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Sparrow Sparrow probably could use a few days off. But she'll have to wait for that, mimicing Iris not more than a few weeks ago despite having hastily bandaged her winged right arm she's shuffling about, helping those people spilled into overflow from the Militia's Medical Bay. Sparrow herself has set her things aside and is using her Left hand, a Medkit and a sheepish looking volunteer to help her out while she attempts to administer to the worst off. Iris can probably tie her down for a treatment, maybe.. But she might need someone to hold Sparrow down for that..
Stockton Enter Stockton. Sheriff badge and all, the feral man is in the clinic with his sleeves rolled up, his hands washed and he's helping. The influx of injured was bound to happen sooner or later. When he realizes that Sparrow was going to need treatment he glances at Iris and head bobs at the blonde cowgirl. One. Two. Three. Pounce. Big hands sieze the woman and he spins her towards a table, "Git yerself treated before yah make it worse treatin everyone else, ya fool of a Drake." It's an order and the big man doesn't look like he's taking no for an answer from either of the healers.
Kaydin     Kaydin comes in and takes his helmet off and looks to the others. "Guys you should of seen it. A giant blob, swallows up two unfortunate souls. We barely escaped it." He says as he holds his helmet. Service rifle on a sling with another rifle and his magnum holstered. When the sheriff tries to hold down the girl, he just watches to see how she would reacr
Iris Lark Iris makes her way into the main room of the clinic, a slightly disgruntled look on her face. She pulls an apron from a hook and ties it around her slender form, before she makes her way towards Vuk. "So, big damn hero huh?"
Vuk Vuk is an absolute mess, given the odd burn patterns around his body, that seem to originate from inside..and his eyes? Well, he might have honestly burnt them out, given the blood pouring from them, and their refusal to respond to stimuli. These things are considered bad..but it seems some what likely, he also fried out his pain center, so that might be a blessing, and he has to cock his head to listen when Iris speaks to him. "No, I simply did some thing I improperly prepared for. Heroes belong in the stories Vault Town tells and that which the Brotherhood says of their ancestors." He says, in annoyed tone. He can't see.
Sparrow Sparrow squirms and bats Stockton off her with her good hand, "I'm not that bad. Vuk and the..other dude. Need more treatment and Iris is going to be handling them. She'll get to me when she can. Not Dreams, nor a useless favored arm, nor the memories of the horrors she's seen are going tos top Sparrow from working rght up til the point Iris can help her. Does it mean she's really only making sure people aren't going to die before Iris gets to them? Probably very much and those aren't going to be very pretty bandages. She nudges Stockton, "But I can use your help so don't go far." She leads the Sherriff over to check Doom Guy. "This one and Vul stayed behind to fight um.. It was ..well whatever it was was made out of meat..and people."
Stockton Stockton gets batted off and looks back to see Iris and Vuk and Doom. A push of his sleeves and he just delivers a grim nod, "Alright, let's get to work. Mister Hicks?" He indicates a cot for Doomguy to get to, apparently refusing to use that moniker any more. "I'm guessin Horde if people're talkin Mutants," he clucks his tongue, "I shoulda given you the five mil rifle I found...does a wicked job of puttin mutants in the dirt." He says that to Sparrow while guiding Doomguy into a bed to get looked over.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Stockton and Sparrow for a few moments, her eyes lingering on Sparrow as she sets up tools to work on Vuk. "Whatever pal, you're gonna be my hero for a little bit. Like it or not, okay?" She brings warm water to the table near Vuk and begins to slowly and painstakingly clean his wounds. "You know, this time you actually can't sneak off, because you can't see. So maybe for the first time ever, you'll listen when I tell you to rest."
Kaydin     "Man I dont know how you two survived. How did you get so badly injured and didnt get eaten." Kaydin says to vuk before looking to Iris and watches her work on vuk. "I am here to lend a hand. I dont know nothing about first aid so I will be just getting people stuff."
Vuk Vuk can still feel, but he won't mention that, she'd go and re-arrange the furniture. "I simply fufilled what I promised. I did it to keep you safe Miss Lark." He says, listening to others, at least his eyes didn't literally rupture, right? "I detonated multiple energy cells it had swallowed and then detonated a fusion core within. I suspect the town, even if re colonized, will require a new reactor of sorts." He says dryly to Kaydin before reaching out to pat Iris' hand. "So again, I did it for you." He says in a soft tone to her.
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Stockton, "Thanks, Slimjim." She murmurs to her childhood friend as he helps her get Doom Guy settled. Sparrow finishes looking over 'Mister Hicks' as the case might be and once he's settled and in a cot. As it seems that he's stable, she moves off to poke a check in on Iris, seeing she's okay she finally enters into the waiting room to look around to spot if there's anyone in need of more immediate treatment and if not? She'll move on to those in need of more moderate assistance. A glance to Kaydin and she nods, "Pop a squat and wait a spell. No doubt things'll keep up for a while yet. This was not a clean victory."
Theodore     Arriving after the others for good-though not apparent-reasons, newly promoted Corporal Gespard quietly enters the clinic. He is not his usual clean self. He is covered in the dust of travel lined with cleaner spots where his sweat has run. With musket on his back, he removes his hat and holds it politely in front of him. His eyes are darting about as they try to understand the situation or seek someone.
Kaydin     "I am not that badly injured, just a bruise. My armor protected me mostly." He says as he moves to find a place to sit. "Probably need a checkup, havent seen a doctor for several months, exploring the territory for the NCR." Kaydin says calmly.
Iris Lark This new Vuk puzzled Iris. She continues to clean his wounds, paying special attention to his eyes. "I think you must have taken a bit of a knock to the head, Vuk. You did it for everyone there, you wanted to keep us all safe." She wonders if it's a mean act to move the furniture so that Vuk can't sneak out when her back is turned. She makes a mental note to move a few chairs into a new position later. "What you did though, it was very selfless, and I think I can speak for all of us here when I say thank you." She spots Theodore when he makes his way into the Clinic and she jerks her chin towards a clean, unoccupied bed, a slight smile on her face.
Vuk Vuk scowls! Scowls indeed! "No...if that is just the tip...worse things will come. A new Menace. A new thing to worry about. A few months? I will be forgotten." He seems to be speaking from experience, but from what conflict would be a very good question. "I rather suspect this makes it difficult to make me clean the store now, doesn't it?" he teases Iris.
Stockton Stockton chuffs softly from the room over, "There's more coming, there are hundreds more coming. We need to shore up defenses and get prepared." He sighs and moves to gather dirty rags to get them into the cleaning bin. Distributing more clean rags to the two healers as they work on injuries and wounds.
Theodore     Seeing that Iris is well enough to tend others seems to be a relief for the militiaman, and he walks over to the clean bed indicated, but does not sit. He looks down at the clean surface, then down at his dirty armor and clothes, and decides to remain standing. His hands are the only part of him that has been cleaned. For once, he looks like a settler. An armored one, though. As he waits, he looks around as if seeking some way to help. A question is in his eyes, but he remains silent. For now.
Iris Lark Seeing that Vuk is going to be stubborn, she slips something to help him sleep into his tea, along with a poultice that she'll wrap over his eyes. "I don't think you're going anywhere, I think at this point you're just trying to be a stubborn ass." Having said that she moves towards Sparrow, pointing to an exam table. "Alright, I missed what happened to you out there, show me where it hurts."
Katherine Caine Katherine had arrived as soon as she got word that the group had returned, which came more in the form of seeing the pair of Militia Trucks which she had only seen used maybe ONCE in her entire life heading back to the Militia HQ to be serviced.

Stepping into the Clinic, she took a few moments to take in the wounded and listen to the conversations before asking, "Is it as bad we thought? Was it The Mutant Horde?" She was cutting right to business.
Vuk Vuk is still jittery from activating forgotten implants..the fact he sort of just...well, adrelaline from the fight. "Of course I am. The last time I got laid up in this clinic, those idiot Mayor jack asses, were busy trying to shake me down. Now I'd have more problems hitting them." He mutters and suddenly, he hears a familiar voice. "I actually can pull recordings off my armor, but they are definitely Mutants, and I do not believe even I have seen them before." Make one joke to the blind guy about seeing as he sips his tea slowly and tries to blow on it. He manages to blow on his pillow next to the tea.
Sparrow Sparrow does a quick check around. She's going to probably be here all night leaving the villagers of Avalon to wonder where their newest shovel mule had gone. But for now Sparrow shakes her head, "It's fine. Just a couple bullets. It's fine. I'm fine." Listen to the woman who's a sallow shade of gray with eyes feverishly bright. This will be where Stockton will be useful because of the many things Sparrow is? She's the best at being Stubborn.
Harlan      Harlan enters the clinic carrying a couple of water buckets with his backpack full of freshly laundered and boiled bandages. He wasn't much of a doctor, but he knew his first aid.. and he figured the clinic could always use more 'clean' things. He sets them away neatly and places his hands on his hips surveying the others.. before grimacing slightly. Catching the tail end of the question, "Definitely mutants.... more then I've ever seen in a long long time." He adds to the conversation before giving his beard a brief tug. "Doc, anything I can do to help?"
Theodore     With the patience of a saint and the understanding of a sage, Theodore continues to wait. When someone asks about the mutants, however, he speaks up. "I believe my superiors are preparing a full report, ma'am." His soft voice does not cut through the noise well, and he could easily not be heard.
Kaydin     "Seems like the horde learned a few new tricks." Kaydin says as he watches the woman. "They learned how to make giant blobs of people and meat. Vuk and the other guy over there went toe to toe with it and came out alive. With luck there was only one blob and the rest are just muties, ma'am." He then moves to stand. "However, seeing how I am an NCR ranger, I will do everything in my power to help your town."
Stockton Stockton sighs at Sparrow and he finally has had enough. "Vuk's tended to, Doom's tended to, Tend to Iris then she tends to you," he tells Sparrow. Giving Iris a quick glance to make sure he's got back up as he stalks in to check on Vuk. "Son. You disobey the Healer here, we're gonna have words, play nice and stay in the damn bed or I'll apply my fist instead of the nurse's sedatives, kapiche?" he asks the other big man and spins when he hears the Mayor. "Sounds like the Horde, ma'am. Mentioned mutants and centaurs. They're here in force. I'm doublin patrol as of tonight. I'm also hirin' out fer more deputies soon as I can."
Iris Lark Iris takes a deep breath and squares her shoulders, she caught the glance from Stockton and she swallows before she turns towards Sparrow. "Woman, you get on that exam table and let me take a look at that arm or so help me.." Her voice rises an octave until she can be heard over most of the conversation in the clinic. She steps closer to the woman, lowers her voice and quietly says. "If your arm is tended, you can help me twice as much, do you want to be stubborn or do you want to help?"
Sparrow Sparrow buckles under the pressure from Stockton - who was about to get muled - and then to Iris who with Stockton's very real threats (she's known this man a long time) she plops onto the exam table and starts helping to unwrap her hastily bandaged bullet-ridden arm. She's quiet for now and her expression seems abit grim when she hears and sees tell of Katherine questioning folks. She glances at Stockton expecting he'll relay it, "Sammy and Manny had Range, they saw almost everything. The new girl too, out there saw a bunch. Basically, it was Centaurs, Super Mutants, bad.. The thing that was made of meat and people as just like.. A.. I can't even. A giant Humonoculous made of people," She takes a breath, "With tentacles, there were six survivors I think we left them with the Militia for care. Vuk and Mister Hicks ended up getting ..swallowed? Mauled? Molested? I dunno but you see what they look like."
Vuk Vuk is aware some one new is talking to him, and he's giving a slight grin. One Iris has seen a dozen times already, but her back is turned. Incidentally, it's her back being turned that is often how Iris go limping off to find trouble. "Just keep your damned mayor away from me then. I'll put him down like the dog he is. Solomon is nothing but trouble." Vuk is allowed to say who is truly trouble or not, right?
Katherine Caine "It was probably just one small group of outliers that came upon Hope's Crossing, that means they're moving closer. If they were at Poseidon a few months ago, it means they're not moving very quickly. I reckon we still have some time yet, and by time, I mean months possibly before they reach El Dorado in force. You should co-ordinate with Marshal Romero to try and get some extra patrols out there though, the centaurs have been popping up for months." Katherine didn't seem pleased but nodded to Theodore, "Thank you Corporal, see to it that Marshal Romero has all the help he needs with that." She listens to Sparrow and the others before sighing a little, "Sounds like we'll need to push up the expedition into Mexico, see what the Enclave was up to there and figure out why the Brotherhood was so interested. It can't all be a coincidence."
Iris Lark Iris steps up to Sparrow's side and she takes a look at the arm before she starts to wash and clean it. She leans in, and starts to dig out bullets and shrapnel, going slow to make sure every last piece of debris was recovered. It's slow work, but the time it takes means that Sparrow will keep the use of her arm. She pulls out the curved needle and sews the biggest exit wounds shut with tiny stitches before she salves and wraps the arm, a bit mummy like. Standing back, she rubs at her eyes and nods. "That should do it, for now."
Kaydin     "If you need a deputy, I dont mind volunteering. Fighting is about the only thing I am good at, that and following orders." Kaydin says to Stockton before looking to sparrow and Iris, watching them. He looks to the blacksmith and nods. "May need to come see you sometime. Picked up a new rifle from the muties, and need to get it fixed."
Harlan      Harlan listens to the flow of conversation and across his thick arms over his chest. He listens carefully to the mayor and offers a simple grunt of agreement. "After seeing that -thing-.. El Dorado better have some heavy firepower stocked up. We need rocket launchers, artillery, fatman.. Whatever we can muster that packs a real punch.. Took a damned fusion overload to stop it." He thumbs toward Vuk.
Theodore     Theodore has begun to worry his lip as he watches Iris with his patience beginning to waver, but his understanding holds him in check even as his fingers fidget with the hat he holds. "I do not believe it was made of meat," he says in response to Sparrow's report. "I believe it was a carnivoric amalgamation that grew as it ate." He blinks a few times before continuing. "Much as we do. Thermodynamics applies to the body, as well. Whether it was a radiation caused mutation or one created through intent or accident, however..." The corporal grows too distracted to continue. He walks over to Iris and very quietly asks, "May I speak to you for a moment? In private?" He presses his lips together to stop himself from biting them once he has asked.
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Katherine. She seems to agree but she's being oddly closed mouth at the moment. Unusual for the usually too truthy for her own good Drake cowgirl. However she looks at Theodore, "Everything living that aint a plant is basically meat." Well..

The Cowgirl grabs Stockton's arm and gently pulls him to pay attention for a moment trying to ignore the things going on with her good arm, lim and lifeless. "I need you to fin someone to get me a sample." She tells Stockton. "That thing was made of people. I don't know what's going on with it but I want to see if it's made of other thigns too. If they've got other creatures other than just super mutants and human. Could be bad. But I need a sample I can take to one of the eggsheads to see." She sighs and then winces and growls out and whacks Stockton for his trouble. OUCH. At least she's only punching him in the arm. She's sagging soon enough passed out when Iris is forced to dig a bullet too close to bone out..
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Theodore when he leans in and speaks to her quietly. She gives him a brief nod and points towards her office. "Go ahead in there, I'll be in very shortly." She pulls a light coverlet over Sparrow's still form and points at Harlan. "Harlan, if Vuk decides, for whatever reason that he needs to get up, you have my permission to brain him."
Vuk Vuk is still listening, people are speculating on things. "I believe, more accurately, it was..consuming almost any thing. I detonated several power cells with in it's body, and a Fusion Core. I believe the Fusion Core's detonation caused to much damage, for even the famously redundant super mutant pyschiology, to survive. I did not overload my Armor's core. Though I had considered it, there was a high success rate if I had been forced to resort to that. I can not even be sure if I had truly stopped the Gestalt Mutant. Since it seemed to maintain multiple bodies in a state of flux. Even a small portion surviving..could lead to it reforming in time. I do not believe radiation will have much effect in stopping it." Vuk says, trying to be all helpful. "Hey! I heard that Iris!" he suddenly shouts out at her.
Stockton Stockton sighs a bit of relief when Sparrow finally lays down. He knows what's coming, that's why he's got his forearm over her chest, pinning her down to the table while Iris starts pulling out bullets and shrapnel. The punch catches him in the jaw and he just grunts and holds her arm down and fights her right up until she knocks out from the pain. "There yah go," he sighs some before relaxing and letting Iris finish up. Theodore comes out of no where and Stock lifts an eyebrow sharply towards the Healer. A chuckle leaves his throat, "I wish it wasn't a fraudulant use of tax payer money to put deputies on invalids."
Theodore     There is a sincere smile on Theodore's face as he nods to Iris, but it is a slight one. He nods and, and, awkwardly, steps into the office with a nod of farewell to the room.
Kaydin     "Look at that. Save a town from the blob and not even allowed to get up to go piss." Kaydin says with a sarcastic tone to Vuk before looking to the other people and shrugs. "Dont know if there are any parts of the blob left. And if it reforms we will need another fusion core to overload to kill it."
Katherine Caine "The more I hear, the more these sound like a different breed of mutant altogether. From what I learned during my time in the NCR, the Supermutants we generally see were part of an army that existed a long time ago serving someone called The Master. If that was even his name or just part of the legend surrounding the story." Katherine seemed pretty bothered by this, "I've already started planning an expedition into Mexico, so if anyone has a mind to help out, be ready for the call. Figure it's going to take a month or so to get a group properly setup to breakthrough whatever might be waiting down south and get to Poseidon and then do the whole trip in reverse back to El Dorado. Good work out there, everyone. I'm going to go try to talk to the survivors you rescued, get some rest, you've all earned it."
Sparrow Sparrow is in and out after a bit, shivering a little and opening her eyes a bit to listen to the tail end of some of what's being said glancing to thank Iris and finding her gone she grunts a little in dissapointment. But quickly enough she's listening to the Blindman in the cot not far from her and then responds to Kaydin. "There were no part sof anything left, the mutants were disintegrating. I checked for an oportunity to grab some but all they left was a slimy residue. Unlikely to be good for testing cellular structure, Bacteria, Virus'." She mutters under her breath. She looks after Katherine and towards Stockton with a coughing laugh. "Looks like the goal of the Mayor remains the same even if the methods and mayor have changed."
Harlan      "Yes, Ma'am." He responds simply enough. It was the clinic.. and Harlan did mess with a doc in a clinic. He steps over closer to Vuk. "Don't make me get the sledgehammer, Hero. I'll administer some old-school anesthesia in a heart beat.. and then I'll grab a few barrel hoops and cooper you to that bed." He nods sternly then raises an eyebrow. "Ah, was that what happened? Wonder if we could construct some purpose built explosives or something." He side-glances to the Mayor. "Sounds like the kind of trouble Vault Team Six would like to get into.. Alice didn't put that car together for nothing."
Lucette     Entering into the clinic is a rare sight around shantytown is Luce. She steps into the entryway as the mayor exits, eyes sweeping over all present and sighing. "Need an extra pair of hands here, or is everything settled."
Stockton Stockton chuckles and shrugs a shoulder, "Certainly looks like it," but those methods being different is important. As Luce shows up he laughs, "Late as usual," he chides her before finally taking a seat and letting his blood stained hands drop into his aproned lap. The Sheriff of town got messy tonight in helping. "Whatever comes, at least El Dorado has plenty of people who give a shit, that's enough to keep goin," he says with a half smile.
Kaydin     "If no one is going to try and tend to me I can go find somewhere to sleep and heal my injuries myself. Not badly enough hurt to need a doctor." Kaydin says calmly before looking over his new rifle.
Vuk Vuk is listening to -another- new know the downside to doing your best to avoid being in the city? Well, this is what goes wrong. You also don't remember whom is whom by voice alone. Ahh..but this one he -does- remember. "Enclave Girl." He just says to him self.
Sparrow Sparrow shifts her weight. Listening to others she moves about and slips off the bed to slip over to her duster, it was always way too big, and she drops it into Stockton's lap leaning to murmur something to him before heading off to one of the rooms herself for a minute.
Harlan      Harlan glances toward Luce and shrugs his shoulder. "You help hold down unruly patients and would-be heros." He glances toward Kaydin. "That a fact? Patience is a virtue. You wait long enough, someone will see to you. Otherwise, good luck healing up." He offers a little salute and then fetches a mop. He starts cleaning up where he can.. places of medicine can always use a little janitorial assistance.
Lucette     Luce gives an eye to Kaydin and rolls the cuffs of he duster up while pulling something from her backpack. "Alright mister Ranger, hold still and let me know where the hurts are." she notes with a nod towards the departing Harlan. "Who is being unruly now? I know how to amputate legs if people are trying to skip on their recovery time." she mentions offhandedly
Kaydin     Kaydin nods as he sits there and shrugs. "Mostly all over, I got a bruise on my chest from the encounter we did earlier." He says as he watches her and lets her treat him.