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Iris Lark A lot went on last night, it was busy and the Healer is a bit exhausted. The sun is shining though, and Iris can't resist the call of sunshine, so she is out of bed and hard at work. Patients stream in, some with scrapes and bruises and others with deep cuts and laser wounds. To keep the peace, and blood off the floor, the slender woman has set up a triage according to the severity of the wound and this is why she's in a private exam room with Kaydin. His leg needed attention sooner rather than later. Once she is sure that the man is comfortable she offers him a smile. "Afternoon, so what happened here?" She asks, gesturing toward the wound on his leg.
Kaydin     "I was doing a patrol of the wastes when I encountered a few people eating something. As I approached I realized what they were eating was someone. They see me, decide my leg is next course in dinner and attacked. They didnt speak english so negotiating wasnt possible. On the plus side there are no more cannibalistic raiders near the town." Kaydin says with a wince when she touches his leg.
Iris Lark Iris nods at Kaydin, her eyes wide as she listens to his story. When he says he found people eating someone and that they went after him, she gasps and claps both hands over her mouth. "Well, I better hit you with a round of anti-biotics so that you don't come down with something gross." She says, moving to prod at the wound gently with her fingertips. Blood oozes out of the wound and she pulls out a needle to stitch up the wound. "This shouldn't be a huge problem though."
Kaydin     "Glad to hear that. I always had an ability to heal pretty fast but this wound is beyond my own normal healing ability." Kaydin says calmly as he watches her. "So you are the local healer...where did you learn your skills?" He asks curiously as he tries to keep himself distracted from her stitching his wound up.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Kaydin and she measures him for a moment with her green eyes, trying to decide if he's someone she can trust. "I was raised in a triage tent, and after a while the women took pity on me and taught me their skills." No need to menton that life expectancy in a Legion camp is pretty low. "I've been practicing and learning since I was old enough to fetch and carry."
Kaydin     "I grew up in the NCR. Mom and Dad were NCR military and they wanted to raise the perfect soldier. So naturally I joined the NCR at a young age, and made my parents proud when I became a ranger, youngest ranger in history of the corp." Kaydin explains "Wouldnt mind learning how to stitch people up incase I happen to be there."
Iris Lark "You're more than welcome to come and hang out here to watch me work occasionally." Iris invites, giving the man a gentle smile as she threads the curved needle with catgut. She puts down the needle, finds some numbing agent and gives Kaydin a few injections. "You still might feel this, but..not horribly or anything." She cleans the wound then, looking for teeth or anything else that shouldn't be in there. When she is satisfied she picks up the needle and leans in, closing the wound with small, neat stitches. "This is a lot like mending clothes. The tear is usually not neat, so you have to be careful and go slow."
Kaydin     "Thank ya." Kaydin says as he watches her. He nods when she speaks and pays attention to her as she works. "How did you come into El Dorado? I came out here because the town seemed like a friendly place, considering how popular an NCR ranger would be in legion territory."
Iris Lark "Well.." Iris says, her eyes narrowed slightly as she pauses in her stitching. "I was ...brought here after a bit of a fight. I had been knocked out and when I came to, I was in Shantytown, and there were some people watching over me." The wound is closed up, and the fifteen small stitches look neat and uniform. "I've been here ever since, working, helping when I can.."
Kaydin     "Well if you want to explore the area I wouldnt mind traveling with you. If you need combat training I can help you out also. I even have a good hand when it comes to cooking. Willing to swap skills if it means me learning how to patch people up." Kaydin says with a nod.
Iris Lark "Oh, I'm a fair hand with a laser weapon, you don't have to swap anything to keep an eye on me treating people." Iris says, cleaning the area around the stitches. She applies a poulticed bandage and steps back, gazing at her work with critical eyes. "That'll do for patching that up. That will be fifty caps." She says, nervous eyes gazing at Kaydin as she holds out her hand slightly.
Kaydin     Kaydin nods as he goes through his pockets and pulls out fifty caps and moves to give it to the woman. "Here you go. Thanks for seeing me." Kaydin says as he pays the woman. "IF there is anything I can do to help out, be sure to let me know." He says with a smile.
Iris Lark "I will keep in touch with you, thank you for stopping by and I hope that heals clean. If it doesn't, please come back so I can take another look at it." Iris murmurs, her hands behind her back as she gives the man a polite smile.