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Katherine Caine Almost a day after the return of Rose, Katherine, and Bane on their scouting mission to Roswell, people began coming into El Dorado; fleeing from the town of Acme to the North East. Word is that bandits have taken the down by force and have started looting and robbing the place like there was no tomorrow.

Several posses were being organized by the militia and a few of the deputies and a large group was headed towards Acme to do what they could for it, not for reward; but because they wanted to help.

Some people liked to help others and make a profit in the process, even if masked behind altruistic intentions. A small group had been gathered from among those who were willing to help Acme and given horses to use if they lacked them so that they could chase down what would no doubt be caravan carts laden with the stolen goods.

How did Katherine know about that? She wasn't saying, but the idea had come from her and on this hot and very sunny day, she had offered to lead the group of riders herself along what was likely to be the best route.

Riding passed the town in a long arc and leading the group she calls out, "Dust ahead on the horizon near the Clovis Highway, looks like we got them. Give chase!"
Roxie Roxie got a wire from one of the few humans she didn't hold in out right disdain requesting assistance over in some dungy heap of a New Mexican city... El Dorado. As fortune would have it, she was already in the city State of Tombstone Arizona peddling in ''completely legal pharmasueticals'' ones she ''most certainly'' did not steal from a free clinic in California.

She is ''not'' a war profiter, it doesn't matter how many places she's wanted in for ''despicable crimes against humanity''.

What matters is she owes someone a favor.

"You didn't say shit about horses..."

Pulling up beside her ''oldest'' friend with a grace she didn't realize she had while on the reigns of the ugliest mule this side of Santa Anne's rotten buttcrack.

"I hate horses."
Carter Griffin The stoic ranger brings up the rear of the formation, a borrowed horse beneith him. He has always just used his own two legs, the NCR and the Mojave Wasteland are not really home to any creatures you'd want to ride. Still, he gets by with his natural agility and his skills, keeping the bridle held tight in his hand as he follows the group.

Still a bit sore, but faring far better than he had been before, he knows he better pay closer attention to enemy positions this time around, he can't allow himself to get caught off guard again.
Clara Caine After all this time, Clara learned not to question her sister to much. In her mind, the boob-jobbed woman kept secrets with reason and well, there was no real desire to press, it'd mean spending time with her. Ugh. On the other hand, people need help. And there isn't any part of her that can't offer it when needed. Clara rids Cinny - her horse, grinning as they rush off, the wind in her hair fueling the sense of adventure within, the cowgirl lets out a 'Yeee-haw', in exclamation of her excitment.

"Come on Cinny girl! Let's get some poor souls some freedom and peace!" She says to her horse, long leather coat whipping behind her.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine saw Mom and Clara heading in the same direction. when they're not fussing at each other and headin' toward something, there's something thats about to have a Really Really bad day. Since this is a really good day for really bad days, Lilly had to tag along.

Sprocket and Lilly, Ready for Adventure! And whatever scavenge we can pry off something or who knows, maybe there's more holotapes or Horse Armor for Sprocket. It could happen. Horse armor. yep. Though, convincing sprocket to wear it may be a while different matter. Lilly rides behind Her Mom and Clara, letting Kitty and Roxie talk. Sproket decides that whatever foul beast Roxie is riding isn't friend-material, so moves over closer to Clara's horse.
Rose      It had been a long while since Rose had owned a horse to ride. Even the LONG journey down to El Dorado had been completed mostly on foot or hitching a ride with Caravans. Now the ranger was making her way on horseback to rescue a town that had been taken by bandits. It had been a busy week. The marksman's rifle slung over her back wasn't quite the same as her rifle back in the old days, but it'd have to do. With her delicate features concealed behind her helmet, the young woman cast a sidelong glance at the similarly equipped Carter, but now wasn't the time for catching up. Today was the day for focusing on the task at hand.

     Unlike ghouls, these guys would probably shoot back.
Katherine Caine The dust clouds in the distance begin to take the form of a group of caravan wagons being escorted by riders with horses stolen from the town of Acme. The group was clearly gaining speed and there was no way the raiders could escape without ditching their loot.

Based on their direction, they might have even been intending to flee to Texas with it, whatever was there.

"Horses hate you to Roxie, so do most people. Were you this cranky before the bombs dropped? Fuck." Katherine said to Roxie, the ghoul she had first met as a little girl one fateful day in El Dorado when she had been swindled out of all of her caps on her first revolver. A revolver that didn't even work properly because it was a toy cap gun.

"Clara. You and I will range around in front of the group, try to stop the caravan while we draw their fire. Rest of you, pick off the riders, caravan drivers are a priority. Watch hitting the horses, they're more valuable than human life out here." Katherine said dead seriously before kicking the spurs of her boots into Apocalypse and charging forward to gain a lead on the group.
Roxie "Depends on who you ask." Roxie confirms for Katherine's inquiries of post bomb personality profiles, "My boyfriend got a little handsy on prom night and I stabbed him in the groin with a sharpened pencil..." Her tone takes on a serious edge as the dust parts to reveal all that valuable shit she is absolutely not intending to boost for herself if the opertunity presents herself.

We covered this, she's not a bad person...

"If you asked him, he'd probably have a few choice adjectives to describe me?" One armored shoulder shrugs as she turns her horse a little and starts circling to the right flank of the caravan, "Horse tastes a lot better than human.. little less gamey than I like... if there's any Ms Dash seasoning in those carts, I call dibs.." Equally deadpan, as she rides off to kill a bunch of bad guys, possibly eat them, and definitely not steal shit.
Clara Caine A million smart ass remarks fly through her head, but none come out. Clara is a bit more serious now, she nods to Kat. "Got your back."

Heels dig into Cinny, the reins snap, and off the cowgirl goes, gun at her side and at a ready, to head off and do what she can to help.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine watches her Aunt ride off, moving up beside Katherine, ready for order, or to shoot something if needed.. well, something. we'll see. Either way, she stays lose to her Mom for now.
Carter Griffin Great. He had to join the group where they were going to spend the whole time having various family bickering matches. The Ranger spurs his horse and rides ahead a bit, to catch up to the rest of the group.

"I know you want to keep the horses alive, I'll make it a priority, but keeping those carts from escaping should be our number one concern."
Rose      Generally she'd rather be on even ground, or in an elevated position. Not on horseback...but she can't quite run fast enough to keep up with a caravan. Taking her reigns in one hand, the woman moves to brace her rifle and take aim. Try and hit the caravan drivers? Well...she's going to give it a shot!
Katherine Caine The stolen goods are within striking distance now. There are two caravan drivers each guiding a wagon lead by horses instead of Brahmin due to their speed. Three badass looking raiders can also be seen flanking on stole horses, the group of them looking more like bikers than cowboys. The most shocking thing? At the lead of the convoy is a pre-war motorcycle complete with sidecar..

This wouldn't be a walk in the park!
Roxie "Big scary biker fucks, check. Dusty plains full of man eating critters, check... one dirty ghoul clinging desperately to the addage that all things should kick off with a bang like in the pictures?" That's movies for you cats not hip on your 50s lingo, not all of us where there afterall.

Roxie manages to keep the horse from kicking her off while bringing her carbine up, dust kicking up all around her as she takes a shot.

One that might appear to have missed by the way it sparks off the side of the motorcycle rather than some dumb ass human biker dickholes head.

"Maximum effort.."
Clara Caine Clara is focused, she has a plan. Digging her heels into Cinny, she urges the horse to rush on, that leather coat flapping in the wind. The rider pulls up along side the horses, a hand going to grab at the reins and tugging them back so the horses come to a halt.
Katherine Caine Marty the Motorhead looked pissed off when Roxie Fury and her howling cowboys came out of nowhere. Even more pissed as he watched a bullet hit his beloved panhead, but then? It didn't seem to hit but he was no less mad, "HAY GUYS GO GETSUM!" Marty called out with a very non-terrifying lisp as Sidecar Sally began spraying machine gun fire indiscriminately everywhere.

The raiders on horseback break off to engage as Marty swings his motorcycle around to race at the group aiming his revolver at Clara who has just stopped the wagons and shooting her right in the arm, the force knocking her right off poor ol Cinnamon!

Katherine took aim at one of the Caravan Drivers, killing the man with a blast to his manparts before crying out, "CLARA! NO!" She really did care.
Carter Griffin As soon as the fight kicks off, Carter spurs his horse forward, and then stands up onto the back of it, He turns the horse away from the fight, and leaps off, rolling on the ground as he lands and coming up into a kneeling position. He targets the second caravan driver, the assault carbine in his hands being brought up to his shoulder.

He squeezes off a fast double tap, aiming for center mass. The first shot strikes the driver just under his arm, passing through several organs. Most likely a kill shot, but not right away. The second shot hits him in the neck, cleanly severing his spine, blowing the flesh away, as his head rolls to a stop on the dusty trail.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine oofs, her stomach on fire as she lands on her ass in the dirt. She rolls over quickly, taking a bead on the raider what dun poked her in the belly.
Clara Caine Clara falls off Cinny, landing in a heap on the ground, leather jacket covered in dirt and now, blood.

"You dingle nard mother fucking boar sucking bastard!" The cowgirl spits out in anger, standing and grabbing her hat, putting it on. Shit just got real.

Seeing Lilly take a hit, red flashes before her eyes. A gloved hand goes for her gun, bringing it up with narrowed eyes. "Taste hot metal you ball sucker!" She spouts in sheer anger, shooting and hitting the guy, dead. After that, Clara hurries over to Lilly. "Lil' flower! You okay?"
Roxie Roxie bunkers down against the plethora of bullets riddling her during this onslaught of weapons fire! If only she were a weak and feeble human with fleshy parts that got hurt by silly things like bullets!

She is not!

"We need some music for this..." Said every epic ghoul that's ever done something absurdly impossible in the middle of a firefight ever. Roxie reaches down and hits play on her pip boy (never leave home without it) and Flight of the Valkyries starts playing obnoxiously loud from the small wrist mounted device.

With reins in her teeth, horse angrily trotting along after having its rider hit multiple times in her chest not having the good senses god gave a stump and dying, Roxie brings her carbine up for one more shot.

Whether it was all an elaborate plan or just the magnificent ignition of violence sparked to bring about the triumphant ''come uppance'' a lispy bitch named Marty and a Matchinegun happy hussy named Sally deserves, the motorcycle explodes in a most magnificent manner as the ghoul rears her horse and up into one of those movie poster quality poses that would make Roy Rogers piss his pants suit.

Once she's settled, she grins at the inferno with the kind of delight only a half crazied, mostly brain rotten, monster could muster...

"I love the smell of burning human in the morning..."
Carter Griffin The guys are not going down without a fight it seems. Fine by him. Carter switches targets, firing another shot that tears through one of the Elite's heads. It enters just below his eye and blows out the back of his skull. The second shot tears into the chest of the other horse mounted raider. Hurt but not down.

Carter fires one more shot, which misses its intended target and strikes the one next to him. It ends up being moot as the bike explodes.
Katherine Caine The motorcycle explodes in a post-apocalyptic miniature nuclear mushroom cloud that can be seen as far away as Acme, but it doesn't cause any immediate damage. Unless you're Sidecar Sally and Mike the Motorhead who die before they can even scream.

The last remaining Raider goes to surrender and Katherine puts a round through his chest because she wasn't into taking prisoners, not after what they had done.

Rushing over to Lilly, she allows the others to secure the wagons or loot them as they see fit. The stuff did belong to INNOCENT TOWNSFOLK though.

"Lilly, are you ok?" She eyes the wound her daughter has looking very concerned.
Roxie Roxie slides down off her horse and moves towards one of the caravans at a leisure canter. Happy just to be off that god forsaken animal, honestly. She has absolutely no intentions of robbing the good people of Acme of their already robbed goods! That would be horrible!

"Bad raiders." She says, stepping right over the corpse of one of the aforementioned neer do wells that she might climb up on the side of one of the horse drawn carrages.

"Let's see what goods we'll totally be returning to the good men and women of Archer... achline? Acme? I'm pretty sure that was a Looney Toons company..." Carbine slung over her shoulder now, Roxie stands atop the heap of goods, digging through old junk, "Come'on Ms. Dash, momma needs delightful zesty seasoning!"
Katherine Caine What do you know? Roxie finds an entire box of Ms. Dash! Enough to last her quite awhile. Unfortunately, her theft of it was sure to put Roy's Diner out of business. It was the only reason his food tasted good.

Roy's daughter would go on to become a working girl at the Gold Digger. Roy's wife would leave him for a wandering salesman.

Roy would then join Knight Caldwell's New Mexico Brotherhood of Steel and wish he had never been born.
Carter Griffin With the theives put down, the motorcycle in ruins, Carter moves up to examine to make sure none of the contents are damaged beyond repair, as best as he can tell anyway. He's no expert, "Shame. I was hoping I could take that bike, but I suppose it's better it went up in a blast of nuclear fire.
Roxie Let's be perfectly honest with ourselves: If Roxie were to be aware of this poor turn of fate her theft of the box of Ms Dash caused Roy's family, she would give no more shits than a constipated cancer patient just waiting for a drop of dookie.

Humans plus Roxie mix like farts and polite dinner conversation.

"Eurika!" She cat calls as she comes away with her payment! As if she, the killer of bikes all across the wastes, were doing anything for altruism!

What a laugh.
Katherine Caine Katherine, Lilly, and Clara no doubt have some kind of adventures at the Medical Clinic.

Carter and Rose at the very least being the good NCR Rangers that they are return the wagons full of stolen goods not long after Acme is liberated by the others and are rewarded for their efforts.

It's a happy ending, for everyone except Roy who didn't know how bad his life was going to get.

Roxie? She had Ms. Dash. It was all she ever wanted.

The End