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Owner Pose
Willow Caine Willow walks into her room without a backwards glance, her hips swaying as she walks and when she does turn, she watches Konno enter the room, her gaze bold and unapologetic. "Welcome to my little private space." She says, moving towards one of the chairs where she folds herself into it. "Come on over here, honey, have a seat and we can discuss business."
Konno     Konno follows along and offers a nod to the space and welcome. He'll politely go to shut the door behind him and start with shrugging out of his vest. It's hung over his left arm as he approaches and sets into the offered seat for himself. "Thank you for your company." he answers, "As I said earlier, I wanted to offer a mutually beneficial arrangement. Two if there's enough room at this business. More immediately." his eyes flick upwards to lock with Willow's and setting his vest aside. "An exchange of intimate company? I have been long on the road and assumed you had offer of such service. It is something I can give in return, being my trade." a slow wink is given to accentuate his meaning. A slight roll of shoulders gives a better presentation of his build, done carefully not to take away the exposure of his opened shirt.
Willow Caine Willow studies the man and carefully listens to the offered words, her hands folded in her lap. "I'm mostly in business now for the pleasure of it, more than the money, and if you are anywhere as good as you look.." The blonde lets the statement trail off as her eyes roam over his form. She seems to be deep in thought, and after a moment or two her impassive expression melts into something more comely, a dimpled smile lighting up her face. "I think we can come to an arrangement. You intrigue me, that's for certain."
Konno     Konno gives a delighted, smouldering smile and gaze in return to that first statement. The second has him giving a small tug of fingers against his sleeve, other hand remaining relaxed. "And less immediate, I was going to offer working for you with my trade. You do have need of masculine workers, yes?" business being discussed or not he's still striving to maintain teasing glimpses of what his shirt may be concealing, contrast to the jeans which seem to highlight a fair bit. "Both offers should benefit from me undressing, I presume." giving further incitement for him to expose more.
Willow Caine Willow squirms a bit, settling more into her seat as she considers his inquiry about employment. "We've need of masculine workers." She agrees, resting her chin gently on her palm as she openly evaluates Konno with her eyes. A lazy smile makes her look impish and her free hand offers a flick of fingers, as she allows him to see the heat in her gaze. "You presume correctly, proceed at your leisure."
Konno     Konno's sleeve tugging turns into pulling. He starts the process of slowly wriggling out of the garment by snaking the one arm free and having it peek out and slide leisurely over his thigh. "Just going to warn you of some still-healing marks. I had a rather rough client before getting into town." he admits, "Left me terribly wanting and in need." the presented arm lifts up, giving a flash of nicely toned skin and supple muscle beneath. There is a flash of bruising just above the waistband of his jeans, around his navel and over his stomach. The measure of strength in his exposed musculature doesn't change the fact of his recovering injury- and hints as to his posture and behaviour on arrival.
    His shirt is inched up slowly, fingers running delicately over his form to entice a sweeping gaze along their path and showing his quickened breath.
Willow Caine Willow appreciates the show, because that is what it is, a show and a damned good one at that. She takes in each inch of revealed flesh, quietly assessing the man as he opens up like a flower for her. At the mention of a rough client she clucks her tongue softly and murmurs. "You won't have that here, our clients are well behaved or they are escorted from the Saloon." The petite blonde gets to her feet and she walks closer to Konno, her skirt swooshing as she moves. "I'll say this for you, honey, you put on a damned good display."
Konno     Konno offers a warm smile, "That is a comforting sentiment." he rumbles in reply, working his freed arm up and across his torso to the other side. Giving himself clearance to start pulling his other arm and head free from the garment, full exposure shows a few scars here and there on his torso and chest. But otherwise, save a few beauty marks, he seems well taken care of.

    Shirtless, he stands up and works his hands down to unfasten his jeans and start inching them down in an equal gesture of tease and showmanship. "Putting on a good display is part of catching what your client likes most." of course, the lowering waistline shows more of his bruising- thankfully it does not stray from his stomach.
Willow Caine Willow circles the man slowly when he stands, her fingertips brushing over the few scars that catch her eye. "Mmhmm." She murmurs as she finishes her circut, standing in front of Konno again. When he starts to tease with his jeans, she takes a step closer, invading his space , her chin raised as she watches him. Her hands find his as he inches the garment down his legs, and she is grinning now, both brows raising slightly, almost a challenge.
Konno     Konno responds with pleasant sighs in answer to the fleeting contact against him, he gives a momentary slow and glances up into Willow's eyes when her hands come upon his. His left hand turns to lace fingers with and moves outwards, extending their arms both should Willow not resist- at full extension to bend upwards and keep her hand held high and arms sprawled paralell to one-another.

    The other hand attempts to skirt around and hold Willow's from behind, teasingly guiding the extremity to the center of his waist at the threshold of his modesty, issuing her a challenge in return. "If you'd like to explore, please. Don't let my pace skip yours." he offers in a soothing rumble.