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Owner Pose
Harlan      Harlan is manning the store today. The grizzled middle aged man is wearing his chain mail vest and metal legging over a set of typical roughspun trousers and shirt. A bandanna covers his head and a graying beard hangs from his chin marking the man as middle aged. A custom light support weapon, bullpup design is currently up on the counter. Harlan hovers over it with a set of tools inspecting the device's grip. He occasionally looks down at his own hand and hums before he goes about the task of dismantling the weapon.
Emily Being in the vicinity of Acme, it is only natural that Emily makes her way into the Acme General store. She makes her way in through the front door, a hand reaching up to run through her hair a little in that constant struggle against knots and tangles as she wades deeper into the establishment, gaze drifting across some of the various clothes and such display, spending a few moments on the hats before casting a glance in the direction of the grizzled older fellow, "Afternoon." She greets.
Harlan      Harlan glances up from his work to spot Emily. He grunts briefly and rises up resting his hands on his back. He turns to face the customer and offers his best smile. "Afternoon, My name is Harlan. Welcome to the store. Let me know if I can help you with anything.. Beyond the inventory, we also provide gun modification.. and if you've got the materials, custom blacksmith work. Ranged or Melee. We've got you covered." He extends a calloused hand into a thumbs up.
Emily "Hello Harlan, nice to meet you as well, I'm Emily." the young woman replies, lifting up a hat and looking it over a little before setting it back, "I was mostly just looking for some acessories, hats, goggles, maybe some new boots, not entirely sure." She explains with a little shrug of her shoulders towards Harlan, "Not entirely sure I've the caps for any gun work, or anything like that. But I'll be certain to keep you in mind should I ever be in the market!"
Harlan      Harlan folds his arms on the counter top and nods as he watches Emily shop. "I've got a nice pair of metal leg guards that I can fit just about perfectly to anyone.. Not sure if it's the fashion statement you are looking to make though." He chuffs a laugh. "Yea, area seems a little light on caps these days. Hoping for some prosperity to add a bit of liquidity the market. Otherwise, I'm going to have to rely on bartering." He hums and taps a finger on the counter. "I'm also an amateur sculptor.. bit of drawing as well. Maybe art is more to your tastes."
Emily "I always worry about how heavy those things can get." Emily says as she heads from the racks over towards the counter that Harlan stands behind, "I'm not exactly one of those big burly raider girls or anything, ya know?" she says.

"I try to trade what I can, offer other services as need be as well or just scrounge to get by." Emily nods her head, "I'd be willing to take a look at the leg guards you've got, but I can't promise anything."
Harlan      Harlan eyes Emily for a moment and sizes her up. He's got a sharp eye for dimensions.. and while the gaze might seem a 'touch' invasive.. the intent is business for the time being. "I also might have something else for you, come to think of it. Just got it in." He reaches down behind the counter top and produces two sets of leg guards: One is metal with very nicely articulated joints and the other is heavy duty leather. "Both of these should keep a nice pair of legs like those safe in the wastes."
Emily "They do look very nice." Emily says, reaching out to run her fingers across the metal plates of the articulated leg piece, hmmning softly as she switches her attention over towards the leather one. "What would you be asking for for either of these, out of curiosity?" she asks.
Harlan      Harlan glances down at the items and hums. "Well, I haven't priced the leathers yet. For the metal leg guards, I was thinking between three hundred and five hundred caps. That's just a bit more then what the smith in El Dorado sells them for.. and mine are way better." He beams a bit with pride. "What's your price range? I'm also open to barter as mentioned.. Heck, I might even offer some store credit." He eyes her again. "You seem like you might be good for it."
Emily "Ooh. That's a bit more then I really want to spend right now." Emily says with a little scrunch in her face at that, "I mean, don't get me wrong, they're totally worth it, they look like a really nice pair of leggings." She says, "Just, ya know."

"But what sorta things might you be looking for for in store credit?" Emily asks, leaning up against the counter a little as she looks across towards the smith. "I don't have much to offer at the moment."
Harlan      Harlan frowns a bit and nods. It's not a dismissive frown.. more of consternation as he tries to figure out how to make a beneficial exchange. "Well, don't know a damn thing about you, Emily.. other then you seem put together. But the truth is, I'm trying to make a name for myself as an artisan in these parts. That means I'm willing to deal." He meets her eye to eye. "You have a way of making caps, I assume? Tell me more about yourself. Convince me, and I may finance you.. or arrange a layaway or something'." He shrugs his broad shoulders.
Emily "Well, I bet you'll have no trouble getting your name out there across the waste." Emily says, rapping her knuckles against the metal leggins lightly with a grin, "People like well put together things that help keep them in one piece, afterall."

A little shrug rolls from Emily's shoulders as she straightens up a little more, "Well, Harlan." She says, "I mainly pay my way by scrounging and scavenging, digging up old things here and there. Little treasures mostly, of course, you know how it is." She says. "So, when things aren't going so well in that department I usually sell a little companionship here and there to help keep food in my belly, and bullets in my pistol and all that."
Harlan      Harlan smiles softly, he's evidently a sucker for compliments regarding his work. He continues to listen, nodding here and there. "Ah, practical woman aren't you? I like that." He combs his fingers through his beard evidently trying to spruce himself up, but well.. Harlan is a hard-worker, which means he's a bit roughed up.. so it only goes so far.

"Well, seems like you have a little bit of steady income. Which item interests you the most? Biggest trade off between them is probably the weight." He clacks his tongue, "Select your item.. and I'll quote you a price.. give you a loan.. and a going rate for quality scrap so you can use your scavenging expertise to pay it off faster." He gets a little glimmer in his eye. "And if you let me fit them onto you the first time, I won't even charge interest."
Emily The fingers continue to drag across the metal plate piece, hmmning softly, "I think, despite the extra weight, this one is the one I'd be most interested in I think." She says after a few moments thought after the question is posed her.

"So, I guess we discuss compensation right? How much would you charge for this lovely work? And I could agree to trade scrap in to help pay off the debt, of course, that seems very fair to me. And I can't imagine not letting you fit them, the hands of a master smith seem the best hands to get them set and adjusted.."
Harlan      "Since I'm financing you, let's go with 500 caps. I'll give you an exchange rate of 250 caps per piece of Quality Scrap or Gunsmithing Tools you find. So, you could pay for the whole thing with two pieces of scrap if you get lucky out there." He nods firmly at the end of his offer.

"Fact of the matter is.. I'm desperate for good materials. So I'm paying a premium.. which could work to your benefit." He puts the leather leg guards back behind the counter then leans over said counter to take another glimpse at her legs and build. He then starts retrieving a few tools.

"Sound like a deal? And who knows.. maybe I'll have a need to help you put a few bullets in your gun." He waits with tools ready for her to make the decision.
Emily "So, should I come around back behind the counter?" Emily asks, "Or should we go back into your workshop or whatever? For the fitting, I mean." She says with a little grin flashed at him, hmmning softly, "Can't promise how quickly I'll be able to dig up the scrap though, just so you know."
Harlan      "Where ever you don't mind flashing a little leg." He winks playfully. "I've got a chair behind the counter and a couple in the back.. The back is probably more comfortable though." He rolls up his tools in a cloth, tucks them under his arm, and grabs the metal leg guards. He nods for her to follow.

The back of the shop is mostly just crates. A little rubbish from the cleaning out of the store, and two chairs. Harlan roams over to one chair, kneels in front of it and lays out his tools. He gestures toward the other chair with an outstretched hand.
Emily "Just how much leg were you wanting me to flash?" Emily asks as she moves to follow along after the blacksmith towards the back, her gaze drifting a little across the room before she settles her attention on him.

"Help me get these off?" she asks, turning around to present her backside to him, "The buckles can be a little tricky sometimes."
Harlan      "Now darlin', what kind of question is that to ask a man?" He chuffs a laugh. "Want is different then needing, isn't? Just really enough to let me fit them properly." He steps closer and assists with the buckets, deft blacksmith fingers making quick work.

"There you.. hmm.. Tricky buckles. Gives me an idea for a product." He taps the side of his momentarily committing it to memory.
Emily With the buckles loosened, Emily works herself out of the heavy leahter leggings, stepping out of them and pushing them off aside, leaving her in a pair of snug, oft patched pants. "Alright, standing or sitting?"
Harlan      "First standing.. because I need to take a few measurements." He fetches a small piece of ribbon from his tools with little etchings on it before he kneels beside her. He wraps her calf at the widest point first and notes the measurement. Next, he takes a few measurements about the knee. Last, he quickly wraps the ribbon around her thigh.. taking careful consideration not to linger.

"There we go. You can sit for a bit." He walks over to the other chair, plops down, retrieves a pair of pliers and starts removing a few chain-mail rings in the joint of the leg guards.
Emily Emily remains standing as the measurements are taken, eyes cast downward and watching the man do his work with some curiosity. "Alright." She says, a soft hmmn escaping her lips before she moves to settle down in the chair. "So what's your favorite sort of thing to make?"
Harlan      Harlan talks as he fiddles, a few rings being clipped and a few crimped. He later moves to the straps pulling out a knife to cut away at some of the extra.

"Depends.. I really enjoy putting the right tool in the right person's hands. Good tools.. and I consider weapons tools.. bring out the inherent skill in people. I like seeing good people be at their best." He rises with the leg guards and walks over to a nearby crate with a vice bolted to it. He takes a moment to adjust the curvature of a few plates. He then hammers each one carefully to adjust the shaping.
Emily "There's something poetic about that, yeah." Emily says as she listens to his answer, watching the adjustments be made with the hammer, head tilting over so slightly. "It's always hard to say what will bring out the most in someone. Sometimes they don't even know it either, I suppose."
Harlan      "That's very true.. And even if it doesn't ultimately bring out the most, there's something to said about taking pride in your work and enjoying a job well done." He walks over to her with the leg guards and kneels in front of her. Calloused hands and strong arms make a quick task of suiting her up. He seems to have no qualms about wrapping his fingers around a leg and lifting it to adjust straps. He slaps the side of her thigh when he's confident about the fit and placement. "Alrighty, go try them out. Let me know how they work out for you.. And if you appreciate the work, tell your friends." He beams.