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Barns barns sets up a nice party in the gold digger to celebrate a major victory for the ncr from last nights battle he unfortunatly was unable to show up for his body still hurting from the multi colord ghoul attack but will make up for it with the party he set up spending most of his caps to cover the beer and then set up a card table in the corner
Hawk      Hawk is a slim fellow with a graceful gate and a sharp eye with his hands in the pockets of rough-cut and gray dyed trousers. Soft boots pad on the floor of the saloon as he passes through the front doors. He effortlessly weaves himself through the bustle of robotic servants. His gaze sweeps to the card table with some interesting and the beer that seems to be flowing. Eyebrows raising, he roams over. "Well, howdy. What's the celebration about?"
Qwillis     Qwillis on the other hand, isn't NCR, although he's dealt enough with them. Either way, his walking in has a rather distinct gait, a boot step and the click of metal on floor. Why? Well, that left leg looks like a modified peg leg, having a metal tripod on the end of it. It goes well with the right hand that looks to be a claw with a thumb added, instead of a normal hand. He'd look around curiously then nod to Barns and Hawk. "Ah.. Hello. If this is a private party, I'll leave.."
Barns barns has his helmet on a neer by table showing his greying hair "no no by all mean join in its a celabration after all" he takes a beer and pops the top off pocketing the cap outa instinked and takes a swig
Hawk      Hawk shrugs his shoulder as the question goes unanswered but figures he'll get it sorted out anyway. What matters now is... free beer! He snatches a beer and opens it up. With a little sleight of hand, he makes the cap disappear between his deft fingers before he takes a swig. "Well, congratulations.. on.. whatever!" He toasts with the bottle.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles slightly and nods, moving further into the bar. A beer taken up with the claw hand, he'd pop the top easily, vanishing that cap along with it as he'd raise it in a small salute to Barns and Hawk. "To.. whatever this is about. It's kind of nice finally getting back to home. I got a lot of new things to do now.."
Barns Barns looks over to hawk "my bad sir it is a celibration to a big victory on behalf of the ncr"
Hawk      "Well, congratulations to the Republic!" He raises the bottle again and takes a swig of the precious free alcohol. He glances between Qwuillis and Barns. "Name is Hawk by the way." He extends a hand to Qwillis. "Homecoming for you, too? I just came in from the wastes myself." He nods matter-of-factly and offers a slight grin. "Happy to be here now that Solomon is on the outs."
Qwillis     Qwillis drinks some more of that alcohol, then grins to Hawk with a nod, that hand of flesh used to shake of course. "I was out on a trip that was suppose to take a month.. The experiment I was helping with got.. interfered with. It blew up, wrecked most of my stuff and.. well.." he'd motion to his hand and leg with a sweep of that other hand. "The doctors there said I'd be handicapped the rest of my life. It took me two years to figure out how to get them to respond to my thoughts.. but I managed to get replacements built and came back." He'd chuckle then. "My name's Qwillis. I'm a mechanic.. tinkerer really. I'm going to try getting a shop set up soon."
Barns barns wistles "hope you are ok there qwillis, im just a ncr sniper" looking round he sighs "hope the others got the message to get here,hate tolet all this booz go to waste"
Hawk      Hawk gives Qwillis a nod and a firm shake. "Ah, I've been gone out a bit longer then that." He glances toward the cybernetics and gives a low whistle. "Figured that for yourself, huh? You must be some kind of genius." He glances toward Barns. "An NCR good with a longarm.. Call me surprised." He adds in jest. "I think NCR babies are born with rifles in hand." He glances between the pair. "Scavenger mostly myself... Occasionally, good for infiltration runs."
Qwillis     Qwillis absently rubbed at the wrist of the cyberhand, then takes another drink of the beer. "I.. I guess. Like I said, I'm a tinkerer. I can get a car up and running from the pre-war era. I do a lot of other work too.. a scientist. Of sorts." He'd shake his head with a small chuckle then. "I'm wanting to set up a shop so I can start helping people out, fix things. I'll also need to gather resources to fix up a tool I managed to find."
Hawk      Hawk swigs from his beer bottle and nods. "Well, that's a handy skill and talent to have. Shop you say?" He nods again eyes narrowing in thought. "Might stop buy your place when I have something worth getting chopped.. or worth getting fixed. I'm a fan of gadgets myself. Anything with unique utility." He drains the bottle and then balances it on his forehead. "Love having good plan B's.. hate getting into a stand-up fight.. let alone a fight at all."
Qwillis     Qwillis flashes a smile at Hawk. "Well.. I'm also looking for help to go dig up tech too. I'll split the profits with those who help me. That seems only fair. But if I can find old stuff to fix up, I'll have displays at my shop too.. With the new Mayor, I'm really hopeful for an uptick in business. I know now is the time to get it going.. I just.. don't have the caps to just do it."
Hawk      Hawk cracks a laugh. "I'm pretty light on caps myself after my last purchased gadget." He nods thoughtfully. "Yea, things are going to be way better without Solomon hanging around.. Did you know that bastard was going to knock off the bank?" He shakes his head. "What a crook. Get elected.. then start robbing people blind.. Kitty HAS to be better then that."
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head solemnly. "I didn't know. Honest? I probably would of gone after him if I had found that out.. I've only been back home about a week." He'd chuckle quietly. "My house got taken over. I guess they thought it was abandon. I was suppose to only be gone a month and it was 2 years."
Barns barns had passed out in the corner of the room for some reason coming to he was a little groggy "uh must still be sore, damn ghouls"
Hawk      "Welcome to the living." He comments to Barns. "Yea.. I can imagine a house would stay empty for long unless you had someone house-sitting for you or some serious security setup." He removes the bottle from his forehead and sets it on the table. "Nice meeting you, glad I stopped by. If I find anything nifty tech wise, I'll try and look you up." He tips an imaginary hat to them both, slips his hands into his pockets, and meanders to the exit feeling good. He was a slim fella' with a crazy metabolism didn't take much to give him a buzz.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Hawk. "Sounds good. I'll be around. I'll try to get word out about my shop too." Smiling, he'd finish off that beer, settling the bottle on the table with a look to Barns. "Have you seen Iris about it? She seems quite nice and good at her job.."