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Kasumi     Well, the sun is slowly making its descent from a long hot day in the Southwest. A young asian woman with black hair, and a long blue streak that comes down over her left eye starts to walk towards the Saloon. She slips inside, and moves off to the corner, taking a spot at a table for herself. One can say she has something of a quiet air about her to be in a place like this. The woman takes a few moments to think about what she wants to do, now that she's made it to a town.
Hawk      Hawk pushes his way into the saloon and gives the interior a quick once over. As far as denizens of the wasteland, Hawk isn't armed to the gills or dressed for intimidation. He's also not a hulking bruiser. What he does have.. is a sharp pair of piercing blue eyes which seem to take in everything around him, and there is a certain grace about him and his swagger. He reaches up and sweeps away a few brown bangs tucking them behind an ear. He notices the woman, shrugs to himself, and decides to try his luck.. pulling up a chair nearby and plopping himself down. "Evenin'"
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a moment to look at the man. "Kobanwa.", she says with a light nod. Then she pauses, an takes a deep breath. "My apologies. It is good evening.", the woman says. The woman takes a deep breath as she settles into her chair a little bit. "Do you live around here?", she asks.
Hawk      Hawk offers a grin. "Yep. Or well I do now. Just got back into down!". He glances around. "And.. I've got to reacquaint myself with just about everybody.. Start of a brand new adventure you might say." He leans back in his chair and kicks up his boots. "Name's Hawk by the way.. Like I said, I need to meet people. And you are as good a place to start as anyone else."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little bit as she listens to the man. "I am Kasumi. And I do not seek adventure.", she says with a soft measured voice. "It you would say, too exciting for a young woman such as I.", the asian woman says. If one looks closely at her, they'll notice she has leather armor over military fatigues. One big thing though is that there is a few bullet holes, and some blood on the fatigues, but its clearly not hers.
Hawk      Hawk nods at her name. "Ah, well adventure is.. relative. I prefer to avoid the kind of adventure which involves gun-shots and knife edges." He looks her armor and fatigues over. "You might not seek it, but you seem dressed for it. Just being practical, maybe? Recognize the wasteland isn't exactly friendly.. especially for young women.. But seem my share of those who can take care of themselves." He gives her another once over. "You seem like that type."
Kasumi     Kasumi does not show it directly, but she is cautious. "I do not understand to what you refer to.", she says. The asian woman takes a small breath, thinking on her words carefully. "I have just been more fortunate then others.", she tells.
Lucette     Luce is back from her rounds, wandering her way in from the wastes and making her way into the Gold Digger. He arrival features looking for a table, and then procuring it to settle in and center herself.
Hawk      Hawk wearing his typical wastelander attire.. dark brown nearly black trousers, shirt, and boots just raises an eyebrow at the woman in leather armor and military fatigues. "Eh.. Whatever you say, Kasumi. And yup, something to be said about luck." He bobs his foot and hums, "Not trying to make any implications. Apologies if I was being rude." Luce gets a quick once over as she wanders in. "Evenin'."
Kaydin     The doors open to reveal a man in a long heavy duster, walking in, the red optics of the helmet glows for a faint moment before dimming in the lights. He makes his way over to a nearby table and moves to sit down, trying to not sit on his duster. He then begins to mess with something along his neck which lets out a slight hiss before he removes the helmet to reveal a young man's face under it. "Not a bad little town." He comments as he pats his helmet.
Diva Diva /;@emit Janet sighs as she enters the building, searching for a seat. The damned restraunt is almost full and she wants to punch the wall. Instead she gives a little pout, grey/blue eyes wide as she scans the place.
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a deep breath for a long moment. "This may sound odd, but can I ask for the date? I have been travelling a long ways by foot, and lost track of the date.", she ask. The woman watches the others as they enter the room. She seems to be getting a little tense, especially at the hissing man removing his helmet.
Hawk &tHawk gives a little tilt of his head. "Not weird at all. Things start to blend together when you are out there alone.. It's June thirtieth.. Gonna be a Waning Crescent Moon tonight too, if you go by the moon like some." He folds his arms behind his head and glances toward Kayden. "Nope, kinda like it myself. Not bad at all.. And the Saloon seems busy!" He lets out a low whistle and nods to the others just arrived.
Lucette     Luce offers an incline of her head back to the greeting from Hawk as she makes herself comfy at her table. There's a moment of brief discomfort as she pulls a piece of pinkened fluff from her left ear gingerly, then repeats on the right side, setting the two pieces of earstuffing on the table infront of her for a moment with a slow sigh.
Kaydin     "Well I think I will like it here too. As long as folks dont mind the NCR here. I been sent to help rescue a few rangers who have been missing for a while. Bring them back or their tags." Kaydin explains and when the woman comes to ask for his order he simply states. "Nuka cola...if you got it. Whiskey if you dont." He says as he keeps his hands on his helmet.
Frank In the saloon is a sharp dressed man, or at least sharp as one can dress out in the post-apocalyptic world. Frank the gambler sits at a small table facing the door, flicking cards from a deck onto the table rapidly; the way he deals the cards is very fast, evidently he's practiced at it. Held at the corner of his mouth is a long black cigarette holder with a rolled cigarette smoldering at the end. A bottle of vodka and a glass is close at hand. He has his feet propped up on the opposite chair, showing off his fancy boots. Occasionally, Frank glances up to see the people that walk in, as if sizing them up. Perhaps he's on the hunt for a new mark.
Rose      From the stairs above another walks, a woman wrapped in the moulded body armor and duster of a Ranger but with her helmet currently tucked under her arm and her hair free from its usual clip, hanging free down to her mid-back. Rose gives a little stretch of her back, arching it a little for a soft popping noise before she moves further into the space, her eyes picking up a gathering of mostly new faces. While this evening she carries no rifle, as always her gunslinger belt with its thigh holsters remains, each one housing her beloved revolvers.

With a tilt of her head she begins to walk, headed to gather herself a drink; Nuka Cola of course.
Diva Janet finally spots a table and hurries over to it. She sinks into the seat, back straight but feeling itchy in this "modern world" attire. This is one of the only reasons she doesn't like going undercover, the stupid clothing. She scans the crowd, looking a tad bit too formal and looks for her target. She narrows her eyes, she was sure he was they were here.
Hawk      Hawk nods to Kaydin. "Oh a ranger! Always glad to see you folks around. Keeping us law-abiding citzens safe.. and our property in our hands." He beams a smile and lies through his teeth! Rubbing the back of his head with a light chuckle, he glances toward Rose as she descends the stairs. "And the crowd gets tougher and tougher looking." Rose gets a quick glance.. and then Hawk nudges his chair just a little more toward the corner. So he can keep people in his sights.. The gambler gets a bit of his attention.
Dominic dominic walks into the bar well walks a strong word more like limped still wearing his knightly armor as he dose walking up to the bar he asks "gimmie the strongest stuff you got" after paying he sips on his drink and audible ah can be heard excaping his lips as the pain fades due to the amber liquid
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little bit. "I see. Who is the Emperior now? May I inquire about that? And who is Shogun? I ask cause I am not sure as to what has happend, and wonder if I should make my way back. There were...issues with the assignment that my father was given."
Lucette     Luce seems content to just have the fluff out of her ears now, eyes closed, leaning on her seat, relaxed and contented. Until that rhythm's disrupted by communist keywords that have her in a state of unease. She might not buy into her dad's taught prejucides, but she can't help being put on alert..
Hawk Hawk side-glances to Kasumi. "Uh.. Can't help you there. Never heard of an emperor or a.. Shogun? Do you mean shotgun?.. Where is a shotgun? Sure there's a gun store in town." He tilts his head a little confused.
Kaydin     When the nuka cola comes, Kaydin smiles when he see's rose. "Well this makes my job a bit easier." He says as he makes his way towards her, drink in one hand and helmet under his arm. "Been looking for some rangers. HQ wants to hear what is going on out here." He says to rose as he sips his cola.
Diva Janet sighs when Dominic walks in before rising to follow him. As she reaches him she smacks the back of his head. "You know I'm working!" she says to him in a hiss.
Frank Frank sees Hawk looking at him. He pauses in his card flipping, and a smile slowly crosses his face. He removes his feet from the chair and sits up, waving Hawk over to the table. He also pours himself some more vodka. Neat, of course.
Rose Compared to poor Kaydin, Rose's attire might look like it has seen better days. Loving hand or not, there was still plenty of marks on the fitted chestpiece, her arm-guards and in other places over her armor from skirmishes both recent and older. She'd been here before the NCR had arrived and there'd been more than a few fights, but the fact she was staying at the saloon rather than the Embassy was perhaps a little stranger than one would think. A glance towards Hawk as she overhears his explination and then the slightly squirmy uncomfortable being that is Diva before she glances towards Kasumi with a blink. "I think you might be a little...turned around there hun." she comments, only to blink as Kaydin approaches her.

Raising her own cola and casting a sidelong glance to Frank she addresses the man who approached her. "Rose Hallows, or 'Desert Rose' if you're the sort to prefer callsigns." A shrug of her shoulders and she gestures towards the door. "If HQ wants you to hear the official version, you're better off talking to the ambassador over by the embassy."
Dominic dominic smiles "and miss saying hi fat chance " he takes another sip and winces as the burning liquid goes down his throaght and into his burning chest his right arm looks like it shouldnt be in its current position "besides i came here to numb the pain"
Kaydin     "If we are to go by call signs then mine is the kid." Kaydin says to her before sipping some more of his cola and he looks around to the various people. "I was sent to find the rangers sent here and either help them or bring em back home. Volunteered for this assignment." He says calmly.
Diva She purses her lips and gives him a nasty glare. "You know how important this is." she hisses at him, arms crossing. Janet then glances at his arm. "That needs fixed by the way." She then turns to the bartender, snapping to get his attention, "Get me one of those, ASAP." She sighs and sinks into a seat beside him, seeming less tense than before he walked in.
Kasumi     "I...I see.", Kasumi says. The woman leans back in her chair a bit, clearly confused. She takes a few moments to focus her thoughts, and gather herself. Its clear that she's more comfortble speaking in other areas then a bar. She looks up at Rose a moment. "A little turned around? I am not very familiar with that expression. Could you please explain?", the woman asks in her soft measured voice.
Hawk     Hawk rises from his chair and smiles toward Kasumi. "Hope you get yourself sorted." He folds his arms behind his head and roams toward the front door, boots nearly silent on saloon floor. He gives Frank a quick once over and glances toward the cards. He rolls his tongue behind his lips and nods. "Maybe we will match wits another time, Friend. For now, I'm gonna kick up some dust." He gives Diva and Dominic a look, eyebrow raising at the apparent lover's quarrel. "Okay fun town." He laughs, "Good to be home." He pushes out the door.
Dominic sighing "how have ya been , its been awile" hes says to janet then goes back to his drink before finishing up the drink he looks around the bar "hey anyone want a nice lazer rifle ill only charge 400 is you can buy 20 booze for me ill give it to ye for 150"
Rose "A little turned ar-..." Rose begins before taking another sip of her drink. "A little lost. The only folks that call someone Emperor around here the Legion and..." she pauses to look the woman up and down. "You're not one of them. Never heard of a shogun. But maybe it'd be worth your time checking out the noodle house in ACME or one of the other travellers who looked a little...similar." She wasn't intending to generalize, but there was only a handful of people who spoke Japanese around town and all of them were of asian decent.

A glance towards Dominic's offer but she shakes her head. She always like bullets more than lasers anyway. Back to Kaydin, there's a little shake of her head. "I appreciate the offer, but there's probably other Rangers that would need either more than me. 'Home' is a pretty broad term in this road."
Lucette     Luce looks up to Dominic's offer after she sighs, Dominic's offering a rifle, curious. "Sir Knight, can you even use that rifle to justify your price?" she asks curiously from her table. The commie keywords continue to be slung, but there's no immediate threat- letting Lucette return to relaxing.
Diva Janet sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose. "I've been fine. I've got to get back to work, don't blow my cover ok?" She grabs her drink, pretty much identical to Dominic's. She turns to take her seat and is walking away when Dominic shouts to the whole bar. She flinches but keeps walking, just plain getting lucky that her seat was still open. She sinks down, back to stiff and professional.
Frank Frank is about to give Hawk his opening remarks when the man suddenly decides to leave. He just smiles until Hawk leaves, then sits back and sighs. "Son of a..." Well, that was enough to put a damper on things. But he wasn't deterred; he simply looked for someone else. That lady he was talking with seemed like a fish out of water...he waved Kasumi over this time, giving a wink and an inviting smile.
Dominic dominic looks to luce "sure can" walking twords the door he discarges a round or lazer into the dirt and looks back to luce "that good enough for ye"
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a long moment to think carefully. "What do the Italians have to do with things? I do not understand, as they are the only group that I think of who use Legions. I am very confused.", she states.
Lucette     Luce watches as Dom goes to lay a shot in the dirt. "Knowing how to discharge a weapon is knowing how to waste caps. Can ya even hit something with it though, or is the thing just taking up space for you?" she asks with a raised brow.
Kaydin     "Laser weapons just attract the brotherhood of steel. Last thing I need is to attract them to me." Kaydin says to dominic and watches as the two discuss firing the weapon at someone or something. Still the man shrugs and looks back to rose. "Whatever you say. I will go about seeing if any other rangers need my help." He says as he sips his cola.
Diva Janet purses her lips with all the girl's questions. She stands and walks over to Dominic, grabbing the thing from his hand and shooting an empty liqour bottle. "There." She hands it back to Dom before going to sit back down, feeling stressed out.
Dominic dominic shrugs "i honestly prefur not to use it but hell if someone can buy me 20 booze and give me that for this ill hand it over no problem i hate tech anyways" he looks around before heading back to his seat
Rose Rose herself just raises her eyebrow and sips her drink, hands empty for the moment while dominic randomly fires his rifle into the dirt. "Perhaps firing a weapon in the middle of a populated town, in a drinking establishment, isn't the best way to keep things peaceful. Wrong person hears laser-fire and you could be explaining things to the sheriff at best, or getting shot at at the worst."

A glance back to Kaydin and she offers a smile. "I don't mean to be cold about it, but I've been here for a while and walked the trails alone since Hoover Dam. I tend to prefer not having other Rangers around me, seen too many friends die where I walked away."
Lucette     Luce raises a brow to Kaydin, "Brotherhood 'round here works a lot like backup for the militia, would politely ask you mind your tone. Especially with a Knight listening in." she chimes kindly, then to Dominic. "I'll see about getting you those drinks to go, don't have'm on me at present." she admits. "Need a longer gun to diversify my kit anyway."
Diva Janet leans her head in her hands, feeling a migraine coming on. She then grabs her drink and chugs it, banging back to the table with a thud and returns to her previous position. Her target isn't here and this was the only lead she had. She lets out a small sigh/groan before standing to go get another drink.
Kasumi     Kasumi looks over at Frank, and shakes her head. "I just got into town, and perfer to seek lodging before I do something foolish. I have to garner employment, as I lack any money which would be beneficial. All I have are a bunch of soda...caps."
Kaydin     Kaydin turns to Kasumi and looks her over. "Lady, most places use bottle caps as currency. Lets see what you have and we can see about helping you finding a place to stay." He says as he finishes his coke and begins to walk to the woman.
Dominic dominic looks to his childhood freind and attempts to small talk "so um howve you been doing"dominic by no means is a casinova and by most people hes socialy akward if not crazy most of the time so he may be stuttering this out
Frank "Now, why would you think I'd ask you to do something foolish? Perhaps I just want the pleasure of friendly company," Frank answers. "Although yes, as the gentleman yonder just said, caps are the accepted currency in these parts. Perhaps you'd like a chance to earn some right here, right now?" he asks, gesturing to the cards. "A simple game, really...find the lady and win double your bet."
Rose "The saloon here has lodgings," Rose nods her head, the blonde woman taking another sip of her drink and then adjusting her stance lightly as Frank speaks up, raising an eyebrow. "You want gambling," she asks of the man before gesturing to the doorway. "Casino is in there. Don't go pouncing on babes fresh out of the woods. Not in front of me anyway..."

Turning gaze back to Kasumi she raises a hand. "I got a room here from Ms. Kitty...Katherine Caine back before she became Mayor. If you've got the caps I'm sure you can find yourself one similar for decent price. Otherwise come talk to me."
Diva Janet turns to the her friend. "Not bad. Looking for our little friend but finding dead ends at every turn. The guy knows how to hide, I'll admit. I'll get him though. He's a traitor who deserves an arrow to the heart." I growl, eyes narrowing and chug my new drink quickly.
Dominic dominic turns his body to were his back was against the bar "dont worry if anyone could find the guy im sure its you you always were good at finding things while hunting so im sure youll find him" he pats her on the back with his good arm
Diva Jaent sighs. "I hope so." She orders one last drink, chugs it and turns in her stool to scan the crowd. "I'm off to mingle domy." She then gets up, staggering slightly (she doesn't hold her liquor well) and walks towards someone at random with a friendly smile.
Frank Frank held up his hands at the blonde lady. "Now, I don't mean nothin', ma'am, just offering a friendly game," he says quickly, flashing another smile. "Not like I'm forcing anyone to the way, my name's Frank. Frank Mallory. Pleased to meet you both."
Kasumi     Kasumi shakes her head a little bit, and rubs her head a bit more. Her temple throbs a little it more. "S-sorry. Just...a bit overwhelmed. What year was it again? And I do not see any woods near here. Or...babes.", Kasumi states. She looks at Frank a bit, and nods her head a little bit. And does the same to Rose. "I have seen little friendly in the past week."
Kaydin     "Its the year 2282 I think." Kaydin says as he looks into a pouch and sighs. "Now I get the fun task of going to go buy ammo. If you will excuse me." He says as he hooks the tube to his helmet and puts it back on he pats the top to make sure it is on before beginning to head out to go buy ammo.
Dominic dominic seeing his freind is drunk off her ass sighs and walks over to help her before she dose somthing she regrets "ok jan lets get ya home, dont want ya doing somthing ye regret now do we"
Rose "Babes? I ment...someone whom is inexperienced...unsure..." a shake of her head as the correct words fail her and the blonde just gives up, raising a hand in farewell to the departing Kaydin while she downs the rest of her drink. "Right. Take a minute or two to find your way around the place before you go parting with your money. And don't go wandering off out of town until you've had time to rest and rearm. It's a mean wasteland out there."

Frank? He just gets the sideways eye. "That's what they say in Vegas too there Frank, and people can be just as slick in those casinos too."
Diva Janet giggles slightly. "Noooo I'm fiine." She stops, blinks a couple times and then continues walking. "Me gonna meet people." She says with another giggle. She almost runs into a chair but just pats it and goes around. "Oops sorry!"
Frank Frank laughs, sitting back in his chair. "Well, funny that you mention it, I just came up from there. Judging by your comment, I would guess you did too." He pulls out the cigarette holder and keeps it clutched between two fingers, the smoke drifting up lazily towards the cieling. The other hand holds his glass of vodka. "I learned a lot from the Strip...ain't no place like it. Say, let me ask you, as a denizen of El would you feel if we had a casino the same size as those on the Strip? With live shows and a pool and all that?'
Dominic dominic walks over picking up his drunk freind and throws her over his shoulder "time to go sunshine its naptime for you"
Kasumi     Kasumi shoots up. "2282?! This must be a lie!", the woman says. Her composure is gone. She looks around, clearly lost now. "The bombs. They only went off a year ago. Or they should have. We were to awaken every year to stretch out, eat, train, then go back to sleep!", the woman states. Kasumi stumbles a little bit. She's...been frozen for 200 years. "Is this a joke?"
Lucette     Luce brings her eyes over to Kasumi screaming. "If you need someone to talk to about your unfortunate surroundings, please ask someone to meet you outside and talk about them. Don't lose your cool and start amassing distress, please." she politely chimes to the VERY CLEARLY A COMMUNIST
Kaydin     "You sound like you are from some sort of vault." Kaydin says, his voice augmented slightly by the radio in the headset. He then shrugs and nods. "Listen to rose here, she will help you out, ma'am." He says as he makes his way to the door, opening it for Dominic.
Diva She pounds on his back and screeches, causing a commotion "NOOO HEEEELP!" The girl tries to grab chairs and tables as she passes but only succeeds in draggin a chair behind them. "Let me DOWN!" Her legs flail and kick.
Rose Rose actually blinks a little at Frank's question. "I think it'd probably put this small place out of business, and I also think that it'd be worth running it by the Mayor. but who knows?" She'd say more, but the news is broken to Kasumi and well...the results are clear. Great, another lost vaultie whom is in for a -lot- of disappointment about the world. A sigh, Rose turns towards the bar to do something she -never- does: order alcohol. The drink is not for her however as she offers it to Kasumi. "Take this, drink it down, take a few deep breaths."
Dominic dominic falls to his knees and blacks out do to a random kick landing in his junk his already sore body falls forward and he colapses halfway in halfway out the bar but luckily janet is released and unharmed
Diva Janet scrambles up and away before turning back to look at domy. She cracks up laughing until tears prick her eyes. She then grabs one of his feets and attempts to drag him back into the building, wincing when the door hits his head. She then props him up on a wall and nods, before returning to the bar for another drink.
Doomguy Doomguy enters the bar his underberral chainsaw glisining looking around he spots janet walking over to her "hey there lil lady how much for a night with you" clearly doomguys adrenilin hasnt worn off from whatever met the fate of him today and so hes a bit full of himself
Kasumi     Kasumi thanks Rose before taking the shotglass, and doing the shot in one gulp. It burns badly on the way down, but then again, its whiskey. The woman starts breathing heavily, after coughing a bit. The woman glares a little bit at Luc, but leaves it a bit. She shakes her head, even more confused then before.
Diva Jan turns to the man who walked up to her and looks him up and down lazily before turning away. "Buy me a couple drinks and we can talk." She hides the slur in her well, as she takes another drink. "I have to see how much you're worth first."
Frank Frank leans back and ponders this, putting the cigarette holder back in his mouth. "Interesting..." He watches Kasumi freak out with a passive expression, just content to watch the show. He looks over to the drunk, and the fella getting kicked in the balls, and then the soldier looking guy who looks like he takes a little too much Psycho. Yep, this was home, hadn't changed after all these years.
Doomguy doomguy shakes his head "nah i dont drink messes with my sences" walking over to rose he asks "you think you can stand a fight with me im looking for a challange first to yeild loses "
Rose There is...a lot going on in the Saloon, and truth be told, Rose does have an appointment to keep. But the poor 'vaultie'? Well, there was a reason that Rose had some soft spots for those in need. She was a Ranger after all...or perhaps that was -why- she was a Ranger. "Y'got a lot of adjusting and thinking to do. I have some folks I have to protect on their way up towards Roswell. Get some food, drink and rest." A hand reaches out, patting Kasumi on the shoulder. She's not going to lie and say things are alright and going to be fine, but she does offer a friendly enough smile. "If you're wanting to talk when I return, I will be here."

Then...some random guy in armor is already asking her for a fight. The hell? Glancing over her shoulder she rolls her eyes. "What are you? Some brotherhood reject? I have places to be and I don't pick on insane children."
Diva She watches the guy walk away and shrugs. "They weren't for you jackass." She mutters before turning back to her drink. Janet then chuckles into her drink as she listens to the mam's conversation. She could kick that guy's ass even when she was drunk.
Doomguy "brotherhood ya enclave that too but if ya gonna chicken out not much of a ranger then are ya" he laughes to the group "the puny ranger girl afraid of a little compitition dumb rangers are all the same" he continues to mock the rangers being high and mighty
Rose Rose sighs, turning on her heel at the man and touching her gloved hand to her brow before she slips her helmet on over her head. "There are good enough doctors in this town you truely wish to test? Step outside and lets make this quick. I have a job to get to."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya walks in with her rifle slung and staff in hand. Seems she is ready to go to Roswell and looking for the woman she paid to keep her safe. Her eyes find Rose and she heads in that direction. "Something is wrong," she asks Rose as she seems to pick up on the tension in the air.
Doomguy doomguy nods his head throwing his sunglasses in the air before they land on his face walking outside he gets his bfg ready as he stairs at his oponet
Diva Janet is enjoying her new entertainment... up until the point they walk outside. She then huffs, throws the rest of her drink down her throat, before rising, almost falling over completly and following them outside. "I" *hiccup* "Wanna watch." she says as she walks out the door behind them, arms crossed.
Rose      A sigh, Rose reaches for her bag, retrieving her rifle and slinging it over her shoulder. She didn't want to leave it inside anyway. Odds are she looks equally insane, facing down the -clearly- insane man with the cannon only carrying her own revolvers, but she slips them into her hands with an exhaled breath. Win or lose, he'd get the fight he wanted.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya hurries ahead of the mob to try and find an accessible rooftop or alleyway.
Frank Frank feels the need to intervene when the soldier begins to get rowdy. Maybe seperate him from the woman, pick his pocket and try and defuse the situation. But a fight seems inevitable. Frank immediately turns to the rest of the bar. "Alright folks, lets see some money going! Slab of beef versus the beautiful blonde!" he calls.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya runs to a nearby building with a fire escape, she climbs quickly to get an overwatch position. She screams as Rose is almost killed and redoubles her efforts.
Rose      That cannon goes off and BOOM! Rose only barely is able to get out of the way of the heavy fire. Well holy crap, not only is the guy insane, but he's willing to kill half the town to prove it. Gritting her teeth she raises her revolver and opens fire with a snapshot, damaging the weapon before it can destory any more buildings and then firing twice into the armored man. "Are you really that intent to look tough you're going to try and murder strangers and passers by?"
Doomguy doomguy chuckles darkly "hun i wasnt callede doomguy for shits and giggles"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya aims in from her vantage point on the roof. She breathes deeply to calm her nerves as she closes one eye and focuses. Breathe in, breathe out, relax, praise be to Atom, squeeze.
Rose "What you are called, is crazy," Rose comments as she dodges and weaves the chainsaw, narrowly missing losing part of her coat before she steps abck and unloads her firearms into Doomguy, blowing him off his feet and sending him tumbling down, into the dirt. Moving forwards, she holsters both guns with a flourish and smoothly lifts her rifle, keeping it on the still figure as she kicks the gun away. Breathing a sigh of relief. "That...was not what I expected today."
Lucette     It's about time Luce stops napping and stands, heading out of the Gold Digger when the sounds of firefight cease enough, standing to head and look at the situation of an unconscious doomie and standing Rose. "Cousin got beat I see." she mutters under her breath.
Zealot Shreya Another shot rings out as Doomguy is falling, deflected by his armor the sound of metal striking metal echoes in the street.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stands up thinking she has killed him. She is farther away on the rooftop. "Shame! Thou shalt not destroy she who protects the servant of Atom. Rot now heretic...and be divided slowly!"
Diva Janet claps and dances in a circle, miraculously unharmed by the whole fight.
Diva Janet then runs up to stand between the two. "THAT WAS AWESOME!" I shoot the ranger a look. "Wait, you aren't gonna kill him right?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya briefly slings her rifle to climb down from her sniper position. She walks toward the incapacitated body of Doomguy and the victorious ranger.
Kaydin     Kaydin moves as shreya comes down and moves a hand to her shoulder. "Do not kill a downed man. He cant learn from his misdeeds if he is dead." He says to the woman, hoping to convince her to not kill the man.
Rose      Another gunshot, Rose ducks in suprise and lifts her gun. Where the fucking hell did that come from?! For a sudden dizzying moment she worries that DG was playing possum and that he'd just shot her...but she's unscratched. Spinning around towards the crowd she lifts the rifle towards the building and raises a hand. "Hold your fire!" she calls, voice slightly distorted by her helmet. "He's down and defeated." Bending -slowly- to retrieve the weapon from Doomguy, along with any others she exhales. "He needs a prison cell and the sheriff can deal with him."

Had this happened outside of town? Doomguy might have ended the fight with a bullet in his brain, but this was El Dorado and they were under orders. "If they want to hang him for attempted mass-murder. They will."

A sigh, she leans over the downed figure. "Put a lid on your crazy and turn it towards something good. You fight well, but the next person won't show you this kindness."

With that, the Ranger turns to walk away, carrying the gun that almost killed her and simply departing for a time. She needed space to breathe and process the sudden violence.
Frank Frank slowly rises from under the table, having decided to hide there until the shooting was over. He adjusts his tie and looks around the saloon. "Well, there you have it, our winner ladies and gentleman. I'll be happy to dole your payouts, once I collect my 10."
Lucette     Luce pipes in a, "Just let me know if I'm going to have to drag him back to the outpost in a sack or to the sheriff." she mentions to Rose, "I'll make sure the Sheriff is appraised regardless of how you decide to take it. Kind of ashamed to be his next of kin." she admits aloud, watching the sniper come down. Well, the only person that was up high in company with a sniper ready, her glock being squeezed. "And I'll make sure that the Atomchild is filed as suspect for murder following a duel- even if said duel went awry and handled terribly."

    With Rose moving on, Luce goes to head to Doomie's side and take up an arm with a look to Kaydin. "Mind helping me drag him to the Sheriff, I need to get him looked at somewhere indoors to see if he's gonna pull through." she announces, hand still on her glock.
Barns barn walks to the group at the bar "Is everybody happy Said the sergeant looking up Our hero feebly answered "Yes" And then they hooked him up, He jumped into the slipstream, And he twisted twenty times, And he ain't going to jump no more. |: Glory glory what a hell of a way to die, Glory glory what a hell of a way to die, And he ain't going to jump no more. 2. He counted loud, he counted long And waited for the shock He felt the wind, he felt the air, He felt that awful drop, He pulled his lines, the silk came down And wrapped around his legs 
Kasumi     Kasumi creeps out of the bar, moving into the shadows. The woman watches from the side of the building, studying. She tries to remain hidden in the shadows. The woman takes note of how both sides faired, and the tactics used. The woman seems to creep deeper into the darkness though, thinking that it might be best to process what just happend.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks disgusted. "You would identify me as a criminal for shooting this cur who hath attempted wanton slaughter? Shame! Shame upon you and your house. And more shame if you let such a one live to be a thorn in your side. She raises her gun from close range. It would be easy to stop her as she is not concerned about those around.
Diva Janet sighs and shrugs before going back inot what's left of the bar and getting a drink.
Kaydin     Kaydin grabs the rifle and aims it to the sky. "She said let the sheriff deal with it." He says, the helmet hiding his face from her and he looks to Rose. "Need a drink or do you need to run an errand, Desert rose?" He asks with some concern on his voice.
Stockton Stockton shoulders into the Saloon with a rather uncharacteristic snarl. His voice booms through the tiny space in a vibrato, "What. In. The hell is going on?!" He hasn't reached for his guns, but anyone that's seen him fight knows that isn't exactly a problem for him. Thankfully there's that shiny Sheriff's badge on his chest, exposed and shiny as his spurs.
Zealot Shreya Kaydin saves Doomguys life, deserving or not. The rifle shot is deafening as apparently the Zealot was committed to the act. Because of Kaydin it fires up into the sky. She yanks her gun away from him and steps a few paces back. "He shall kill again and the blood be on all your heads. ALL YOUR HEADS!!!" She slings the rifle angrily.
Kaydin     Kaydin lets go of the rifle and turns to regard the man with the sheriff's badge. "That man challenged an NCR ranger to a duel. The end result, She won." Kaydin explains, his voice slightly distorted by the radio of the helmet.
Lucette     Luce offers a stern pointing at the sniper lass as she's slinging her Piece. "Cousin here thought it was a smart idea to duel miss Rose. No need to say he lost, I didn't catch all of it being in the saloon 'til the shooting stopped." Luce pipes in with a glare to Shreya, she's got one of unconscious Doomguy's arms over her off-shoulder and is bodyblocking him to try and prevent direct line of sight nevertheless. "Mind helping me bring him to your office for a once over and due process?"
Frank Frank starts gathering up his cards, puts out his cigarette, and collects whatever the bar patrons that took him up on the fight bets have given him. "Heheh, too many guns and shouting for my taste. Time for Frank to get outta here. Thank you folks, and remember: Lone Star Caravans is your friend!" Whistling, he attempts to mosey on past everyone nonchalantly.
Stockton Stockton instinctively flinches at the echo of a gunshot. His eyes flashing towards Shreya, "I'm gonna need you to calm yer tits, ma'am. We got Law in this town fer a damn reason. I'm here now," looking back to Luce and the unconscious Doomguy he grimaces a little and moves to slip cuffs around the unconscious man's wrists, that done, he just sort of hefts the bastard up over his shoulder, catching his leg and his arm so his own body becomes the sling. It also leaves Stockton with his right hand free to draw if he needs to. "Now. If'n there's anyone who witnessed the whole damn thing, I'll wanna statement down at the Sheriff's office. If'n I find out you saw what went down and you didn't come talk to me, just know I'll be grumpier on yer doorstep than you will be on mine." Hefting Doom again to settle him over his armored shoulders he looks around. "We all clear here folks? Now move along."
Lucette     Lucette stands and offers a salute to Stockton. "Give me a hollar if he needs medical and the clinic ain't got anyone spare to look at him. He's lucky miss Rose knows how to aim." giving a nod as she dusts off her pants and sighs quietly to restore her center.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya seethes. "He shot at innocent people to distract the ranger and feed his loathsome desire for murder of innocence. Though my flesh is weak, only Atom will judge me." She turns and heads into the Saloon, cursing in spanish as she goes.
Willow Caine Willow Caine walks into the Saloon, calm and collected, her skirt swishing on the floor. She heard the gunshot and when she gets in the door she props her fists on her hips and speaks up quietly. "What is going on in here?" She glances at Stockton briefly and her lip curls. "If someone started this, I want them brought up on charges."
Kaydin     "So much for a quiet evening to count my bullets and scavenge. Lead the way, sir." Kaydin says as he gestures for stockton to lead the way, following after him. "I expected towns this side of the river to be more...legiony." He says calmly.
Stockton Stockton has Doom slung over his shoulder like he was a wounded soldier, truth be told it's just easier to carry an unconscious wall of muscle this way. WHen Willow comes in he grimaces a little and tips his had, "I got witnesses, I'll take their statements," he promises the Caine woman without much of a smile, Kaydin falls in line and he looks around, "Any more witnesses?"
Frank Frank stops right when Stockton makes his proclamation; he turns slowly and a grin spreads across his face. He runs a hand through his heavily greased up hair (Frank makes a mental note: find a store in this dungheap that sells pomade) as he approaches Stockton. He first thrusts out his hand. "Sheriff, pleased to meet ya. Frank Mallory. May I say what a fine job you do of upholding the law in this town?" He winks at him. Truth is, Frank really doesn't want to waste his time going all the way to the station. He had caps to stash and places to be. Time to work the ol' Franky charm. "I appreciate a fine man of upstanding moral fiber. But, Sheriff, I really don't have much to tell ya...all I heard was gunshots and yelling and something about Adam, whoever that is. If it's all the same to you, I need to head home and recover from the severe mental shock of this...crazed gunman nonsense. I might faint if I don't!"
Diva Janet didn't hear the sheriff's statement as she was busy staring glassy-eyed into the glass. She wouldn't be much help anyhow, she can't even remember it already. It's not like he could hunt her down even if she had heard. She wasn't from here and wasn't staying here.
Stockton Stockton stares at Frank and blinks slowly. "Mister, you talk too much." Just shaking his head he chuffs and chews on his cigarillo, shifting it to the other side of his mouth so he can flick a match to light the tip. Then out the door he goes with his criminal nad hopefully a few people to convict thim.