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Iris Lark Iris peeks into the exam room, having been told that someone was here for treatment. When she spies Stockton her nose screws up slightly and she steps in, jumping a bit when the door closes behind her. She pulls on her shirt and walks over to the counter, dropping off some bandages and other supplies. "So uhm, what happened to you...Sheriff?"
Stockton Stockton is sitting on the exam table, his hat and vest on the end already. He's working on unbuckling the combat chest piece so that he can peel off his shirt. The scars along his back are old, probably a whip, the ones that now coat his chest and ribs are fresh and look a lot like laser burns. Unlike the spiderwebbed plasma he took from the Legion. The man just takes a lot of damage. He grins lopsidedly when Iris pokes her head in. "Enclave, out in the desert, bitter about their compound I imagine," he shrugs, now shirtless and bracing for what's to come.
Iris Lark "Apparently." Iris comments, stepping over to look closer at the burns. She reaches out and gently checks the wounds, her fingertips brushing against the slightly rippled skin. "Well I think I have something that will soothe the burns and keep it from getting infected while it heals." She turns and steps on one shelf, reaching up high to pull down a slender cruet and opens it. "So how are you enjoying your new job?"
Stockton Stockton tries not to wince when those gentle fingers prod and touch at his sensitive burns. When she comes away he nods, "Anything would feel better than the friction of my shirt," he notes while she goes about to find her tools. She asks about the job and he groans, "We can talk about that when I'm good'n drunk," he says.
Iris Lark Iris starts to apply the salve, and the aloe in the mixture soothes the burns. She considers his words for a few minutes, working in silence as she gently rubs the medicine on his skin. "You're going to get drunk?" She finally asks, both eyebrows lifting slightly as she watches Stockton, a slight smile on her lips. "With me?"
Stockton Stockton grunts and then sighs as the soothing mixture starts to wash away the aches and pains, the burning sensation now fading under Iris' hands. "Yer a miracle," he mutters as his eyes slip shut and he just lets her do her work. At the question he just smirks and peeks through slitted eyes, "Well, if'n you want that story, you and I'll have to get drunk, so yes?" he offers.
Iris Lark Iris hops back up on the shelf to grab the thicker bandages, unwrapping it so it will protect the wounds from chafing. She nudges at his arms, so that she can wrap theh thin fabric around Stockton's torso. "Well, I've only had alcohol twice, so you'll have to tell your story quickly, or else I'll be drunk and miss all of it." She murmurs, her teeth tugging gently on her bottom lip as she tries to keep from grinning. She takes a step back and gestures at his shirt. "Put that on and see if it's bothersome?"
Stockton Stockton lifts his arms up in a chicken wing formation so that she can get under them. Wrapping him up nicely with those salves to leave his chest less tight and on fire feeling. A sigh of relief is already present when she suggests the shirt and he nods. Reaching over to tug it over his head, his mane fluffing out with a shake of his head. Flexing this way and that a bit he grins, "Much better, thank yah Doc," he grins and rolls one broad shoulder, "Well, I'll be sure ta get started b'fore you show up den," he offers with a smile for her own grin.
Iris Lark Iris looks pleased when the shirt doesn't cause anymore discomfort and she turns to start putting things away. "If you're drunk, you might mistell the story." She says, her voice quiet. She sees him put caps down to cover the treatment and she shakes her head, pushing them back in his direction. "I can't take those, I'm sorry."
Stockton Stockton chuckles, "You'd be surprised how lucid I can be while drunk. Shoot, I fought off the Legion in Jack's Town drunk as a skunk," he admits with a toothy grin while he starts to put back on his armor and vest, that badge flicked in to be hidden for now. "Why in da hell not, Iris?" he grumps at her while standing up to his full height.
Iris Lark "'s not really polite to take payment from someone I consider to be a friend?" This comes out like a question and a crooked grin is on the Healer's face as she says it. Iris reaches out, her eyes narrowed slightly, as she thumbs away a smudge on the badge and shrugs. "I probably will be surprised how lucid you are, or maybe I won't be. Who knows.." She dithers for another moment or two before she tilts her chin up a bit. "When are we drinking?"
Stockton Stockton just makes a sour face at her, almost glowering some as he scoops the caps back up slowly. He might hide a few in her office or something later. For now he just shrugs, "Dunno that'd be my place to say," he says looking down as she cleans his badge for him, a half smile forming. The linger of her has him smiling a bit more, "When's a healer free fer a drink?"
Iris Lark Iris looks as if she is lost in thought and she gazes up at Stockton and shrugs, her cheeks pink. "Anytime really, I will leave it up to you, because I imagine that you are a fair bit busier than I am." She turns and picks up her jacket, draping it over her arm. "Obviously though it should be at the end of your day, so that you don't get called out to business and find yourself drunk while you're supposed to be working."
Stockton Stockton shrugs a shoulder, "Then I'll come grab you a night I got enough deputies to not care," he grins lopsidedly at the pink in her cheeks. Lifting an arm he gives her a half hug, "Thanks again, Iris, yer my favorite miracle," he grins and steps outside while slicking back that wild mane of hair so he can put the cowboy hat back on.
Iris Lark "You are..something else." Iris says, not fighting when she's squished in a half hug. She clears her throat quietly when she steps back and her shoulders come up a bit as she hunches her head down slightly. "I'm not a miracle, just..a Healer trying to do some good in the world."
Stockton Stockton manages a bit of a goofy smile when she calls him something else, not exactly what he was expecting but he takes it graciously. "Hey, you think miracles know they're miracles?" he counters with a grin, one hand lifts to tuck a finger under her chin in that 50's 'chin-up, kid' kinda way before he steps out, "I'll find ya soon, Iris, we'll get drunk." he promises as he steps out into the night to fetch his horse and possibly head home for the evening.