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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya enters looking weary. She leans on her staff as she moves to claim a stool at the bar. The staff is propped against the counter so she can free both hands.
Konno     Konno is new to El Dorado. His first time tossing open the doors and wincing as he shuffles over to find a seat for himself, ordering a drink and something to eat while he leans against the table, head down.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya mutters to the barkeep. "Anything but Iguana if you please." Dark eyes come to rest on you and stare. The tattooed woman sticks out from the rest. Even her face is inked in swirling patterns.
Konno     Konno seems content even for the water offered, carefully sucking down slow sips with a sense of trepidation and pained grimace.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya raises a brow. "You seem injured. Do you need a doctor?"
Konno     Konno waves his hand, "I am a doctor. And I probably need one." he chimes in an almost singsong voice as he continues that drink.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya sighs. "I am not but let me see if I can find someone."
Konno     Konno waves his hand, "Be still, child. Atom's will put me where I need to be." he notes
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya tilts her head. "You are of the Children? You have no marks."
Konno     Konno gives a slow shake of his head as he straightens up some. "I've dealt with the children before, you seem to fit the bill. Been all over the wastes, this is probably not the worst of my being injured." he notes with a slow wink
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "Is there a doctor in the house," she calls out? Emily enters and the tattooed woman stares at her. Its a bit disconcerting.
Emily Into the Gold Digger Saloon steps Emily, a tentative look around is cast before she is rather suddenly spoken at by the intense stare of Zealot Shreya, causing her to blink a couple of times under the scrutiny.

"Um, hello.." She says to the woman, nodding ever so slightly towards her "I think most of the doctors are at the clinic, I would guess. I know how to dress a wound though."
Konno     Konno smiles to the arriving handy and thanks them, nibbling a little on whatever food was given to him in rather small, tiny bites, with similarly small doses of water sipped.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya points to Konno. "I think he needs aid. Perhaps you can give it, or point him toward one who can? I am no doctor."
Emily "He does?" Emily asks Shreya as she gestures towards Konno, her gaze moving to follow the indicator and she gives a little shrug of her shoulders at the Zealot. "I could probably bandage him up or whatever, for a few caps, of course."

Her attention shifts over towards Konno fully now, "Heya, kid. She says you need a doctor, or something?" she says, gesturing a little towards the Zealot.
Konno     Konno waves his hand at Emily. "Nothing that needs patching, on the outside at least. I just need to get some food in me, keep it down, and wait a few hours to know how badly my last client left me." he chimes warmly to Emily. Atleast the small bits of food are going down alright.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya frowns. "My apologies," she says to Emily. "It has been a long day. I was supposed to go and claim land for Atom today but the Ranger I hired to protect my body was accosted by a maniac. As Atom wills." She sighs.
Ashur The saloon door blows open with a sound like thunder; hither come Ashur the bloody-knuckled, his tread a bullish booted stampede as he earthquakes his way to the bar. Unarmored, he's adorned in the regal chalk-whitened toga of New Rome, a queer sight that some others have taken to describing as a bedsheet when he's not around; it wraps 'round every sprawling inch of hardened flesh and scar tissue, bundled tightest around his left arm and leaving it folded over a bruised abdomen. His skin is partially exposed beneath the fabric, the right shoulder, the breast, and much of the side revealed, including a scandalous glimpse of illiac furrow lower still.

Hairy as a bear, bruised, and with his braids falling freely around him, the faux-Roman man bee-lines for the bar, rips out a stool, and plants himself in it with such steadfast ferocity any moment now he'll surely grow roots and crust over like a giant in the mountains.

He seethes.
Emily "Adam? Who's that?" Emily asks the strange Zealot with a sidelong glance over towards her, her attention returning to Konno and she offers a nod of her head at him, "Alright." She says at that, "If you do need something patched up or bandaged or whatever just lemme know." a quick smile is flashed at the gentleman.

The arrival of the giant man is of course noteworthy, her attention shifts towards the big super-mutant wannabe with slightly big eyes, "Jeeze, he's a big one." She says over towards the Zealot.
Konno     Konno straightens further, "Not Adam, don't worry about it." he says to Emily about the cult, "Unless you've got some healing powder or a stimpak handy, nothing you can do for helping me that wouldn't need a surgeon and a lot of med-x. Actually, if you have any med-x, that'd help being ambulatory." he admits in teasing tone. "I'll be fine. The stud that did this probably needs a bit of time to settle himself down." the newcomer seethes mischeivously.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "Not Adam, Holy Atom the Lord of the Glow. I am one of his prophets." She turns to look at Ashur with her bulging eyes. "Atom above he is a behemoth of a man!"
Ashur As the brute settles upon the stool it creaks, groans, and protests his weight like old bones; he shifts, spreads his legs, spills out along its sides, and flattens his feet along the floor. He hunches forward, places his hands to the bar, and splays the fingers; runs them sidelong apart, until the shoulders rotate beneath his heavy white cloak, and then stops.


Freezes like the stones beneath his skin.

He sucks down a deep breath, and that bass rumble that rocks his frame and makes him vibrate is the only movement he makes. Pivots on the stool-- how it whines still, useless thing-- and affixes Konno with a steady golden gaze. Only Konno; his company might well not exist.


Stares a lil more.

Grunts. Displeasure, clear as day, unblinkingly intense. Speaks up: "I apologize for losing my temper."
Emily "Like a Rad God or something?" Emily asks with a look at Shreya, scrunching her nose just a touch, "So, does claiming territory for him mean you dump toxic waste everywhere, or something similar..?" she asks curiously.

A nod is given at Konno at that, "Well.. he musta been quite the beast to get you that bad, you don't look so bad to me.." She shrugs her shoulders, "But I've got none of that, and I'm none of those, so.." then Ashur is on his way over, apologizing to Konno and a little 'oooooh' look crosses her face, as if a wave of sudden, misunderstanding, crosses her face.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya darkens in expression. "You mock what you do not understand. Atom decides where his power spreads. I do not. It is a shame you judge so quickly." Her food comes and she quietly thanks the bartender.
Konno     Konno offers a polite wave of his hand towards Ashur. His discomfort's obvious, but he's not spraying out his innards like a geyser. For now.

    "It was all for the show, there's no need to think of it as affront to yourself personally. Besides, I had some fun anyway." there's a brief pause from his twinkling acceptance, "You need someone to talk to and clear your conscience? Most of my job is just making people feel nice about themselves and relax." a shift of his eyes, "The pants stuff is usually just to make people shut up for a minute so the real work can be done."

    He then looks at Emily, "I told you not to bother with it." he adds, and grins, "He was certainly quite a handful, I could hardly keep hold of him, every time he drove a hit home it rattled me to the core." he reminisces ecstatically.
Ashur Ashur swallows. That thick Adam's apple rises and falls as the lump in his throat is forced down. He inhales a calming breath and exhales a growling fury-- the beastman is damn near a feral. "It struck me, when I calmed, that your flamboyance was calculated ploy to excite the crowd; some trick of that snake, no doubt, to set Legion against whore. I should have gone easier on you in light of that." The clenched fist at his side is slipped behind his back. One arm slung horizontal on the abdomen, a fist in the small of his back, the berserker's posture is militaristic, regal-- a consciously forced dignity to lend the apology some gravitas.

Then Konno rambles on, and the man's jaw sets tight. "We fought in Jack's Town; I am ill interested in your barren holes, degenerate. You might play the woman, but without breasts and womb, it is farce."

So much for apologies.
Emily Emily raises her hands up a little at the snap from the Zealot, "Yeah, sorry for asking." She says, stepping back a little from the gathering, her gaze drifting from person to person with a slightly incredulous look crossing her features.

"I uh should probably get going.." Emily states, taking a couple steps further back before starting to turn towards the front door of the Gold Digger.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya waves a hand. "It has been a trying day and most vexing. Atom keep you." She goes back to her meal. Probably the last decent one she will have for a long time.
Konno     Konno offers a delighted giggling to Ashur. "I wasn't offering you my body, no, I don't think I could handle you in bed. I was offering you companionship and some space to gather peace of mind. I'm not offering any semblance of a woman's attentions or affections, that's not possible even if someone asked or paid for." he explains. "If you would like an example some time I would be glad to show and explain. We can both even keep our clothes on."

    Then to Emily Konno offers a wave, "You have somewhere safe I could lie down for a while? I think I'll take you up on that offer of a look-over." a bemused expression offered to Emi, followed by a bit of a wince as he takes another nibble of the food given to him.
Ashur Ashur's gaze remains leveled at Konno for a long, quiet moment. Everything about the man rubs him wrong. "No," he replies, voice a thundering stacatto bark, and then he turns away and simply marches right back out of the saloon. Not so much as a hello to the two women, but no one's ever accused Ashur of being polite.