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Owner Pose
Lucette     Lucette makes her way back into the Gold Digger after some time out, finding the table she was at prior and settling in. She fiddles with something from her backpack and sets it out on the table before her, a folded piece of paper as it were while she waits.
Julie     Julie is easily spotted in the Saloon as soon as people enter. She often goes between tables, bringing customers their drink or welcoming weary travelers after they're seated. Sometimes she joins a few who are playing cards. Sometimes she leads someone upstairs. No matter what, she is a vibrant presence in the room. She's perched on a gentleman's lap when Lucette comes in, and it's mid-laughter that she catches sight of the duster-wearing, armored woman who finds a seat at an empty table. Julie's sure it's the same one. Excusing herself from the trio, Julie wanders over and spies the folded piece of paper on the top of the table. She glances between it and Lucette. "Welcome back. Need a drink?" She doesn't hound the woman as far as whether or not their deal is completed, but this is as polite a way as she can inquire about it without seeming intrusive.
Lucette     Lucette glances up and gingerly plucks the ball of fluff from her ear while setting it on the table, going to pull a similar one from within her duster( a pair actually) and gently goes to tamp it into the vacant ear. "If you feel like bartering, this is probably the easiest I could get away with what you're after. And not have the quartermaster look at me funny." she explains.
Julie     "I do feel like bartering. What businesswoman doesn't?" Julie gestures towards the piece of paper on the table in front of Lucette with a finger and even goes so far as to lift her chin in a slight movement of emphasis. "And that is?" Her hand moves back after, and maneuvers to find a spot against her hip. She doesn't sit. Not this time. It remains to be seen whether or not they have something to discuss.
Lucette     Lucette shrugs. "Half the caps are going to furnish the base, the other half are being put towards eyewear for myself." she explains.
Julie     "I take it I should look at the piece of paper, then." Julie reaches for it to pick it up, intending on unfolding it so she can scan the contents of what's there, much like Lucette had done with the piece of paper that Julie had slipped her earlier. "And this is the amount that you've decided on?"
Lucette     It was actually the same paper! Luce had just taken a section of it herself to list her response. "You won't get better from any of the outlets around the city, especially not including those three filled extras." she comments
Julie     Julie's lips tighten for a moment as she scans over the scribbles. The paper is folded back up and she snaps her gaze over to Lucette, who she continues to stand near while looking down at. Lowering her voice until only Lucette can hear it, Julie murmurs to the woman. "Two hundred and a free night. I don't think I need to explain what that entails." Suddenly, she's smiling. "Or I could explain it very well. But that would spoil the surprise of getting to see it for yourself."
Lucette     Luce nods, "You're new and don't seem to be invoking your second ammendment from what I can see." she notes, "So that price seems acceptable to me." a nod is given without any fuss as her untended ear has its fluff-stuffing pulled out and set on the table, with the next clean bit tamped inside after it.
Julie     "I think you'll find it more than acceptable when our transaction is finished." Julie slips the piece of paper back to where she'd retrieved it from those hours ago, and glances from side to side. "So, did you bring it with you, or should I follow you back to your place? Or do you want to agree to meet at a later time?"
Lucette     Luce peeks once about the saloon. "I brought it with me if you want to exchange the caps now." she offers warmly with a small wink and shift of posture, leaning against the chair and fishing around her backpack. "Unless you'd rather handle that in your room."
Julie     "Don't take it out here." Julie is quick to stop Lucette from fishing it out of her backpack if that's what she's trying to do. There's a bordering frown on her expression as she says it. The last thing she wants is for someone else to see the transaction, and the people filling the Saloon are definitely in the way of that. "Follow me." Julie turns from the table and heads for the stairs, and is sure to cast a glance over her shoulder to see if Lucette is following.
Lucette     Lucette holds a hand up, "Relax. Putting these earplugs in my kit to be cleaned later." the two red-stained fluffs are gingerly deposited into her pack and closed up. "There, see." as she stands and takes the paper with her to follow Julie.
Julie     Julie ascends the stairs and trails her hand along the railing. The flutter of her skirt around her legs offers glimpses of her thighs, especially to one who is a few steps below her and is treated to that sight at eye-level. Without further word, she guides Lucette to the second floor, leaving the main room of the Saloon behind.