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Stockton Stockton had drug Doom all the way back to the Sheriff's Office and was just dropping him rather unceremoniously onto the floor with a little roll of his shoulder. The pile of man on the floor can't have be comfortable. Taking a moment to divest Doom of all weapons and armor, he even has the unpleasant moment of checking sensitive places where someone would hide something. Being that the Sheriff is a former Merc, he knows all the places. Now that the big Enclave soldier is properly locked up, he closes the door behind him and twists the key to whistle back to his desk. He's got a scratch pad of paper that's yellowed with age, his handwriting is attrocious but at least he can read it.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya finds a seat and uses her staff to assist herself down. Her face is stony but her fervor has died down a bit now that she isnt trying to blow the man's brains all over the street for her God. She waits for Stockton to direct the inquest.
Kaydin     "You can read and write?" Kaydin asks with a curious tone to his voice before taking a breath. "I was expecting more tribals and less civilized people to be honest." He says as he looks around the building and moves to sit by Shreya. "So you worship atom..." He says as if this was something new.
Lucette     Luce is idly tugging on her right ear as she steps in, finding a seat to settle in and calm down. She procures a pair of white fluffs from her duster to tenderly tamp down into either ear with a slow, heavy exhale. Now that's all and done she remains quiet and patient.
Stockton Stockton grits his teeth and forces a slow smile at Kaydin, "My Ma's Tribal, and she taught me tah read an' write," he warns the man once to be careful how he treads from there. Seeing Streya he gives her a nod and a beckoning hand. "C'mere, please, let's hear yer version...preferrably in fewer decibals than last time?" he asks with a gracious smile, his scarred eyebrow perking up.
Kaydin     "My dad taught me how to read and write. Mom taught me how to knife a fella quickly." Kaydin says as he sits there and watches as the woman was called and he simply remains quiet for the time being, taking off his helmet so he can watch the various people without looking intimidating.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks at Kaydin. "I do now and forever." She stands and moves forward to speak with the Sheriff. "I was walking to the Gold Digger Saloon to meet up with Rose. When I arrived there was a man challenging her to a fight. He made it seem like it was to be fists but as we went outside he brought the biggest gun I had ever seen. Something was rotten in his eyes and Atom told me he would do evil. So I made haste to a rooftop but a firefight had already broken out.". She points to Doom. "This cur was open firing on the crowd. It was fun for him but, he was also trying to kill Rose. Rose has work to do in Roswell. Work for a holy mission given by Atom himself. So I took shot. He lived. I attempted to bring the start of a slow division but," she points accusingly at Kaydin. "This man blocked the will of Atom. And so here we are, the cur is now your problem. Men like that, they do not stop killing. If he lives the blood be on the hands of those who felt mercy. I do not envy you sheriff."
Stockton Stockton has his tongue in the side of his mouth, actually biting down on it before he says something else to Kaydin. Instead he chews on his cigarillo and puffs on it once while Streya sits and gives her version. He takes down a few notes, adding them to a growing collection on the page he has that's titled Enclave Soldier Hicks. A brief nod is given, "Alright, ma'am, I appreciate you comin' down and givin' a proper accountin' of events. Yer free to go," he waves her away and pulls on his cigar before stubbing it out in the ashtray near by, "Won't need yer envy, just yer support in upholdin' the law, ma'am." Looking at Kaydin, "Alright, you were next," he beckons the man over after Shreya's taken her leave.
Willow Caine Willow Caine enters the office, her skirt in her hands as she steps up into the room. Her brown eyes gaze around at the activity and when she's satisfied that things are well in hand she takes a seat on a wooden chair and crosses her legs. Her eyes alight on Shreya for a moment and she gives the Zealot a wan smile before she turns her attention to the Sheriff. She leans back to watch him work.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stands and bows to Stockton at the waist. "Atom keep you." She turns and glares at Kaydin as she makes her way out. "Maldito Idiota." Seeing Willow she sighs heavily and makes a small wave, not trying to distract from the proceedings.
Kaydin     "Alright." Kaydin says as he comes up and looks to the man. "I was there from the beginning. Rose was helping a vault dweller of some sort calm down from the shock of the world being what it is when the man showed up, challenging her to a fight. They both went outside and the man opened fire with his energy weapon. Rose disabled it with her gun. When he tried to come at her with the chainsaw part of his weapon, she shot at him to knock him out. The zealot here, took offense to rose being in a fight and tried to blow the man's brains out, would have done that if I didnt stop her." He says and when shreya comes with her comment he just shrugs and turns back to Stockton. "Thats about the whole thing, minus the fact the man did open fire at the crowd and saloon during the whole fight."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stands at the back of the office, lingering to overhear what she can. If no one insists she leave she will remain as long as she can to hear what is to become of he who dares to defy the Will of Atom. She crosses her arms, hoping to blend into the background as long as she can. Probably not that feasible with all her facial tattoos. Shreya stands out like a turd in a punch bowl.
Stockton Stockton has been Sheriff all of a few days and already he's having to do paperwork. While there's talking going on around him, he glances out the window that looks down the street. Muttering a prayer to something or someone, he focuses back on Kaydin as he explains his side of the story. "So it was a mutual duel? Rose accepted it," he states more than asks as he starts putting more pieces of the puzzle together. Then he's squinting his eyes, some and chewing on his cigar. A glance is given to Shreya and he chuffs lightly, "Speakin' of, I don' wanna hear yer takin' justice into Atom's hands no more. It happens in the Wastes, you'n yer god can sort it out. It happens in my town? I sort it out, good?" he asks her before looking back at Kaydin. "Alright, thank you," he scribbles a few more notes on his paper and looks back at the Soldier in the holding tank, "Any a you decide you wanna be good samaritans, he could probably use a Doc." Pinching the bridge of his nose he looks at Willow, "D'ju see anything?" He asks.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya simply bows slightly at the waste, closing her eyes briefly in a gesture which implies consent. "I shall bear what you have said in mind," she tells Stockton.
Kaydin     "I got nothing better to do then scavenge anyway." Kaydin says as he takes his helmet and puts it back on his head. Once the optics were activated he moves to the holding cell and offers to carry the man to the doctor.
Willow Caine Willow exhales and gets to her feet, shaking out her skirt before she reaches up to check her hair. "I walked in after the fact." She says bluntly to Stockton, her arms crossing under her bosom, pushing her assets pu a bit. "All I want, honestly, is reperations if there is any damage to the property. I'll let you sort all of this out, and I trust you have it well in hand."
Stockton Stockton gives Shreya and Kaydin a nod each before looking back at Willow and her .. presented assets. "You are related to Kitty," he reminds himself before his eyes are back on Willow's rather than other things. "I didn't see nothin' outside, Miss Caine, but if somethin's amiss, you can bring yer grievance back to me," he's trying to be cordial. Patting himself down there's a search for the other cigar he'd rolled this morning, finding it and a match he strikes up and inhales deep before exhaling towards the nearest open window. "Thank yah Kaydin," he looks to the door as a few more folks from the scene decided to come talk to the Sheriff in person. "Gimme a moment to talk to them, and we'll be on our way."

Stock manages to grit his teeth and bear through the testimony of three more town folk. Scribbling down notes on his yellowed pad he exhales slowly. Looking back at the knocked out soldier he shakes his head, "Damn fool, but not a criminal," the Sheriff finally decides while dismissing the town folk to be on their way. Taking up his hat he slicks that wild mane back to cap himself before adjusting his guns in that fancy back holster. "Alright, folks. Case of Mr. Hicks here is pretty much closed, ain't no body dead, ain't no property damage to tell, he'll be healed and released with a verbal warning to take duels out of the city limits. He might be a bit rash, but he ain't broken any laws far as I can tell. Appreciate you all doin yer civic duty. Seein' as he ain't gonna remember his time in the drunk tank, Rose'll be gettin' the same warnin' and we're done with this business." He swaps sides with the cigar and puffs once while opening the cell and bending down to pick up Doomguy and sort of support him on their way out. Shanty town and the clinic it is.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya turns and heads out. She is not pleased that the man will live but neither is she being witch hunted herself. She departs before Stockton may change his mind.
Kaydin     "Lovely woman." Kaydin says as he watches the man and moves to help the sheriff support the soldier, moving to the other side of the man to help carry him out. "Definatly an interesting town. May try and be a part of it." He says calmly.
Doomguy hicks wakes up somwhat groggy and in a bit of pain "uhhhh what happend"? he felt like hes been threw the blender only to be thown back in to be malched
Kaydin     "You lost the duel. You are lucky to be alive, one of the children of atom wanted you dead." Kaydin explains, helmet on so he may realize that a ranger is helping cart him around.
Stockton Stockton just shakes his head when Doom comes to while he's being carried out by two sturdy fellows. The Sheriff clucks his tongue sharply - a trick he learned from Ma Volkner. "You challenged Rose to a duel in the street. She sent yer ass to the dirt. People thought you was more rash then you were. Yer gettin carried to the Clinic - pretty sure Iris'll patch yah up. Next time you wanna wave yer penis around in my town? Don't. Take yer duels out of city limits if ya still gotta." And they're pushing back out onto the streets.
Doomguy doomguy no longer on a adrenilin rush said "thank you sharaf wont happen again and thank you for helpig me to the clinic"