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Jacqueline In spite of joining posses forced to act on criminally bad intel and putting in hours of work on her own and others' technology, Jackie Wayne does occasionally have time to stop for lunch. She's eating it today in one of her favorite places, the diner down the street.
Naturally, she's not eating alone: The window next to her occasionally admits odd phrases like 'Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese...' She occasionally passes a tidbit from her meal through the window, if the reference is particularly clever.
Saeko      This world is pretty bleak for many growing up, plenty of things that have been missed by many. Recently however, Saeko had discovered a simple pleasure: music. With a small bud in each ear the cloaked figure entered the diner, her usual gear tucked under the cover of that simple overgarment, but a new belt of deep black and silver containing several pouches secured around her waist. Gently bobbing her head to the music she lets out a soft sigh from her lips before her eyes fall on the familier visage of Jackie by the window, earning a raise of her hand in greeting.
Jacqueline A certain casual wariness is becoming part of Jackie's life: She glances up as the sound of the door opening. Seeing Saeko, she lifts a hand in greeting as well, gesturing the wastelander ninja over to join her.
Saeko might not hear it, but the voice outside the window chimes in with 'DAH-dah DAH-dah DAH-dah DAH-dah, DAH-dah DAH-dah DAH-dah DAH-dah, DAH-dah DAH-dah DAH-dah DAH-dah, DAH-dah DAH-dah DAH-dah DAH-dah... (the 1960s Batman TV theme)'.
Saeko Tugging the earphones currently playing classic music from her ears, the asian woman moves towards the table with the other woman, giving a little smile. "Jacqueline, it's good to see you," she greets, moving to join the other woman as if she assumed she were invited. The theme outside? It seemingly doesn't register with her. Perhaps the woman raised in a hidden comune didn't really get much with pop-culture references.
Jacqueline "And you, Saeko! It's been a while," Jackie replies, standing and giving her friend a quick hug. "Something's different... only, I can't tell just what. Did you get your hair done?"
Saeko A nod, Saeko actually smiles a little. "When I arrived I had highlights in it. An attempt to blend in a little more...and I was fond of the color. But they have washed out over time." Indeed, the girl's locks were once more back to completely natural black. Perhaps it was a guess on Jackie's part, but she wasn't wrong either. "Much has been happening in town while I was travelling back. Mr Soloman has gone missing..."
Jacqueline "He's probably skipped town with every cap he could carry," Jackie mutters, grimacing at the mention of that name. "Hopefully somebody'll catch up to him soon. Are there any clues at all?"
From outside the window comes that voice again: 'My name's Friday. I carry a badge.'
Saeko Saeko 's lip quirks to a frown, a deeper one for the news before she glances towards the window. Whatever the source of the voice might be? It doesn't seem to amuse the assassin a great deal. "Not as far as I know, but I hope it comes up soon. Until then I suppose I'll have to ask around, see what I can discover." The asian has her own business with the former Mayor after all.

Switching to a subject change, the woman tilts her head to oneside. "You are well though Jackie?" she questions lightly.
Jacqueline "Makes me wonder if the Gunners caught up with him," the tech-girl says. "He'd hired a merc group from back east to make a trip someplace; they didn't say where. But he was delaying the trip again and again, and they weren't happy about it. On top of that, he'd stiffed them about 6000 caps on their contract. This guy just rips everybody off, huh?"
Honestly, a change of subject is welcome. "Alive, breathing, and not feeling terrible... I suppose I can't complain," Jackie replies, shrugging. "Not making much progress with my motorcycle, though. I'm going to have to get the tools to break down metal scrap I find if I'm ever going to get anyplace."
Saeko's glance out the window reveals only a rather chubby bird with a bright orange beak, orange crescents around his coppery eyes, and black and white wings and tail. It seems to be the only thing there. So who's doing the talking?
Saeko      A frown, a tilt of Saeko's head before she looks back to the other woman and miles lightly, tilting her head to oneside. "One can scarcely ask for more in this world," she says lightly before the talk of the motorcycle makes her tilt her head to the side. She'd never ridden one personally, but she'd seen a few of the wrecks here and there in the wasteland. "Your skills are certainly impressive regardless Jackie, perhaps if you have some knowledge of forging metal, we could work on an idea I have toyed with in the past."
Jacqueline "It's worth a try. I'm still reading that book I found on metalsmithing, but I think I could make a go of it once I'm done, and have the proper equipment," Jackie replies, smiling a little. "What do you have in mind?"
She notes the glance out the window. "Oh, don't mind him. He's just here because I ordered fried tatos with my lunch."
The bird regards Saeko with one bright eye, then the other... until Jackie speaks, anyway. Then it opens its mouth as if on cue, and says, 'Would you like fries with that?'
Saeko      There's a moment of pause from Saeko as she watches the bird speak before the woman frowns a little and slips a hand under her cloak. She did have those throwing weapons of hers after all... "In the wasteland, getting so close to food for an animal such as that might end with them ending up on the menu," she comments slowly before looking back at the other woman. What did Saeko have in mind? "A blade, something modified with technology to deal with creatures and armor my own cannot. Perhaps through fire, voltage, or energy of some kind."
Jacqueline "I've heard of such things," Jackie admits, frowning thoughtfully. "I'm sure there's a way to put something like that together. But I'll need to get the right tools, first, and get some practice in."
She blinks as the wasteland ninja reaches under her cloak. "Hey, no sharp objects around the bird. Whassup might be a pest, but he's saved my life a few times."
Whassup one-eyes Saeko again. 'You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses on, would ya?'
Saeko -Slowly- the hand comes back empty, an 'innocent' look on the assassin's face as she nods and places her hands on the table before a thought occurs and she reaches for her pipboy, sitting it on the table. "With this device I have several disks I can supposedly make use of, but I have not quite got the hang of its operation. Would you have the knowledge and willingness to make them functional for me?"
Jacqueline "I'm not sure," Jackie admits. She's grown used to seeing Pip-Boy units on other people. "I'm familier with some computer systems, but I've never used a Pip-Boy before. Can you show me the discs?"
Saeko A holodisc pulled from one of the pouches of her belt, she offers it and the hand-held model of Pip-boy out towards the tech. "Supposedly they are compatible, but I have yet to make them load up and work effectively."
Jacqueline Jackie nods, accepting both and taking a good look. "Hmm. Now I wonder if this is quite the same as the other models I've seen. It's rather small." Looking at the disc, she looks for a lots or a panel about the same size.
Saeko Saeko passes the disks over towards the other woman lightly, but with them in the hands of the tech? She simply leans forwards and watches, her eyes alight with interest while her elbows rest on the counter and she bites her lip. The young woman was adept in many ways of killing people that most would consider outdated and some would say she was sneaky enough to evade her own shadow. But tech? It seemed completely beyond her.
Jacqueline Jackie, her brow creased in thought, turns the Pip-Boy over, finally locating an insertion point for the disc. She finds the activation button, presses it, and the drive pops open. She slips the disc inside and shuts it, then turns the device over again and looks over the screen. She finds the proper command after a few turns of dials and presses of buttons, and has it installing in moments. "There! That should do it."
Saeko Saeko herself takes the device, turning it over lightly and inspecting it. Whatever Jacqueline had done might as well have been witchcraft to her, but she had hopefully got the gist of it. Slipping it back into her pocket she smiles lightly, leaning forwards to clasp the other woman's hand and give it a tight squeeze. "I am ashamed to say I would not have figured that out alone. I am very grateful for this."
Jacqueline "Just help me out sometime, and I'll call it even," Jackie replies, squeezing Saeko's hand in return. "It's just a matter of knowing the right stuff. You know... sneaky black-clad stuff, I know techy stuff. This is why smart people work in teams."
Saeko Saeko nods her head at that, giving a light little chuckle. "There is a -lot- I have begun to learn that I had never realised I did not know. I had been out into the wasteland before many times, but it was always swift and with a task in front of me. There was a lot I didn't really stop to see in the meantime." A pause, she tilts her head to the side with a light upturn of her lips. "Sneaky black-clad?" she questions of the other woman coyly.
Jacqueline "I saw an old before-times movie once about a sneaky guy with a sword. You dress almost exactly like him," Jackie says, grinning at the wasteland ninja. "It looks seriously cool, but I'm thinking there's more to it than just coolness."
Whassup chimes in with, 'It's the art of fighting... /without/ fighting.' And immediately flutters to the table and snitches one of Jackie's fries.
Saeko "Exactly like him?" Saeko comments, adjusting her cloak a little. Hopefully not, but then perhaps Jackie had never really seen her in her gear beyond her cloak. A shrug of her shoulders and she nods. "It's lightweight, easy to hide in, to move quietly in." The bird is watched keenly, but she keeps to her promise even as she glares a little at the small creature for its theft.
Jacqueline "Not /exactly/... but close!" Jackie glances down, having heard the telltale beating of wings. Stifling a smile, she feeds Whassup another fry. "It's better than my gecko-leathers for being sneaky, that's for sure. I need to find a jacket or a poncho or something, like those sharpshooters in old before-times films."
Saeko Saeko nods, chewing her bottom lip lightly. "The best thing you can have to hide you is the night itself. If things are dark enough and you have the skill, one could be completely naked and still go unnoticed." A pause, the 'Kunoichi' shrugs her shoulders with a grin. "Not that it is a course of action I would recommend out there."
Jacqueline "You don't give lessons, do you?" Jackie asks suddenly. "I feel like I'm about as sneaky as a bag of anvils being dragged over gravel. Granted, I'm not as bad at it as that militia ghoul we had with us when we found the Gunners, but I don't think I'm far above him."
Saeko That was an innocent enough question from Jackie, but it does actually make her pause on the spot. Lessons? She could, but it also prompted a thought. What would she do if Solomon was dead, especially at another's hand? Would she rebuild her home and teach others as she had been taught? Would she remain a mercenary or perhaps hang up her sword and try to live a life of peace? Such a rush of thoughts has her staring for a moment before she turns her gaze towards the window. "You can be as sneaky as you like, but it does not help if the one behind you is as loud as a firecracker in an animal pen."
Jacqueline "Yeah, but... sooner or later, I'll be the one behind someone if I don't get better," Jackie replies, wincing faintly. "That's why I asked." She looks at her friend thoughtfully. "Hey, are you okay? You looked so far away for a minute there."
Whassup, bored with tato fries, hops over and nuzzles at Saeko's hand on the table.
Saeko Saeko 's stare just seems to redirect from the window to the bird at the sudden nuzzling before she turns back to Jackie, nodding her head. "I am fine...I was just lost in thought and memory for a time." A breath, she lets her head fall to the other side again, her long black hair spilling over one shoulder. "I would be willing to share some knowledge with you," she says with a smile. "It would be a pleasure to repay you for what you have done today."
Jacqueline "Thank you. I guess we should figure out a time and place," Jackie replies, smiling in return. "And it wasn't that hard. I just needed to look the device over and figure out where to put the disc. Other than that, it was just finding the right command in the user interface."
Saeko Saeko nods her head lightly before shrugging. "Perhaps, but it has taken me far longer than it should have to work out the same thing." Moving to stand from her spot at the table, the asian reaches out to squeeze the other woman's shoulder. "Enjoy your meal Jackie, truely. I hope to speak with you again soon." With that, the Kunoichi slips out of the diner once more, her order forever unplaced as thought overcomes stomach.