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Katherine Caine There was still a battle going on somewhere in Acme as brave heroes, vigilantes, mercenaries and even wanna-be Brotherhood of Steel splinter groups did everything they could to take down the bandit gang. Little did they know? Katherine, Carter, Clara, Lilly, Rose and Roxie had already taken care of the leaders of that gang.

Little Lilly had been badly wounded during the fight and Katherine and Roxie had rode at full speed back to El Dorado. Clara had also been wounded. They had forgotten about Clara and left her behind.

When they arrive in the clinic they rush Lilly in and Katherine says, "It's going to be ok Lilly, don't you worry, alright?"

What Katherine didn't want to tell her daughter was that she couldn't afford any damn medical treatment. But hey, there were always options.

Looking over at Roxie she frowned and gave Lilly's hand a squeeze, "Hey, you stay with your Aunt Roxie for a minute, I'm going to do what I can to get you rushed in for treatment."

Katherine went up to the receptionist desk and begin talking with the receptionist who began asking to see Caps up front. What a bitch! Then the Doctor came out, it wasn't Doctor Lance.

It was a new Doctor, cause Doctor Lance was now having issues with Jet Addiction. Doctor Smith had no clue what he was in for as Katherine began to sweet talk him.
Roxie "See, this is being a weak and pathetic human one oh one..." Roxie says to the wounded, badly injured, possibly dying young offspring of her oldest, one might even say dearest... possibly even only.. friend. "You die. Get shot? Dead... get stabbed with a broken peice of rebar when you're caught stealing boxes of bandages in some backwater North Dakota border patrol outpost? Deadsville..."

Her armor is all splatter flecked from bullets, ones that have no doubt turned her insides into twisty grossness, not that it is at all obvious by how she carries on with the same care she pays peoples gross stares on their way through town.

"That's why I never get attached to you filthy meat bags..." She says it as if this is a term of endearment, "So cute... so feeble... ultimately, so breakable... I mean, I'm sure you'll be fine, Kitty Kat popped you out of her mountain pass, so you have to be made of unusually tougher stuff than most.."

"I have my fingers crossed anyways."

"But My hopes are as dead as music after Elvis was melted in the fallout..."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine groans softly.. yea.. Hurts.. lots.. She tries not to whimper, but. ow. She tries to be strong and is just fucking heartbreaking and sadder just about anything. and Poor clara.. Anywho, Lilly holds Roxie's hand amid the ghoul's words. "Thanks Aunt Roxie. I love yo too.."
Roxie "But if you do die, I promise I wont eat you." Roxie clarifies in the most heartfelt of ways, squeezing the wounded girls hand affectionately. "But if I ''did'', you would taste ''amazing''..." Because Roxie has Ms Dash. She wiggles a packet to remind anyone who might not remember despite her having mentioned it more than a dozen times since stealin- er, liberating it...

"But I wont." Dash gone, the ghoul pats the girls head, "Now, if you see a light, don't go towards it... that's nulcear fallout and you it will ''definitely'' kill you."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nodnods to Aunt Roxie. "I'm glad you got your Dash. Thats hard to come by. and", wincing at the pain, "I got to shoot the assumuncher what shot me. I think Mom would be proud. Grandpa's gun is nice"
Roxie "Hey now, I know some perfectly respectable assmunchers... that is a noble profession in several towns I've frequented over the last dozen or so decades.." Roxie isn't good at math, but they all sort of start to bleed together after a while. "Don't lump those clowns in with the wonderful men and women who delight in the culinary adventure of a good butthole."

It's four in the morning, at this hour you get what you pay for.

"I bet it would be a lot better with Ms. Dash, though..."

She looks to Lilly, "You ''were'' pretty handy with that unwieldy piece of technology... Liquification is still a viable option in all ninty two countries of these continental fractured states."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine seems properly chastised for disrespecting proud A.M. traditions. Lilly looks around for Clara, not seeing her, figures she's probalby doing pretty good, not left for the giant ants to munch on and take back to feed their brood. "Where is Clara? Is she alright?"
Roxie Roxie glances around as well, "Huh... I coulda swo- you know, I think we left her..." Maybe ghouls actually smile when they're frowning, that has to be the answer to the huge grin on her face, "Well... uh... listen, how close to your aunt are you? Cus I got a... feeling.." Her free hand rubs her ghoulish jaw, "On the plus side it's not difficult to bury ant poop..."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine says, "I really like Clara. she helped raise me! She's like Real real family and stuff.. we sorta need to get her.. I'd die if something happened to her.. ""
Roxie "It's arguable that you'd die if you went to get her..." Roxie counters with a little cant of her head towards Lilly's wounds, "I'm not saying you shouldn't do it, or that it wouldn't be noble as heck of you, just be mindful that you are ''literally'' suggesting that either way you play this game, you die..." She shrugs a little, not at all offering herself to go find some half dead tart in the middle of the desert without someone asking first.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nod a bit, lowering her head down again. "well, best not be too much of a pain. Mom would bitch something aweful if she had to dig two graves.. so I better get better..", coughing and smiling like an awesome little trooper.
Roxie "That'a girl, always chose yourself over others..." Roxie couldn't sound prouder or smile bigger, "Why risk your neck when you can kick back and profit?" She squeezes Lilly's hand and brushes the knuckles of her left hand across the girls jaw lightly.
Katherine Caine Katherine had not returned from the backroom for some time but when she did her blouse was almost entirely unbuttoned. Smiling with all the southern charm she could muster, she leaned down and kissed Lilly on the forehead, "Nurse is going to take you into the auto-doc right now sweetie. Aunt Roxie's gonna be there with you the whole way. I've got some business with the doctor."

As promised, the Nurse came out and took Lilly to the medical wonder known as the auto-doc! Meanwhile, Lilly could hear moaning and banging coming from the next room as the robotic surgery machine took the bullet out of her.

Welcome to the Wasteland. Where the best insurance are boobs or a gun.
Roxie Roxie finds a comfortable chair to kick back and rest her boot heels on the edge of table with a dirty old pre-war magazine. The side glances from staff do absolutely nothing to sway her pleasant and sunny disposition as she picks through advertisements for filterless cigarettes and full body bourbon. Ahhh the good ol' days where the big money machine wasn't handcuffed by lame ass millenial turds trying to turn the world into a ''health food store'' one ''Doug's Rat Meat market'' at a time.

"Keep it down in there! Some of us haven't gotten any since Roosevelt was in office!"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine gets autodocked, a bullet extracted from her gut while it sounds like next door mom is tring really hard to get one shoved back in. The drugs have her drifting off into some weird sorta rodeo dream where she gets the idea for this really awesome mechanical bucking bronco.
Roxie Roxie cat hacks like she's got a hairball stuck in her throat. The sound of getting grotesque faster than one might imagine as bits of ruined inner ghoul goop errupt out of her mouth onto the floor. After a few more raging coughs, however, she finally spits the culpret into her palm... and turns the 9mm slug over in her fingers up close to her eyes, "Huh... I wish some of those bandits were still alive, I'd love to regift this.."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine thinks to herself, awash in a sea of pain meds.. maybe this is why I've never been interested in a boyfriend. or girlfriend for that matter. electronics. thats where it's at. and Lasers. Lasers are cool. And horses. who needs guys when you have lasers and horses? sorta says it all right there.
Katherine Caine Lilly is healed up by the auto-doc, the wound as good as new even if it would hurt for awhile. Sometime between Roxie coughing up her own bullet and Lilly being ushered off the auto-doc, the banging and moaning had stopped.

Stepping out of the backroom, Katherine's hair looked mussed up as she put her cowboy hat on, not even bothering to fully button up her blouse, "Well Lilly, you've been shot for the first time and you're still alive. Let's go get you a drink."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine is ushered off the table, head a bit swimmy still, hand across her bandaged stomach. She lets herself be lead wherever is needed.
Roxie "Yeah, nothing washes the sound of a person you've known since they were their daughters age getting banged like a box of Frosted O's at a fatcamp like rot gut liqour..." Roxie calls it, "Awww..." Armored arm around Lilly, "Is this your first brush with bullets in your meat parts?" Pouty, cute face, "My lil' girls now a woman... you just wait for your first bowel perforation..."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods at Roxie. "First thing i've had in my gut ever.. sides food..", glancing over to her mom. "Nuthin' else.", before looking back to Roxie. "So, is there some kinna ceremony when ya get shot fulla hot lead?. or is it just you dont let folks tickle your stomach for a few months?"
Roxie "Oh, girl... you just left the door wide open for so many horrible jokes..." Roxie ushers Lilly along with a little shake of her bald, melty head, "stomach shot full of hot lead... you definiately had something ti- you know what, you're too young for these jokes. Suffice to say, Imma whip you up a bag of roman noodles with Ms. Dash seasoning in celebration of your very first inuendo like near death experience."
Katherine Caine Katherine lights up a cigarette as they exit the clinic, listening to the pair talk the entire way they head to the Gold Digger. When they arrive, Katherine leaves the pair of women at the bar while she heads into the backroom to ditch some of her gear.

When she returns she sets down a very familiar looking breastplate on the counter in front of Lilly. Familiar to Roxie anyways, it was Katherine's from her time in the rangers, "Try it on Lilly. It will save your life."

Unlocking a cabinet under the bar she removed some pre-war whiskey and some crystal decanter glasses, stuff she NEVER broke out; private stuff.

Pouring a big glass for Roxie, a big one for Lilly and a big one for herself she smiled at Lilly, "I'm glad I had you. You know that?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine looks at the breastplate, fingers sliding over it.. " that. nice. Thanks Mom!".. she then lifts an eyebrow. "You're not giving it away cuz it wont fit over your boobs now, are you?"
Roxie "That's what's different!" Roxie has been mostly quiet, at least once they got back to the watering hole. Her backpack set aside and her smg's set on the counter beside her carbine. "You got after market parts.." Wiggle pointing at Katherine's assets while draining the whiskey in one smooth motion of her neck, "Your mom..." For Lilly, "She was born with modest breasts, I mean not small... appropriately sized, ya know? More Judy Garland than Marilyn Monroe..."
Katherine Caine "Listen skank." Katherine said as she drank the entire glass of whiskey in a single swig as if it was water, "I'm pretty sure you're so old your tits were down to your knees before the bombs dropped so, like, shutup and drink." That's what she planned to do until she passed out in a pile of her own vomit.
Roxie "Jokes on you heafer, I was her age when the bombs dropped." Roxie points at Lilly with the top of her glass, fully intent to drink herself into sobrity. She reaches down to grab one of the small yellow packets stuffed in the open flap of her backpack, tears it open, and taps out a dash of seasoning in her drink, "Anyone want some zest?"
Katherine Caine "Not in my drink...." Katherine replied before pouring herself another.

Meanwhile in Acme....

"Damn Roy, this food stinks."

"Yeah, I'm out of here!"

Roy the Cook dropped to his knees and began to weep, "Where is my Ms. Dash! I'm ruined!"

The End!