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Owner Pose
Iris Lark It's dark outside and the clinic is empty, which is unusual. Iris hasn't been truly alone since she came to El Dorado, there has always been someone somewhere nearby, but tonight it seems as if people are healthy or busy elsewhere. The dark haired healer sits in a dim corner of the main room, gazing at something in her hand, her body unmoving except to breathe quietly.
Tina There is a soft knock at the door of the clinic, followed by Tina stepping inside and closing the door behind her. "Hello? Is anyone here?" She begins to walk slowly through the clinic complex, looking around. "Hello?" she calls, and her voice answers her in echo. She can't help giggling. "Wow... cute echo!"
Iris Lark Iris gazes over towards the door, her lips pursed as she nibbled on her bottom lip. "I'm over here, Sister." She calls out, waving from the shadowed corner. "Are you injured?" She asks as she pushes slowly to her feet.
Tina "Hello? Miss Iris?" Tina calls back, still giggling at the echoes she's raising. "I really must love the sound of my own voice!" As she reaches the doorway, she peers inside at the slender woman. "Oh, here you are! I was beginning to think I was hearing things... it sure felt like I was the only person here for a bit. And I'm not hurt, no. I meant to come by here several hours ago, but I had some work that wouldn't wait. This was the soonest I could come by. How are you, Miss Iris? And why are you back in that dark corner like that?" she asks, head tilting to one side quizzically.
Iris Lark "Everything was closing in on me, and it felt better to sit back here." Iris says, walking towards Tina with a slight smile on her face. She tucks whatever was in her hand in her pocket and she loops arms with the Nun and leads her towards her office. "Would you like some tea? I found some flowers that might make a likely brew when I was out scavving earlier."
Tina "Closing in on you? Oh my... that sounds terrible! Are you sure you are all right, Miss Iris?" Tina asks, rushing over to Iris in concern. She lets Iris take her arm and lead her toward the office, though she also gently rubs the back of Iris's hand as she is led. "It sounds good... it was a long walk over. Though I am more worried about you than my thirst. Have you had a bad day?"
Iris Lark "Been having nightmares, but that's nothing new really." Iris says, smiling over at Tina as she releases her arm when they come to a chair. "I've been thinking too much as well. Isn't that a fine thing? You can think up a solution, but while you're doing it you question everything along the way?" She puts water on to heat and pulls two flowers from a box on a shelf. She deposits both of them into cups and eyes the water as she waits for it to boil.
Tina "Nightmares are awful things. I'm not sure what might help with something like that, though I truly wish I was," Tina muses, taking a seat in the chair, careful of the hem of her robes. "What is this solution that has you questioning everything? Perhaps I can help lay the questions to rest."
Iris Lark "I just.." Iris sighs and takes a seat on a chair near Tina, curling her legs under her. "I'm still getting used to being here, having all of this. I still wake up sometimes and forget where I was." She picks at a loose thread on her jeans, her lips pursed as she tries to figure out her words. "I was thinking of trying to be alone more, because I kind of depend on people overmuch."
Tina "That doesn't sound so bad... it is quite normal to have friends you rely upon to help you through the rough patches in life," Tina says thoughtfully. "Do you fear suddenly being taken away from here, from them?" she asks, her tone still thoughtful as she ponders Iris's words. "May I ask where you were, to fear such things, or to fear something else so?" she asks, looking at Iris with concern-filled eyes.

Noting the loose thread, she rises and moves closer. "I can get that for you. It will only take a moment."
Iris Lark "I.." Iris suddenly looks nervous as Tina starts asking questions and the Healer gets to her feet to get the hot water. "I ..uhm..I was taken a few times. Sort of, but do we have to talk about that?" She asks as she brings the water closer, pouring it into both of the cups.
Tina "Not if you don't want to," Tina replies gently. "I am used to helping by trying to find solutions, but if the matter is too close for comfort, it is only natural to soothe your wounded feelings instead." She watches the water flow into the nearer of the two cups, seeming to lose herself for a moment in the movements of the vapors rising from the hot water.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at her feet as she settles back down on the seat. "It's okay Tina, I appreciate you trying to help, truly." She picks up her cup and takes a sip. "Maybe one day we can discuss it, and you can try to help? Why don't you tell me how you've been, how are things in town?"
Tina Tina takes up her own cup, staring into the steam for a long moment. "If I can help when that day comes, I will, and gladly. As for me, I have been in good health, though the troubles in town have not gone away. I remain hopeful that the money stolen by the Mayor and his thugs can be recovered someday soon. The Church continues to try to help those impoverished by the taxes. Your donation was most helpful in that effort, I'll add. Thank you again for your generosity. I think it is this spirit of helping one another that will help El Dorado weather this trouble."