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Jude It's another day in beautiful wasteland New Mexico. The sun blazes hot enough that the heat can be seen rolling off the hardpack and what's left of the asphalt. The store, though, the store is looking in far better repair thanks to the efforts of Vault Team Six.

Jude had his patrol here in Acme today, so sent a courier to let Iris know he'd be doing some work on the store after his shift. It's tiring work, juggling all the different jobs, but Jude can't help but smile like a cheshire cat as he surveys the progress that's been made so far.
Iris Lark Iris sits on the ground, fiddling with some baskets to store items in. When Jude shows up, her face lights up in a smile and she waves happily at him. "How was work?" She asks, getting to her feet. She puts the baskets on the newly built counters and props her hands on her hips. "Whatcha thik so far?"
Jude Jude shrugs off his heavy militia overcoat, laying it on the counter with the cash register. He tugs out a rag and mops his brow before he says, "It was long and hot as hell out there!" He snickers and tugs the front of his uniform blouse, trying to get some stale air in there to cool him down some. "I sorta thought folks were exaggerating when they done told me how hot it gets topside. The pip rang a warnin' bell when it topped hun'red and ten. Ain't never heard there there sound and thought it might explode for a second."

He laughs and shakes his head as he inspects the improvements, running his hands over the refurbished items with loving care. "I like it a lot. Y'all did real good the other night." He hunkers down and admires some of the joint work on some of the shelving. "Better 'n when it first opened back in the day, I bet. We're almost set. Some final repairs and then we just have to find some stock for the shelves!" He pauses and looks at Iris. "And we have ta name it too."
Iris Lark "A name?" Iris says, pursing her lips slightly as she considers it. "I'll let you think of that, you're the smarter of the two of us." She points at the mended walls. "We managed that as well, Eden built a lot of the was a very group effort."
Jude Jude laughs and shakes his head. "I dunno about smarter. I jus' know different things. I don't reckon I could patch someone dyin' up at all." He moves in the direction of the mole rat hole, remembering that as being the most important bit of repair that needed doing. He hunkers down and checks it out. "Hmm. Y'all did right by it," he finally confirms. He rises and mops his brow again. "We could just keep the name... Acme General Store. I ain't sure how to work Vault Team Six to the name without makin' it really damn long." He gives a little shrug as he muses name ideas.
Iris Lark "You're probably right." Iris says, hopping up on the counter and swinging her legs. "I brought paint, so we can do something to make the place a little brighter if you want." She cants her head slightly to the side and raises both eyebrows. "I never really asked, but what do you do for work? Are you hungry?" Sore?" She grins as she asks each question, her hands folded in her lap.
Jude Jude chews his lower lip and then offers, "Instead of General Store, we could call it: Acme Supply and Service. Then we could call it the ole S'n'S instead. I reckon Eden might wanna use the shop and that Harlan fella too."

He seems a little surprised at Iris's question about what he does. It takes a moment for him to get over the shock enough to get his mouth to work again. "I... umm... I work down in Vault City as my main job." He shrugs as he relaxes a little. "I do some pip-boy maintenance and work on a lot of the automation. Robots and climate controls and that sorta thing." He laughs and shrugs. "Then I'm an engineer in the militia too. Mostly I jus' stand guard duty now and then. But I do inspect the HQ and patrol emplacements and whatnot." He waves a hand and wrinkles his nose. "Borin' stuff mostly. Not much that's all that important topside. Folk need medics. I mostly jus' get in the way and take up space." He laughs a little and nods. "I could stand to eat a little somethin'. Some water'd be magnificent too. Work up a hell of a thirst out there."
Iris Lark Iris hops down from the counter and brings out a basket that she sets on the counter. She pulls out bottled water and some sandwiches. "Interesting, and..folks do need medics, you're right, but they need people like you too." She grins at Jude and shakes her head. "You're pretty important to, remember that."
Jude Jude pops the top of a bottle of water and shrugs. He takes a long pull of the water and sighs in satisfaction. "Down below they do. Topside, not too much," he says about his own importance. "Someday they will. Me or maybe my kids, I reckon. Lasers and robots and airconditionin' and pip-boys'll be common again someday. Til then, just follow what the great Rogers said: Know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run." He intones the lyrics with an almost solemn tone. "Words to live by, those." He smiles and sips some more water. "I found another bit of that map to Vault thirty by the by. Found a damn mole rat gnawin' on it."
Iris Lark "What will the map be used for?" Iris asks, nibbling on her sandwich as she tries to make sense of the lyrics Jude is spouting. "I don't think you're worried about it, but...someone told me once that we're only as important as we feel. That doesn't mean you should get a big ego and stuff, but..believe in yourself." She takes a sip of her water and sighs softly. "Despite all the craziness lately, this is the happiest I've been in a long time."
Jude Jude takes a bite of his sandwich and washes it down with a sip of water as he leans against the counter. "It'll show us the entrance to Vault 30. They say it has a G.E.C.K. Make a bit of the world green again. They say the Garden in El Dorado was made by one." He shrugs a little and munches another bite. "Oh, I'll be important to someone someday and that's all I really care all that much about. That one gal or fella'll be where my world revolves and I'll be important then in the only way that really matters much. Til then, I'll just wait for my sun to rise and shine." He gives a little shrug and nods in agreement with Iris's last sentiment. "I'm pretty darn happy my own self. No small part 'cause of you and our store here."
Iris Lark "I'm very excited for when it opens." Iris remarks as she gazes around the small space. "I've been saving stuff so that the team can sell it." She sets her sandwich aside and wrinkles her nose. "Except for a gun I gave away today. Some man was in Shantytown talking about losing everything and I felt bad for him. It was probably a con, but I never can be" She smiles at Jude and her cheeks go pink. "Kind of you to say Jude, I enjoy working with you. You find a lot of snack cakes and you're a funny guy."
Jude Jude finishes his sandwich and water, looking pleased as punch as Iris talks. He nods a little and shrugs. "I worry about givin' folks guns. I wonder if'n they might end up shootin' me with it some day." He laughs a little nervously, having had to worry plenty about being shot by folks lately. He gives Iris a little side hug on his way over towards the paint. "It's a kindness that you've been so motivated with this here project. I'm a lucky fella."

He checks out the paint cans then and start to divvy out the paint and gets everything ready to make the inside look as new as can rightly be expected these days. "I reckon with so much power armor in the team, it'll help offset the costs. Plus I'll get ta rid out my apartment some. Some things I jus' have no use for. Like slugthrowers and whatnot. Have a laser, why throw little bits of metal at folk?" He gives a shrug.
Iris Lark "Power armor is nice, but I noticed that it's not infallable." Iris says, picking up a brush and a can of neutral colored paint. She glances around to find a place to get started and she shrugs as she walks to the back wall. "I get a bit stir crazy inside of the Clinic and when I find a project, I get pretty stuck on it. I'm not sure if it's always a good thing." She starts to paint, making wild streaks to and fro instead of sticking to a pattern. She paints a smiley face, and then a tree before she gets down to serious work. "Remember lucky fella, you owe me three dinners. No radroaches either."
Jude Jude laughs and agrees, "No machine is infallible," as he starts to lay paint to the wall. He's rightly trained in building, so paint simply starts to eat up the roughshod wall like it's magic. "I used to get pretty stir-crazy down in Vault City. Then I went up top. Got bit, stung, stabbed, choked, shot, zotted, and otherwise pummeled about the head and shoulders. Now I ain't near so stir crazy to come on up no more." He laughs and admits, "Last couple weeks was pretty darn bad. I actually had to use my stimpak."
Iris Lark "You all have good medical down in the Vault, right?" Iris asks, her back to him as she continues to paint, her technique not quite as smooth as Jude's. "You know, you're welcome to come to the Clinic anytime if you're hurt." She takes a moment to turn around and smirk at him. "I don't bite." She turns back to her painting and adds. "I'm not sure what you've been doing during your time topside, but it doesn't always have to be dangerous."
Alice The sound of a rumbling powerful automobile could be heard outside of the general store! It had to be a vehicle of some kind and the engine was revving a little before it abruptly shutoff.
Jude Jude bobs his head. "Yeah. Doc is pretty darn good," he says airly, but doesn't go into why he didn't go to him. He's saved by the rumble of the Highwayman outside though, perking up as he hears it. "That's a Highwayman!" he crows as he rushes for the door. "Please, not raiders. Please, not raiders," he chants as he throws the door wide to view the honest to goodness running vehicle outside. "Awww, hell. You ever see a runnin' car, Iris?!"
Iris Lark Iris nods and gestures to the car outside. "Yeah, I rode in that one...if that's Alice." She says, a smug smile on her face as her arms loosely fold over her chest. "I helped her get the caps for it, and it rides really smooth." She grins at Jude and gives him a playful nudge with her elbow. "Maybe if you're nice, she'll let you drive it sometime."
Alice Poor O.V.E.R. 9000 was hitched to the back of the car like a trailer since it seemed like Jude was safe the past week or so and didn't need a massive bodyguard. It was hard to tell if the big bot liked it, since he didn't speak other than his trademark, "*BZT*".

Vaultmeat rushed out of the car to greet Jude and Iris, nearly knocking Iris over before rushing into the general store excitedly to check it out.

"Hey Iris, Hey Jude!" Alice called out as she stepped out of the car before giving it a hug. Yes, she just gave her car a hug, "Like my car, Jude? Iris helped me get it."
Jude Jude laughs as he hears Iris and then sees Alice getting out of the car. He dodges Vaultmeat and calls to Alice, "Yeah! It's freakin' gorgeous!" He strides over to give the ancient machine the once over, tapping his pip-boy now and then to double check this and that between theory on the screen and reality on the car. He whistles low now and then. He might be a moment. Ahem.
Iris Lark Iris is nearly bowled over by Vaultmeat but she laughs as the dog leaps at her. She rubs his head and ears and even leans in to give him a smooch before the dog runs into the building. She bounces on the balls of her feet and waves at Alice. "Come look at the work we've been up to!" She calls out before she watches Jude go gaga over the car. "I think we found someone who might love the car as much as you do, Alice."
Alice "Have fun checking it out." Alice said to Jude before following after Iris, "I'm excited to see what you've all been up to here!" Poor Iris and Jude, Vaultmeat was already inside running around excitedly and knocking stuff over.

O.V.E.R. 9000 detached himself from the trailer hitch and rolled over to Jude, making an approximation of a nod before saying, "*BZT*"
Jude Jude smiles at O.V.E.R. 9000 and greets him with a similar nod. "Hey there, Niner." He pauses a moment and asks, "Would you be interested in me workin' ya up a speech modulator, buddy?" He steals a glance into the shop and then he claps the big bot on the shoulder. He then says louder, to try and hide his plotting with the robot, "Checking out the new car! It's a beaut, huh?" And then it devolves into specs and tech talk. If it's paid any attention too, it'll be more akin to a tank by the time the gearhead is done with it.
Iris Lark Iris tosses a treat to Vaultmeat as she shows Alice around the store. "We're building new shelves and counters and we're pretty sure we can get cold boxes in here too." She bounces around Alice as she talks and points out parts of the store. "There is room back there so that Eden, Harlan and Jude can do mechanic things, and if people catch me here I can probably practice here sometimes too."
Hanzhou The sound of spurs jingle, jangle, jingling announces his presence before the Wasteland Samurai actually appears. Hopefully, O.V.E.R. 9000! won't blast him with lasers or Vaultmeat tackle him then assault him with the licks. He's dressed in his usual odd attire of a cross between western cowboy and Asian sword wielding warrior, with his familiar Katana strapped to his back as well as the Wakizashi (shorter blade) worn on his left hip. He tips his cowboy hat when he's within sight range of everyone and offers a slight bow. "Apologies for my tardiness. I was out scouting the area, one cannot be too careful these days especially with those...Centaurs roaming around these parts." He says in that soft voice of his and walks towards the shop, glancing it over as he nears.
Jude While Alice, Iris and Vaultmeat are inside the shop checking out the progress that's been made, Jude is outside with O.V.E.R. 9000 checking the car out. He gives a little wave towards the sound of spurs jingling and calls out, "Howdy, Hanzhou," from under the hood. He's waist deep in car, probably not breaking anything. Probably.
Alice "*BZT*" O.V.E.R. 9000 replied to Jude with a slight shake of his metal head before swinging around to greet Hanzhou with another, "*BZT*"

Vaultmeat went running out of the shop to tackle Hanzhou while Alice replied to Iris, "Nice, it looks awesome. I bet the car can park beside it to and stuff maybe we can build a garage for when it drives to Acme." Hearing Hanzhou outside she calls out, "HI HANZHOU!" Looking back to Iris she asked, "Whatcha gonna sell here?"
Iris Lark Iris waves at Hanzhou as she speaks to Alice. "Anything that we've got to sell, actually. There isn't any one thing that we won't sell." She walks around the space slowly and then picks up her paintbrush, picking up where she left off. "I bet we can add on to the building, maybe..probably."
Hanzhou Hanzhou gets tackled by Vaultmeat before he can even wave back or acknowledge the greetings, but he doesn't seem to mind too much since he smiles as he's face is getting licked. "Hi boy. Good boy. Nice to see you too, vaultmeat." He manages to say in between the facelicks. As he struggles back to his feet, patting the exciteable giant puppy and play wrestling with him. He gives the dog a few more headrubs and then walks on over to take a peek inside the store, since that is where everyone seems to be. "Hi everyone. So this is the store you told me about, eh Alice? Needs some work but it could turn out pretty good. Is it safe around here though?"
Alice "Nice." Alice replied with a grin before sitting down on the floor and fiddling with her Pip-Boy a bit, "I sold my Gauss Rifle and a Shotgun I found, but I hate selling my stuff." She held up her Pip-Boy to Iris, "I keep a list of it all. See?"

"Yeah this is Iris and Jude's store they're working on." Alice said to Hanzhou before asking, "When do I get my scabbard? and where's our noodles mister?"
Iris Lark Iris laughs and gazes at Alice's list, a low whistle coming from her lips. "Goodness Alice, do you save everything?" She asks, laughing softly before she gazes up at Hanzhou. "It's for Vault Team Six, a joint venture and a shared interest."
Hanzhou "Ahh...I see." Hanzhou replies to both the ladies and grins at Alice for her comments about the scabbard and noodles. "I am working on getting a scabbard for you but I'm afraid the one's for Katana's aren't very common." He pauses and then blinks. "Oh, I did not bring any noodles with me but next time you are at my shop, I will make one for you. Both of you of course." He nods politely to Iris when he speaks about the noodles, then listens to her comments about this store. "A good idea indeed then. I have some items that I haven't been able to sell yet, so perhaps this will be where I can contribute a bit."
Alice "Oh my Vaultboy, Hanzhou, what the sugarsnaps!" Alice sighed up at the Samurai before grinning at Iris, "I do save everything and apparently Hanzhou is in love with saving noodles! He's like right next door and he's all oh my gosh I didn't bring noodles, next time. I heard your people were stingy Hanzhou, but wow, like seriously. Noodlemongering has changed you!" Clearly, she meant noodle salesman not anything bad!
Iris Lark Iris starts to laugh, bending slightly at the waist as she does. "He gave me noodles a while ago, they were really yummy." She says, folding her hands behind her back for a moment. "So Alice, now that Hanzhou is here, maybe you two can have a war council of sorts, we can plan out our raid better. I bet he'd have good ideas on how to handle those robots underneath the Vault."
Hanzhou Hanzhou shrugs and looks up at the ceiling, adjusting his cowboy hat to avoid showing his sheepish expression in reaction to Alice's comments about him. "Noodles...aren't my entire life..." He doesn't appear to be offended by the young vaulter's words and then looks towards Iris. "Thank you for the compliments doctor." But then he raises one eyebrow just slightly at the mention of planning a raid and robots? "Robots under the vault? Yes, please fill me in and I will try to assist in the planning."
Alice Alice groaned, "Do I have to? Iris... you debrief Hanzhou. You'll do a better job explaining because, like, I need to go check on Over9000, he's probably lonely outside and nobody makes doors big enough for him." She sounded legitimately sad.
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Alice and after a few moments she nods. "I can fill him in, certainly." The tall healer murmurs, gesturing Hanzhou closer. "See, Alice has a good idea for a base for VT6, and it's under the vault, in some of the unused areas. Unfortunately it's also the place she found O.V.E.R 9000, and it could be dangerous. So we went down there a week or so agao, but..decided to pull back until we had more people and a better plan." She grins at the samurai. "That's where you come in."
Hanzhou Hanzhou nods, listening to Iris and walking closer to her as she speaks. He gives Alice a low bow, when she walks off to join O.V.E.R. 9000. "Be well, Alice and keep practicing with the sword. Safely!" He then turns his attention back to Iris.
Iris Lark "So we've got a few projects going right now, and our little team is growing so ..I think by the next time we go down there, we'll have enough manpower to flush out whatever is making things so dangerous." She picks up a paintbrush and starts to pain the walls the neutral color as she speaks. "Things are going really well, you know? Well..for the most part." She glances at Hanzhou and quirks both brows. "Would you be interested in helping us clear out the base?"
Hanzhou Hanzhou bows to Iris. "I would be honored to assist and just let me know how I can help." He adjusts his cowboy hat once more when he straightens from his bow and then asks. "I will of course assist in those other projects you mentioned as well if you require my aid."
Iris Lark "Well, I'm going to make some plans and get the group together soon." Iris says reaching out to slap Hanzhou lightly on the arm. "How have you been though, I haven't seen you in a bit and I tend to worry when people don't check in." She turns to look at him, paint spattered on her face and most of her clothes. "You're welcome to help in any way that you're comfortable with."
Hanzhou "I have been...well, thank you." Hanzhou replies in a soft voice after he gets arm slapped by Iris but doesn't flinch or smile at the gesture. "Just been busy with my noodle shop for the most part and in my spare time I devout time to either practicing or scavenging out in the Wastelands." He then looks around for a spare paint brush and will help Iris finish painting this room at least.