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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya opens the door, looking around with caution before moving toward the bar. Dark eyes catch sight of the other Caine woman from last night. She claims a stool and rummages in her satchel for caps.
Willow Caine Willow leans against the bar, listening to a conversation nearby. Every so often she moves behind the bar, her skirts swishing around her as she walks, serving drinks. She spots the Zealot and walks down the length of the bar until she's standing in front of the woman. She leans in, her abundant cleavage on full display. "What can I get you, darlin'?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks at the displayed cleavage and is tongue tied for a moment. "Well," she says as she regains some semblance of composure. "What do you have for me?" She chews at her lower lip for a moment only. "Anything but Iguana. I hate Iguana. Doesnt matter how its cooked. Did your election go the way you hoped?"
Willow Caine "My sister was elected Mayor, so yeah, it went grand." Willow says, fluttering her long lashes at the woman. She turns and calls out to the cook to bring out food and pours a shot of something strong with cinnamon. She sets it in front of Shreya and settles a gaze on her as she pours a shot of the same for herself without looking. "We'll drink in celebration, my big sister..turning El Dorado around for the better." She raises the shot glass and waits for the Zealot.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya raises the shot glass and smiles. Her bizarre make up only makes it look disconcerting. "Praise be to Atom." She downs the shot and sets it loudly on the counter before exhaling from the burn. "Delicious. I voted for her. She was kind to me when I first arrived and has been very generous to a wanderer far from her people. You must be pleased." She tilts her head to the side and you realize that she wasnt staring at you, she just has those eyes that always seem to be bulging out. It gives her a rather intense gaze.
Willow Caine "I'm very proud of my sister, we've been through a lot and I won't pretend that we always get along, but we're family." Willow explains, taking her shot in hand and knocking it back quickly. She licks her lips and turns to grab the food that has been delivered to the kitchen. She sets it in front of Shreya and smiles. "There you go darlin'." She takes a seat on a stool and gazes right back at the woman, a slight smile playing on her lips. "So tell me about yourself."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya takes a sample of the food. "Mmm thankyou, its delicious." She chews and swallows, taking this forced moment of silence to study you closer. "I am a sojourner in the waste, I am Zealot Shreya, a devout servant of Atom from many...many miles away. After basking in the holy glow of Atom, I saw a vision of a metal monolith rising out of white sand. This is the only place on the continent where this is so. So I come to find the Shrine wherein was the coming of Atom to this world."
Willow Caine "Sounds a mite more important than what I'm here for." Willow says, pulling her skirt up so she can cross her legs easily. "I'm here to have fun, drink and screw around. I guess I can't be as wild and crazy as I might like to be." She says, a small sigh making her impressive cleavage bounce a bit. "I'm sure my Sister will expect us all to chip in to keep this place in order while she works."
Zealot Shreya A chuckle escapes Shreya's lips. "Your job up to now was to have fun and screw around? Well. Your very pretty. You'll be giving up a great deal then. I imagine finding suitors isnt one of your difficulties. Best to enjoy it while the flesh remains."
Willow Caine "Oh I plan on it sweetheart." Willow says, a wicked grin on her face. "You can either embrace life and its enjoyments or you can be devout and search for meaning." She says, gesturing to the Zealot. "I ..don't have anything against people who are searching for something, I'm sure someday I'll be going down that path. Until I do?" She leans on the bar, her chin resting in her palm. "I'm going to have a lot of fun."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "It would be better to know what it is the Children believe before mocking it. You are thinking of Christianity, of nuns perhaps. I am a Zealot. Not the same ethos. I ughm... I was the prisoner of a raider gang called Finn's Warlords. They...ruined my desire for the touch of a man but it has nothing to do with my faith. You....perhaps...excite something in me..." She makes a pinching gesture with one finger. "There will come a time when flesh is no more and we are all ascendant in glorious division, but that time is still in the future."
Willow Caine A finger plays across the skin around her collarbone as Willow listens to Shreya speak. A tilted grin tugs her at her lips and she nods slowly. "I wasn't mocking, not really. Everyone is entitled to their views and opinions. I simply don't share any of them...yet." She pushes away from the bar and goes to pour drinks for a loud group of men at the other end of the bar, but eventually she drifts back towards the Zealot. "So, you're interested huh?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya blushes as you simplify her words to the base. "I hope you dont find that offensive but, yes. It is a surprise to me as well as I havent felt anything like that since, well since before I knew Atom, before Zealot Shreya. A long time ago. Its not as though I intend to attack you, but are...something else."
Willow Caine Willow's chin comes up a bit as she preens at Shreya's words, her hands going to her hair briefly. She lets out a silvery laugh and slips back into her stool, crossing her legs slowly. "Offensive? You find me attractive and you think that bothers me? Oh honey no, it warms me..somewhere in here." She pats at her chest, somewhere near her heart.
Fern      Slithering along like a snake under leaves, Fern moves in quietly and steps off to the side as to not make her way towards the bar. She has her jacket on, backpack slung over her back, and the girl is meandering about like she has no real particular place to be. Her eyes sweep about here and there, taking note of the people around, who is eating and who is about to leave. She's like a mom in a mall looking for a table to swipe up for her family as soon as one is available.
Rose Down from the stairs and apparently unknowing of the flirtations in the bar, Rose comes from her room. The blonde Ranger had her helmet tucked under her arm and was currently working at the process of pinning those back-length locks back into that neat bun that fit under her helmet. Dressed in her moulded armor and that duster her occupation was famous for, the woman makes a beeline for the counter, raising a hand in greeting to the familier faces and then blinking a little at the traces of the blush still remaining on Shreya's face.

And Kitty wasn't even here, too busy with her recent election to have people flustered!
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shovels some food into her mouth to give her time to formulate a reply. "Well, Im glad your pleased. It makes all of this a bit less awkward...ok no it doesnt." She laughs as her nerves start to melt away. "What about you. I want to know about you." She takes another bite and now doesnt feel the need to focus on other things to avoid Willow figuring out she is being looked at. She /is/ being looked at now without shame.
Willow Caine "Let's see.." Willow begins, slipping back to her feet to serve another customer nearby. "This hair color? It's a really good dye job." Her hips sway as she makes her way back to her stool, slipping back onto it and crossing her legs. "I'm a twin, but depending on who you ask..I'm the sweet one." She picks at the threads on her bodice as she continues to speak. "Depending on how busy my sister, Katherine, is..I may be spending a lot more time downstairs in the Saloon instead of upstairs in the rooms." A diffident shrug brings a slender shoulder up bit.
Abigail Caine     Gale appears from the back of the bar like a spectre cloaked in a black leather jacket, a matching hat in excellent repair, dark glasses and a militia uniform worn over body armour. She looks quite the opposite of wha a working girl might be expected to be, whigh might explain the patent annoyance on her features when a man wanders up to her and drunkenly propositions her anyway, offering far too few caps for the privilege. Gale just frowns and shakes her head, pointing off across the saloon and explaining the situation as calmly as possible, if in a tone that suggests that at any moment she could pull the rifle down from her back and turn him into Deathclaw bait. She probably still wants to when he walks away.
    Sighing, Gale makes her way across the Salon floor, her blue eyes hdiden s they scan the faces of people she passes. The woman is frenetic energy captured into a slowly moving body, barely contained and exxprssed largely in hwo her eyes dart about her face. She's wary of something in the way that only the runt of a litter can usually matter. Gale glances at Rose as the ranger comes down the stairs and takes a deep breath. Then she turns her attention to Willow and Zareya.
    "Hey, Wil. You're the sweet one alright. Like ethylene," the rather stern-faced brunette calls. She is about to see more when those blue eyes finally find Fern. And off Gale goes, headed toward the door and the girl in question.. She doesn't actually confront her instead. She doesn't even watch so much as observe her based on where she's been.
Fern     Depending on the second Gale catches sight of Fern, she may be able to see how the kid has waited until someone is rising from a table and taken a few steps away before she brushes along the side of it as if walking past. She doesn't walk past, though. The fingertips of her left hand sweep against the table, brushing off a piece of half-eaten food that is quickly retracted up into the sleeve of her jacket. See? Too-long sleeves -are- good for something.

    Fern continues along then, slowly wandering about and looking for others who might leave. It's as she does this that she finally catches a familiar voice, which causes her to glance about the room. Her eyes flick across Gale's face, narrowing slightly in a 'I see you lookin' at me' sort of way, but they move on until she finds Shreya. The girl smirks lightly, watching her as she starts to slowly wander her way. She's trying to eavesdrop.
Rose A depositing of her helmet against the counter, Rose herself had just added her other hand to the battle that was hair-managing herself when Gale appears. Another face, an unfamilier one certainly even if she'd been staying here at the Saloon long before the NCR had made itself known proper with the arrival of the others. Fern too is another she'd not come across, but those big blue eyes of hers take in just as much as they might be able to glean from a sweep over the pair. Certainly, one seemed intent to be more reserved than the other for the time being.

The Ranger herself? That position of her hands behind her head parts her coat enough to make her 'gunslinger' belt and thigh holsters plain to see, but even without it the rifle slung over one shoulder makes it plainly obvious that she was armed. Equally interested albeit perhaps somewhat more subtle, she too is eavesdropping, but that doesn't stop her from gesturing to suggest she's seeking her usual: a Nuka Cola.

Yep, a Ranger that doesn't drink booze.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya doesnt notice the low silhouette of Fern just yet. She is having a rather surreal experience at the bar. "Well good because I dont have that kind of money anyway. Almost everything I have is going to pay an NCR Ranger to help me clear a place in Roswell. Oh..there she is." She waves to Rose. "We leave tomorrow morning. It is revealed." She turns back to Willow. "Are you happy to leave the rooms behind? I imagine you might be. Perhaps there might come a time when we could take a walk in the cool of evening. I will be busy by day but I have to come back to eat for now."
Willow Caine Willow gets to her feet, making her way down to Rose, a slight grin on her fae-like face. She stops in front of the Ranger, brings a cloth from beneath the bar and wipes up before she places a Nuka Cola in front of her. She doesn't move back to her stool right away though, she gives the woman a careful once over and then she turns and saunters back to her stool.

She settles down and gazes at the Zealot for a moment or two before she responds. "Not everything is about money honey, and yeah, the walk sounds good." She doesn't answer the question about leaving the rooms behind, because the answer might embarass a few people and while she doesn't have a lot of tact, she has *some* manners.

She spots her twin in what appears to be a situation or something of the sort. She sees Fern as well and her eyes narrow slightly as she starts to watch the girl. If something is going on, she knows that Gale can handle it, but she slides her hand down to her garter, making sure she is armed in case something goes pear shaped.
Abigail Caine     When Fern gives Gale that Look the woman arches her brow and then frowns faintly, a gesture made more menacing by the way she is carrying herself.. The woman squints slightly then reaches up and removes her glasses, folding them and hanging them from the front of her shirt. Then she shakes her head and starts back toward the bar at a sharp clip. When Willow goes to get the nuka cola for Rose she gets a nod from her sister and the brunette is shaking her head as she stesp out of sight for a moment.. Back and forth, always busy.
    When Gale emerges from the kitchen she is carrying a plate of food. iguana on a stick, pink bellpepper and purple potato hash, a few grasshoppers roasted crunchy. The plate is carried with her, still steaming, toward a table a couple of seats from where Fern is lurking. Gale picks up a stick with a hunk of iguana on it and tears off some of the meat with her teeth, sliding down into her seat.
    "Girl, knock that off over there," Gale states in her soft, firm voice. Her tone is even and she doesn't bother looking up from the food. "Someone's going to think you actually took something and you're going to get your stabbed. Now sit." She gestures to Fern then points at the chair across from her. the plate is slid to rest halfway between the two seats.
Fern     Eyes narrow in on Shreya as Fern creeps along, slowing to a stop just a few feet away. She rests her right hand on the back of a chair as she stands there listening to the woman, eyes shifting back and forth between her and Willow until things connect and she looks as though she understands what's happening. Maybe. Her nose twitches and she lifts her left arm to rub it against the back of her sleeve.

    "Don't be tempted, Shreya. You wear the lipstick for Atom, remember?" she stagewhispers to the woman in the robes just seconds before she is distracted by Gale's voice. She looks at her again, notices the food, then remains stubborn for just a bit. She looks away and watches Shreya again, then slowly makes her way over to Gale and lowers to sit across from her. "I ain't about to let ya'll recruit me, if that's why you're bein' nice. I see the kid ya already got," she says. nodding towards Willow. She -is- short! Shorter than Fern. "I ain't gonna tale no coins like that."
Rose Rose herself tilts her head to the side as she finally completes the battle of the hairpin and then reaches for her drink. She doesn't miss the comment about her and indeed Willow's volunteering for the exbidition. "You cover our ammo, our wounds if we get them and throw in a decent meal we're square Shreya. Don't you dare go getting broke just paying me for safety."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks sharply at Fern and her stage whispering. "Nothing has changed child. Run along and eat your iguana." She grimaces. She hates iguana so much. "Its sure to be better than starving. "Do not imagine a crisis of faith where is none and, if you truly wish to understand the truth, you and I will discuss it at length on Monday. I suspect you are running about with no parents. You need a mother. I cannot bare children. Atom brings us together for succor before division. Best to not ignore blessings. When the house in Roswell is clear I shall make a room for you:" She turns back to Rose. "Thankyou ranger, your nobility will not go unnoticed by the Lord of the Glow. She looks back to Willow. "Children, they just speak their minds but I sense no malice. She is a sweet child."
Willow Caine "Kid?" Willow says, the octaves in her voice rising as fast as she rises from her stool. She slaps a hand on the bar, her ample assets heaving as she points at Fern. "Gale, you better straighten her out, because if you don't - I will." She calls out, her face a mask of anger that slips off just as quickly as it's put on. She retakes her seat and she takes a breath, raising a hand to make sure nary a hair is out of place. Her gaze cuts back to Shreya and she watches her quietly, wanting to see how that little whisper affects her. When calm is offered, Willow's head tilts slightly and then she aims a brilliant smile at Shreya. "You'll take her in, just like that?"
Abigail Caine "What? Her?" Gale lets out a most unlady-like snort and slowly shakes her head as she does. "She's about twice your age, girl. you need to look at the face and not just see a person's height. Shape of the body. How they walk..." Gale shakes her haead slowly. "You should be able to tell on a glance. We don't trade in children here, darling."
    The woman takes another bite form her iguana thaen, chewing it carefully as she surveys the room carefully before snaapping those blue eyes back to Fern. "I'm being nice because I felt like it. Better than spending the whole night watching for you to try to swipe somebody's timepiece," Gale concludes with a slight shrug.
    "Nevermind any of that shit now. Eat or I'll eat it all right in front of you." Gale continues. She doesn't eat too quickly but the threat is slowly being validated.
    Shreya is being regarded with a quiet stare. Gale has no words so she just shakes her head and squints like she might have a headache. The woman does, at least, get a polite nod. "'ve got it covered, Wil, don't need to get into a tizzy over a twelve-year-old kid."
Fern     "I -guess- I could pencil it in for Monday," Fern says to Shreya with a mouth full of tasty iguana. Food is food. Long as it's not old canned dog food. Iguana isn't. She eats it just fine and doesn't even have to hold her nose! She chews (mouth open for the most part) and watches Shreya, but is soon shown just how wrong she was in thinking Willow was younger. "Oh." She looks Willow over while listening to Gale. "All her growth hormones just went to one part o'her," she notes matter-of-factly before looking at Gale. "She's feisty, ain't she? And," back to Willow and Shreya now, "I'm no charity case. I gotta house of my own. Big one, too. Don't need someone to try and save me."

    Fern snorts. The girl looks back to the food then and does what anyone would do when claiming bites; she licks a finger and rubs it over some of the food like that's keep Gale from eating it. Now she can take her time and not worry about it being eaten. As she finishes another bite of iguana she grunts at Gale, "I'm -thirteen-," in a teenager tone. DUH. Huge difference there, lady! "And I ain't stealing nothin' nobody didn't leave behind. If they wanted it they wouldn't leave it lyin' around." Hmph.

    Fern glances back towards Shreya once more, and she eyes Rose. Yeah, she heard the chat between them, too. "Better watch her," talking about Shreya to Rose. "She blew a dude's head off with a land mine 'cause Atom told her to."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya cant help but chuckle when Fern refers to where the growth hormones went. "She does have a point Miss Caine. And no I will not take her in. She will come of her own accord." She reached over and dares to take Willow's hand in hers for a moment. Just to look. Just to see the contrast of skin on skin, the feel of her weatherbeaten flesh against Willow's smooth skin. She squeezes Willow's hand and withdraws her own before responding to Fern's condemnation calmly. "The will of Atom cannot be denied," she says in a slow sepulchral voice. Maybe the kid is on to something.
Willow Caine Willow gazes down at her chest and she takes a deep breath, that comes out in a chuckle as she exhales. "Yeah, well, I don't believe I was ever that rude at thirteen." She says, her eyes rolling dramatically. When Shreya reaches out to take her hand, she doesn't resist, and her fingertips tickle along the Zealot's palm, as she gives her a wicked grin "I wish you luck if she does turn up at your doorstep, she looks to be two three handfulls and here I am with only two hands to spare." She watches her twin try to keep Fern out of trouble and she's tempted to call out and tell her sister that she's wasting her time, but Gale always had a sense when it came to kids, so she lets it lie...for now.
Abigail Caine     Gale looks at Fern when she licks her fingers and spreads the saliva over one of the crickets and a few hunks of roast iguana. She levelly watches the girl as it's done and doesn't say a word. She just reaches out, snatches out a piece of spat on food, and shoves it right into her mouth, chewing with a loud crunch to punctuate each bite. Challenge Accepted.
    "You're... Not wrong about the growth hormones," Gale observes, glancing over at Willow, who is about as different in appearance from Gale as a twin can really be. "And I just assume all the religious types are probably nuts. Maybe they're just hearing things I'm not, either way... You get what you expect of everyone else, really.. Look what those fucking Legion assholes did before the NCR fought them off." She shakes her head at this, returning to her single stick of iguana. Fern is left with plenty of food.
    "Anyway, it doesn't really matter if you stole nothing. I still got to watch your sorry ass as long as you're hovering around all the tables like that." There's a beat after and Gale turns her head to look over toward Shreya and Willow. She exchanges looks with her sister. A sense about children? Maybe. She's already more or less raised six or so of them. "Sometime I'll have to ask you just whaat kind of Atom it's supposed to be."
Fern     "Hey, I didn't say it was -bad-. Blowin' some dude's head off is super fuckin' cool! Just sayin' she should watch out for you in case you start to see too much shit and wanna play pop-goes-the-weasle with her head, too." Fern rolls her eyes at this and looks away as she does, which helps her catch Gale in the act of eating a piece of food -she- claimed! Fern growls softly like a wild animal and she reaches out, scooping up some of the hash to lick over it this time. It's not that effective, though, since she continues to hold it and take a bite. Everyone knows you have to put it back down to make it count. But Fern's hungry. And Gale steals.

    "That's a damn good question.." Fern says then as she stares at Gale, suddenly looking back to Shreya. "Never even thought of that.. Who the hell -is- Atom. Or is it 'Adam'. Have we been hearing it wrong the whole time?" She looks annoyed then, turning in her seat and scarfing another bite of food. "Explain," she says to Shreya.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "Not Adam the fictitious first man who existed 6000 years ago when the world has existed for millions of years, Holy Atom. Atom is in all things and all people. Within each molecule is an entire universe. Layers upon layers upon layers. Each of us shall give birth to a billion stars from the mass or our wretched and filthy bodies in glorious division, but Fern. We agreed to learn about the Lord of the Glow on Monday. I am eating and...having a nice conversation with Miss Caine. All shall be revealed child." She turns back to Willow and smiles. "I dont think I was so rude at thirteen but fifteen, much worse. Didnt get me much I wanted. She is a child on her own. She has to be tough. Perhaps only good people take shelter at this saloon tonight but how could we know?" She smiles. "Your gown is a marvel, the material looks so soft. I cant imagine you can wear it outdoors but it is lovely." Next to the Zealot's rags it is remarkable indeed.
Willow Caine Willow runs a hand over her bodice, the move suggestive and slow. "I have clothes I wear when I have to go out and get dirty." She says, gesturing over at her sister Gale. "Something along the lines of what she's wearing, but I don't look nearly so badass as she does in it." She winces as Fern's voice drifts over to where she is sat, behind the bar and she fights the urge to shake her head and tsk.
Abe     Down, down to goblin town.

From the stairs arrives Scribe Errant Mcdonald... or Abe, as more people are inclined to call him. Abe is good people, ask him, he'll tell you that himself.

So downstairs he comes at this ungodly hour and to the bar, anchoring himself to a stool and about doubling over on it, draping his left arm on top of the bar and his head upon the arm.
Abigail Caine     Does Gale steal? Weirdly enough after that point's been made she doesn't touch the plate. She finishes her single iguana and leaves Fern a lot more food than she probably expected to see tonight. The Militia scout reaches up to adjust her nice, broad-brimmed black hat and settle back in her seat, leather jacket and all. Her rifle is off to the side at least, making sitting actually possible.
    "You can stop licking everything and share. Plenty for both of us and in case you ain't noticed I'm leaving just about all of it for you anyway." Gale rolls her eyes and shifts in her seat, closing her eyes for a second.
    "You have a place to stay tonight? If you need a roof that doesn't leak come by the bar later tonight and I'll see about finding you something." Then Gale takes a deep breath and straightens slightly in her seaat. "Wil, one of us has to be the badass. No one looks at me twice unless they need a gun." She laughs softly and then slowly shakes her head.
    Lastly, Gale finally addresses Shreya. "It's an interesting story. I read something similar in a book once but I never made much sense of it. I'll wask you more sometime you're not so busy."
    And then the Scribe Errant appears and Gale shakes her head slowly, reaching up to tug down the brim of her hat.
    "So what's your name, kid?"
Willow Caine Willow watches Gale but keeps her mouth shut as her twin tries to rescue another lost lamb. She sucks in some air between her teeth and makes her way slowly to Abe, knocking on the bar as she leans in. "What can I get you, darlin'?" She pulls a rag from beneath the counter and proceeds to wipe the bar in front of him, the movement slow, giving him a decent view of the front of her dress, or the lack of it.
Jacqueline It's late enough for wiser people to be in bed. Jackie isn't one of those wiser people. Besides, she couldn't sleep. So she's taken a stroll down to the Gold Digger.
She peeks in the door, satisfying herself that there isn't a fight going on at the moment. She's wearing gecko-leather armor, sure, but that doesn't mean she's looking for trouble. Even the shotgun held casually in her left hand isn't proof of that. She just keeps it with her, these days. With a faint smile and a tired wave to the crowd, she steps over to the bar, dodging around a robot that looks to have a stiff foot joint.
Fern     "..I ain't gotta get those wires attached to my head to have this conversation, do I? Or get probed?" Fern asks before she stops herself, "Ah, mevermind. Not gonna block you," she says, swishing a hand at Shreya and Willow. "And I ain't rude," she notes while facing her food. "Just 'cause I say what other people think. I'm doing a public service." That's right. You're welcome.

    Fern snorts softly and looks at the food before her again, and she picks up a cricket between two fingers, hopping it to the side of the plate before it magiclaly jumps into her mouth, thanks to her hand helping. She crunches it harshly and swallows it down. "Told you. I got a real nice house. It don't even leak. -Ever-. Stays warm in the winter and cold in the summer, and it's got a hammock swing -inside-. I can sleep in a bed or the hammock. I got options.." She nods at that.

    When asked her name she eyes Gale a bit, then says, "Fern.." in a suspicious way. "But I gotta get back home now.. Thanks for the food," she adds as she swipes a little more to take with her. Fern's out of her seat and marching onward. "See you Monday!" she calls to Shreya on her way out, taking even more half-eaten food off another table along the way.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya eats her meal while Willow is serving others. Finishing she sits back with a sigh to wash it down with the wooden cup of whatever she is drinking. "No probes," she promises the spunky child. She then answers Gale. "Perhaps you will join me when I speak to Fern on Monday. All will be welcome." Did someone just give the zealot an invitation to preach? Yes that just happened. An unreasoning frown crosses her features as she eyes Abe for a second. She turns back to the departing Fern. "Atom keep you Fern."
Abe     "Coffee." he tells the bar, hoping it will tell Miss Kitty in turn. Something in that thick skull of his fires and he reels back to a proper sitting posture, doffing his hat and running his left hand over his hat-flattened bed-head, "Please, and an actual..." he begins turning his attention to Miss... His features freeze, stock still for a moment before they drain of the prior humor and a little bit of color. His attention drifts, panning away to sweep the room. Okay, so he was in the Gold Digger... The gimpy robot and other such what not made sure of that. His gaze returned swinging around to rest on Miss Willow. Slowly, a brow raised upwards, incredulity verging on credulity. His left hand rose from the bar, a finger pointing to Willow, "New?" he inquired.
Abigail Caine     "Well, I guess you've got it all worked out. House that leaks with a bad AND a hammock?" Both of Gale's brows furrow and then she gives a slow nod of her head. "Probably right, then. Should head alogn home befoe squatters try and move in." Gale takes to her feet now and takes a deep breath. "Name's Gale. Abigail Caine. and no problem. You're welcome to the crumbs 'round here anyway if you want to clear the tables. Which you're already doing anyhow. Little bit of extra effort and it's worth afew caps once in awhile so as Idon't have to do it. Just come by and grab me if that sounds good." Then she tugs on the brim of her hat and comes to her feet.
    Gale is moving toward the stares now in a fairly general way, moving with long, purposeful strides that bely the tense energy she seems to keep with her. "Evening. need a sling for that longarm of yours," Gale observes. The woman turns slightly to look between Abe and Jacqueline carefully.
    Then Gale is behind the bar and producing drinks. It won't take too long. "Coffee's shit but it's cheap and there's plenty," she tellls Abe. And to Jacqueline, "Evening. Looking to get a beer...?"
    Gale, tending bara. the Saloon is doomed.
Willow Caine Willow moves to pour the coffee as she eyes Abe, her lips curved into an impish grin. "I usually work upstairs honey, I'm Kitty's sister." She says, setting the coffee down in front of him. She leans in, offering another view of her impressive cleavage as she stows the rag. Her skirt makes a whispering sound against the floor as she moves back to her seat. She watches her sister tend bar and her lips quirk slightly as she tries to hold a laugh in.
Fern     Fern is still listening to Gale on her way to the door, and as she starts to pass through she hesitates, glancing back slightly to look at Gale for a split second. The offer for caps in exchange for cleaning off tables gets her to drop that upbeat march, drawing forth a thin line of her lips and a more serious expression. It's gone as quick as it showed, however, and Fern's out and back onto the street.
Jacqueline Not knowing Fern, but knowing what it's like to be hungry, Jackie just smiles and waves to the girl who's on her way out the door. Recognizing Abe only after a moment of looking, she offers a smile to him as well. "Hey, Scribe. How's life as a paymaster?"
Her attention strays to Gale as the woman addresses her. "Hmm? Oh, no, but thanks. I'll have a Sunset Sarsaparilla if you've got any cold," she replies, nodding. "Busy night?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stands. "The food was nourishing and I did enjoy it," she tells Gale. "I should have need of a room to rest these bones." A shy smile is shot toward Willow. "If you decide on that walk," Im sure you can find out which room Im given. A pleasure to meet you both, may the glow guide your paths."
Abe     Abe was not a stranger to upstairs. Abe lived upstairs. Upstairs was better than living in that damn gas station that Caldwell had laid claim to out north.

"Right." he acknowledged with a bob of his head, "Pleasure." he continued. His eyes are drawn, drawn to shadows where flesh converges. The other brow lifts upwards as he reaches out, hands closing around the cup of coffee and drawing it in. Something stuck in him and he elaborated. "To meet you, pleasure to meet you." He moved his left hand in some vague gesture. The momentary stiff, awkwardness slid off as he straightned his back and regarded gale, "Wonderful, cheap and plenty are two of my favorite things in just about everything!"

His head works on a swivel and finds Jacqueline. His smile brightens, teeth, a little crooked, a little grey. It's a warm if tired expression, "Fulfilling! Saved me a lot of trouble. Saved us all a lot of trouple." he confessed, "How're you, Miss Jacqueline?"
Abigail Caine     It doesn't take Gale much effort to give Shreya a room and point out the way up to it and then Gale is sliding a sunset sarsparilla across the bar to Jacqueline. "Good choice," the woman observes with a quiet smile. She looks Jackie over from head to toe, in a way that is more thoughtful than leering, and then those blue eyes turn upward once more to rest on the woman's face.
    "Busy enough to keep things running," Gale observes with a faint shrug. "But it's not so bad. One Sunset Sarsparilla it is." Gale even provides the service of bottle opening in cas that proves to be a concern.
    Abe's exuberance is met with a raised eyebrow but she nods. "Cheap shit is something to be excited over. Better than gold bricks." With that she goes and retrieves a cup of coffee. It's just a moment efore that is plonked down in front of Abe.
    Gale watchs Abe and Jacqueline from her place beside the bar. She takes a deep breath and then looks them both over one more time before flashing a very brief smile.
    "Wil, I've got the bar if you want to take a break."
Jacqueline "Thanks, Gale! It's good that you've got the business. Since the election, maybe it'll even pick up." Jackie claims the offered bottle, saluting the bartender with it, and takes a quick sip. She hasn't been here much lately, and has been missing this stuff.
She smiles, hearing Abe. "No kidding. They way they were looking at us, I wasn't sure we weren't going to be heading back to town unarmed, broke, and in our underwear. I think we all owe you one for that." She tries not to breathe too deeply when that coffee reaches him. The aroma might be a danger to any paint in the room. "Has there been any word from them about the north?"
Willow Caine Willow gazes at Abe, and it's clear that she's fighting the pull of laughter. She nods as he speaks and then corrects himself and with a slow shake of her head she walks past her twin sister, clapping her gently on the back. "Yeah, I'm gonna go take a bath. Don't burn down the place, okay? Kitty will kill you if you do."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya moves up the stairs. She thinks Willow must have heard her but there was no response. Of course a crowded bar is noisy. She heads upstairs to her room for the night.
Abe     Abe now has two cups of coffee. His attention shifts from one and then to the other. It takes a moment but he decides that this is not at all a bad thing. He sips from the first, gingerly. A lovely kick first thing in the morning. It was morning wasn't it? Sun must not have even risen yet. No, no, don't check your pip-boy Abe, that'll ruin the surprise.

"Never laid sight on a bar of gold but I imagine it's more trouble than it's worth." People have died and killed for less. Besides, science told him that gold was -heavy as hell-.

"Wouldn't that have just been a-" mixed blessing. You were about to crack wise about seeing two women stripped naked, McDonald. He hesitates, catching his tongue before it ran too far and got in trouble, "terrible walk home. Just terrible. Feet would have been shredded." he tried a bit of course correcting as he took another sip. Slow, ginger, only nips at a time lest it corrode his tongue. "No... but I've let my people know to leave them be. As for owing though, I accept unfounded praise and drinks... Speakin' of-" he eyes swing around towards Gale. Easier on the eyes and heart than her sister, "Irish this up a bit for me, Miss?" he inquired hefting his mug and giving it a inviting, but careful wiggle.

Wouldn't want it to harm Miss Kitty's good bar if it spilled.
Abigail Caine     "That was just the one time in thirty years, Wil. I think the Saloon'll survive me one more night. I lost my matches." Despite her words Gale gives her twin a nod and for a moment the two women meet gazes, exchanging more information in that second than words ever could.
    "Catch you later on," Gale finishes before turning back toward Jacqueline and Abe. "You're welcome, Jacqueline," Gale murmurs. She is pulling off her glasses and tucking them agianst her shirt once more before turning to face both of those in front of her and taking a deep breath.
    Gale is by no means less than pretty, she just goes out of her way to hide it- and in comparison with the vision that is the tiny Willow Caine simply does not compare. She's slender and athletic. And that broad-rimmed hat hides part of her features and sadows her face. "Sure," she agrees, bending to retrieve a bottle from beneath the bar carefully..
    "So what exactly did happen to you all out there?" Gale asks, looking between Jaqueline and Abe both as she speaks. "Sounds like you could've used a coffee to throw at them." She rolls her eyes.
Jacqueline Jackie stifles a smile, having some idea of what might've come out of Abe's mouth if he'd let it. "It really would've been terrible. Considering the damage I've done just trying to get across the workshop floor in the dark, I'm glad we didn't have to come back barefoot all those miles. I like my tootsies unmangled!" She spares an eye for the coffee. "Putting in an all-nighter?"
She waves to the departing Willow, then nods to Gale, stifling a smile. "Well, the Scribe here could probably tell it better than me, but... we came across a group of mercenaries. I don't know what possessed Joe to label them as raiders; I don't know how they could've been taken for anything but soldiers of some kind. They were wearing US Army green, they had guards set up on their very professional-looking camp... everything screamed /troops/, not hooligans. Though their attitude was very raider-y. Like I said, I feared for our safety. And stuff."
She takes another sip of sarsaparilla. "Turns out Mayor Solomon had hired them for an expedition someplace. They never would say where. But they were in a mean mood: He was not only constantly delaying the trip, but he'd stiffed them 6000 credits on their contract. I had the feeling they'd take their back pay out of the area's unprotected folks if somebody didn't pay them. That's... maybe another thing we should bring to the new Mayor. I don't know if we could stop them if they took it into their heads to raid the town... or other towns."
Abe     "God bless you." there is some honest reverence and thanks in The Scribes less-than serious tones as he rests the cup on the bar, inching it towards her. His attention rests on the pitch black-brown fluid that resides within as his awareness recedes into thought. His head bobs along with Jacqueline's report, notes of affirmation and agreement. "I was just lucky I still had a good couple of caps on me. Managed to put enough down that they were happy to sit on their asses and do a bit of scrub work on my behalf." he furthered, adding just a bit more. "I should have known it was going to be trouble when your Nephew wasn't able to make it, though..." his voice trailed off.

"Still, came out right in the wash!" He brightend, straightening his posture once more, "They had a good fight in Quhaog, might tide them over 'til I can scratch up a bit more and find some other nonsense for them to do or just let them decide to head back home."
Abigail Caine     "Well, shit," Gale rsponds in quiet mutter to Jacqueline'sword.s. She shakes her had a couple times and then breathes another of those heavy, longsuffering sighs as she does. "Figures. Somehow the only mercenaries we ever seem to find are half-trained raiders. Of course Solomon had a random army in his backpocket. And why would he pay them? They only kill people for money. Not a problem for a vampire, I guess."
    Gale squints now and then takess a deep breath as she turns to survey the room at large. "I'll talk to KC, see if I can make anything out of it,"Gale murmurs. "Maybe we can put up some kind of a defense at least." There's a moment where Gale looks between the two in front of her and pauses for a moment.
    "Well, someone once told me that the phrase 'may you live in interesting times' was a curse. I'm starting to get where they were coming from." Now Gale too has a drink, which she sips on heavily.
Jacqueline "I think the countryside at large owes you a big one, Scribe," Jackie says gratefully. "I don't think me paying for tonight's coffee and flavoring is gonna pay that back, but... call it a start?" She lays a few caps on the counter for Abe's order, sliding them over to Gale.
The bartender's words sum it up pretty well. Jackie just nods soberly. "I hope so. I'm not sure how many troops are in a company, but it looked like they had quite a few. There were a lot of tents set up in that camp."
Abe     KC...? It takes a moment for it to click in Abe's mind. He's got a joke burning a hole in the back of his brain for that one... It is not as funny as he thinks.

"At least there's plenty of work to be had." Abe muses as he takes another sip of a now... Lets call it Whiskoffee. Coffsky? We'll work-shop it later. The whiskey took a bit of the edge off of it.

"You keep that up and I'm going to blush." Abe faux-admonished Jacqueline "Then this whole Tough-Guy image I'm trying to cultivate's going right in the shitter. Don't need everyone thinking I'm just another, dashingly handsome jackass with a heart of gold."
Abigail Caine     "Don't worry," Gale informs Abe quietly at his last statement, shrugging her shoulders slightly as she does so. "No one actually thinks that." With a shrug the small woman then glances down at her drink, frowns, and sniffs the bottle. Gale grimaces and then shrugs and takes another swig of it. The short woman shrugs her shoulders slightly and then turns t look between the two of them. "A company is way too many," she observes, nodding at what Jacqueline has had to say. "We'll take care of it one way or another." With that said she simply goes back to her drinking.
Jacqueline "Well... keep talking. That's the fastest way I know for you to shatter any illusions people may form," Jackie advises Abe in her best mock-serious voice, trying not to smile and wreck the sangfroid. "But I'm still paying for the coffee. It's only fair."
She looks back to Gale. "I hope you're right. But enough about depressing stuff. Have you found any more books lately? I've been striking out on those, my last few trips out."
Abe     Abe looses a quiet, mock-cry of pain, clutching his chest and reeling back as if shot. "Medic!" he strains, features contorted in a grimace... before it abruptly drops, "Wait, the first part or the second?" he inquires curiously. Jacqueline gets her boots in on it too. He makes a strained groan and then slumps onto the bar. Done in.

"Appreciated." he utters a moment later, springing back to life as he righted himself in a slow, languid motion. Life restored through the base necromancy that was the coffee.

"Books?" he intruded.
Abigail Caine     "Well, it's the combination of both," Gale observes, squinting faintly as she does so.. The small woman then takes a deep breath an dshakes her head, sipping on her alcohol. "I'll give you another shot," she offers then, tipping the glass to pour some of the booze into Abe's 'coffee'. "Better than any medic for a wound like this one."
    Then Jacqueline turns the conversation to books and Gale slowly shakes her head, spreading her fingers on the edge of the bar while her right hand clasps her glass. She does this a few times before taking a deep breath.
    "Yeah. Books. Paper. Stuff written on 'em. Burn too quickly for a good fire," Gale repliest o Abe, shrugging. "No, I haven't found anything in awhile.. Already read all the ones I did have. Some'll turn up, though."
Jacqueline Jackie playfully fakes patting down Abe's 'corpse' for loot. But not for long: The brew has him up and around in seconds. "I guess the coffin varnish is stronger than usual tonight," she says mock-regretfully. "I had my eyes on that Pip-Boy, too... Guess I'll just have to scav one of my own."
She looks back to Gale. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll keep looking, promise. Maybe with what's going on in Quahog, there's be more interest up north. A lot of that region's gone untouched for quite a while."
Abe     "Ah, a saint!" he venerated her, extending his cup with reverence. Another sip sat his wounded, bruised, and looted ego the tender care it needed.

Or at least made it forget it's short comings.

Pulling his pip-boy protectively close, he leaned away from Jackie's vulturing, "S'what I had to do!" he proclaimed.

There were plenty of Blue Suits that took their first steps out into the world... and then never quite took their second ones. Robvo pip-boys were built to last. Vault Dwellers, not so much, not all of them.

For now, he lapsed, enjoying his own drink, the whiskey mellowing it further, allowing him to take deeper drinks.
Abigail Caine     Gale watches as Abe is calming down and slowlly shakes her head. She takes a breaht, holds it for a seocnd, and then pauses as she considers what she is going to say next. There;s not much apparentlly becaause the first thing she does is look over at Jackie and give her a polite nod. "Isn't no matter. Not much call for reading wen there is this much work to be done," the woman says rather seriously.
    Afterward Gale sets aside her bottle and then tns, moving through the dining room toward a set of tables son the far side. Another glance at the pair she had been conversing with and then Gale is going about the task of cleaning up. She wipes the table, straightens a chair, and curses softly when she manages to get splinters from a chair leg that had been chipped against the bar floor. Gale's expression is stern as she works. She might be using the tiem to think... It's hard to tell. Epecially with the hat she doesn't give a lot to go off of.
Jacqueline Jackie stifles a smile, letting Abe get out of her reach easily. "On the plus side, you've been lucky enough to find one. It's always sad, knowing that what anyone finds came from someone else's misfortune. Not that it stops anyone from claiming it, but it's still sad."
She watches as Gale goes to work, frowning a little in concern. "Need a hand? That's a lot to clean."
Abe     "Such is life." Abe reports. Gravity plucks at him, trying to drag him towards a maudlin refrain... But he has not drank nearly enough to wax poetic or fool himself into thinking of philosphy!

Instead, he spots G.I. Caine setting about getting busy... and Jackie offering aid.


"I think that's enough to set me right!" he reports slipping from his stool and collecting a cup in either hand. "I will leave you both to it!"
Abigail Caine     "I think I can manage one table, Jacqueline," Gail responds firmly,, looking up from where she is kneeling beside the damaged chair. She shakes her head, dropping her left hand to her side and maneuvering items with the right. Then Gale takes a deep breath. "I guess if you want to grab the plates that could be pretty helpful. Wipe up a bit?" she allows in a quiet voice.
    "Evening," Gale calls, wavingto Gale before turning to finishing the task at hand. With Jackie's help it isn't going to take long to get this table done. Gale flexes the fingers of her left hand a few times as he straightens and adjusts her gloves. "Am I going to see you around town more...?" She asks slowly. "You've basically been gone since the Solomon debacle. Not that I can blame you."
Jacqueline Jackie stifles a chuckle, hearing Abe after seeing him look in Gale direction. "Take care, Scribe. Let me know if you need someone to go along next time you visit your employees up north!"
She looks back to Gale, slipping from her stool and leaving her shotgun leaning against the bar. "Can do!" she replies, scooping up a couple dishes from the table and balancing them carefully. Another quickly joins those. "Me? Well... I've still got a lot of work to do in the shop. With everything that's going on, I can't make any promises. But I'll try to be in town more."
Abe      Turning on a heel, Abe offered... a odd salute, bringing one mug up to his brow before lowering it, "Will do!" he reports before lowering the ceramic cup, "You two take care." and then he's headed up the stairs.
Abigail Caine     "How is that bike of yours comng along?" Gale asks as she straightens and brushes off the legs of her uniform with careful motions. She glances around quickly for the three hundredth time then frowns, tilting her head as she does.
    "Looks like one more table and then I can get out of here too. Walk with me?" Gale doesn't hesitate in making her way toward the nex table n the line. This one is larger and the much more flthy for it. She wrinkles er nose but doesn't hesitate to get to work.
    "Maybe I should come by and dvisit you once in awhile. Might be nice being the one being a nuisance for once."
Jacqueline "Slowly," Jackie replies, setting her load of dishes on the back edge of the bar, out of the way of any customers. "I'm hoping to be done in a couple months, but finding the right parts is taking a lot of looking."
She moves to assist Gale with the next table, beginning to gather up dishes again. "Wait... I'm helping you with this on top of paying for the Scribe's coffee and my own sarsaparilla, and I'm a nuisance?" she asks, trying not to smile. "If you'd rather clean this table yourself, just keep talking like that. I've got stuff to do too, ya know."
Abigail Caine     "Damn right you're a nuisance," Gale grumps. "Always coming in here wanting to talk about your stuff and your books'n things. And then you leave give me five minutes peace then here you are again. Worst part is..." Gale takes a deep breath and then turns to face Jacqueline properly for a moment. "I missed having you come by."
    With that admission Gale takes a deep breath and moves to wipe down the table with her usual care and precision, and once this is done she breathes a sigh and tosses the rag aside. "Don't tell anyone I've gone soft or there'll probably be a fucking riot," she grumbles very quietly.
    Finally she turns toward the door and watches it with her lips lightly pursed. Gale is going somewhere. It's just that the 'where' of it has yet to be determined.
Jacqueline "And your stuff, and your books... a lot of which I found," Jackie reminds Gale, trying not to giggle at this point. Though she does go quiet when Gale gets serious.
That was a thought-provoking moment. Jackie looks carefully at Gale, trying to decipher the look on her face and her words. "I wouldn't... but I don't know what you mean by 'gone soft'. It hasn't been that long."
Abigail Caine     "Lot of people didn't come home after all of that bullshit went down," Gale responds slowly, biting her bottom lip. "I don't usually tell them I cared. Sometimes I count the faces coming in to the Saloon, though. They change alot more'n they used to."
    With that statement Gale straightens slightly and then glances over at Jacqueline, offering her a hint of a wry smile. "Welcome to take a walk with me. One of the girls can cover and I want to get out of here before something happens and I just need to come back and wipe down all the tables again."
    Gale starts to walk at that point. She doesn't actually look back as she goes.
Jacqueline "Well, I should drop off these dishes," Jackie says after a long moment's thought. She hurries to the counter, sets down the second load on top of the first, then catches up her shotgun and moves to catch up with the departing Gale.
She glances back into the saloon, then speaks her mind. "The town's changing again, that's for sure. I know the tax issue made things pretty ugly, and then finding out about what was happening outside of town... it's a lot to adjust to. How are you holding up, so far? I have a feeling we're not done yet."
Abigail Caine     Despite the appearance that she was simply going to leave Gale turns out to be waiting outside when Jackie does finally catch up to her. She takes a deep breath and glances around, her eyes eventually coming to sit o n a puddle of mud. From the smell it probably isn't water. She stares at it for a second and then slowly shakes her head.
    "Holding up a lot better than all the folks who aren't anyway," Gale offers helpfully. She bites her bottom lip. She seems to be having trouble maintaining her usual irascible expression and casual distance. Her gruff voice just isn't quite as severe. Gale takes a deep breath and then adds, "I just want to get those fuckers taken care of so we can go back to drinking and scavving like civilized people." Another terse shrug follows.
    "But I don't see that there's anything we can do about that now," the owman finishes softly, her voice continuing to soften. "So we might as well go see if we find something interesting. How are you holding up, for that matter? Sounds like things've gone fairly well." Now Gale is walking, vaguely toward the nearby road which would lead the way out of the town.
Jacqueline "Well... I was in the middle of part of it," Jackie admits. "When something's staring you in the face, you do what you have to and deal with the aftermath when it gets there. I'm still dealing. I mean, the misuse of all the money that Solomon took in... and finding out it was going towards a mercenary company that's from the east? Wow."
She looks over at Gale, a little of the fear of that day coming into her face. "It was sure a shock to see that camp. I mean, all those armed people in once place... and he could've had /anything/ in mind for them. Whatever he found wherever they were going, it wasn't going to be for our benefit, not El Dorado's. If that was the case, he could've held a fundraising rally and asked for local volunteers. Instead he hires a bunch of outsiders. Everything I find out about him paints an uglier and uglier picture."
She shakes her head, pinching the bridge of her nose. "I think I'm still dealing with it, honestly. I'm trying. But it really is a lot to take in."
Abigail Caine     Gale nods briefly, listening to Jackie's story carefully. Her features remain rather solemn, even as she reaches up and removes the hat for a moment. There's a young woman under there, a pretty brunette wit hwide blue yes that are usually hidden by her squinting and choice of accoutrement. As if to emphasize this Gale pulls her sunglasses up from her shirt collar and puts them on once more.
    "I know exactly what you mean," the woman concludes finally. She reaches out to Jacqueline- with her left hand- and makes to gently take hers into it, moving as slowly and deliberately as she can manage. "It's hard to take it all in at once. it's okay not to get it for a moment. Take a deep breath."
    "There's no one at the gates of town at least," Gale continues quietly, whether or not her hand was rebuffed. "Want to wander ouside a bit? Might stumble on something we missed.. Or an excuse to go swimming. Who knows?"
Jacqueline Jackie had almost forgotten the face that Gale so often hides, and she watches as that hat comes off. The surprise is when her hand is taken, even so gently, and she glances down at the unexpected touch. But she doesn't pull away. "I'm just glad for the quiet, now that we've gotten it. I don't think it'll last long, but while it's here..."
She lets the words trail off. "While it's here, it can't hurt to look around out there. Even if we don't find anything, that doesn't mean there's nothing to see." Squeezing Gale's hand in the manner of an old friend, she moves to accompany the taller girl. It /is/ a lot to take in. But with time, maybe she will.