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Katherine Caine It had been a busy few days since Katherine had taken office and she hadn't even had time to make it back to the Gold Digger, she had been pretty much eating and sleeping in Town Hall. It shouldn't have been a huge surprise though given her 'open door' policy and the mess that Solomon had left behind.

She didn't even have time to go get Willow herself, she probably had to ask Gale (who seemed to be around to help) or someone else to try and ask her sisters to come meet with her, not because she was a big-shot but because hunting people down was hard!
Willow Caine Willow walks in, having got the message from her sister. She looks rumpled, as if she was snatched away from sleep, but there is a smile on her face as she makes eye contact with her sisters.

"Ladies." She quips, as she takes a seat daintly and crosses her legs. "You look settled in here Kitty, this place doesn't look like a dusty old museum anymore."
Abigail Caine Gale is pretty good at hunting down people, as it happens. this time she finds Willow without much trouble at all and more or less drags her out of bed to bring her to the Town Hall. Yes. Message. Gale removes her sunglasses, doffs her hat and then adjusts her collar so that she is actually fully visible for oncce, setting these aside as she moves to take a seat beside Willow across from the desk.. "KC," Gale starts. "What are you going to do when I'm not hear to drag people in?" She flashes Willow a smmile before taking a deep breath. Gale looksa lot softer, a lot younger- and prettier- when she finally lets people see her face. That might even be why she doesn't usually do it. Even the hat provides some measure of anonymity.
Stockton Stockton shows up at the Mayor's Office with those thudding boots and a jingle of his spurs. The Sheriff shoulders his way in rather abruptly without so much as a knock - so familiar ar they apparently. "Kitty, we got -" he stops and his feet come to a scuffing stop as he realizes the room is not filled with a singular Caine, but three. Pardon the big man while he gulps just a bit audibly. One hand reaches up to tear his Stetson off his head, the other slicking the wild mane back with little success. "Uh.. pardons," he begs as cordially as he can manage with a slight grimace.
Katherine Caine Katherine had a bottle of Brandy on her desk given the hour and she smiled at her sisters when they entered, "Care for a drink or something?" She already her one for herself poured in a fancy brandy snifter and a ton of work in front of her, which the Pip-Boy made much easier to handle, "Thanks Willow, couldn't have made it look so nice without your help. Kind of like all the help you've been giving at the Saloon, which I have no time to run.."

Stockton's entrance interrupts anything she is about to say to the oh so helpful Gale and she smiles brightly at Stockton, "Come on in, Sheriff. What's the problem?"
Willow Caine Willow leans in to take a snifter of brandy and when she settles back in her chair and takes a sip, she doesn't gasp in a breath. She shifts on the chair, trying to get comfortable before she answers her sister. It's at that point that the door opens and the spurs cause her to turn towards the door. "Sheriff." She intones, giving him a lingering once over before she turnes back to Kitty.

"You're not going to have much time for anything honey, but you've got Gale and I, we'll help you out." She jerks a thumb back towards the man at the door. "Especially if he's going to be around a bit."
Abigail Caine Gale also accepts the brandy, sniffing it gently before moving to take a sip out of it. "I get tired of being around all the idiots but I can't just let things fall apart over there," Gale notes mildly as she moves to take a sip from her drink. Gale arches a brow and looks over toward Stockton as he enters, tilting her head slightly as she does.

In a rare showing Gale's youthful face, wide blue eyes, and rich brunette tresses are all visible. The sunglasses and the black brimmed hat are in her lap at the moment, neither obscuring her face. She doesn't look like much of a hardass this way, so it's a stark change. "I'll do whatever I can to help until we get it all figured out. ...Evening, Sheriff." She even gives Stockton a light wave.
Stockton Stockton clears his throat after those dark eyes catch on Willow a moment. Blink. Blink blink. Going to pretend he has no idea what's going on. Yup. That's his defense. The looming wall of muscle and armor shifts further into the room so he can close the door behind him with a soft click. "Miss Caine, Miss Caine, Miss Caine," he greets the three sisters in a row polite as ever, as he nods to Kitty, Willow and Abigaile in that order. "Don' mean tah bring troublesome news when yah got family and all," he gestures some with his hat before it's clasped over his chest again. "Jus' wanted tah let yah know there was a disturbance of the peace, but I'm sure Willow told yah at least some of it?" he's hoping maybe. He reaches into his coat and pulls out a yellowed piece of paper with scribbles on it - they're legible..mostly. "When I got to the Saloon I kept hearin' how Mr. Hicks, er..Doomguy?" the Sheriff doesn't seem impressed, but the former Merc's tangled with worse, "Had shot up the place. Turns out it was just a buncha conjecture, he's gettin stitched up at the Clinic, but him'n Rose're gettin' verbal warnings about duelin' in the streets. Took six damn witness testimonies for I got to the bottom." he eyeballs that brandy hard for a moment before returning attention to Kitty, "So yer caught up, ain't no one broke any laws...but there'll be talk I'm sure."
Katherine Caine "Well, he better be around, he's the new Sheriff." Katherine replied with a grin before taking a sip of her brandy after swirling it around, "Gale has been a great help around here though, tracking people down and that. Best secretary you could ever hope for." She teased her younger sister before saying to Willow, "Probably best you start running the Saloon, at least until I don't have a job as Mayor."

She listened to Stockton's tale and frowned a little, "May have to look into passing a law about fighting in the city, don't think it's ever been too clear but it needs to be. I don't know Corporal Hicks well enough to say what he is or isn't capable of, but I'd have expected better of Rose. Rangers are supposed to be above petty bullshit like that. As much as I love having the NCR around, I agree with you, gotta be fair treatment both ways. Next time it happens with either of them, put them in a cell for a few days and let them stew if you like. You're the Sheriff though, so I trust you to do your best and make the right call with the information you have available. Best anyone can expect."
Willow Caine Willow's shoulders twitch when Kitty drops the Saloon business in her lap. "Oh fuck.." She mutters, passing a hand over her faultless face before she takes a breath and slugs back the rest of the brandy in her glass. "Yeah, I'll take care of the Saloon, but you'll be Mayor for a while, if you're anything like Pap." She listens to what her sister has to say about the fuss tonight and adds. "If that kind of shit keeps happening, and I keep seeing certain people acting up, they're gonna have to find another place to drink." Slam goes the snifter on the desk.
Abigail Caine "I'll throw 'em out for you," Gale mutters. She's been subtly glowering in Kitty's direcction since she was declared 'secretary', but ultimately the generally somewhat sour Gale just goes back to looking down at the glasshes holding. "I don't know what the fuck those people think they are about. We need to actually make that sort of shit illegal if you ask me. At least in the street people have room toget out of the way." She snorts and then shakes her head oonce, hard. "We'll get it straightened out," Gale finishes simply before taking another deep breath. "Anything else on the docket, Sheriff?" Gale asks,cockign her head slightly to the left now. She holds that position for a moment.
Stockton Stockton nods at that first bit, "Course I'll be around," he intones before glancing back at Willow briefly. Kitty has his attention though as she speaks and he nods, "If I'd been more aware of the situation, she'da spent a few hours in the drunk tank, too." He shrugs a broad shoulder and fidgets with his hat some, "Figure one warnin's enough. Rose's a damn fine shot, but I think she respects me 'nuff tah listen, I ain't got a problem with old fashioned duels, sometimes folk got grievances can't be solved by a judge. But I'm better wit 'em outside city limits, that way if there's a corpse, the city ain't gotta clean up?" he offers, "Somethin to bring to town meetin' I guess." There's a side-eye glance towards Willow again and he nods, "If'n yah want, I can station a Deputy at the Saloon fer a day 'er two, should be good 'nuff to discourage further rowdy b'havior?" he offers without demanding. With that business done there's a visible drop of his shoulders as a tension unthreads from his neck. "No, ma'am," he tells Gale before looking at Kitty, "If there's nothin' else, Kitty?"
Katherine Caine "I think Gale can handle any troublemakers like she said." Katherine replied to everyone pretty much at the same time, "Willow has her there to help keep an eye on things, if anyone underestimates her, they'll be in for a world of hurt. I heard some kid bragging that he knows Gale Caine who kicked a Deathclaw, that kind of reputation is bound to spread."

"As for the laws, I'll get it sorted out. Can't have a repeat of this, at least you got it handled. Why don't you go get yourself a drink with Willow and Gale or something, go relax a little. Solomon is out of our hair for now and we have more pressing concerns. I've already started beginning the planning for an expedition to head South and see if we can't get ourselves the same edge the Brotherhood wanted."
Willow Caine Willow turns in her chair and sees Stockton looking. An impish grin makes her looks mischievous as her tongue darts out to wet her lips. "No need for the deputy, Sheriff. You're welcome to come by for a drink, but between myself and my sister.." She cuts a glance at Gale before she looks back towards the tall man. "..we'll keep things in line. I've got a loaded arsenal, as I'm sure you've noticed." To make sure he does her fingertips trail along the abundance of skin trying to escape from her bodice. She gets to her feet and winks at her oldest sister before she sashays towards the door. "I'm going back to bed, he can drink with Gale if he wants, or he can join me, I don't care either way. I just want my head on a pillow."
Stockton Stockton gives Kitty a nod and goes to put his hat back on, intent on seeing himself out. "Just let us know what we're enforcin, and the Sheriff's department is behind you, Kitty," he smiles crookedly at her and tips his hat to the Mayor. The suggestion that he go have a drink and relax is taken in stride with a twist of his lips, "It's a good suggestion I-" then Willow happens, and that graveled, growly baritone-bass just ceases with his mouth a bit agape, his eyes widened as he's just propositioned like that, she's joking right? He just goes with joking and offers a slightly nervous chuckle, and a polite hat tip for the woman who now owns the Saloon. "Y'all ladies have a lovely evenin," and he's pushing back out onto the street with those jangling spurs telling the tale of his trail. He comes to a stop outside, likely finding another one of those hand rolled cigarillos he's so fond of.
Abigail Caine "I did kick a Deathclaw. It was on fire at the time as I recall.... And it didn't mind any." Gale squints at that and slowly shakes her head, breathing a heavy sigh as she does so. "Anyway, it doesn't matter. That crazy giant ex-legion fellow was pinning iti already, I just kicked it in the head a few times." She takes a deep breath, holds it, and then slowly exhales. "You have a good evening, Sheriff. Take good care of yourself. I don't need to be having to dig you out of a ditch next. Alright?" Then she drains her glass. "And sleep tight, Wil... Anything else, KC? I don''t actually have anything else to wander off and do just now..." She looks over at the chair where Katherine is seated and arches a brow.
Willow Caine Willow trails a finger down Stockton's arm as she moves around him to step out of the office, her lips still curved into a grin. "See ya later Sheriff." She says before she turns to wave at her sisters. "Love you both." She says, blowing a kiss into the office as she steps out of it.
Katherine Caine "Nah that's it Gale. Have a good night and thanks for all the help." Katherine said to Gale as she watched everyone leaving to go about their lives while she was stuck here doing paperwork!