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Emily If someone were looking for Emily, especially in response to her posted ad they would come here to the Shantytown Motel, where they would be directed to one of the rooms.

The room in particular is in the process of being vacated, a gentleman, in attire of a man not unused to life in the wasteland would leave, telling Percy, presumeably, that he can head on in.

Inside the room is Emily, wearing a pair of faded blue bikini cut panties and nothing else. She is standing by the wash basin, a rag in hand which she is useing to wash off her chest, a t-shirt draped off the edge of the stand.
Percy     In a world such as this, learning the geography and nuances of the lanes takes some time. It's only his second day in Shantytown, and as a result, Percy arrives at the motel far later than he was initially intending. So it's with a frown that he is shown to the room, a soft sigh escaping his lips due to the tardiness. Nevertheless he appears grateful to the gentleman showing him the way. With a rap on the doorframe to signal his arrival, Percy walks in.
    The man stands tall, and is... well, he's dressed. With a neatly pressed white button shirt tucked into some slacks on some shoes, a brown leather bag can be seen slung across a shoulder. As he walks in, he earnestly blinks in surprise at the scene before him. "Oh," He coils, British accent immediately noticeable despite the lack of words. Turning away to a point where he lifts a hand to protect her nakedness from his sight, he takes a backward step. "I'm sorry - I'll wait outside until you're done." Backstep. Backstep.
Emily The woman's head turns, as well as her torso a bit to look towards the entrance, still holding that rag in hand and she laughs softly at him, "No no, come in please." She says, doing nothing to outright hide herself from him, "I'll only be a second."

Emily dabs at herself a little more before rinsing the rag before hanging it on a hook and reaching for her shirt which she tugs on, it's thin and the fabric worn out in spots, but it's at least covers her up. "So what can I do for you? You're not here for company I take it?"
Percy     "Not today." Percy replies with a smirk. Once given the all clear and Emily has the shirt on, he regains a bit of composure. His cool blue eyes take in her form carefully, looking her up and down with a studious intent.
    "My name is Percy, Ms. Hernandez. Percy Cooke." He offers a hand forth for formal introductions. "I saw your note on the Trading Post board near the main markets when I drifted in yesterday morning. Something about chems, wasn't it?" A hand lifts to rub his chin. "Have you managed to find any of the chems you were after yet, per chance?"
    Idly his attention goes about the room, taking in the decor and feel. Most of it was quite standard, it seemed. At least for Shantytown. Then, finally, back to Emily.
Emily She is a slender woman, not unhealthy, but someone who spends a lot of time out of the walls, she has feminine curves, of course, but they are muted thanks to the lifestyle more then anything, but otherwise looks healthy.

Emily steps forward, reaching a hand out to accept his, "Oh, hey Percy. You can just call me Emily." She says, flashing a quick smile, "I haven't no." She says, "I was hoping for some Calmex or Mentats primarily." She says as she turns to head back towards her bed, sitting down on the edge of it.

The room is fairly typical shanty town affair, but she does have a few things about that are noteworthy, first there is armor, mostly leather with a combat armor chestpiece, there's a .44 Magnum on the table next to her, and a Pipboy beside that.
Percy     "Oooh, I see." Watching Emily retreat to the bed and sit on the edge of it, Percy follows. "It's good to meet you, Emily." Sitting on the edge of the bed, Percy crosses his right leg over his left, managing to balance well as he slides his shoulder pack into his lap. "Well, you're in luck. In times gone by, people have called me a Doctor. A medic. Combat medic. And even a pharmacist." He smiles to the hostess then, head turning to look at her through the corner of his blue eyes.
    Retrieving out a worn and scrappy looking notepad and a pencil with the end broken off from his pack, Percy begins to scribble down some notes. "Mentats are reasonably simple to get and make. I'm relatively new here, but... can't you just go to a regular shopkeep and trade for some?" It seems an honest question, though he doesn't give her much time to answer. "Calmex on the other hand is a bit tougher to get, but I should be able to make you up some given the time." With a low exhale he tilts his head from side to side, writing down some more notes.
    "Is there any sort of time limit on when you need these by?"
Emily "I haven't met any of the shop keepers that have the stuff in stock yet." Emily says in response to the later question, shoulders shrugging ever so slightly, "And whenever you have them ready, I know it takes time to get them sorted out, everything like that."

"And it sounds like you'll be quite the catch for the town, a doctor and pharmacist." She says. "And I find that the shops can be a bit stingy with their negotiations as well, ya know?" she asks, "So what sort of price do you put on these chems, per dose?"
Percy     "Absolutely." Percy nods in response to negotiations. "And you can never be too careful about the grade quality of these chems, either." Pause. "I suppose that there's nothing to say mine aren't perfect either, outside of my word." He frowns briefly, before shrugging. "You'll just have to trust me. Heh." At the 'catch' comment he seems to smile widely. Heck, he practically /beams/ at the compliment, before he lifts the pencil end up to scratch his cheek. "Well, I suppose we'll see. Like I said, I'm brand new here to El Dorado. It's all quite... well, invigorating, to be honest. Especially having learned that they turned back the NCR."
    Pocketing the notepad away into his pack, he shakes his head. "Don't worry about the price for the first time around. I have this policy where the first chems to a customer is free. But the catch is that if you do you well and you want more, come and see me first to see what I have?" Percy moves to stand up.
    "How long have you lived in El Dorado for?" He asks somewhat randomly, finally taking notice of the gun resting nearby.
Emily "I've been in the New Mexico Wasteland all my life." Emily says in response to the final question, drawing one of her legs up onto the bed, knee arched and tucked up against her chest with her arms coming around to hug it, "Travel about, with caravans, whoever else." She explains, starting to turn more fully to him, the act causing her legs to open a bit more in the process.

"Well, I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement that suits the both of us." She says with a slight little grin at him, "Ya know, you scratch my back, I scratch yours sorta thing.."

She nods softly and lets her part of the conversation wander back to an older comment of his, "There are some NCR out here though, rangers, I think. Not sure their story exactly though."
Percy     "Something like that." Percy replies cheekily, putting a hand to his hip as he turns back to look down at Emily, still seated on the bed. "Since you're a traveller, you know as well as I do that friendship and allies are better in the long run than caps." His nose wrinkles. "I grew up in NCR territory." He explains. "Classically trained in medicine, mentored by senior professionals in the field. I mayyyyy or may not have quit and left relatively suddenly." Said with a wry smirk and a purposeful cough. "...My understanding is that they don't really like me much more as a result. But I'm talking about some high level leaders. I doubt most rangers wouldn't have even heard of me. Especially those out this way."
    He holds up a hand. "Anyway, I don't mean to take up more of your time. I'm sure you have better things to do than listen to me ramble. When I have these items, I'll be sure to let you know and come around."
    "Wait, is that a pip boy? A working one?" Yep. He just noticed it!
Emily "Well, you come back then and I'll show you how good a friend I can be." Emily says to the gentleman, "Or, I mean, you can stay for a bit and I can show you now." she gives him a little shrug of her shoulders, "And, I'm happy to lend a helping hand outside of my bedroom as well, of course, especially for a nice doctor like you. And everything has a past they don't always want around, so, your secret is safe with me."

The attention to the computer causes her head to turn a bit, scooting over to grab hold of it and she gives him a nod of her head, "Yeah, an old one.. the vault town folks have the newer nicer ones.. but.. it works yeah, far as I can tell. I only just found it, so I'm figuring it out as I go."
Percy     Percy gives the proposition some thought in the immediate term, pursing his lips. "Maybe next time." As a hand slides into his pocket, he brings attention back to the pip boy. "There's something quite charming about the old classics though, right? All retro and weighty. Look after it. It's a rare find." Beginning to head to the door, he turns about so he's walking backwards to maintain some sort of eye contact.
    "It was great meeting you, Emily. Maybe I'll see you around town somewhere? I've started work at Iris' clinic if you need any medicine or treatment. Don't hesitate to come around for a visit either! I make some mean tea." Thud. "Oof!" As he was walking backwards, he didn't see that he was headed straight for the wall! Frowning, he makes another small wave, slightly embarrassed, before popping out the front door.
Emily "I know the place." Emily says with a little nod of her head, "And I will take good care of it." She adds, watching the man's progression back towards the door, "Come find me when you've worked up a batch of chems." She adds, "And we can talk more about other things as well. It was nice meeting you, Doctor Percy."