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Owner Pose
Harlan      Harlan is behind the counter wearing a chain-mail vest and some heavy duty leather arm and leg guards. His head covered in a bandanna, he runs his fingers briefly through his graying beard before he continues to tinker on a bullpup style light support weapon. He's currently fidgeting with the grip occasionally squeezing his hand around it to get an impression made.

Nearby, Harlan has a Custom Heavy Leather Chestpiece on display. His chinese sword is currently on his workbrench next to a sledgehammer. The middle aged man hums as he works occasionally grunting in mild frustration.
Kasumi     Enter the Ninja! Or thats probably what people are going to start calling the woman soon. Kasumi moves into the workshop, watching Harlan a little bit, while admiring his work. She looks at what he's working on. "Looks like the new P90 series? Is that what it is?", the woman asks as she watches Harlan a moment. She moves over, and leans against the wall. "About the other night....Please don't tell others about it.", she says.
Harlan      Harlan glances up from his work and eyes Kasumi. He grunts an affirmative then releases the grip. He then wraps a bit of electrical tape around it to keep it bound. Head tilting to the side, he deems it suitable with a brief nod before he rises from his chair. "Skills like those don't stay secret for long, darlin'. Though I am glad that you know how to use a sword. I like putting tools into the hands of artists." He crosses his arms. "But if you don't want me to yammer on about it, I won't."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a bit as she takes a moment to adjust herself. "It old habit.", she says. The woman moves over, and pulls out her P90c. She shows it to Harlan. "My father had this hidden away in the vault I was in. In case something happend.", she says. The gun is old, but looks like it was taken care of a bit, and then cleaned up recently. "I was trained with the blade once I was old enough to go with my father on his trips.", she tells. The woman sighs before sitting down. "America was the last trip I had attended.", she says. "Is it safe to say that you know what a diplomatic agent is?", she asks Harlan.
Harlan      Harlan leans over the counter and listens intently. His sharp gaze glances over the P90c then back to the Japanese woman. "I can take a guess, vault dweller.. Someone who acts on behalf of another nation . Maybe well trained?" He shrugs his broad shoulders. "It doesn't really matter, now does it? Old titles from an old world." He rests his elbow on the counter and points at her. "It's about who you are now and what you plan to do."
Kasumi     Kasumi gives a light laugh. She nods her head a little bit. "The old world would call me a spy, or assassin.", the asian says before she puts the gun away. "It was a fancy word for those who went to other nations, and while being in the embassy as a member of that nation, they would perform certain actions.", she says. THe woman sighs a bit. "You are right. And that is what I do not know about. There were slavers who raided my vault. I killed a number of them. Only now that I think about things, did I choose the correct action, or am I unknowing of this new world's...methodogies.", she says.
Harlan      Harlan smiles lightly at the laugh then nods at the word 'assassin'. "It's not a bad trade in this new world. There are a lot of 'Bad People' who simply needs to be put out of -our- misery. You'll never see me cast judgment there." He chuckles lowly. "Slavery being bad is a relative thing for most now-a-days. I'm personally not a fan, and the Northern California Republic certainly isn't either... Think you'll find most folks around here don't take kindly to it."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods ot Harlan a bit as she settles into her seat. "I see.", she says. The woman bites her lip, before moving that blue streaked hair away from her left eye. "...Last night...I have never experienced anything like that. Then again, I don't even know what I was fighting...Things just...happend, and I was shooting at things shooting at me. I had never experienced such things, not to mention whatever those things were."
Harlan      "Super Mutants.. F.E.V. It's a disease which turns people into those things.. or worse." Harlan comments tilting his head as a concerned frowns tugs at his lips. "First time, huh? That must have been.. quite a shock. Your training certainly kicked in. You did your part. Did the job." He grabs a chair with one hand and plops it down beside the counter. "Need a seat? Maybe some cold water?" It was clear protective instincts were coming out in Harlan. "It's a lot the process.. even for those of us who have seen some things."
Kasumi     Kasumi shakes her head, only taking the seat offered to her. "No, the cockroaches the size of suitcases were worse overall...", she says. "I just was being shot at, so I shot back. In the end, thats all I could do.", she says. The woman stretches out a little bit. "I will need help finding scrap though. I do not known where to look for such things.
Harlan      "Do't we all.. It's really just a matter of keeping you eye open for anything that looks like good metal." He fetches a cold canteen of water from the cooler, stabs a cloth, and returns to Kasumi. The wet cloth is slapped right on her forward. "Lot worse out there then giant bugs... Just saying." He gives the woman an appraising look to make sure she's comfortable.. his gaze maybe lingering on some of the finer details. He's middle-aged, not dead.

"I've been having luck out near Roswell.. and generally just out there in the waste." He crosses his arms. "Wish I had enough scrap to help you out.. I just don't."
Kasumi     Kasumi blinks a little bit. "You mean that there is a place called Roswell? I thought that was just an American fake story. Do you find green men there? Or worst things then what happend last night?", she ask, taking the cloth. She dabs her cheeks a little bit, and her throat. And yes, she noticed, and being evil. Its second nature to her to do stuff that calls attention to certain parts of her body. Well, given what she is...
Harlan      "I think aliens are real. I've heard stories but haven't seen them myself. The place is definitely real. And I think you'd know more then me about American fake stories. The USA is dust. Gone before my time." Harlan isn't exactly immune to womanly charms, he watches her dab herself.. and begins to smile, glad he's somewhat added to her comfort. "Haven't found anything out there except for the occasional raider taking a pot shot at me. Nothing I couldn't handle."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little bit. "Maybe, we could go out there together?", she asks. The woman takes a moment to adjust herself in the chair. "While you may think that I'm pretty good at taking care of myself, a young woman shouldn't go out in the wasteland by herself, now should she?", Kasumi asks.
Harlan      Harlan cracks a laugh, "Sure, we can go salvaging together sometime. Though not because you are a young woman. No one should be going out there if they don't know what they are doing or at least has the grit to withstand it. I've met some pretty dangerous 'young women' in my time." He shakes his head chuckling. "Enough not to underestimate anymore."
Kasumi     "Are you busy at the moment?", Kasumi asks. The woman takes a moment to stretch out. "I recently just purchased enough ammo to recover from last night. I kinda just passed out in the back of the truck, though somebody said that I was brought back to my room at Gold Digger's. I don't know who did it though..."
Harlan      "Actually, I have some work I need to get to. This place has just opened, and I want to make sure its tended to." He sits back behind the counter with a flop. "Ah, glad you are locked and loaded.. But.. uh.. Watch yourself letting strangers carry you off the Saloon." He coughs, "You are a young woman.. and easy on the eyes. That's just a recipe for trouble."