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Jacqueline It's just past noon in El Dorado's primary watering hole, the Gold Digger Saloon. What lunch crowd there is has mostly dispersed by now, with a few locals still hanging about, talking with friends and one or two of the brothel's residents who've ventured downstairs to see a different set of walls.
At the bar, a small and thin figure in denim and flannel sits on a stool, which she's turned around to face out into the room. Jackie's leaning her elbows on the bartop, idly kicking her combat-booted feet, evidently waiting for something. As she waits, she watches the robots scurry back and forth with no small amount of interest.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine staggers into the bar.. well, not staggers, more winces her way into the bar. She has banadages wrapped around her midsection and she's still very sore from the events of getting a bullet in her gut and whatnot, but she zapped him back so she traded gutshots with someone and she's still sorta proud of that. She makes her way over to a barstool. Specifically the one she greased up so it'll spin easy.
Bane      Bane makes his way slowly down the stairs of the Saloon, all the way from the third floor. His Duster is mostly clean from his expedition but there are still clearly bits of dried blood that he missed and their is a clear tear through the shoulder of the armoured duster that shows poor stitches and bloody bandages underneath. Clearly some of the lovely ladies that work the saloon helped him get stitched up rather than a professional docter. When he actually makes it to the bar the sleeve of his duter slips and reveals another bloody wound that looks like someone tried to naw his arm off. The beast of a man is walking a little wearier today, clearly going out towards Roswell had taken it out of him.
Achilles Achilles is a rare sight in these parts, but he's got a few extra caps and he already got Iris a gift, so he decided he might as well treat himself. So taking a break from his training the giant squeezes in shortly after Lilly, and makes straight for the bar. He doesn't take a seat though, rather he leans against it. His attention shifts to Bane as he makes his appearance from the upper floors. "You look rough." he says quite simply. "Was it at least a good fight?"
Rose One cart returned, one day of being a big damn hero, Rose had returned to the Saloon. When Miss Kitty made it back? She'd probably talk to her about getting a room, after all it was pretty much where the Ranger was basing herself out of now. Helmet tucked under one arm and the other holding her rucksack over her shoulder the blonde woman comes into the bar a few moments after Lilly, watching the girl's limp. "Never fun finding yourself in the flight path of a bullet huh?" she comments, nodding at Bane as he makes his way down from the floors above. "Should've put money on those scratches barely slowing you down old man," she says dryly as she drops her bag by her barstool, turning her gaze to the only face she hadn't met before in the form of Jacqueline. A nod of greeting is given while she deposits her helmet on the counter for a moment to bend and unzip her bag, intending to stow the piece of armor. "Been a day worth a drink."

     Achilles arrival? That earns a raised eyebrow. That's one big local!
Jacqueline Being an El Dorado native, Jackie's seen Achilles before, but his arrival still merits a long look. He casts one big shadow, after all. She offers a casual wave and a smile to the giant. The woman in Ranger gear gets another of each of her own. It's wise to respect Rangers, after all.
The sights of the limping girl with the bandages and the wounded old man make her take a quick inventory of the room. No new bullet holes. Maybe this happened out of town. "Ooh... that looks painful. How'd you and you get hurt?" she asks, turning a sympathetic gaze on Lilly and Bane.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles, beaming as she gets onto her stool. She nods to Rose, but says proudly to Jackie. "I rode out with Mom and Aunt Clara and a bunch of others. Got shot off my horse but we whupped 'em sumthin fierce. So is all good and greasy" She spins on her stool, waving to Achilles as she does, beaming.
Bane      Bane smirks and lets out a gruff bark of laughter as the giant Achilles adresses him. "Yeah it was a hell of a fight. Tougher than I anticipated. But got what we needed to done. Now I just need to heal up so I can make something out of the headway I got myself." He shakes his head as one of the robots places a whiskey by his hand. They are getting to know him already. He shakes his head at Rose as he takes his hat off and places it down on the bar "Nobody would take your money Rose, people know better than to beat against me." He looks around for a moment "Then again, new town." He looks melancholy for a moment before he visibly forces it away. "No idea how the little lady got hurt. Me though?" He takes another sip of his whiskey savouring the burn for a moment. "Myself, Rosey and Miss Kitty went for a wander out Roswell way. Got into a tussle with a couple dozen ghouls. We came out better then they did." He almost manages as laugh as Lilly speaks "Hope your mum bought more ammo. She ran out when we were neck deep and sinking in ghouls."
Rose      "It was a hell of a spill," Rose nods back at Lilly before stretching out her shoulders, giving out a light pop for the motion before she glances back at Bane. "There's gotta be someone who doesn't know you properly yet. Have a little faith." Still grinning, she nods at Bane's explination to Achilles and reaches up, untying her hair and letting the blonde locks spill down her shoulders. "Your mum shoots pretty damn good for a bartender," she comments aloud. "Lot more to her than first glance." Signalling for a drink of her own she returns Jacqueline's smile, but glances back at the giant. "A couple were sneakier than most, got in close on us. I got lucky, just a few teeth marks in my boots, but Bane must've tasted decent to 'em."
Achilles "Ah, yes. I was out that way earlier with a group myself. Alice had shouted about a deathclaw, so we ran over, but unfortunately it was just a group of ghouls." Achilles sighs a bit, before ordering a whiskey for himself. The large man was obviously hoping to face off with the fear lizard. "Iris didn't even have to get off of my shoulders for the fight. I'll have to return alone." He doesn't seem to have any bandages or blood stains to suggest he was in a serious scuffle.

Lilly earns herself a nod. "I like your spirit. Once you've fought enough even a gutshot won't slow you down, you just have to persevere." Probably not the best advice to give, but that's what you get from a Beastlord.
Jacqueline "I dunno if it is. I'm still waiting on lunch," Jackie says, smiling wryly. "So we'll see. Who did you whup somethin' fierce? It sounds like there were enough to go around."
Her attention goes to Bane and Rose, nodding as she listens. "Ghouls out Roswell way? Sounds like I'll have to find company for my next scavving trip. Were they the mindless kind? I've met one or two that weren't, but they didn't speak well of their distant kin."
She winces at Achilles's mention of Deathclaws. Who /hasn't/ heard of those killing machines?
And then she recalls a bit of interpersonal etiquette, smacking herself on the forehead. "Manners, Miss..." she murmurs, shaking her head self-deprecatingly. "I'm Jacqueline Wayne. But just Jackie's fine. May I have your handles?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles, hand over her stomach amid chuckles. "Acme. cleaned out bandits. Roxie got her life-long love ofa case of Ms. Dash. Aunty Roxie is a hoot. She spit bout a couple of bullets where she got shot. I haven't learned that trick yet.", holding her stomach. She smiles to Rose. "Mom tends bar pretty good for a cold-eyed gunslinger and general baddass", she says with a matter of pride.
Bane      Bane shakes his head at Rose's comment "Well I couldn't let the ladies go first. Besides like you said. I am not going to be slowed down by just a couple of scratches. You on the other hand look like a stiff wind could blow you over." He chuckles as he polishes of his drink "Come to think of it Ranger I have come across a couple of things since I gave been here. They might help you out when we head back. I got offered about a thousand caps for them. But I'll hand them to you for 300 and a favour. Help on another job i have around these parts."

     Bane looks over the giant that is Achilles again, clearly judging the man. He doesn't normally go off bravado alone, but the man seems capable. "If you are looking for a hell of a fight I am putting together a party to head in to Roswell. We need enough fighters to secure a perimetre while the scavengers go to work. There is no upfront pay, but the spoils will be divided up." He shrugs his shoulders leaving the offer hanging. He looks over to Jacqueline as she speaks "You are welcome to join us too, we are planning to go further then any scavs have before. Should be some good stuff." He runs his heavy calloused hand through his sunbleached hair "Yeah feral. Every one of them."

     He lets out a small grin "I am Bane. Bane Creel. Just got into town a few days ago. Been just about everywhere."
Rose      "Could be interested, more of my gear got broken on the way down from the Mojave than I'd like. One of those damn fire-spitting lizards snapped my old rifle in half." Rose says with a nod to the bloodied Bane. A glance to Jackie again and the ranger gives a half-salute half-wave from her hand. "Rose Hallows, arrived about the same time as the old man" she offers in introduction before nodding again at Bane's words. "A couple more hands looking through wouldn't hurt. Easier for those of us with guns to concerntrate on making sure none gets eaten." Lilly's words earn a little chuckle but she glances back at Achilles. "I met Iris earlier, but it was a day that turned into a shootout, so I can't say that we exchanged too many pleasentries."
Achilles Achilles turns his attention back to Bane. "I'll be there." He takes a drink from the glass in his hand. "There are glowing ones out there, so they will need a strong perimeter. He nods once before standing back up, rising to his full height. "I'm Achilles." No last name. "I've been here for several full moons myself, but that's just for Iris' sake. I've been everywhere from the Point Lookout to the outskirts of the Glowing Sea. If you all prove capable, I may bring you with me on my great hunt."

His gaze moves over to Rose, "Is that so? May be why she didn't tell me where she found me this hat." A large hand comes up to touch the stetson perched atop his head. "I'll have to be sure I'm around to tag along when she gets into trouble."
Jacqueline "Nice to meet you, Mister Creel, Miss Hallows," Jackie says, bowing her head. Evidently her folks raised her polite, by Wasteland standards. "If you need something fixed, Miss Hallows, that's what I do: Fix things. And if I can, I'd love to go with you both next trip. There's always good stuff to be found out there, if you look in the right places."
She nods to Achilles. "Nice to meet you, Mister Achilles. What do you have in mind for this 'great hunt'? I'm an okay shot, but I don't know if that's up to great hunt standards..."
She grins, turning back to Lilly. "That's one to remember. I've never heard of anyone actually spitting bullets before!"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to Jaqueline. "Aunt Roxie's tough. she just rubbed dirt in her wounds and she was fine. She gives funny advice to 'meatbags' but she means well." Her feet swing on the stool, alternating as it makes her sorta turn back and forth
Bane      "Well I have an assault rifle in .308 and one of those revolvers you are so fond of." He gestures to one of the robots to bring him another drink "You know you could just learn how to aim so you don't have to use two guns and hope." He nods his head as she goes over what she learnt of his future plan "Thats about the sum of it lass, I plan on taking a couple of caravans down to really make it worth our time." He nods to Achilles "I'll be glad to have you along, another body to keep the ladies from dirtying their hands is always good." He grins at Rose as he speaks, clearly waiting to see if the Ranger takes on the easy bait. "Yeah I am looking at putting together a strong crew. One of the guys that clank when they walk is coming with us as well I think. Plus myself, Rose and maybe Kitty. I have a few others in mind as well. Other than guards we will need some docs and some scavs that can keep cool under pressure."

     He nods to Jacqueline his expression warm "Good to have you along Lass. The more bodies we can get the better. And if you can fire a gun as well if things get hairy well...even better." He grabs his hat from the bar and drains the second glass of whiskey the robot just delivered for him. "And a person who is good at fixing things is always a boon to have around." He turns and nods to the others. "When you are done here Rose come by my room and I'll show you the rifle and revolver."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine waves to Jachquelin, waves to the others and decides she needs to lay in bed for a while.. she winces out of the door, but she did get her exercise. Aunt Roxie's advice to Walk it off until it falls off is taken to the best of her ability.
Achilles "Deathclaw." Achilles informs Jacqueline with a firm nod. "Shouldn't be too much of an issue." Could be the giant is just crazy. He finishes off his drink and pays what he owes. "I suppose it's about time for me to get back to training." He inclines his head politely, but waits around just a moment in case there is a reply.
Jacqueline "Deathclaw... hmm. I don't think I'm a good enough shot to help you there," Jackie admits, grimacing as if the words hurt to say. "I can wish you luck, or fix your gear if you need it, but that's about it. But every little bit helps, right? Good luck with your training!" It's some consolation, maybe, if only for herself.
Bane's plan is given due thought, by the look on the dark-haired girl's face. "If you're taking folks that clank, I think I'd better come for sure. Some of those kind of people are high-maintenance. When do you have in mind going?"
Rose      "Any time you want to put our marksmanship to contest Old Man, you let me know." Rose says with a chuckle to Bane before she goes digging into her gear for the caps. "We can deal." With that, she salutes the remaining pair and follows after Bane to make the trade, tucking her helmet into her bag before she departs.

     For a few moments, she's gone, but the Ranger returns soon enough, a new rifle slung over her back as she returns to her drink. In a room full of Whiskey drinkers, Rose seems to have settled for a Nuka Cola. Booze was saved for...particular nights in the veteran's eyes when certain memories stung a little too much. "Only time I've ever taken down a Deathclaw was from far away with an Anti-material rifle...and I wasn't alone. If you're training to take one on up close...hell I'm almost curious how you planned to do it."

     Back to Jackie, she tilts her head. "I might have something for you, when there's time."
Achilles "I only fight up close. I'll be investing in a heavier suit of armor first though, I doubt I'd last too long with what I have now." At least Achilles knows his limits. He gives one last nod then heads out, "Feel free to spar with me some time. I could use the practice." With that the giant squeezes back out and heads for the wasteland.
Jacqueline "...Somehow, I don't think I'd be much help in practice," Jackie murmurs, wincing at the thought of sparring with the Human Bludgeoning Machine.
She waves to the departing Bane, looking back to Rose and her Nuka-Cola. "That's probably the best way to take down a Deathclaw, from everything I've heard about them. Shooting them with anything else and from any closer just makes them mad and gives them a target. Owie. Very owie."
She glances up and smiles as one of the robots sets her order down in front of her: Bloatfly sliders, stewed desert greens, and a cold bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla. Lunch of champions, or at least poor technicians. But it'd be impolite not to share, right? "Want one?" she asks Rose, gesturing to her plate.
Rose      "No offence big guy," The Desert Rose chuckles as she reaches up, doing her best to untangle the hair she'd left untied while she looks towards Achilles. "But I ain't as good as some with my fists. When something or someone as big as you rushes me? I go for my gun and fast." With a wink to the man, she sips her drink once more and gives a lazy wave to his departure before looking back to the techie snacking down. A shrug of her shoulders suggests she won't turn down a free meal even if she's used to working on an empty stomach. "A lot harder to be gutted from a mile away."
Jacqueline "No kidding. Or even just a hundred feet away. Though if it's a Deathclaw and I've got a choice. I'll take the mile," Jackie says, grinning impishly and handing over a slider. The special sauce almost makes you forget you're eating big mutant bug. "I think I'd do the same thing as you, if someone big and mean was approaching. Even a Wayne has to know when something's too big to tackle."
She takes a bite, chewing thoughtfully. "What do you need fixed, Miss Hallows? I don't have my parts kit with me, but I could find the right stuff for your repair with a little advance warning. It makes the fixing go faster."
Rose Rose shakes her head, taking the slider and shrugging her shoulders. It wasn't the worst thing she'd had to cook and eat out there in the wastes. "A mile is better," she says with a wink. "Safer, but looks twice as impressive for your money, if you got yourself a weapon that can reach out and touch at that distance." A shrug of her shoulders again, she takes a bite for herself. "My rifle was beyond help, but I picked up somethin' out there on the field that might be worth the effort."
Ruane Roman Raune grumbles under his breath, his hands covered in what appears to be oil, and the stains on his vault suit also echoing that fack. One might even think he could be tracking in a bit of dirt or mud at first before he finall wises up and realizes what he is doing.

Yet all that gets is him sheepishly trying to clean off his shoes on the edge of a wall before moving to approach the bar as he goes. "Need Alcohol. Something strong? What gets out oil stains? Maybe some Abraxo and spirits.."
Jacqueline "Sounds like I need to make a scavving list. A weapon that works at that distance isn't easy to come by. But you find all kinds of things out there," Jackie says agreeably. "I could look at your rifle, just to be sure it's taken its last scalp. Some things can be fixed even when they're all but scrapped."
The sound of something being scraped against the wall has her looking over that way. She winces faintly, seeing the man trying to clean his footwear. "Um... I'd try whisky. It's the strongest thing here. The /smell/ of some of that stuff might take paint off," she replies to the vault-suited man. "And Abraxo does work on oil, but it takes a little time. I wouldn't try it while you're wearing the suit."
Rose      "It was a puddle of scrap, long gone sadly." Rose says with a shrug, glancing over her shoulder at the man arriving in the blues. "Been eyeing off a replacement, but I imagine someone's gonna grab it before I can scrape together the caps." She chuckles a little more, running her fingers through her hair once more before she goes digging into her duster pockets for the tie. Sipping from her Cola again to wash down the taste of her lunch she chuckles a little at the man's words. "Yeah, been that sort of day..." she comments under her breath before turning back to Jackie. "But yeah, Wasteland has a habbit of breaking things on you."
Ruane "Whiskey?" Roman states aloud as a response which gets a glass poured for him and the man now staring at the beverage infront of him before glancing aside to Jacqueline then. "I got other clothes, Miss. I'll be sure to take all of your advice into consideration! Sounds right smart that."
RRoman will no doubt spend a bit too long trying to argue for the bottle, or 'negotiate' before finally walking down the bar and over to Jacqueline and Rose then. "What sort of day are we talking about?"
Jacqueline "I'm so sorry, Miss Hallows. If I find something long-ranged and powerful on my next trip out, I'll grab it for you," Jackie promises, actually meeting Rose's eyes for a bit too long for good manners in her sincerity. "I find all kinds of stuff. I even found a nice lever-action rifle once, the kind of gun you put over a fireplace as a conversation piece, only it worked! But I had to sell it. I needed motor parts."
She smiles a little at Roman's acceptance of her advice. As he comes over, she glances at Rose, then shrugs and tells it like it is. "The kind of day that involves a lot of work and stains, and maybe some injuries. I hope it improves, for all of us."
Rose      "A trail carbine was always a good weapon to have back home," Rose nods her head at Jacqueline. "Reliable and...has a certain satisfaction to it with a lever action. I sometimes think it just helps you slow down enough to aim right." Roman's question? She raises her drink to her lips. "The sort where you almost get eaten by ghouls the one before, then the next are trading shots with a bunch of raiders trying to make off with Acme's supplies. Lot of action up that way today. First time in a long time I've had to shoot from horseback."

     A glance back at the other woman comes with a laugh. "Oh don't worry about Bane. I've walked away from hell because I've been...lucky..." she says, the word a little dry in her mouth. "But him? He's just too stubborn to die. Probably half old-lead by now."
Ruane "Oh. Right. So uh, what kind of injuries are we talking about? The emotional? The getting filled full of new holes kind? Or is it radiation sickness? The ones that make you feel all warm and fuzzy and then turn into one of those skinless folks."

"So Miss Hallows is it? and uh, I didn't quite catch your name Miss?" Roman will inquire of Jacqueline then after adressing Rose. His voice is loud and cheerful, though clearly forced. "Well pleasure to meet you both. I'm the propitier of Chips and Bits, Roman Raune, and my slogan for today is if you need tools? Or the most cutting edge pre-war tech, come check me out!" He'll pause then before looking rather sheepish and continuing now, a bit more softly "but uh, back to being more polite. I am happy to meet you both. You can shoot from horseback? That is mighty impressive."
Jacqueline "Who knows? Maybe I'll run across another one," Jackie muses, considering that. The description of Bane has her smiling wryly. "He must be tough, all right. He acted like that wound of his didn't even hurt. I still hope he gets it patched up, though."
She nods to Roman. "Jacqueline Wayne... but call me Jackie, please. You fix stuff, too? I don't think there's any radiation sickness, but there was some wounding, and probably a little depression. A rifle was a casualty, a good rifle."
Rose      "Rose Hallows, Ranger." Rose nods, as if the coat wasn't a big hint. Draining the last of her drink, the woman sets the rocket-shaped bottle down on the counter and adjusts her position sitting a little, letting the coat spill out over to cover her hip. "Pre-war tech huh? Must make you popular with the Brotherhood running around here." Another shrug, she stretches again. "Just a few scrapes and bruises, nothing rest and the odd bandage wont fix."
Ruane "Hallows? Ranger? What with like the NCR? What is the brotherhood? That some sort of monkish cult like them weird relegious folks who come way form up north every couple of years?" Roman inquires of Rose. "Aye, I build robots, and repair pip-boys.. used to work on the water filitration systems and generators back in my day." Roman notes before looking aside to Jacqueline. "But yah, I fix stuff. Not really big into mainteinece though, don't got the patience for it."
Jacqueline "The Brotherhood of Steel," Jackie explains. "They're a sort of pseudo-religious order, all about protecting people from excess tech, and using power armor, and that kind of stuff. Kinda cool, if a little preachy. Their tech is pretty impressive." She finishes her last Bloatfly slider and chases it with the last swallow of Sunset Sarsaparilla, then turns a winning smile on Roman. "Make you a deal? If you need stuff maintained, hire me? I can always use the practice, and my rates are reasonable!"
Rose's admission draws a sympathetic look, but she stands all the same. "I promises Mom I'd ask about a recipe here. I'd better go into the back and do that. Just in case I have to run out of here, it was nice meeting you both. Hope to see you again soon." With a wary look on her face, she turns and slips into the back of the place.
Rose      Another chuckle, Rose nods her head with a lazy wave. "Somethin' like that, yeah." The blonde comments idly to Roman's words before Jackie makes her way to leave. Nodding her head, the Ranger gives a lazy little wave of farewell that had come to be about standard for the tired gunslinger. Closing her eyes, she leans down to rest her elbows on the bar counter.
Ruane Roman just stands there then in silence as he watches Jackie leave as well, frowning for a second, shifting awkwardly in the silence that is now there as he looks aside to Rose, cutting his eyes to stare at her before looking down at the bottle of whiskey in his hands as h turns it over.

"So, do you.. drink often? Or just shoot people?" Roman inquires clearly trying to make idle conversation at this point.
Rose      "Drink? Booze not so much." Rose says after a moment, her own empty cola bottle still remaining nearby. "I try to save that only for the worst days, and I try and keep those as few and far between as fate lets me." A sad smile, she closes her eyes for a moment to exhale a breath. "It isn't about shooting people, it's about helping people. There's a lot of innocent people out there who need people with guns willing to stand up for them when they can't."

     A sidelong glance at the man, she raises an eyebrow. "So a Vaultie huh?"
Ruane "A what? A Vaultie? Oh you mean this?" He'll move an oily hand to pick at his vault suit then. "Sure uh, been a vaultie all my life.. you know.. living in the underground. No sun or fun." Roman trails off before he glances aside to Rose. "What about you know... just shooting people? What is your take on that? Most civilized folk tend to look down on outright murder ya know?"
Rose Rose gives a quiet laugh at that, shrugging her shoulders. "So far the 'civillized' folks in town have done more shooting then I. But no, I'm no raider or murderer. There's a line between murder and killing, not everyone sees it but it's important none the less." Absently tracing a gloved finger over the rim of her empty drink she cocks her head to the side. "Odd question though. There many out here that would shoot people just for the sake of it?"
Ruane "I've seen the NCR behave like common thugs and murders, so yes, I generally need some clarification on that." Roman notes as he moves to step away from bar then. "I don't exactly know what to believe though. If you'll excuse me though.. I should really get to cleaning off this suit. Got all sorts of stuff be dooing after too."
Hanzhou Hanzhou enters the Gold Digger Saloon, his spurs can be heard before he opens the doors though as they jingle and jangle. The Wasteland Samurai is still an odd sight, dressed in that post-apocalyptic mish mash outfit between a cowboy and asian sword-wielding warrior. He glances around as he enters, his Katana blade as usual is strapped to his back and his shamisen guitar slung over one shoulder. The black leather duster he's wearing adds to the ensemble, like some sword slinger man in black and he also carries a revolver, a back-up weapon that he's never been seen using.

He inclines his head politely to those that he knows and walks up to the bar. The expression on his face is one of calmness, at the sight of Rose his gaze settles on her for a beat longer than the rest but since she's talking to people, he doesn't want to be rude and interrupt her so he just stands at the bar looking over at the bartender. In a soft voice he says, "A nuke cola please."
Rose      "Sad to say anything has its bad people. That's what the NCR is; people trying to make something. Bring a little piece and safety to the wasteland that so often has neither. When the alternative is the Legion? The choice wasn't so hard to make. Whatever reasons people have or what they do? I try to do whats right and walk my own path." A breath, she closes her eyes and leans on the bar once more. "I'm not the NCR, I'm not the army come to invade or anything like that. Just a ranger, out on the ragged edge trying to do a little good where I can how I can. More often than not that means with my gun."

     At Roman's announcement of his departure she nods, but it seems more are walking in and out. So far? Rose has been too tired to move out to her camp and conversation had been enough to keep her here. The free meal helped too.
Hanzhou Hanzhou recognizes Roman from the battle at Acme, "Be well." He says to man as he leaves, giving him a slight bow and then glances towards Rose once more after she speaks. "Oh, you are a Ranger?" He asks in a shy yet respectful tone as the bartender gets him a nuke cola and slides it over to him.

However at the mention of the Legoion, he goes quiet and takes a sip from his drink and a flash of anger crosses his expression but only for a second before it dissapears.
Rose "Going on about seven years now," The blonde nods as the asian man comes walking in. That expression isn't lost, but the Legion left a lot of sad souls in their wake, a lot of angry expressions and bad memories. Those eyes of hers open and she adjusts the strap of the new rifle slung over her back. A new tool from the day's exploits. While there had been a battle at Acme, the chase outside it of the fleeing raiders had been quite the fight in its own regard. Rose however, had escaped injury this time around.
Hanzhou Hanzhou nods to Rose, not much in the mood to talk after the Legion was brought up but when she says seven years, he quirks an eyebrow slightly and glances towards the blonde once more. "Seven years...long time. I'm curious, have you ever been to Shady Sands?" He asks so quietly, it is difficult to hear him and the grip on his cola tightens as if he's fighting off an old memory.
Rose      "A long time ago..." Rose says slowly, eyes reopening to glance at the man sidelong. "Before the battle of the dam, just after I moved out of the 1st." A pause, it seems her own memories weren't exactly pleasent. It was one of the early days, one of the first times she'd walked away from a fight with far less people than she'd walked into.
Hanzhou Hanzhou adjusts his cowboy hat on his head, listening to Rose and then his eyes's meet your's. "A young NCR Ranger helped me track down some Legion back then, we had some help with some local militia and when we found them..." He pauses, looking away from you and taking a small sip of nuke cola before continuing, unable to look you in the eyes. "Only myself and the Ranger survived. I never saw the Ranger again after that." He just stares at the bottle of liquor lined up against the back wall of the bar.
Rose      "I remember," Rose says quietly, not meeting the gaze either. "Sometimes I try not hair was shorter there. I was still a rookie..." she trails of now. So much had happened between then and now. Battles fought, friends lost, so many close-calls. An exhaled breath, she glances sidelong finally. "I didn't say anything because I was trying not to think about it."
Hanzhou "So it was you..." Hanzhou whispers and then glances towards you. "Thank you for helping me back then." He turns to face you, putting his hands by his sides and gives you a deep bow. Keeping his eyes downcast to the floor. "I am honored to meet you once again and glad to see you are well. I will forever be in your debt and should you ever need my help, my sword is your's." His voice is much louder when he speaks this oath to you and it is said very sincerely with much conviction.

He then straightens from his bow and regards you with a respectful expression. "No need to say anything or bring up bad memories." He then raises his nuke cola towards you in a toast, then takes another small sip.

"I have found a home in Acme, the citizens there were very grateful for my assistance and gave it to me. I did not expect such a gift and it used to be a restaurant. I am trying to decide whether I wish to run it...I'm not used to staying in one place for too long, but..." He is about to say more but stops himself.
Rose      Rose raises her own Nuka Cola, even if it was long empty, and clinks it with his own. "I'm glad you're still kicking too. Wasn't really much time to go meeting people at the horse thieves hideout after the robot went crazy." A shake of her head at -that- particular memory, she leans once more against the counter and listens to the Samurai's words.

     "But it's starting to feel right?" she finishes for him. "The prospect of taking a break for a while from the wandering starting to sound good?" There's a smile to the blonde's lips as she speaks. "It's not the strangest idea out there."
Hanzhou "I'm not sure...but this is the first time that I have met someone from my past. Well that didn't want to kill me." Hanzhou replies in that soft voice of his and a small smirk. "But yes, we didn't really have much of a chance to chat after that and I'm afraid, I do not talk that much. I've wandered the wastes alone for the most part." He says this matter of factly, not really ashamed of it or that it is a bad thing.

"I will see how things go. So how about you? How did you end up out here?" He seems a bit more comfortable now, the longer he speaks to you but he's still rather guarded. An old habit to break probably for someone who's survived in the wastes for so long.
Rose      "Got tired of burying friends after the second battle of Hoover Dam," Rose says quietly, nodding her head. "I went my own way, wandered out on my own and did what I could to try and make the wasteland a better place." The blonde gunslinger shrugs her shoulders lightly after a moment. She leans back now, crossing her arms over her chest. "I still have to report in here and there, but I stay out on the edge. I guess my path just brought me here."

     As far as people from her past went? Rose had met two now, but at least they'd been friendly enough. El Dorado had proven to be home to an unexpected and strange crowd.
Hanzhou Hanzhou listens to your story and glances towards you once more, meeting your eye's with his. "I'm sorry to hear that...about your friends, but I hope they died with honor." He says with a small sigh and shakes his head, looking up at the ceiling. "The waste is chaos and harsh, the wind blows yet the sands do not move as swiftly, a single flower grows and blooms in the darkest places." A haiku? Who knew that a Wasteland Samurai could even spout poetry, much less even know what the word meant.

Fate has certainly brought more than a few to this place and who knows how things will end up. Especially for a man as odd as himself.
Rose      Rose wasn't one for spouting a Haiku, but it was pleasent enough to listen to one none the less for a woman who was far better with her gun than she ever was with her words. She has no answers for the talk of her dead companions past. She'd often contemplated on how she'd managed to survive where others had fallen, not that she wasn't grateful to be breathing.

     "Philosophy is for better thinkers than me Hanzhou," she offers, seemingly recalling his name now "But I hope to keep doing a little good I can for as long as I can."
Hanzhou "Even though I'm trained as a warrior, a wise man once told me that any fool can kill and hurt others." Hanzhou replies after taking another sip for his nuke cola, closing his eyes to savour the taste and doesn't rush swallowing it. "The hard part is tempering one's soul and finding the balance in your heart to offset our violent nature. That is why I practice with my shamisen guitar almosst as much as I do with my blade." He then turns to meet your eye's once more if you let him, "Philosophy is for everyone. You do a lot of good and you are more than just a Ranger or a gunslinger. A rose by any other still beautiful." He smiles shyly and then turns away from you, staring down into the bottle of his nuke cola after he realizes what he just said.
Rose      A chuckle, the blonde smiles and looks away, placing her hands on the bar counter for a moment. "It's good you've found more than violence to live for and live with." Rose's hand sweeps her coat back now, revealing the gunbelt with its holsters resting on either hip carrying her revolvers. "I don't regret what I do Hanzhou. My parents were soldiers, I grew up in the NCR moving place to place. The 'road' is my home more than anywhere else I've ever been and tell me it didn't feel damn good to be thanked by the people of Acme for dealing with those bandits..."
Hanzhou "That is good and all one can ask for, to be at peace with who you are." Hanzhou replies in that soft voice of his once more, but continues to look into his nuke cola bottle, as if some secret prize will just pop out of it.

The Wasteland Samurai is having a conversation with Rose, the NCR Ranger gunslinger at the bar this late morning. The day after the liberation of Acme. It seems like the conversation is casual and this is probably the longest conversation, Hanzhou has had with anybody in a long time well at least in this town anyways.

He seems to be looking into his nuke cola bottle more than looking at her though, as if embarrassed or preoccupied with something. "Well, it is good to see you nonetheless and if you are ever in Acme, feel free to look me up at a place that used to be called Roy's diner. I'm staying there now."
Rose      Having spent all night and now early morning at the bar, conversations, trade and more now passed, Rose stands up from the bar and offers Hanzhou a lazy salute as she heads for the door. "I'll keep that in mind. For now? Time for me to get some shuteye."

     With that, she heads out into the street.
Hanzhou Hanzhou inclines his head politely towards Rose, as she leaves and finally looks towards her rather than at his nuke cola bottle. He tips his hat towards her in cowboy formality fashion, rather than a bow since he's already done that enough throughout this conversation. "Sleep well and take care." He says in that soft voice once more and then drains the last of his nuke cola, setting the empty down on the table. He puts a few caps on the bar, then spins around in the barstool, removing his shamisen guitar from around his shoulders and takes out the pick for it from his leather duster pocket.

He looks around the room, noting that there isn't that many people around yet and starts strumming away. It's a sad little melody, a soft one that he plays first and sounds very much like an old song, a song from before the bombs fell. A rendition of 'Hey Jude' and he plays it with a lot of emotion, as if he's been playing this song for a very long time.