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Owner Pose
Harlan      Harlan has some knowledge of construction.. and more importantly, he's got a keen eye for good craftsmanship. A lot of effort had been poured into this shop, but some of it was.. well a bit rushed. So now the old man with a lot of pride in work well done was pouring over the details. Currently, he's focused on smoothing out the patch jobs on the walls and adding a little extra paint here and there.
Iris Lark Iris is sat on the floor, in front of the counter, sewing something quietly. The place was really coming together, and while it was a mishmash effort the end result was very professional looking. The Healer seems distracted by whatever she is sewing so she hasn't struck up conversation yet.
Harlan      Harlan finishes up with a little dab of paint and offers a little grunt of self-approval. He then turns and wipes his forehead with his forearm. "What's going on, Doc? You seem lost in your head."
Iris Lark "I've got a lot on my mind." Iris says, as she pulls the cloth up to bite at the thread and tie it off. "I'm making some curtains for the windows here. Nothing fancy, just something to keep the worst of the glare out." She smiles up at Harlan and her eyes take in the work he's been doing. "This looks great, those little touch ups did a lot."
Eden Eden walks in "Looks Iris, are you feeling better since the last time I saw you? The place is looking great!"
Harlan      Harlan beams proudly. "Well thanks.. and I bet you do got a lot on your mind.. it all full of the ways of healin' and such." He puts aside a paint brush and sets his hands upon his hips. "Hope you get out and have fun every now and then doc. You seem like an awfully hard worker.. I am one too.. recognize my own kind.. just becareful you don't go burning yourself out." He turns toward Eden and offers her a brief nod in greeting.
Iris Lark Iris holds up her bandaged arm, no longer blood. "I did get someone to look at it, and it's feeling a lot better. Sore still, but you'll have that." She says to Eden, giving the woman a dazzling smile. She gazes slowly back at Harlan and she slowly gets to her feet, shrugging. "I don't get out much, but that's not so much because I'm always's more that I'm a bit shy."
Eden Eden smiles back at Iris "So glad to hear it. I'vve been super worried. You are my first friend here, after all" Looks over to Harlan "Hi there!"
Harlan      "Shy, huh? You and I continue to be a lot alike.. Easier to focus on your work and figure it out instead of figuring out people, huh?" Harlan comments.

"Glad you are on the mend.. Does that Achilles fellow help you out of your shell? That's how it worked with me and my Harley, may she rest in peace." He nods with a little sigh.
Iris Lark Iris leans against the counter and offers Harlan a slight grin. "You hit it on the nose, it's hard to be shy around people when you're fingers are in their innards. You talk because you have to." She glances away at the mention of Achilles and after a moment or two she nods at Harlan, but elects not to say anything about it. "Harley is a pretty name, was she your wife?"
Eden Eden notices the glance.. but doesn't want to push or pry. Turns to listen to Harlan's story- Thinking 3 shy people talking is kinda sweet
Harlan "Yea, she was.. A real jewel of the wastes. Beautiful and out going. A natural born saleswoman. We made the perfect pair business wise. NO idea why she put up with me as a husband though." He takes a screw driver to a nearby shelf and tightens a few screws.

"Sometimes we get lucky.. Sometimes we don't I guess." He chuckles with a head shake.
Iris Lark "I'm glad that you found happiness Harlan, and I'm sorry it was too brief." Iris says, touching her chest over her heart as she says it. She clears her throat and picks up the fabric she was sewing and slowly makes her way towards the windows. "Yeah, sometimes things work out in your favor, other times...not so much."
Eden eden wishes she had words to comfort... doesn't. everyone has had so much loss she can't even fathom. quietly "so what do we need now?"
Harlan "When we find something good, its best to latch onto it while it stays good.. Never know how much time you really have, you know? I've got no regrets. Loved her and my children while I had 'em." He continues.

"Brief or not.. Happiness is happiness. Sounds like you understand that though. Probably preaching to the choir. You seem like a wise woman."

He glances toward Eden at the question. "Oh.. probably things to start putting on display, I'd say."
Iris Lark "Not so wise, if I was, I'd have found a way to get out of the situation I was in before I had to be rescued." Iris says, walking over to the counter. She pulls a rucksack from behind it and thumps it on the flat surface. "I think between all of VT6 we'll have no problems stocking this place. I'll see about getting cold drinks, maybe talk to the Mayor about that. I wonder how much she has in storage in the Saloon."
Harlan "Wisdom is a funny thing.. When you get into trouble because of a lack of it.. and you live.. You get more of it." He chuckles then nods as he pulls a hand through his beard.

"Yea, we'll stock it up nicely. I can bang out some armor for display to add to the pot."
Eden Eden says "well i don't have much in the way of stuff." pauses "I'm kind of not really sure what to do with myself"
Iris Lark "I have a few things, but I always try to give the team an option for them before I put them up for sale. I honestly give away more than I sell. You all probably shouldn't trust me when it comes to sales pitches." Iris says, an abashed grin on her face. "I just..don't have a lot of use for money."
Eden Eden says "do you have all the equipment and tools you need for your clinic? there's a use for money"
Harlan "Well, that's what a team is for. Yea? Things move a little more smoothly when we are talking in terms of helping each other out and making each us better at what we do, yea? Caps can get in the way of that." He leans against the counter and crosses his broad arms.

"That said, Caps are important. Supplies and such.. They just shouldn't be the end all be all, you know?"
Iris Lark "I just loan mine out when someone needs it." Iris says, smiling at Harlan. "That being said, if either of you uses energy weapons or needs a way to see at night, let me know. I have some things that might be useful for either of you."
Eden Eden says "Better leave those to people who could use them better. mostly, I need training before I attempt to go anywhere. The other night proved that! There is this guy in town that says he wants to train me though. Really tall, wears a bedsheet"
Harlan Harlan chuffs a laugh at 'Wears a bedsheet'. "That sounds like a really interesting fella' you found there... And yep, training's a good thing. What kind of trainin' you looking for?"

e peers toward Iris. "Heavy weapons and melee weapons are more of my way of things." He flexes a thick arm. "Seeing at night might be useful, but I'm not planning on anything specifically which would require such."
Lucky Walking in to the general store is none other than the elusive Lucky! The kid had been gone since the incident with the mayor and now seems to have returned. His right arm was slung across his chest and casted with little fingers sticking out of holes. He carries his normal suave attitude and a happy smile.
Iris Lark Iris eyes Harlan for a bit and after a moment she tentitively asks. "So like, clubs and the like? I have some of those, Alice has us keep them in case we run into someone or something that needs to be subdued rather than completely wrecked." She raises a shoulder in a shrug. "If you want a look at them, let me know." She steals a glance at Eden and tilts her head slightly. "Yes, what kind of training are you going to get into?"
Eden Eden says "mostly a bit of self defense. Maybe how to shoot? Tried to go out with a group. Mostly wound up wasting bullets and hiding behind a car. A bit embarassing really. Can't find stuff to fix and sell unless I go out, but don't want to be a useless tagalong, ya know?"
Iris Lark "Well Eden, if I come across anything that I think you can use, I'll hold it for you anyway." Iris says, moving to give Eden a quick side hug. "You never know what I might find when I'm out rummaging in the dirt."
Harlan He side-glances Iris then listens and nods, "I've got a sledgehammer I can use in those situations. Likely better then a club. Appreciate it though. Thing I'm mostly interested in is quality scrap and gunsmithing tools."

He eyes Eden momentarily and nods, "Yea, can't help you there.. unless you want to start playing with machine-guns or fightin' with a knife."

He peers toward Lucky as he enters and gives the kid a nod recognizing him from the fight.
Lucky Walking over to the group, Lucky gives a slight wave with his left hand as he says, "How is everyone?"
Eden Eden says "thanks! and, well... fighting with a knife wouldn't be a bad thing to learn. Guns do run out of bullets." waves at lucky "Hi there!"
Iris Lark Iris raises both brows as she studies Eden. "A knife is okay, but you have to get awfully close to someone to stab them." She wrinkles her nose and walks back towards the fabric puddled on the floor and sinks to her knees where she begins to sew again. "I don't like getting close to something I might have to injure, personal quirk I think."
Harlan "Doing right fine now that I've met all these fine folks.. and have got myself a purpose and a thing to work towards." He nods firmlyto Lucky and peers toward Eden rubbing his hand through his beard.. his eyes narrowing.

"If you've got an interest, we can practice with sticks sometime. I can give you a few pointers and such.. Should be a lst resort though, if it's not your callin'." He runs his hands down the front of his shirt and trousers wiping out a few specks of paint from his fingers. "I agree with you there, Iris.. I know how to fight, but I'd rather be creating then destroying.. If only the world were are kinder place."
Alice The sound of a car could be heard outside of the General Store, pretty unmistakeable once you've heard it before and Alice came rushing in excitedly, leaving Vautmeat and O.V.E.R. 9000 outside of the car, "Guess what guys!" She cried out excitedly, "I found this place and it's full of awesome stuff and you guys can go get it all with me and we can put it in the car and we can bring it back here!"
Lucky Glancing to Eden, Lucky smiles brighter. "Hello! How are you?" He asks calmly, walking over to her. "Names Lucky by the way." He adds, hand extending out to her. His attention is robbed by Alice as she walks in exclaiming about a sight with loot that could be brought back here. "I.. love to Alice, but" He raises the cast arm slightly in the sling "Bit out of commission."
Harlan Harlan walks behind the counter and produces a small package wrapped in ruin paper with a few speckles of paint on its exterior. He then struts over to Alice and extends it toward her suspended in his calloused fingers.

"I'm down for places of awesomeness, and gettin' more things. Here's a gift for ya though. Found it out in the waste. Seemed up your alley." He wiggles the package then drops it in her hands.
Iris Lark "I'm up for adventure as well." Iris says, offering Alice a happy smile. "As always, you rumble in and I follow closely behind." She hefts her rucksack and slings it over her shoulder. "So what did you find again?"
Eden Eden peers over curiously "Hello alice, nice to see you! Suppose you don't want anyone looking at your enigine yet... "
Alice "Don't be such a baby Lucky, it's just an arm. You have /two/." Alice said as she rolled her eyes and gave Eden and Iris hugs, "Sure, you can go take a look if you want Eden and I found a---OH MY GOSH WHAT!"

SHe was totally distracted by the Holodisk in hand and looked ready to spaz, "Oh my gosh, thank you, thank you thank you!" She gave Harlan a big hug to, anxious to put her first holodisk in her pip-boy!
Iris Lark Iris eyes Lucky and after a few moments she sighs and speaks up. "If you'd like I can look at your arm and see if I have anything that might at least keep you from being in pain." She gazes down at her feet and scuffs a booted foot softly. "If you don't want me to, that's fine as well, there are a few people who would only rather be treated only by one specific doctor."
Harlan      Harlan lets out a boisterous laugh and returns the hug.

"Ah, you are welcome, Alice. Sure you'll come up with all sorts of good ideas to keep us all coordinated and such usin' that disk. Also, I've got one for heavy weapons in my Pip if we ever need to swap.. maybe next time you decided to start shootin' rockets."He glances between Iris and Lucky.

"She's good and real steady hand kid. Already patched me up once.. You turn her down, you are a damned fool."
Eden Eden looks away from the holodisk stunned "why wouldn't anyone want an awesome dr like you? Don't wanna push or anything but, what's gotcha down? you ok?"
Lucky Blinking once, then twice Lucky coughs as his head shakes. "Alice, this is my trigger finger.. No good for fighting. Scavenging? Sure." He replies with a smile.

Looking to Iris, he nods his head and proceeds over to her. Wrapping his arms around her in a hug, he says "Thanks, that sounds wonderful. Sparrow put the arm in a cast so the stitching and tissue can mend and heal along with the bone."
Iris Lark Iris returns the hug a little awkwardly, she isn't terribly familiar with Lucky and suddenly he's being huggy. She blinks at Eden and then she starts to laugh, softly at first but it gets louder until she's chortling. "I'm not one hundred percent, but..I'm working on it." She steps back from Lucky's embrace and takes a hold of his wounded arm, gazing over the casting job that Sparrow had done.
Eden Eden has no idea what to do, as usual. she smiles at Iris and says "well, ok, well... " looks at Alice and grins "I really would like to peek at the engine"
Harlan Harlan glances at the interaction, raises an eyebrow, then nods as things get to the business of healing. He pats Alice on the shoulder.

"Alright, I'm gonna go out back and look out for mole rats and such.. Also need to setup a place to do my work. I'll see if I can fashion some nice curtain rods for those curtains you are workin' on Iris." He nods and grabs his hammer. "Think we just about have this place sorted!"
Iris Lark Iris looks up from where she's working on Lucky and she nods at Harlan. "You're too kind Harlan, thank you for doing that extra work, I appreciate it." She glances subtly at Alice and grins. "Is whatever we're going to see involve you driving us there? That car thing you've got is neat."
Lucky The casting was crafted pretty well by Sparrow. Lucky smiles at Iris before giving a wave with his good hand Harlan. "See you later!" He tells him.
Alice Alice watched as Eden and Harlan stepped off, leaving only Iris, Lucky and herself, "Well, I guess we can go to the spot later on. It's pretty well hidden and guarded, so I don't think anyone will take it from us. Store is looking great by the way."
Iris Lark Iris nods at Alice and once she's done looking over Lucky's arm, she walks back to the fabric on the floor and sits, her feet under her bottom. She picks up the puddling fabric and begins to sew again. "Is it somewhere dangerous? You mentioned it was guarded."
Lucky "Thanks Iris." Lucky replies, before looking to Alice. "Guarded eh? Sounds like a challenge. Poop." He sighs and hmm.
Alice "It's no big deal, just a bunch of Enclave troops who are probably armed to the teeth cause they're the bad guys who like to conduct evil experiments on people." Alice replied without a hint of sarcasm, "I"m gonna go work on the car outside while you all finish up the shop, kay?"
Iris Lark Iris blinks when she hears what Alice wants to go play with and she glances at Lucky briefly. "Sounds..interesting. A bit dangerous, but doable?" She doesn't sound incredibly sure about it, but she'll follow Alice just about anywhere now.
Jude It's been another long day in New Mexico. Long and hot, thanks to that big ball of radiation in the sky. If you're a vault dweller like Jude, it's all the more uncomfortable. He's flushed and just looking wilted after his patrol for the militia. He musters a smile for people as he makes his way into the shop though. Iris, Alice, and Lucky all get nods as the vaultie looks around for something wet to drink. He's not even particular. Finding something, he takes a long swig and then goes about shedding his hat and duster, trying to get just a touch cooler. Then he just flops onto the floor and lays there for a few minutes.
Alice "Hey Jude." Alice says as she walks out the door, before asking of nobody in particular, "Isn't that a song?" A pause, "Nevermind! Have fun with the store!"
Iris Lark Iris walks over to Jude and gazes down at him with a mixture of amusement and consternation on her face. She walks over to the cooler and pulls out a bottle of cold water, douses a cloth with it and then kneels down to gently sponge at Jude's face. "You know, heat exhaustion is a real thing, and you could pass out in the Wasteland and cook some more before someone finds you." She tsks quietly and shakes her head a bit as she continues to cool Jude down. "You should be more careful."
Lucky stepping back, Lucky heads off to wander about the shop idly.
Jude Jude musters a "Hey, Alice," as she heads out. Then he flinches a little at the touch of the cool cloth, but eases into it. "Yeah," he says. "I know. I was with my patrol though. Medic was watching us," he says with the hint of a scowl. "I don't go out this here time of day all by my lonesome, that's for damn sure. I barely like to be awake this here time'a day." He heaves a deep sigh before shifting up to shed the uniform top and unzip the vault suit below it. He wrinkles his nose and asks, "Ya think power armor is air conditioned?"
Iris Lark "It's probably cooled somehow, or else it would overload." Iris posits, moving the cloth down to Jude's chest. "I'm glad you're not out on your own though." She hands him the cooled water and glances around for a moment. "Do you like the job Harlan did on the walls? He patched up things more and put on another coat of paint. I think it looks nice in here."
Jude Jude props up a little more and does a once over, looking around the shop. "Yeah!" he enthuses after a moment. "He did some really good work!" He thinks a moment and says, "I... well, heck, I think we're almost ready to put somethin' on the shelves to sell." He snickers and whispers, "That can wait til the sun goes down and it cools down a bit." He fans himself and poofs out his vault suit to get some airconditioning going on. "Did he get to the roof? There was that one last little bit to do."
Iris Lark "The roof was patched, yes." Iris says, sitting back on a bit. "Harlan is really a diamond in the rough. We're lucky that he's joined us." She points at the refurbished counters and the rebuilt doors. "Most of this was him, and he showed us how to do some of the updates that he had done."
Jude Jude bobs his head and says quietly, "Yeah. Lucky." He heaves himself to his feet and stretches. "Now all we need is someone that knows a good deal from a bad deal to sit at the counter and we'll have us a store." He drifts to check out all the work that's been done and says, "Well, if'n it's all done, I guess I can just head on home. Take a shower and start luggin' some stuff up later to stock the shelves with, I reckon."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and nods at Jude before she turns to the counter, picking up her rucksack. "That person probably won't be me, I tend to give things away more than I sell them." She opens the sack and begins to rummage inside. "I've got a few things that I can sell here though, so I'll make a list and drop things off later."
Lucky Lucky heads back for the main entrance, giving a wave to Jude and Iris as he heads out.
Jude Jude pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs. "I think I have a book on it. Tales of Junktown Jerky Vendor. I reckon I could thumb through that a time or two. Might work on out until we attract a real merchant sort." He waves to Lucky, watching the other man head on out. He lets a sigh slip and moves over to get his duster. "Need any help getting stuff here or are ya gonna hit up Alice and use the car?"
Iris Lark "I was planning on just walking, if you want to help, you're welcome to come to the Clinic later." Iris says, grabbing her jacket as she heads towards the door. "Let me know if you need help as well, I have no idea how to get to Vault Town, but I'll meet you somewhere if necessary."
Jude Jude bobs his head as he pulls the heavy material back over his shoulders. "I'll drop on by after it cools down some. I'm fair sure I can fit most of what I have in a pack and my coat here." He opens the door for Iris with a smile. "Vault town is fair simple to find. There's a tunnel by town hall that takes ya there. Same way mostly as when we went on down and found those bots with Alice, Vuk and all?"
Iris Lark "Well then maybe it's because I don't think I'm welcome there that I don't go exploring much." Iris says as she steps out the door. "Stop by later, Jude, and I'll show you the things I'm thinking about selling." She raises a hand to wave farewell. "Don't faint on the way back home!"