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Willow Caine Willow Caine doesn't look like she slept well. The late night meeting with her sisters sees her saddled with the day to day running of the Gold Digger and while she loves the bar, she loved being lazy too.

Regardless, the world turns and the day goes on. This is a sunny day indeed, the harsh storms that moved through last night left the sky a pretty blue and everyone in town seems to be walking around with some pep. Willow might not be peppy, but she's here and she slips behind the bar, wiping up a few wet spots with a clean rag before she starts to get things moving.
Kasumi     The latest Lost Vaultie woman sneaks into the bar. Kasumi, the asian girl with black hair, and a long streak of blue that goes down over her left eye, seems to have appeared at a table. She's still trying to make sense of the bottle caps as she sorts them out. The woman looks odd, wearing military fatigues under Leather armor, yet doesn't have any weapons on her. Her clothing has blood stains on it, as well as bullet holes, but she has no injuries. Just...when did this woman seek in?

    Either way, there is a loud growl coming from the woman's stomach. She blushes a little bit, and pulls out what looks to be a ration. She takes a bite of it, and then puts it away. Kasumi sighs a little bit, wondering where she might get a job, if the world is like this now...
Willow Caine Willow cleans up and makes idle conversation with the few seated at the bar, a pleasant smile on her face as she works. She stops and flirts and serves food and drinks with the same aplomb that she usually carries herself with. She goes still as she thinks she hears something in one of the dark corners of the Saloon, but then someone calls for her attention and she turns away.

The food being served today is a tender roast beef with potatoes, and hey, the beef might even be real. Delectable scents drift from the kitchen and all of the regulars in the bar grin, knowing that Miss Kitty wasn't anywhere near that kitchen today.
Kasumi     Kasumi listens in on all the idle chatter. Sometimes work can sneak in when you least expect it. Then the woman gathers her bottlecaps, and walks up to the bar. "Miss? How much is one bottle cap worth in yen? I wish to understand the rates, since the dollar is no longer used.", she says in a measured soft voice. "As well as any prospective job in the area. Though, I perfer to avoid anything as...exciting as last night's...entertainment.", Kasumi adds.
Willow Caine Willow eyes the woman as she steps up to the bar, almost as if she had stepped out of a shadow. These kind of sudden entrances never bothered Willow, she's not the sneaky type, but she appreciates those who are. "Depends on who you talk to, honestly. People barter around here on a regular basis, darlin'." She leans against the bar as she gives Kasumi a once over, and after a moment of looking she cants her head slightly to the side. "There are a few job openings, depending on your skill set. New Sheriff and new Mayor in town, the Militia are always looking for warm bodies, and hell - now that I'm running this place I could use a strong arm as well."

"So, what is your skillset, besides being sneaky?"
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a moment to think on what her skills are. She looks at Willow a bit more carefully, before speaking. "My skillset...I think when the bombs went off, became obsolete. I am not very big, nor do I carry a persence that would keep those that you wish out of here. At least not without a blade. And I think you have Miss Rose as well for protection. To be simple, I am little more then a diplomat's child, who has grown to learn her civil services."
Willow Caine "No skill is obsolete." Willow states firmly, brushing a platinum blonde lock of hair behind her ears. "Rose don't work for the Gold Digger, not that I'm aware of but I can ask around to see if anyone is hiring." She moves down the bar briefly and serves another patron, sliding a beer his way before she walks slowly back towards Kasumi, her hips swaying as she takes slow and deliberate steps. "Can I get you anything?"
Kasumi     Kasumi looks at her bottle caps. "How much is it for water? I can not afford sake.", she says. How the woman talks, she was clearly educated before the bombs. "Is there one who knows how to forge blades in the Imperial manor in town? I would like to aquire a two thousand fold blade. I feel...naked without one.", she tells. "And I do not see diplocy being an effective...skill around here. The other arts of diplomacy might be...but not in itself."
Willow Caine Willow offers a shrug when talk turns to diplomacy and she leans in to pull out a bottle of sake. She pours out a glass and slides it towards Kasumi, a slight grin on her face. "This one is on the house." She says before she places the bottle back under the bar. "Now as to forging, I haven't met any blacksmiths lately, but that doesn't mean that there isn't one around." She turns to gather some bottles from the display to place underneath the bar. "I'll ask around for you though."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head. "Thank you.", she says. Then a group of 4 men come in. They are not the happy friendly kind of people, but rather slavers. Kasumi sips her sake lightly. The leader barks out. "Anyone seen a exotic woman running round here. She stole weapons and armor from mah crew, and she reckon to be returning it. We can take this up wit the Sheriff if somebody is hiding her.", he says.

    Kasumi sighs, and puts the sake down. "I do not know of which you speak of. The dead no longer have a use for such items, so how can there be theft?", she comments. THe leader growls a little bit, and stomps towards her....
Willow Caine Willow sees the men as they walk in, and her eyes narrow as she figures out that they're here for trouble. She slowly pulls up the side of her skirt, intent on reaching the snub nosed revolver in her garter, watching Kasumi interact with the men as she does so.

"We'll have no trouble in here boys, but if you want to fetch the Sheriff, please do." Her voice is steady as she calls out to them, a slightly bored look on her face as she lowers her lashes and steals a glance at the woman drinking the sake.
Kasumi     The leader looks at Willow. "She even admits to killin' and stealin'. What more you need before handing her over, so we can have a talk with the Sheriff.", he says. Kasumi hooks a chair with her foot, and keeps it between her and the leader. The other three start to fan out to surround Kasumi. She seems too calm for things. As if there' threat. "There won't be any trouble, unless she starts it."

    Kasumi places an hand on Willow's arm. She looks at the men, and gracefully moves to her left. The men follow her, only for one of them to fall over the chair as he tried to dart towards her.

    The men rush her at this point, only after Kasumi ducks under a table. When one grabs her leg, she stands up, pushing the table over on top of him. The leader growls a bit. "Now you done did it!", he says. Kasumi stays calm, looking at Willow a moment, and nodding her head. The other two who went down, are slowly starting to get back to their feet. "I didn't chase you down for 4 days straight to let you go!"
Willow Caine Willow frees the gun from her garter as the ring-around-the-rosie takes place and when the man raises her voice the blonde woman raises the gun, pointing it at the leader as she cocks the hammer. "Now boys.." Her words are honeyed and a smile is on her face. " are more than welcome to fetch the Sheriff and bring your claims to him." Her eyelashes flutter slightly as a smile curves her lips. "But you lay another hand on that woman, and you all will be leaving here with several more holes than you came in with."

Several of the other patrons see Willow with her revolver and one of the off duty Militia men get up to back up the petite blonde. "Ya'll are in very unfriendly territory right now. My territory. Now git." Her accent deepens as she speaks, and her eyes narrow slightly. Her trigger finger moves ever so slightly and her eyebrows raise briefly in challenge.
Kasumi     The Leader growls, coming very close to Kasumi. "We'll see you outside sometime. Better pray the Sheriff only locks you up, instead of handin' you over.", he says. Kasumi just stays calm, looking at him. She doesn't say anything, as she steps back, and out of the Leader's way. The minions gather themselves up, and play follow the leader.

    Kasumi watches the men, making sure they don't do something worse, like draw guns before she moves back to the bar. "My apologies for the dishonor. How many I repay?", she asks quietly. "And I do not deny their claims. They took me out of the chamber, and tried to put cuffs on me. I got out of the cuffs, and killed six of their number, before getting lost in the desert."
Willow Caine Willow lowers the revolver and pulls up her skirt, showing a lot of leg and fishnet stockings as she stows the small gun again. That done, she turns to regard Kasumi for a few moments before she grins. "You don't owe me anything, no caps and no explination." She pulls up the bottle and pours the woman another sake. "You need to be careful, I imagine those fellows are going to hang around town lookin' for you, darlin'."
Kaydin     Kaydin comes back to the saloon in time to see the woman hold up a gun to the men. He watches the goings on and moves to where they are and moves to take his helmet off. "Seems like you cant go anywhere without a gun." He says curiously as he looks to Kasumi. "You alright?" He asks with some concern in his voice.
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little bit. "Yes, they will. And by their threats, I take it that they're allowed to speak with the local law about me?", she asks Willow. "That could be more troublesome then I would like.", she says. The woman takes a moment to sip her sake before looking at Kaydin a moment.

    There's a moment where there seems to be a switch. "Sir Kaydin! You spoke of the Rangers? Would they be the Army Rangers? It seems those men have an issue with me, and wanted to cause trouble for the young lady for serving me a drink.", she says. The woman offers a small smile. "Could you ask the Rangers to...investigate those men, and should they resist an investigation?", she asks. Is she getting a little too close to be asking for something like that? Didn't Kasumi speak of being a diplomat earlier...
Willow Caine Willow leans in, a slightly impish smile on her face as she winks at Kasumi. "Oh honey, they can speak to the Sheriff all that they like, and say whatever they want, but the truth of the matter is - if you didn't do any of those things in the town limits.." She trails off and her shoulders raise in a shrug.

Willow's brown eyes take in Kaydin and she pulls out a rag from underneath the bar to clean up the area next to Kasumi. "Have a seat, can I get you something darlin'?"
Kaydin     "The Rangers do descend from the army rangers before the war. I can investigate them for you and see about getting them to go their ways." Kaydin says as he then looks to the woman and smiles. "Nuka cola if you dont mind. Last thing I want to do is to make the lady of the house serve little old me."
Kasumi     Kasumi smiles at Willow. "Very good. I should consider looking into where the boundries are. I do not want to make the Law upset with me.", she says. The woman adjusts herself, and smiles to Kaydin. "Excellent. And thank you. I would not be amissed if they have a streak of bad karma as well.", she says to Kaydin.

    "Ma'am. Where would be the safest place in town to stay for those with no money? I do not wish to invite more trouble on myself or others while they are in town.", Kasumi says speaking to Willow. "Maybe I can come to an agreement in place of money to find a place to stay."
Willow Caine "Damn right you don't, that delicious looking Sheriff looks like the type that spanks." Willow jokes, hands moving under her breasts to shift them in her bodice. An amused gaze alights on Kaydin and the blonde laughs softly. "Oh honey, it's my job, one I enjoy." She brings a Nuka Cola from below the bar and slides it to the Ranger, winking as she does.

"You can find a room at the hotel, or even here." She says, leaning against the bar. This puts the abundance of flesh showing on display, and while it's just on the right side of indecent, it still might be a bit of a distraction. "The rates are over there, you let me know if you want a room, honey."
Kaydin     Kaydin watches Willow and when she leans he just stares for a moment before snapping out of his stupor and sips his cola. He then looks to Kasumi and watches her. "If you need caps I can donate a few for you. I was just going to buy ammo anyway, I dont mind helping out as long as the money isnt spent on something frivolous like booze."
Kasumi     Kasumi smiles a little bit. She unbuttons her fatigues a little bit, and leans foward a little. "I see.", she says. Kasumi smiles a little bit, lowering her eyelids. "Can you tell me if I have enough here for one possibly?", she asks. The woman puts up bag of bottle caps on the counter. "Though I may have to go back out in the desert to get my stuff, and I don't think its wise to go unattended.", she says. THe bag has about 500 caps in it.
Willow Caine Willow lets her gaze settle on Kasumi and while she tries to hold the impassive look on her face, the unbuttoning of the fatigues brings a smile to her lips. She holds Kasumi's gaze for a few more moments before she gazes down at the pouch, a slender finger pushing around the caps for a few moments. "You've more than enough, honey." She finally murmurs, pushing to stand up straight. "I'll talk to a girl, see about getting one of the rooms cleaned up."

She snaps her finger then, and a mousy girl scurries up to Willow, and the blonde leans in to speak quietly to her for a few moments. The girl quickly scampers up the stairs and Willow nods, satisfied that the job will get taken care of."
Kaydin     "I will go with you if you want someone to watch your back." Kaydin offers as he watches Kasumi and then looks to her bag of caps. "Thats quite a bit of caps. I think you will find a room to stay in here." He says calmly. When the woman says it will be enough he nods as he drinks his cola. "See? Problem solved. Now you just need a profession to earn back the caps you will be spending here."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head, and turns her body a little bit. This opens up her fatigues a bit more then it should, though its cause she's leaning against the bar to hold the fatigues in place. Whether its on purpose or not remains to be seen. "Thank you, Kaydin. As for work, the Lady and I were speaking about that. My skill set is diplomacy, but such arts seems to be lacking at this time. And I am too small to be considered a real...threat to work for anyone as a strong arm.", she states.
Willow Caine "You might want to talk to my sister, Katherine." Willow states, leaning against the back of the bar, her arms crossed loosely over her chest. "She was just elected Mayor and ..I'm sure politicians have a use for diplomacy." She tucks a stray lock of hair behind her ear and smiles. "If she can't, well...might be that she'll know someone who might have some use for your skills."
Kaydin     "Atleast your skills can bring about peace. All my parents taught me was to be able to fight incase of war." Kaydin says calmly as he moves a hand to pat Kasumi's shoulder. He then looks to Willow and watches her. "I am going to try and become a deputy. working here allows me to continue my mission for the NCR."
Kasumi     "Peace. Yes...Some would call it that.", Kasumi says with a light laugh. The woman nods her head a little bit to Willow. "I think your sister would greatly enjoy my assistence with her political manners.", the asian says as she stretches out a little bit. The woman looks at Kaydin a moment, giving a little smile. "The Art of War is followed by the Art of Peace. For without one art, you can not have the other.", she states.
Willow Caine "They could use some more good looking men in the Sheriff's office." Willow says, pulling another cola up from beneath the bar and setting it in front of Kaydin. Her gaze shifts to Kasumi and a wide smile makes her look downright approachable. "If you're able to help my sister and make her job a little easier, you might find an agreeable bartender who will take care of you, anyway you might need." The blonde says, a slightly suggestive smile on her face.
Kaydin     Kaydin drinks his cola and smiles as he accepts the second one. "Thanks. I dont know if I am that good looking, I am just average." He says before looking to the two women. "So maybe you can give me the layout of the town, Miss Caine, or is it Mrs?"
Kasumi     Kasumi smiles at Willow before taking a moment. "Let us first see what she has to say first. One make not like to be known with somebody such as I, let alone employ them. Diplomacy is a much different thing then what people believe it to be. If one isn't carefull, that beast will swallow them whole.", she says.
Willow Caine Willow winks at Kasumi before she turns to regard Kaydin. "I can direct you to the place you're lookin' for, I'm certain." She says, and a hand reaches up to fiddle with the necklace around her slender neck before she adds. "It's Miss Caine, I haven't got much use for the sacrement of marriage, sweetheart."
Konno     Konno shuffles his way back into the gold digger, one hand over his abdomen while he searches out for an appropriate table to insert himself to seating. He has a heavy lean forward once he's in, elbow on the table as he requests some water, a shot of whiskey, and something to light to eat to the robot server that drifts near him. Once that's all settled he takes a small palmsized mirror from his vest and flicks it open, looking himself over in it until satisfied to close the mirror and setting it away.
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a moment to adjust herself, and leans back against the bar. "This may seem weird to ask, but what are the local laws and customs? Or are we basically in what Americans referred to as the Wild Southwest?"
Willow Caine "The laws here are pretty simple, you don't kill - man or horse. Ya don't steal and if you live in town you pay taxes." Willow states, ticking off each one with a finger. When she's finished she turns and rises on her tiptoes to see how things are going in the kitchen, when she turns back to smile at Kasumi she spots Konno walking into the bar and she keeps an eye on him for a few moments while he settles into his seat.
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little bit, and smiles. "When will your sister be in to speak with?", she asks. The woman places her hands just a little under the armor to push up her chest a little bit, as she leans against the counter.
Konno     Konno's attention shifts post-order to the other people present. Nobody seems to really catch his attention, though he does take note of willow giving him a look. He offers a wink in reply, despite his pained posture and expression otherwise.
Kaydin     Kaydin was here the whole time, just watching Willow with a grin on his face. He snaps out of whatever stupor he was in and sips his cola. "I need to find a doctor to patch up a few injuries. Nothing fatal, just the usual bumps and bruises that come from wandering the wasteland." He says with a sip of cola.
Willow Caine "I'll get in touch with Kitty, she's pretty busy but I can gently cajole her into making some time." WIllow says, her eyes not on Kasumi even if she is clearly addressing her. She's watching Konno, and when he winks, a grin tugs at the corner of her lips, and she raises her chin slightly in reply. She turns to Kaydin and after some thought, with eyes narrowed, she offers, "There is that clinic somewhere in town, never been there, I still go to my old doctor."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head. She takes a moment to settle back down. Then the young woman from before comes down, and lets Kasumi know her room is ready for her. THe woman blinks a little bit. "Very fast....and efficent.", she says. The woman is almost floored.
Konno     Konno listens and straightens up in his seat to the response from Willow. Apparently she knows the matron, more reason to show interest. It's about this time that it's time for Konno to focus on that shot and meal set before him, taking a quick quaff of that shot and a slow sip of water following before settling properly in his seat. He offers a polite gesture to Willow, a curl of finger towards himself and a motion to seat next to him.
Kaydin     Kaydin watches Konno and sips more of his cola. "So who are you, friend?" He asks curiously, watching the man move about and ask willow to join him. He turns to Willow and smiles to her. "So you grew up in this town?" He asks curiously.
Willow Caine Willow rolls her shoulders and gives the girls another plumping with her hands as she makes brief eye contact with Kasumi. "Pardon me a moment, sweetheart." She says as she walks from behind the bar to Konno's table. Willow drapes herself into a seat, pulls her skirt high enough to cause a stare or two before she crosses her legs. "I've lived here all my life." She says in response to Kaydin's question, without turning to look at him.

She eyes Konno for a few moments, giving him a lazy look from his shoes to his hair and then she smiles. "What can I do for you, darlin'?"
Harlan      Harlan roams into the saloon wearing some rugged beat-up trousers, boots, shirt, and funny enough.. a vest of chain-mail. A bandanna crowns his head. Raising a hand, he comes his fingers briefly through his brown and somewhat graying beard. Bicep of a thick arm, honed from decades of blacksmithing, bulging a tad. He scans his surroundings with an assessing green gaze then nods firmly with a grunt... the saloon had his approval.. for whatever that's worth.
Kasumi     Kasumi watches Willow go, with a light smile. Then there's the man with...chain mail? The woman shakes her head a little bit as she just stares a bit more. "Kaydin, sometime tomorrow, I'll venture forth to get my stash. I will make a round the town first in the morning. I need to find a blacksmith capable of making a katana. My caps feel very...light, and without my gear and a good blade, I will not be able to do much for Miss Mayor."
Konno     Konno is nibbling a little bit of the offered food, not really giving it much attention as he is being careful of small bits of ingestion. He gives Willow enough time to settle and ask her question before he turns more whole attention her way.

    "I couldn't help but notice you keeping an eye on me. And I was wondering what work you did around here? Your grace and holding did not strike me as security or kitchen duty." he offers, "I considered it was something better kept between individuals and asked you over." and an explanation for his flagging.
Willow Caine Willow lets her crossed legs swing idly as she listens to Konno speak. She reaches up to make sure her curly hair is in place before she bats her eyelashes at him. "I'm the proprietor of this establishment, at least as long as my sister is Mayor." She says, fingers idly fussing with a golden thread on her bodice. She takes a deep breath, enough to make her ample assets heave a bit and she leans in, her voice quiet. "You've something you want to ask, sugar? You go right ahead."
Kaydin     Kaydin nods to Kasumi and watches her. "Let me know when you want to go and we will go." He says as he drinks down the rest of his cola and looks to the main with the chainmail vest. "Well hello sir." He says, holding his ncr helmet under his arm.
Harlan      Harlan's head perks up at the word 'blacksmith'. He gives Kasumi an assessing gazes and then wanders toward her, his chain-mail giving a slight rattle. A chinese's officer style sword dangles at his hip.

"Well, missy.. You are in luck. If it's a blacksmithing you are lookin' for. You've got one standing right here." He pats his chest with a callused hand. "Name is Harlan.. and if you get me the right materials. I can bang just about anything out for you.. I work with guns too as a matter of fact, but soundin' like you need medium length curved blade with a good edge."

He gives Kaydin a quick glance over, eyes the NCR helmet, and gives a firm nod. "Hello, Ranger.. You wouldn't happen to be lookin' for a gunsmith now would ya?"
Konno     Konno smiles and offers a small flutter of his eyes, shifting some and letting his vest drift more loosely from his shoulders- giving a nice look into the neck of his shirt, a tease for daring eyes. "I wouldn't mind taking it to another room to ask properly. I plan to make a mutually beneficial offer." he replies in a low, breathy murrl.
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head. "Yes, a medium blade, balanced, made in the Imperial style, two thousand fold.", she says. The woman smiles a bit more. "As for guns, I have a borrowed service rifle that feels right in my hands. Though, you could take a look at it, and tell me if I need more work on it.", she says.
Willow Caine The smile on Willow's face opens her mouth slightly and her tongue presses against her canine as she eyes Konno boldly. "Well then, you're more than welcome to come upstairs to my room, where we can discuss business in private." She turns her head, making sure the robots have the run of the bar before she gets to her feet. "C'mon, sugar, lets go talk." Her hips sway suggestively as she makes her way to the stairs, and she turns briefly to twiddle her fingers in farewell to Kasumi.
Harlan      "Two thousand folds, eh? Tall order there. Going to need materials for it. Keep an eye out on good metal crap." He brushes his beard with his hand. "As for the rifle, always something more that can be done to make a rifle better.. keep an eye out for good gun bit. (gunsmithing tools)." He crosses his arms over his chest. "None of this is free-mind you.. So I'd start saving up on the caps."
Konno     Konno gets one last bite and sip in with a "Please, lead the way." to Willow. A measure to keep himself wasting the least he can(unless the vultures come, then all is good) before he follows in Willow's wake. A brief dusting of his jeans as he stands and straightens up, then moves along. He's favouring his core with a slight lean forward in his step, but even that doesn't stymie his prowling stride. Equal parts sensual presentation and strength. Not all felines are ladies, afterall.
Kaydin     Kaydin nods to Harlan and smiles. "I am willing to pay for work on my guns and gear. If I cant pay I can atleast work for ya, pretty good at scavenging. Still a rookie when it comes to cooking but I can use a gun pretty good."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head towards Willow, giving a small wave. She turns her attention back to Harlan. She takes a deep breath, watching him carefully. "Maybe you could help with the costs a little? Maybe I could do something to garner some...caps?", she asks. The woman is soft spoken. There's something about her though. "Maybe there is a problem that needs assistance out of town as well?", she asks.
Harlan      Harlan gives Kayden a firm nod. "Well, can't do much without supplies, you see.. But for the actual labor itself, I'm willing to barter and compromise." He nods Kasumi. "Same goes for you missy.. We might be able to make an arrangement. I ain't exactly rolling in the caps myself yet." He raise a thick calloused finger. "But.. I will definitely trade premium labor for quality scrap and gun parts. Bring those to me.. and ya won't be sorry." He beams. "And if you need to find me, check out Vault City or Acme.. I'm helping mind a store in the latter.. and I roll with Vault Team Six for the prior."