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Owner Pose
Fern     The sun is making its way down, cooling the land as it lowers. It's the perfect temperature right now and it gets people out into the streets. Not everyone is out and wandering, however, and one such person is Fern.

    Among the little shacks that people have put up, Fern is there in hers. It's really nothing to look at. Nothing more than one plywood wall leaning against an existing building to create the back of the room, a metal sheet serving as the other wall, a wood pallet for the door and a blue tarp over it all to be a nice roof. The pallet is open and to the side right now, and Fern sits on a few bricks that line the ground, making some kind of floor. The girl is watching people as they go to and fro.
Alasa Alasa comes walking down the road from the general direction of El Dorado. She moves along at a steady pace, but does not really seem to be moving for any certain destinations. In her right hand she carries a stick, with a cooked lizard of some kind on it. As she walks she occasionally takes a bite of the lizard. "The land provides...I wonder if the land knows what ketchup is." She says to no one in particular before taking another bite.
Fern     Turning her face to the side so she can see who else is wandering about, Fern catches sight of Alasa and decides to watch her for a moment. Food, check, tanned.. Must be used to the outdoors.. Fern begins to move on and look at someone else, but at the very last second something catches her attention.

    Bright eyes peer at that tattoo and she perks up, grinning wide all of the sudden. "Hey! Ketchup!" she calls, having heard the woman say that word. "Over here," she calls as she pushes herself up to stand, hands dusting her large pants off, knocking a bit of dirt away. "Lemmie see that arm," she calls.
Alasa Alasa hmms, and turns to the voice. "Well the lizis aren't that flavorfull today." As she turns to angel in the new direction. "But if you have some ketchup that would be great, if all you have is catsup.not so much...I can still hear the purring." She smiles a bit, "My arm? Don't remember hurting it."
Fern     "Lezzies? What do lezzies have to do with anything?" Fern murmurs to herself, looking mildly confused by what she mishears. She snorts and mutters under her breath, "Musta met Shreya and that short girl." Her nose twitches, grin taking over her mouth.

    "Hey!" she says once Alasa is closer. "Catsup? Is that like.. Uh.. It's not ketchup, too? Never had either. Is it tasty?" she wonders, still looking curious about this word and whatever it is. She looks like she might ask more about it, but hey! Look at that arm.

    Fern gazes at the tattoo once Alasa is close enough to -really- examine it, and she asks, "Where did you get that? It's awesome!! Did it hurt?"
Alasa Alasa finishes off the lizard on the stick, and tosses the stick out of the way. "Suppose to be something to flavor food...though food is fuel, so taste isn't always important. Still nice, sometimes..." She shrugs a bit, "Oh, I've had it twenty five summers, so I do not rememeber much pain...she is my spirit guide...she watches over me, and helps me when she can."
Fern     "Twenty-five. How old were you when you got it? Three?" Fern asks, one brow arching as she examines first the arm and then the woman, looking back and forth between the two. She ends up looking at the tattoo for longer, burning the image into her brain before she looks up with a grin. "Have any more? I don't remember ever seening someone with a.. tattoo, right? That's what they call them? I've heard about them, but never seen one. I want one, though. I bet they don't even hurt at all."
Alasa Alasa has to laugh at that, "No, older then was a gift from my parents...they taught me the ways of our grandfathers, and our grandfathers grandfathers. The song that it sings, is one of exploration and friendlyness." She smiles, "Well if I do, you won't be seeing it today." She looks back to El Dorado, "Its an ancient art form, I'd be surprised if there wasn't someone around town that could help you get one."
Fern     A brow arches. "Reallllyyy?" Fern wonders, looking away to start eyeing other people suspiciously. Her hands slide down into her back pockets and she hmmms, thinking it over. "Might be easier than I thought.. So, yours is about exploration and stuff? That's cool. Not sure what I would get. Your parents picked what to get for you?" she asks then, eyes on Alasa once more. "Does it have to be your parents who pick, or can you just pick.. anything?"
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, you can choose anything you want..well, depending on the artist. Some people tatoo there entire bodies." As her free hand brushes the tatoo, " doesn't work that way. A spirit guide chooses the person, not the other way around. The tatoo is to enhance the connection to my spirit guide, always with me." She relaxes a bit, "Most people just get some image they think would be cool or interesting...a flower, a gun, a horrible mutant wandering the wasteland...""
Fern     As if the last horrible tattoo idea was the first to pop into her mind, Fern looks mildly embarrassed, her eyes widening slightly as her lips press tight together. "So, uh, you have a bird that hangs around with you then?" she wonders as she looks around just in case. You never know. "It look like that one, or is it different?" she wonders as she glances back to Alasa to once again look at her tattoo.
Alasa Alasa says, "In a sense, yes...but its not a physical bird that one might see flying around. We all have these friends, thats what I was taught." She smiles, "This is a Chickadee...they use to be quite common." She looks a bit sad for a moment, "But, I'm sure they still fly somewhere.""
Fern     "Oh.. They probably do. Unless they're like most other birds that died, but.. who knows. Maybe they survived some place," Fern says with a slight shrug of her shoulders. The girl takes a step back then and looks around once more, and as she looks at Alasa she says, "I don't know whta tattoo I'd get, but.. if you run into someone who does them, tell them I wanna meet them? I'm Fern," she offers.
Alasa Alasa nods, "I'll do I said, I'm sure someone in town must do it. You can call me Alasa. Like the state, but no K...for obvious reasons."
Fern     "Alasa.. Mm, alright." Fern nods to the other. "You live here? In Shantytown? Or are you just heading through?" she asks, taking her hands from her pockets now. Her eyes cut to the side and back when a few other people pass.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Well just passing through here." As she looks out southward, past shantytown. "Sometimes I live out there, in the wasteland. Sometimes I live in El Dorado...good to have choices I say."
Fern     "Yeah, guess that can be good," Fern agrees. Her eyes flick back to the little group that walked past, and it has her saying, "Hey, I'll catch up with you later. See if I have a tattoo by then!" Fern laughs at herself and then moves another step back, closing the pallet door to her shack before she gives a little wave and says, "See ya!" before running off after the group she must know.
Alasa Alasa nods, "Ok.." and watches the girl run off with her friends