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Ashram A handful of the Lone Star Caravan's more beaten down chugging cars and trucks stops at its usual spot, outside of the city grounds, and they're dropping off some conventional supplies and some bizarre ones. Did they go to the Vault in El Dorado?! Cargo haulers and cargomasters go about their business, with a couple of guardsmen. They didn't expect too much trouble out here, not on the usual trip, especially with the successes over the bandits lately.

One of those guardsmen looks less than well, though, with a soaked-through bandage wrapped around his left arm that looks like it needs another fresh one. He's got sweaty black hair, a beard that looks meaner associated with his tanned skin, varied weaponry and ... is that a Batman shirt? Was he a hero at Gohauq?
Emily When the caravan arrives and goes about it's packing and unpacking of goods, Emily is on her way over to meet one of the cargomasters, a short conversation is exchanged between the two for several minutes as the young woman negotiates passage on the return trip to El Dorado.

The conversation concluded, appearently satisfactory to both, Emily is on her way to the main body of the caravan, and ends up settling in beside the wounded guardsman, "Heya." She says over to the man, "Trouble on the trip out here? That wound looks kinda nasty." She says with a little scrunch of her nose.
Ashram Even though he's seriously injured, the shadowy man still keeps his attention primed to everything around him. Sharp eyes like steel, that guy. So he notices the woman walking over and gives her a tired smile. "Happened in a battle a few days ago. I took a slash from some curved sword. Wicked thing, crazy sharp, and it took me near to the bone. Haven't found a healer for it yet.
Emily "I'm Emily." She greets him, nodding her head oever so slightly as she eyes the bandaged would a little, "I just signed on to ride back with you guys, I'll be doing some other chores, but I can try and look after your cut a bit on the trip" She offers, "At least keep it from going sour on the trip."

"It must hurt an awful lot." Emily says after several moments looking him over, "Are you resting well, the day on the road must have been rather unpleasant as well. Maybe I can do something about that as well, depending."
Ashram "Ashram Wallace." Ashram grins askew before he winces, grunts and bends down a little. "Nngh. Yeah. Obviously. I can take a lot of punishment but that one hurt *hard*. I'm starting to think if I shouldn't learn a little bit of healing myself, for the lighter stuff than this, since it's probably going to happen more often." He smiles with a gleam of stoic strength in his eyes. "Won't go sour. I'm sure of that much. Got a strong as Hell immune system in me. Rest contributes to that, though it has been rough of late."
Emily "I've seen plenty of strong stubborn sorts say the same exact thing." Emily says with a slight laugh at that, "And at least how to change a bandage maybe?" she says with a little grin.

"But, like I said, I can help you get some real rest if you want, but it may cost a few caps.. depending just what sort of help I give you, Mr. Wallace."
Ashram "Have you?" Ashram says with amusement. "Ah, maybe I've just been lucky, and that could up and run out at any moment. Kinda have a hunch it might, in fact, so it's best to be prepared. Caps aren't a problem in the slightest, I'll take whatever help you can provide me."
Emily "MmmnHmmn. More times then I care to recall actually." Emily says at that, "But being lucky's important, isn't it?" she adds, "Hope your luck stays true. So." She hmmns softly, "Why don't you set aside forty caps then, and I'll come by your tent this evening and we can sort out your little sleeping problem somehow. How's that sound?" the young woman suggests as she glances over at the wounded caravan guard.
Ashram Ashram nods, closes his eyes, leans his head back on the hood of the truck. "Forty. I'll do that. I look forward your visit, then, Emily."