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Katherine Caine Not long after starting to settle into the Mayor's Office, Katherine had sent out word for someone to go find Stockton Volkner who had been written down by SOMEONE or noted SOMEWHERE as a possible candidate for Sheriff.

When Stockton arrives, Katherine is sitting behind the desk, not looking uncomfortable but already looking like the paperwork involved in actually running the town properly was very overwhelming.
Stockton Stockton walks into the Mayor's office with spurs jingling. The broad shouldered man tries not to loom too much when he reaches the desk and the woman behind it. There's a cluck of his tongue and he whistles low at the mounds of paperwork. "Regrettin' it yet?" he asks of the older woman.
Katherine Caine "Not yet, can almost see why Solomon thought taking the money and running would have been easier than actually, you know, doing the job." Katherine replied with a smile as she picked up a sheriff's badge sitting on the desk, "Heard you might be interested in the job, it's yours, so long as you track down Solomon and bring him back here to stand trial for what he did."
Stockton Stockton glances down at the badge and then back to Kitty with a slow appearing feral smile. "Wit pleasure, ma'am. I'll gather the posse," he says while reaching out for the piece of metal. Affixing it to the vest over his chestplate, he adjusts it a little and perks a brow, "An' if he resists and all I can bring back is a body?"
Katherine Caine "While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I don't expect you to go out there and find Solomon today or tomorrow, or even the day after. If he was that easy to find, someone would have found him and put a bullet in his head already. He needs to stand trial for what he's done and provide answers, look up any leads you can find but making sure this city has an actual sheriff is the most important thing right now." Katherine explained as she handed the badge over to Stockton.
Stockton Stockton grumbles a little bit even as he nods, "Yeah, I hear yah. I'll do what I can. I want answers bad as you." He glances out the window and looks at the city. "Y'think we can fix it, Kitty? Y'think we can clean El Dorado and shore 'er up before the Horde gets here in force?"
Katherine Caine Katherine looked out the window with a sense of uncertainty, "We can only hope and try our best to see that our hope isn't misplaced. I have faith you'll do a good job as Sheriff."
Stockton Stockton grins back at her and nods, "And you'll do just fine as Mayor," he reassures her with that crooked smile. Pushing his Stetson up, he glances at his horse as she stamps a few times at him seeing him in the window. "We'll do our best," he repeats and pushes away from the window to return to the desk. "Lemme know if you need anythin," a beat, "Mayor."