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Owner Pose
Alasa Alasa slips into the saloon, dusting herself off a bit as she does. "Such a day, such a day...." As she moves over to the bar a moment, before letting her gaze drift over to the casino.
Konno     Konno had been loitering around the bar himself. Standing, leaning back on the surface and flicking his eyes to those arriving. He's new so he can't tell who is new around either. However, something he doesn't see every day is someone coming in armed with a bow, causing his brow to raise and eyes to shift on Alasa while invariably one of the robot servers would eventually ask what she'd like.
Alasa Alasa hmms, as she is approache by the living metal.."Fire water..something, spicy if you don't mind." She stretches out her arms a moment, "Stupid rocks...still better then fall off a cliff...hopefully I'll find something better next time.."
Konno     Konno listens quietly to the newcomer. She sounds certainly not the average. He doesn't move in yet, keeping his attention on Alasa and observing. Not enough yet to approach her with.
Alasa Alasa waits till her drink arrives, and picks it it a little twirl, as she eyes the glass. Not clean, not dirty..just right. As she slams the drink back, drinking in all in one shot. "Dang thats good."
Konno     Konno shifts where he stands, then quietly walks his way over to Alasa with a pleasant smile and lively expression. "Welcome to the Gold Digger." he greets, standing politely before Alasa. "You seem new, is there anything I can help you with? Or get for you? The servers handle food and drink requests well enough, something aside from that would be where I can shine for you." he offers.
Alasa Alasa mms and eyes Konno as he approaches, "Well I guess thats all on what you do to shine?" She smiles and laughs, "Oh, nothing really...I thought I might stop in and try to break the bank in the casino tonight. You know, win a life of riches dreamed about...that sort of thing.."
Konno     Konno glances to the casino, then back to Alasa. "You can certainly try it out if you want, I won't stop you." he says brightly, "My specialty is keeping people company, making them feel better. Helping them unwind from a long day." a wink is afforded to that last bit, "I'm also experienced in healing people, if companionship isn't your preference. Only so much healing powder'll do for a sour mood though. Attitude is part of getting better."
Alasa Alasa laughs, " speciality is not dying in the wastelands. I think you might have the better specialty..or the safer one as the case may be." She nods her head, "Still, can't avoid all the mutants out there..lots of those lately.."
Konno     Konno smiles and nods, "Would you like to take a seat, I could look you over." he chimes, "And see what level of attention you'd need to get back in top shape."
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, why not my spirit guide told me today was going to be a good day. Nothing wrong, as long as you don't get too touchy feely.""
Konno     Konno smiles, "Tell me what happened recently and if you have any pain anywhere?" he offers, "If you'd rather go upstairs to show me in private rather than in the saloon, let me know."
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, I'm fine down real pain...a bunch of scrapes and cuts mostly. Ran into some bramble bushes while I was out in the land. If you don't pay close enough attention, they can be nasty...""
Konno     Konno nods and looks Alasa over for a moment. He tugs a small cloth pouch from beneath his pants out to the surface, "This might sting a little, numbs a bit when it touches." is his warning as he goes to dust his palms briskly and start applying the powder against the scrapes.
Alasa Alasa nods, "Oh, thats not that bad...I'm sure I've had a worse pain in the past. Heck I think I've had more pain after a long night of drinking..though life is full of pain." She says, "Well that and monsters...those you need to keep an eye on."
Konno     Konno smiles and nods, "Well, that should take care of a good deal. I don't have more powder on me, but feel free to find me later if you want some more attention." he chimes, "Stay safe." just as a mention.
Alasa Alasa says, "Well I have my ancestors to watch over me, so I try to stay as safe as possible...even in the wastelands." She nods, "Oh, I'm sure you'll see me around..when I'm in town, I tend to be here awhile.""
Konno     Konno maintains his smile and inclines his head, settling back. "My name's Konno, if you should need my assistance in the future." he chimes
Alasa Alasa laughs, "And I am Alasa, like the state but without the K, for obvious reasons...." As she stretches out her arms again, "So, do you get out much?"
Konno     Konno smiles. "I've been around many places, I'm resting for a while out here in El Dorado. I don't plan to leave soon unless I absolutely need to." he chimes warmly, "Why?"
Kaydin     Kaydin walks into the saloon, move a hand to pull off his helmet and hold it under his arms. "Boy is it hot out there." He says as he moves to sit by the people. For those with some awareness, the man dresses in NCR armor and helmet which he is holding. "How are ya folks doing?"
Alasa Alasa shrugs, "Well I didn't mean leave, I just meant..get know go for a walk in the wastelands, enjoy the sights..that sort of thing..or do you just stay in the city?" She eyes the new arrival, "Hello..not to bad, all things considered...and you? does the day find you well?"
Konno     Konno ohs, "Well yeah, I do walk around on occasion, see if there's anything interesting." he answers, and nods to mister ranger. "Doin' alright Ranger." he chimes.
Kaydin     "I am patched up from an axe injury from some cannibal raiders. Overall I am doing pretty good, just relaxing for now and seeing about to get some nuka cola." Kaydin says to the woman and looks to the man or the fella that he thinks is a man. "Doing pretty good as I said. How about you? You look like you are doing well."
Alasa Alasa nods, "Cannibals...interesting...still, not as scary as some of the things I've seen out in the wastelands lately. Well, not the refugees..lots of them, but the other you a shiver down your spine when you see them."
Konno     Konno's expression remains bright as he nods to Kaydin. "I'm doing fine, work here's been pleasant." he's moved to a spot near Alasa where he can sit down and listen. "Lots of terrible things out there."
Kaydin     "Should have went with me to Hope's Crossing. Its the settlement down the road a ways. Supermutants attacked the place. We fight off three waves of mutants and a wave of centaurs when what comes out nowhere, this giant blob thing made of people, meat and blood shows up. Woulda been eaten by it if we didnt get the hell out of dodge that quickly." Kaydin says as he uses hand gestures to explain the situation. "Thing was huge. Took a fusion overload from some guy's power suit to even stop it."
Kaydin     Kaydin goes to say something else as the radio within his helmet squaks and asks for help to come. Kaydin says as he puts his helmet back on. "Duty calls. When I get back how about I buy you both a drink." He says as he begins to head on out.
Konno     Konno oohs, shaking his head. "Terrible. Atleast the city has stalwart defenders." he chimes, and waves to Kaydin. "Sounds like a date~" Konno chimes