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Sparrow Sparrow is out in Avalon. Having come by and met a few people in this little place once or twice while on longer trips when her Husbandry or Medical Practice brought her out into the far wastes with the tribes. So landing here wasn't horrible. They had been talking about needing help anyway and Sparrow had more than enough to grind her gears on while she performed manual labor and helped the workers who inveitably had splinters, broken thumbs or fall damage. Right now she's got her cowboy hat on, duster and vest off, and she's helping shovel a ditch at the construction site. Digging out something large that will be helpful for structure but right now is just an obsticale to be removed.
Lucky Riding in on a loaned horse from the Drake Ranch, the younger one with Bluebelle from the barn, is Lucky Strikes. He wore his trench coat and armor, but not the helmet. slung to the saddle was a sword, and across his back was a SMG. His right arm was still of course in a cast.

The horse road in to Avalon's central square, the riders eyes looking around quietly as he took in the quaint town.
Sparrow Sparrow looks up and Blue nickers softly at Sparrow's other horse. The other appaloosa mare responds and moves towards Blue despite poor Lucky's attempts otherwise. Sparrow looks up at the sound and spots he new arrival. The Men at arms are approaching and calling to identify. Sparrow does not stop the operations; the question of identity but the Doc does move up to wait for Lucky's reply as well. But she gives Lucky a wave as she does, welcoming his reply to give the guards some idea that they know eachother without interupting.
Lucky "Whoa little one." Lucky calls out, giving a gentle jerk on the reigns as the horse heads for Blue. He chuckles as he tries to steer her away, or at the very least stop her.

With the Men at arms approach, Lucky nods and gives a smile. "Lucky Strikes. Desert Ranger out from El Dorado." He replies kindly before spotting Sparrow; his fingers twiddle in a wave to her.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles and the Guards glance at Sparrow who is a stranger but she's been helpful thus far. And a Doctor so there's that. They nod and go through their usual speil for newcomers before moving on and leaving one or two to watch Lucky. Just in case. This is the wasteland after all.

Sparrow moves over to take the new mare's reigns and keeps a hand on her forehead to rub it. "You're early. Welcome to Avalon."
Lucky "Thank-you. and, well, I thought I'd give it a few more days." Lucky replies as she takes the reigns "But she-" patting the horse "-was sad and desperately wanted to be with Blue. Once she had a saddle and out of the barn, she was all too eager to search for good ol' blue." A beat "Heck, she led me out here." He adds with a grin.
Sparrow Sparrow laughs a bit and smiles moving to hold the mare so that Lucky can dismount. But Blue and the new girl are content at the moment back in their herd of two, for now. Sparrow rubs the beasts neck and wonders, "Not too rough a journey I hope. How're you Lucky? Arm and everythin' feelin' better?" She asks witha smile that's warm but small. Sparrow doesn't look like she's been any more rested than she was last they met.
Lucky Dismounting from the horse, Lucky settles the SMG on a saddle hook. Glancing to her, he says cordially "I've been good. Headed out to Acme to check on this store the Vault 6 group is opening and just staying out of trouble." His eyes look to the cast, frowning. "Casted still, doesn't hurt as much. I can move the fingers a bit.. so I guess that is good."

Doing one last check of the saddle and weapons, he turns and gives Sparrow a warm hug. A small squeeze is given before stepping back, hands on her waist for a moment as he asks "I am more curious about you. Kind of took off so quickly, got me a little worried. Everything okay?"
Sparrow Sparrow oh's and laughs, "I thought it was just Jude and Iris." She says with a shake of her head. "Well I'm glad that you're all getting set up out there. Acme seems nice. Hanz' noodles are pretty damned tasty. Most of the stuff here's pretty rough though, so don't eat here unless you've got a solid grip on your stomach." She chuckles quietly and moves to hitch the mare to the post next to Blue in time to catch the hug. She returns it and then shakes her head, "No. Not okay. But I'll survive. It's what I'm best at. And before you start, no I don't want to talk about it. I want to work it out. Kay?" She squeezes Lucky again and points at the shovel. "Wanna help me dig this steel beam out? Stockton's out eto, came to show off his big shiny badge. I've been meanin' to introduce you two more formally. If you see him try and rope him in to helping while I pretend to introduce you?" She jokes.
Lucky "I won't push." Lucky replies sincerely as he steps back and looks to the shovel. "sure, I suppose I could try." He notes with a grin, walking over to the shovel and picks it up. "Sure." He adds.
Stockton Stockton is quieter than a big man should be, so when he crept up on the pair he heard his name being passed. "What's this about introductions," then he points and Lucky, "Whatever it is she's ropin' you into, just ferget it," he grumbles around a cigarillo.
Lucky Lucky brows furrow a bit as he pushes the blade of the shovel into the ground and leans against it slightly. "And why would I want to forget about it.." A pause, a hmm "Stocken?"
Stockton Stockton smirks, "Cuz there's no way'n hell yer convincin' me to do somethin' I don't wanna," he tells the other man before tapping his nose at the guess to his name. Sparrows face earns a half smile, "Not particularly, but you'll be done sooner if I do," he mutters before finding another shovel. Grumbling like the grumpy old man he is.
Sparrow Sparrow looks up, "Sherriff Stockton." She chuckles, "Lucky this is Slimjim, Slimjim this is Lucky Strikes. You might've met while fighting once or twice." She says as she grabs up her own shovel. "He's just bein cranky because this place doesn't have the drink he's used to. Hey, big guy, want to help us dig this up? They're hoping it'll help to support whatever this big ass thing they're building is."
Lucky Lucky looks at Stockton with a confused look, head shaking as he attempts to dig up some dirt. It's a difficult task with one hand, but he manages it somehow. "Right, well that made no sense.." A beat "But a pleasure to meet you anyways Stockton.." He adds.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "He was just tellin' ya not to bother tryin' to convince him to help." She replies and eyes Lucky and shakes her head. "I didn't actually mean help me shovel, sorry, not so good at the jokin'. I meant talk to me while I shovel. Between me and Stockton we can get the thing dug up. It's just nice to have your conversation." She tells the Ranger with a sheepish smile before looking towards Stockton. "Thank you kindly. Now that you're a representative of the city maybe your help will make a good name for Eldoradans amongst the folk here.""
Stockton Stockton quirks a brow at the man and just keeps moving with the shovel to start shanking into the dirt with a shove and a stomp of his boot, "Nice ta meet'cha Lucky." Pulling out the heep he tosses it to the side with a little exhale. "Sure thing," he says and shrugs a shoulder before spiking the shovel again, intent on getting this done quickly apparently. "I ain't no role model, don't go tryin to throw that mantle on me," he chides the cowgirl before scooping another shovel full of dirt out from around the beam.
Lucky Lucky looks between the two quietly before his eyes settle more on Stockton "So town sheriff hmm? Well congrats. What happened to the last sheriff?" He inquires.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "I didn't, you did when you put that shiny star on your chest, it aint a bad thing, Stock. It just comes with the territory." She says as she shoves the spade into the ground and digs some up. "Clara? I haven't heard from her in a while. Aidan didn't say anything." She glances at Stockton before looking back at her work."
Stockton Stockton just makes a face and lifts his vest to show the badge hiding underneath, "I don't go 'round flashin' it, so bite yer tongue," he grouses before shaking his head, "Apparently Clara was never Sheriff, just another deputy. So technically last Sheriff got murdered by bandits and that was Sheriff Wayne." The spade shanks again and he loosens more dirt by throwing his weight at it, breaking up more around the steel beam so it's easier to carve out a chunk around it.
Lucky "Damn, that sucks." Lucky replies to Stockton, frowning. "Have the bandits been brought to justice?" He adds, stepping back. "I'm going to check out the town. See you two later." He replies kindly.
Sparrow Sparrow looks to Stockton and her brows knit. She nods to Lucky, "Well, the person who did it is, the person who ordered it isnt." She eplains. "See ya, Lucky." She calls and looks back to Stockton with a snort and a smirk as she shovels.
Stockton Stockton tips his hat towards Lucky as the feller bows out. He's busy shoveling anyways. The look and the snort and the smirk get a roll of a broad shoulder, "What?"