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Iris Lark The evening is cooler than most, a cloud system moving over El Dorado, the dark clouds looking like they might bring rain, but it hasn't started to fall yet. Happy about the cool breeze, Iris has thrown open every window and door in the building.

Bacon follows his mistress as she moves around the clinic, her hair blowing in the strong breeze. It will probably be a very good evening, especially if it storms.
Emily The doors of the clinic open and into it walks Emily, clad in leathers, dirty from the road, and with several bruises and abrassions visible on her from some rough encounter or another, it would seem.

A little grimace crosses her features as she looks about, attention shifting towards Iris as she goes about opening up the room, "Heya, are there any doctors, or anything about that I could talk to by chance?"
Iris Lark "I'm a Healer." Iris says, gesturing for Emily to take a seat on an exam table. She moves to gather some supplies, as she gets a visual on the woman's surface injuries. "You don't look famiiar, are you new to town?" She asks as she pulls salve from the shelf. "My name is Iris Lark." She walks back to the exam table and offers Emily a smile. "You are?"
Emily "Oh, hey, nice to meet you Iris." Emily says as she makes her way across to the exam table and slides up onto the edge of it. "And yeah.. I only just sorta made my way into town the other day, the group I as traveling with ran into a little trouble on the road and all.

"So how much does this all cost?" Emily asks after a few moments, watching the salves and such be pulled down from the wall, "I'm not exactly rolling in caps or anything." A few momre moments pass then she adds, "I'm Emily." in response to the earlier question.
Iris Lark "I only charge if a person is abel to pay." Iris says, offering Emily a smile as she checks over her wounds. "So if you're new in town and trying to get settled, consider this on the house." She dabs her fingers in salve and begins to dress Emily's scrapes. "Was it bad trouble?" She asks quietly, shifting on her feet to gather up a bandage. "Or were you all able to handle it?"
Emily "It wasn't the great kind." Emily replies, wincing a little at the salve as it's applied to the injuries, "I was travelling with a few guys, raiders found us and did a number." She explains, shifting here and there as needed for the wounds to be cleaned, tended to, and dressed.

"I think I'm the only one who survived actually, not really sure, didn't think to go back and check either." She admits with a little shrug of her shoulders, "They weren't exactly good friends of mine or anything, ya know?"
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Emily and she offers a slow nod before she exhales out a sigh. "So tell me, are you planning on staying here in town for a bit then?" She ties off the last bandage and steps back, wiping her hands off. "I mean, I would, at least until the danger is past."
Emily "There's always danger out there." Emily gestures a little vaguely around, "So I don't know if I exactly plan to just stay here exactly." She explains with a little shrug of her shoulders, shifting a little and glancing down at the work done, "I did get a room to stay in here in town though, so I'll be around at least."
Iris Lark "Well if I can help you again, I hope you'll let me." Iris murmurs, gazing at her hands as she cleans up. She turns to face Emily, leaning against a counter, as a breeze shuts the door, hard. This makes Iris jump, and both hands go to her cheeks as they get ruddy. "Oh..that scared me."
Emily "I'll keep that in mind, Iris. I'm still trying to get my bearings here in El Dorado." Emily says with a slight nod of her head, casting a quick glance over towards the door as it slams shot, "Oh, it's just the wind." She says with a soft laugh, "But I can go look if you want, make sure?" she offers.
Iris Lark Iris shifts on her feet and she shakes her head, letting out a slightly awkward laugh. "I'm just jumpy is all, it's fine." She holds out a hand for Emily to shake. "It was excellent to meet you, and if it wasn't late...I'd suggest going out for a walk to the market or something." She sighs softly and smiles again. "Welcome to El Dorado, Emily."
Emily Emily slips from her seat on the edge of the table, extending a hand out to Iris to shake it in return, "Thanks for the welcome, and the very kind treatment." She adds, "If you need anything that I can help with just let me know and I shall try to repay the kindness. But, I should let you go, I'm sure you have a lot to do still."
Iris Lark Iris nods at Emily and gestures to the Clinic which is in a slight state of disarray. "I need four more hands, but until I grow them, I'll just work." She turns and walks towards one of the exam rooms to clean. "Be well, Emily, and safe."