire. What he is however is good with his hands.. and could theoretically shoot a gun that was pressed into his hands by the militia not a few hours before on the ride up here.

Roman is really trying hard not to pick apart and dismantle his new peice before the battle starts. That much is certain. "Twelve Bullets. Be sure to count them. Check the slide. Saftey on. Grip correct. What was the stance again? Right."
Barns Barns Barns shows up on the hillside neer specter his rifle in hand as he looks down from the vantage point before looking back to spector "whats the hostil numbers and whats there armerment if you know " without waiting for a answer he sets up his sniper spot
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell is wearing his brotherhood fatigues instead of his powerarmor for once, he looks over towards Lil Skittles and says "We immediately look for cover, we wait until more backup arrives and once it does we attack. We should have more allies backing us up soon. With their help we'll be able to retake the town. First things first, find cover, keep your eyes peeled is the main goal, watch each others backs and pull out of it gets too heavy. We can't risk your lives."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose is following the rest of the little group she's gotten herself wrapped up in. "At the least we can see what sort of opposition there is and come back with more numbers later." She adjusts her protective goggles for a moment, and then gets her laser pistol out and ready.
Hanzhou Hanzhou had heard from those who were driven from their homes by these bandits and he sympathized with them. These raiders have no honor and he felt compelled to help the townsfolk reclaim their home, not to mention it would be another chance to test his skills. So, when the call for arms came to join one of the small forces that was heading out to Acme he quickly signed up. He didn't really know many people yet but as a lone wanderer, he's used to that and may even prefer it that way since he doesn't seem to stay in one place too long.

He stays somewhat in the back of the group, not really much for conversation but on the trip over here, he was strumming on his shamisen guitar, a jauntry little tune that may have lifted some people's spirits. He's rather oddly dressed, a mixture of western cowoby and asian sword wielding warrioer, rolled into one. The only weapons it looks like he has is the Katana strapped on his back and a finely made revolver at his side. But there is a calmness about him, a sense that he's seen his share of war and combat.
Vault Girl A small group had been gathered by Katherine Caine from among those who were willing to help Acme and given horses to use if they lacked them so that they could chase down what would no doubt be caravan carts laden with the stolen goods.

How did Katherine know about that? She wasn't saying, but the idea had come from her and on this hot and very sunny day, she had offered to lead the group of riders herself along what was likely to be the best route.

They had separated from the rest of the group some time ago and were long out of sight.
Skittles Skittles glances over the rest of their group, many of which she knew, but a couple still weren't familiar. Still though, if they were willing to come out that says something, right? At his words, Skittles slips her pistols into the large pockets of her overalls, and slings her smg forward. The automatic fire would be ideal for the goals set by Caldwell. As she comes to focus on the world around her, she notices the music has stopped. She glances over to Hanzhou surprised, she hadn't even noticed him playing, but yet the emptyness of it was definitly felt. Now she just feels cold. Cold and hot. They weren't going to be the ones dying that day, so the raiders are going to have to instead. "You got it boss.", she concludes softly.
Ruane "That armor.. Wonder how much I could seel that for as scrap..." Roman mentions to no one in particular as he looks behind himself to study Hanzhou from his spot on his horse.. on someones horse. Not really clear where he got the horse given that the animal was probably more valuable then him in this situation but at least for the time being, Roman is enjoying a good ride. "Hey is that.. what is that made out of? Leather? Kevlar? You thinkin of selling"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Dusty "We can always thin out their numbers a bit and return to town if need be. But I would hope we can clear them out in one foul swoop." he looks over to Skittles and offers her a brief smile. "Good luck to us all. We shall bring peace to Acme on this day!" he looks over to Hanzhou and bows to him on his horse "Greetings, Hanzhou. Today you will see the New Mexican Brotherhood Of Steel in action, and perhaps you will be convinced to join us."
Barns Barns looks to the group that has showed itself looking at the group "have any of you ever scene combat before because if not this is going to be a vairy short fight" he askes threw his NCR helmet
Molly Brown So here we go, Molly has come along to help Barns into a nest full of raider. She had no love for them even though she'd never seen one. Her mother had used stories about them to try and keep her from leaving the vault as a child. It worked somewhat but it also left her with a disgust for the concept of a raider. When Barns needed help she'd offered to come along sheknew how to shoot and did know how to heal, she even had medical gear on her, so there was some hope there! IT also seemed Skittles had joined themn from the store, she looks to Barns as she has her pistol ready for a moment.

"Look I'm new...out herebut I can patch people up and shoot." %
Oh look a Vault Dweller and one with a pipboy at least she does seem to be carrying medical supplies. She looked to Caldwell for a moment nodding to him.

"Good thinking."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose replies. "I've helped fight off raiders before." After nearly getting ambushed in the trap they'd set for the group but that's besides the point. "And I've been practicing!" There's enough metal sheets in her workshop painted with targets and burned with lasers to atest to that.
Augustus Nielson Hearing the rythmic tapping of many gallops meeting the earth The Specter ducks down behind the nearest rock. Peering out from behind he sees the group of would-be liberators approaching the town. Squinting for a second to get a better look at them he recognizes a few of them from their recent endeavor at the Raider bar. Immediatley he comes out from behind the rock, hand raised in the air. "Wait! Stop!" he tries to yell to them, not wanting to be loud enough to alert any Raider that might be out for a stroll near the outskirts of town, but still loud enough to get their attention, or at least he hoped.
Hanzhou Hanzhou returns the Brother of Steel's bow with one of his own, tipping his cowboy hat towards the Knight when he straightens. "We meet again, sir Knight but this time you are without your metal suit. It is good to finally see the man underneath and I wish you good fortune in the coming battle. Fight well." He says in a soft yet respectful tone.

He slings his shamisen guitar over his shoulder, tightening the straps so it won't be flopping around and glances towards Skittles, inclining his head politely to her. As if sensing her dread, he says to her. "I enjoy playing but it is time for a different sort of music now. You are brave to be with us here today and if you have joined the Knight, then I know you are in good hands. Stay close to him."

The Wasteland Samurai turns towards Roman, replying. "I am sorry, most of what I own is not for sale but if I change my mind I now know who to come visit."

He then replies to Barns, "I have seen my fair share but do not worry. If I die today, I will die with Honor and that is all that really matters in the end." He seems quite confident in that statement.
Skittles Skittles turns in the saddle she's currently being tortured with and looks over to Molly, "Hey, Molly right? Does that thing transmit?", she gestures to the pipboy on her wrist, turning back to Caldwell she asks, "Any chance these guys will have tech? I might be able to jam their tech if so.". She moves to look back for a response when the shout causes her to frown. She doesn't really process it, just that it was a sound from up ahead. She glances to her other party members, and watches their expressions, "You guys hear something?", she asks quietly.
Guardian Caldwell The Knight Without Armor known as Caldwell slows his horse down as he spots The Specter shouting towards him, proceeding to park his horse outside "Dismount and approach without being seen, sisters of battle. We shall cleanse this town of raider filth." he states, walking towards the town as stealthily as one can manage without actually sneaking. So more of a quiet walk. "You'd do best to follow along." he states towards the rest of the group.
Ruane "indeed? Well, I'm sure some Med-X or.. maybe some jet will change your mind one d-" Then Roman goes quiet as he listens to Skittle's words for a second and draws quiet. He'll be off to the side of the pack a bit, not near the front but more near the middle and with that sound then and things going on around them, Roman isn't about to be the reason everyone gets shot.

Not yet anyway. He almost got eaten by a ghoul yesterday. Let's not repeat that.

"What like.. is it a thump thump thump.. no wait.. that is my heart." Roman trails off as he tries to do one of those hushed-whisper-shout things.
Augustus Nielson Approaching the group with his hand still extended in the universal signal for 'Stop' "There's a lot more of them in there than I think any of you are anticipating. I've been watching them for two days, they've got men posted elsewhere. You can't risk them sounding and alarm if you run in like I assume you're planning to." his voice is muffled and quiet behind his mask. "Why are you here anyway, someone offer you a big fat reward?." he scoffs quietly and shakes his head. "Unless you've got someone working on that other outpost, it ain't worth running in and getting punched full of holes."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "A good idea but, I'm afraid I don't have the time to show you how to use it. They are raiders right? I thought they just used stone knives, bear skins, and just hopped up on as much pyscho as they could take."

She does seem to beready she has her gun ready and is looking for cover already as they get ready to move in. She'll couch and attempt to sneak in folloing the more front line fighters as they go in.


She just gives Roman a heck of a confused look but says nothing.

"I owe Mr. Barns a favour and I don't even like the idea of raiders. Raiders did some bad things to my mother, and she's not left Vault Town since she found it."
Hanzhou "I am here to help, I do not expect any reward and I do so for my own honor." Hanzhou says to the Specter as he rides up beside him, then looks down towards the town of Acme. "If we are outnumbered, then what you are suggesting is that we try to sneak in? Catch them by surprise?" He pauses and looks towards the rest of the group. "I am not very good at the sneaking just so you know. But if other's are better suited, perhaps they can flank the enemy and I will be with the group that charges in?" He shrugs and seems indifferent, probably used to this sort of thing.
Skittles Skittles slips off the back of Dusty's horse a lot more gracefully than she herself thought possible, but her pride is short lived as the horse's tail whaps her across the face. She stumbles back and wipes her face before sighing and tredding as low and as quietly as she can, small targets make hard targets, but unseen targets don't get shot at. She'll take cover near a string of bushes on the side of the road. She's never seen the ma before them, but he looks as if he's ready to throw down. At this point, she's just ready to follow some orders.
Barns Barns looks over to molly she cant see underneeth his face mask but if she could she would know hes pissed "im sorry that happened to her no one should live with fear like that" he says while  cocking his rifle he then says "ill make sure to kill a few more for you then"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose shakes her head a bit. "We're here to clear them out before they get closer to Dorado and start making more trouble." Then glances to Caldwell as if expecting their leader to verify such.
Ruane Roman by this point has dismounted as well and doesn't say anything more. Instead the simple roboticist is trying to keep his head down and tries to slink off near a rock and sit down on the ground, again rechecking his pistol before glancing aside to Caldwell, Spectre and Barns eyeing the trio then with a small frown.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell shakes his head at The Specter "We were offered no such reward, we are here to help the town and free them of raider scum. As well as to prove ourselves as a faction in New Mexico." he offers a smile to the Specter after that, he looks over to Dusty and nods "Clearing them out before they go to El Dorado is also a bonus, but we're mainly here to wipe them off the map because no town should have to live in fear of scum."
Barns Barns says "ill cover you all from up here " before looking to the rest of the group "i dont care about the money im doing this to protect those people its part of what i belive in so i aint gonna stop now "
Augustus Nielson A small smile rolls its way across The Specters face as he hears Caldwell refer to them as Scum, though no one could see the smile, it was there. That remark won The Specter over almost immediatley. "Alright. Lets hope you're just as good as not getting yourselves shot as you were back at that last shithole." he says as he pulls a sawed-off shotgun from his belt. "I'll circle around the back. The raiders took the liberty of smashing through the front gate as they invaded, and they like to change watch shifts.." The Specter stops and looks up to the sky and notices that the sun has completley dissapeared behind the horizion, completley set. "Right about now, actually. So getting in won't be a problem, but staying alive after that will prove challenging. Good luck." with that, The Specter turns around and runs off, shotgun in hand.

Damn, he's fast.
Skittles Skittles waves to Caldwell and points down the hill indicating she's going to go forward quietly. She moves quickly down, moving as stealthily, avoiding any direct lines of sight from the building if possible, and mad dashing it when she suspects it to be all clear when not possible.
Ruane Roman is much the same, no doubt trying to keep himself down as he tries to make his way up towards the town as well. Unlike some folks, Roman doesn't like being a crazy bullet-riddled mess. He'll check down the sight of his gun before looking aside towards Skittles who is no doubt also nearby sneaking.. though that crazy lady is running. "Gun-ho people.. just here for the scrap.. and the loot.. and my life."
Hanzhou Hanzhou dismounts his horse, not wanting to charge in on such a valiant steed and risk getting it injured or killed. That risk belongs to him and him alone. He pats the horse gently on the side of it's neck and then starts walking towards the busted open front gates of Acme. Since it's dark, he hopes they won't really see him until he's right there upon them. He walks in a very slow and casual manner though, giving the stealthy party members a chance to get in position first. He isn't sure who is going to be going with him, although it seems like he is more than capable of going it alone to do the dirty work.

He doesn't draw his Katana or his revolver though, he's simply just walking and looking around, to see how many raiders there may be.
Barns Barns says "guys watch your fire down there i got five people standing around the area its unknown if there hostiles or not"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose checks her pistol one last time. "Then lets get to this." She'll try to be as unobtrusive as possible while they're getting into the actual town.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "So we hit them when they shift and woah." Molly has her gun ready, she makes sure VATs is online and takes a deep breath as she move to follow the far more experianced people. She does her best to be stealthy but she's new at this really new and does not do well at all at trying to not make noice by bad luck she steps on something dry and brittle that snaps...
Augustus Nielson Scraps of wood and metal lie about the ground where the front gate of Acme used to be. Roman and Skittles make their way through the gate and behind various crates and barrels without being seen, while The Specter jumps a damage portion of gating on the east side of the town, finding himself behind a building. As for the others; Dustina, Caldwell, Hanzhou, Barns and Molly walk straight through the front gate. The few people outside notice them almost immediatley, though these people do not appear to be the raider type. With terror these people hurry into buildings, alleys, and behind various objects. One would normally consider this unusual behavior, but given their current sitation none of you can find a reason to blame them for their behavior.


The sound of gunfire fills the air as bullets sink into the floor in front of the unstealthed party members, kicking up dirt and dust as they make impact.
Ruane Roman from his spot posted up near the gate now hidden behind the rocks soon is shuffering under the sounds of bullets starting to be unleashed upon the the advanced group. Without thinking though, Roman will try and lift himself up and out of cover just ever so slightly, hold his pistol in both hands and scream as loud as he can over the sounds of gunfire as he pops off two quick shots towards the top of one of the buildings.

One might assume he wasn't even aiming or looking.. but then one of the guns goes silent and the rattatats seem to be ever so slightly less impressing.
Barns Barns shotts his rifle his years of service showing as when his bullets hit both targets cheasts blew open and out there backs easy kills he thought to himself
Skittles Skittles dove behind a pile of rubble as soon as she broke clear of the doorway. She just began pushing herself up when she heard the clatter of bullets, after she hears return fire she finally gathers herself. She checks her weapon one last time before diving out into the open, rolling to a prone position and let's off two long bursts at the first target she finds. The first collections of bullets tear through his legs sending him teetering towards the ground, the second burst shredding his torso and sending pieces of flesh flying back against the wall he was standing in front of. The weapon has left her jarred though and a little daized. The pounding in her chest pushes her onward though, as she scans for her next target.
Hanzhou Hanzhou draws his Katana, when the bullets start to fly and rushes at the closest Bandit that is left standing after his comrades have blown many of them to bits with their non-elegant but very loud guns! He move quickly, his spurs jingling after drawing his Katana and as he nears the Bandit, he slashes at him in a horizontal arc, moving past his target and knows that his aim was true. The Bandit's head gets detached from his body, rolling off his neck like a tumbleweed and the dead man's body falls forward. The Wasteland Samurai may not be have the range of the other's but he's effective in other ways.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is running in after the others as they open up she does too she takes a moment as she lines up a shot on one of the raiders while trying to keep from sitting still as she goes, the vats comes online and she's got some help there she's pulls the triger trying to not think she's about to kill someone hten again they are a raider and given what they are doing here? She may have issues later, for now she very much doesn't want to die her first day out. Sadly for everyone the raider's still up! At least the newbie didn't miss!
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose nearly jumps when gunshots riddled the ground in front of them. It takes her a moment to keep her composure in order. Note to self, be sneakier. It takes a moment to keep up as it turns into a firefight, and by that time the bandits are already dropping like rotten fruit. Except the guy that manages to grit through Molly shooting him. Remembering what it felt like being the new kid in the action, she helps the new girl out, and zorches the bandit with her laser pistol to finish him off. PEW!
Augustus Nielson The Specter runs around a corner, trying to find a better vantage point and take the raiders by surprise.
Crash! Turning the corner too abruptly he knocks over various bins and cans situated in the steet. "Shit!" he yells as he struggles to maintain his balance.
"THEY'RE COMING FROM BEHIND!" one of the Bandits had seen him, yelling to his comrades as he turns and raises his gun towards The Specter. 'Oh shit.' was the only thing that came to his mind before a spray of blood obscured his vision of the Banit before a loud 'ZZRRRPT' sound could be heard as the Bandit is hit by a laser round and subsequently disintegrates. The Specter released a sigh of relief as the Bandit was reduced into a pile of ash.

Six bandits lie dead on the ground, quick work was made of them by Acme's new saviors, but this fight was far from over. More men poured into the streets from alleyways and inside of buildings, guns trained on the pary.
'BRRRRRRRRRRRT' Gunfire rained down on them from the rooftops accompanied by the yelling of many townspeople as the bullets penetrated the flimsy walls of multiple buildings.
Vault Girl Even from the town, you can see the miniature nuclear explosion that goes off to the north-east. The same direction the other group had went in...
Ruane As more movement begins to sound out.. and an explosion can be heard not just a few seconds earlier, Roman's hands tighten around his gun as he lifts it up then once more to the roof as he starts to plop off a few sots at the bandit on the roof. Two shots ripping through the arm and leg before he glances aside and shouts. "Eight bullets. 4 Bandies. Probability of injury is high. Should retreat? No. Wait, should be fine." After all.. there are far more scarier people out in the open with bigger guns than him! Or swords.

Sword Wielding Sam..erwhatsits
Augustus Nielson Upon the roof, a whirring sound can be heard, distinctly the startup of a /MINIGUN/. 'BRRRRRT' the sound of the gunfire is absolutley deafening. The bullets tear through Romans cover like a knife through butter, but Roman is lucky and comes out of it without a single scratch.
Barns Barns sees the bandit start up the chain gun but before he could kill anything his chest blew out with a pray of gore due to Barns from his snipers nest satisfied with his kill he dicided to pound back a brewskie to celibrate
Hanzhou Narrowing his eyes, Hanzhou holds his Katana blade in a defensive posture and after the last bandit was killed from their initial assault, it seems like more of them are coming out of the wood work as a second wave. "These dishonorable dogs will pay for their insolence!" he then charges towards an armored raider who is standing near one of his comrades, swinging his sword in an upward motion and his blade hits the Armored Raider where his armor was weakest, in the nards!

The attack is so devestasting, his Katana blade continues to slice through the armor and flows into his second attack against the second Raider.

Unfortunately for the poor sod, Hanzhou's blade hits him in the Torso, cutting through both ribcage, both lungs, his heart and then out the other side.

The second Raider's only response is to gurgle, blood spilling out his mouth as he falls over on top of his dead Armored friend who mercifully died from shock and shame, since his private parts were critically damaged.

The Wasteland Samurai's honor is not to be trifled with!
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose turns around as the shouting for Specter warns of coming from behind. "Damn, hoped they'd run after we wiped the first group!" She clamps down on the trigger this time, firing off two laser bolts at one of the armored bandits. One catchs the armor at a bad angle and doesn't do anything, but the second manages to burn into him a bit more.

Unfortunately while she's shooting one of the meleers blindsides her, and Dusty gets whalloped upside the head for her troubles. Ouch!
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell raises up his laser pistol and dodges out of the way of a Raider coming at him with a melee weapon, proceeding to take two shots of his laser pistol at the Raider in Heavy Armor and vaporizing him into ash. He gives a quick nod to his Steel members and gets back into the fight, hoping that will give them a boost in morale and keep up the slaughter of raiders.
Molly Brown Molly Brown hears the warning they are comming from behind and she makes to act she hears the weapons fire start up and that's when she's looking in abject horrors. of the actual battle, she's going to fire off another shot into the throng of raider that are comming at them and again she keeps moving. "How many of these animals are there?!"
Skittles Skittles manages to scuttle to one knee, she lunges forward avoiding gunfire as she finds herself flat on the ground once more. She screams in frustration and in pain, since her breasts have been getting smashed into the hard ground repeatedly. She sneres at the perpetrator and unloads three rounds straight into his chest, toppling him over backwards. She rolls to one side and spots her next target, her movement causing her aim to go ascue, she still hits though, and continues rolling with the motion.
Augustus Nielson Coming out of cover, The Specter swiftly makes his way towards the Melee Bandits, each revolver trained on one of them. 'BOOM! BOOM!" he unloads a piece of lead into each one of them. Blood sprays around like a garden hose as the bullets tear through the flesh of each bandit, dropping each of them to the ground with a /thud/.
Ruane Well the good news is that at the very least Roman is aquiting imself fairly well on the battlefield, lifting up his 10mm pistol to fire off two more rounds, this time in quick succession at nearby bandits that are clearly armed with guns and not about to hit him over the head before he exhales and tries to compose himself and figure out what exactly is going on.

"IS everyone al-oh is that.. that guy with the golf-club? He wasn't with us origonally right?"
Augustus Nielson The sound of gunfire fades, and the dust of battle begins to clear. All is quiet for a breif moment. A man walks out from the double doors of the building where Bandits had been shooting from a roof. The man looks like a raider himself, but seems to be cleaner, and dressed in a much more visually appealing way. "Okay, Okay, you got us." the man groans and rubs his eyes with his thumb and index finger. With a blank look on his face he holds his hands out in front of him as if he's ready to be cuffed.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose rubs the side of her head where a sizable bruise is already forming. But it doesn't feel like she's bleeding any, so that's good. Lots of mutter about getting more protective gear if she's going to be doing this on a regular basis though. "Did we get all of them?"
Barns Barns smiles after killing the leader "stupid sod" he says as he finishes his beer he started drinking
Ruane Roman Raune is all of a sudden now in a very good position. Surronded by bodies and people who theoretically are his alllies, the man just stands up straight, breaths in deeply before exhaling and glancing about then. The smell of gunpowder and the taste of blood.. iron..


"Well fuck.. that was sca-"
Augustus Nielson The Specter quickly raises a Revolver with intent to shoot the bandit leader. "Scum!" he yells as he prepares to pull the trigger, but to his dissatisfaction he's beaten to the punch by Barnes who absolutley decimates him with a singe shot. The Specter grins behind his mask. 'At least someone got him.' he thought. Spinning his revolvers he puts them back in the holsters, tips his mask to the group and runs off, vaulting over one of the damaged gates of Acme to make his exit.

He sure is a quick one.
Skittles Skittles looks about ready to let off another burst of bullets, but the single shot that rings out and the subsequent fountain of blood that erupts from his neck stays her hand. No need to waste bullets. She gets to her feet cautiously, Shakely, the adrenaline fading as the situation decelerates.
Molly Brown Raiders surrendering she'd never heard about such things before. "All right we're going to...." She just kinda stares as the surrending bandit is shot dead and she ends up getting some blood splatter on her, the Vault Dweller just stands there blinking in shock, did that just ... happen?!
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell holsters his laser pistol and gently dusts his fatigues off. He proceeds to walk over to Skittles and gently patpat her on the shoulder "You did good, Skittles. I'm proud of both you and Dusty." he motions for Dusty to regroup on them and offers Lil Skittles a reassuring smile. "You did what you had to do to ensure freedom for Acme. We all would have done the same if we had the courage you had."
Hanzhou Hanzhou cleans his Katana blade of blood with a quick flick of his wrist and sheathes it in one smooth motion into the scabbard on his back, since the fighting is now over. When the Raider leader walks out he calmly walks over to the man, stepping over the dead bodies of the armored Raider and the other guy he had killed. But then a shot rings out, killing the Raider leader and he shakes his head, "That was not honorable. I was hoping to talk to the man first..."

He glances around, trying to see who took the shot or who will own up to it so that he can have words.

"We should check on the townsfolk, make sure everyone is okay and that there are no more raiders still hiding or holding hostages." He is still alert, even though he is not wielding any weapons and is standing a little ways away from everyone else in the group. He is the lone wandering Wasteland Samurai after all.
Ruane Splat. A dead corpse.

"THE FUCK.. is that?" Roman shouts out as he points at the surrendered bandit. "The hell.. the fuck.. Who shot that dude? The fuck just happened?" Roman shouts out. "This is unacceptable! We have fuckin rules and laws. The man surrendered. Who the fuck did this? Did you think for a second we weren't gonna string this guy up?"

"Listen, I hear the Legion will beat the shit out of you whoever you are, but they are still taking FUCKING RECRUITS."
Skittles Skittles looks at Caldwell a little confused, then looks back over the scene before them. She saw the man she had shredded with the wild automatic burst at first, the holes in the wall behind him were huge, and the blood... so much. She saw the two others she had peppered across the chest and the still fountaining leader pushes her over the edge. She doubles over and unleashes her dinner, her hands on her knees, hair flying wildly as she convulses.
Ruane "This is bullshit, I thought we lived in a city with decent people, not hicks and savages who barley pretend to be civilized folks. If this is 'acceptable' behavior, I suggest you get the fuck out of town, that sort of behavior reminds me more of a raider or a legionaire than any sort of decent civilized folk." Roman states rather loudly before exhaling.
Barns Barns walks up to everyone rifle still smoking from killing the leader he dicides to walk up to the body and whistle "dead center nice" he says before returning to the group
Ruane "Let it be known.. remember when the NCR promised Rule of Law?" Roman states aloud, "Rule of Law my Ass, they are no better than common bandits and thugs. These 'representives' are no better than legion thugs who will rape and steal from our city."
Barns Barns barns dose a one eighty turn and aims his rifle at roman "hey cowboy in case you didnt know i saved your ass from that mini gun so if you want to be dead keep blabing otherwise shut yer trap"
Vault Girl Not long after the liberation of the town the group that went off with Katherine Caine returns, well some of them do. Clara Caine is there, as are Rose and Carter the NCR Rangers. The Ghoul? Lilly and Miss Kitty are all absent.

However the Rangers and Clara return with stolen horses and wagons laden with goods from the townsfolk.

There was celebration all around as Acme was liberated. For some of you, this was only the beginning of your story. For the people of Acme? This was an end to a nightmare, the story of their occupation and subsequent liberation over.

As the sun sets on New Mexico, a New California Expeditionary Force encounters an encampment of Legionnaires. They fight each other to the last man, the final two soldiers killing each other in a final deathblow.

War. War never changes..

...but maybe the Wasteland could. Acme was proof.

The End.