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Alice Acme at the Science Lab of Professor Einstein

You were having a really good day and then you heard a radio broadcast on Radio El Dorado or Radio Roswell that Alice was looking for some people to help Vault Team Six out with a REALLY big adventure and that there was payment in caps and cookies.

Some of you should have known better than to head to the meeting point up in Acme, which happened to be a Science Lab. Some of you really should have known better, others? You were too new to realize that you were in for some kind of absurd adventure.

When you got there, Alice was sitting at a table in the science lab cradling a Nuka Cola Quantum like a crack fiend and Professor Einstein was admonishing her, "Alice, vot hav I told you. You cannot drink this in my lab. It is not even yours until you have brought me my test subjects."

As the last one of you enters, Alice greets you all with a smile, "Hey everyone, so we're going to go on an adventure for Professor Einstein, but it's not the normal kind of adventure. It's a Science Adventure. So listen up, okay?" She went back to staring at the Quantum.

Professor Einstein looked each and every one of you over, the man looking just like Albert Einstein, "Ah, vot a group of scum you all are. Not a looker among you, this vill make part of my experiment very tricky."

Poking Abe with a ruler he said, "You! You look like you like to eat, good. Very good."

"Alright, ve vill begin the experiments shortly. As your friend said, consider this an adventure in science." Einstein began to walk towards the back of the lab, "If you vill follow me please."
Iris Lark Iris stands behind Alice, trying very hard not to gain the attention of Professor Einstein. When people start to show up she clears her throat quietly, leans in and asks Alice quietly. "Nobody is going to get hurt, are they? Well..beyond feelings, I guess?"
Stockton Stockton swallows a bit hard when the reach the part about science. That isn't usually the Sheriff's bag. Guns and ammo? Sure. Violence and mayhem? Absolutely. Wanna burn a barn down? Let's forget that came up. But seriously, the man is simplistic and he is just staring from the back with his arms folded over his chest. He'll go along for now.
Theodore     Einstein! Science! Theodore looks excited until the professor calls them all scum. At that point he looks over at Iris and lifts one eyebrow high in silent question. Looking back, he shrugs and follows. "Reminds me of a holo game I used to play..."
Kaydin     "People dont join the rangers for the cosmetic surgery." Kaydin says as he looks to stockton and then back to einstein. "I came for the cookies and caps. Where is it?"
Emily A hand reaches up to scritch at her hair just a little at the assertion of Einstein regarding the relative attractiveness of the odd group gathered here in the lab, head shaking just a little bit.

"I guess he has a particular taste." She mutters to herself. When the instruction is given for them to follow, she falls in, walking off towards the back of the lab after him.
Alice Alice shrugged at Iris, "I don't know, people always get hurt and that's why you're here I think."

"Alright, ve vill need each and every one of you to trust my instructions fully." Einstein told the group, "I assure you that none of you vill get hurt, I have the most advanced in forcefield technology, that vill prevent any serious harm from coming to anyone. Now I need vun volunteer who is villing to step back against ze wall and turn around. I will also need another volunteer vith a gun."
Harlan      Harlan grumbles and follows along still decked out in his typical gear of chain mail, heavy reinforced leather, and bandanna. "Someone want to explain to me what the hell I'm doing here instead of manning the shop." He harumphs and gives Einstein the eyeball. "Science, huh? You know what science got us.. It got us the freak'in F.E.V." He mumbles clearly in a grouchy mood.
Abe     Abe looked rough, not the Ruggedly Handsome rough. More like Post-Surgery rough. He had color to him but he seemed to be weighted in his movements.

He fixed the Doc' with a sour look when the man came for him, his belly yielded to the pokes and Abe smiled. It was not a good smile. "You keep that up, Buddy." he said through bared teeth as he followed after the man.
Iris Lark Iris glances between Alice and Einstein, her eyebrows raised and a slightly amused look on her face. "Oh my god.." She mutters, hands tugging at her sleeves as she gazes at the crowd that has fallen in to volunteer. "..someone is going to get shot at." It's at that point that she checks her stimpak to make sure there are charges in it.
Kaydin     "I have guns. Who do you want shot, Mr Einstein...That sounds supiciously like a made up name." Kaydin says as he pulls out his magnum and cocks it.
Stockton Stockton perks up at the mention of a volunteer with a gun. "You need a gun? Dat's my kinda science," he cheers up some and pushes his way to the front of the line. "You want heavy caliber or light caliber?" Both of them come from a Desert Eagle in his hands.
Theodore     "I'll go," Theodore says as he walks over towards the wall. Einstein says it is safe, so there is no arguing that. Turning around, he leans back against the wall and stops. "I do not see the merit in a live demonatration over a notional target, but I will play lab rat ij the name of progress."
Apostle     Much smaller than Abe, Apostle is moving at a languid pace at his side with a steely grip that resides pressed so far into his forearm that one questions whether her fingers are flesh at all, eyes narrowed severely, cowl drawn low in a way that casts nefarious shadows over her dark features. The fingers of her free hand prod and poke about the battered flesh that lay broken around the bullet holes that he had suffered not so long ago, the garbled crackle of her vocalizer sparking into life as she continues to assail him with words, even as they're making their way into the science lab.
    "The law is simple." Sober. Clean. "Every experience is repeated or suffered till you experience it properly and fully the first time." She explains something she was likely regaling him with in the moments before they arrive, one of her fingers capped by a less-than-sterile needle that's been spot-welded onto a glove not unlike that of Freddy Kreuger, but without being as clean. "It takes broken soil to produce a crop, broken clouds to give rain, broken grain to give bread, broken bread to give strength..." She continues, before jagging that semi-blunted needle through the deadened skin torn by hot-flung ammunition.
    "You must allow me to break you."
    What... the... fuck?
    Her attentions then turn to Einstein, the mention of attractiveness, of being scum, and not even an inkling of offense comes onto her features. One blink, two. Hssk. A brow lifts, her head tilting by the fraction to one side as though with the gentle ticking time kept by a clock. "There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be." Tick. Hssk. Tick. Hssk. ... hssk. HSSK. "And then you accept it." Tick. "Or you kill yourself." Blink.
    ... hssssssk. Hssk. A squint.
    "Or you stop looking into mirrors."
    She then returns her attentions to Abe, with a quick glance back and forth between Vector and he, that needle still stuck between layers of flesh before she idly forces it through with a sinewy thread attatched, still glittering with the saliva she left behind when she chewed it tender.
    She's following. Sort of. Half-dragging the big man with her, but focused on her work.
    When Abe speaks, the hand gripping his arm snaps up to press a grimy finger against his lips, pushing the upper one further into a sneer as she does so in aggrivated hushing. "No." Her fingertip is fair pressed against his teeth as she glares up at him expectantly, before her eyes flick a touch downward to regard his teeth, giving one an experimental scratch and pulling away the grime that's likely to exist in anyone's mouth here, rolling it between finger and thumb.
    "... let us be more simple and less vain."
Alice "Hmmm." Einstein says with a big smile, "Good. Very Good." He just without a word swipes the guns from both men and says, "Stay put, this vill only take a moment." He seems to be loading some ammunition into the guns before handing them back to Kaydin and Stockton, "Good, now I vill need ze both of you to take 5 pace backward and turn and shoot each other."

He left Theodore turned staring at the wall, while he waited for Kaydin and Stockton.
Vector     Pretty. Ugly. Good. Bad. Vector raises an eyebrow, and then as unsubtle as one can be for one's ego, he raises his arm and slowly rubs his sleeve over his face - removing a carefully cultivated patina of dirt and grime from his features, and he then sweeps it across again, just for.. You know, good measure. he then inspects his sleeve, before giving a small frown at the current state of it.
    He really should probably bathe more often, but that's difficult when you're out and about in the wasteland far too often. I mean. You know how it is. Apostle's lengthy statement on how things must be broken is given a small nod from the man, as if this all made sense. "She's right, you know." He offers towards Abe - although that's not helpful in the slightest. He instead just stares at the two who have offered to be taking part in Ye Olde Duelle Of Ye Past.
    He raises his left hand, points his fingers towards his eyes, and then points individually at each man with said fingers.
Emily "Everyone's eager to do the shooting, I see." Emily comments mostly to herself as the volunteers are picked, attention shifting to Theodore as he actually offers to get shot at. She settles in nearby to watch the demonstraton, or experiment that is about to be performed.
Kaydin     "Should I shoot you sheriff?" Kaydin asks as he keeps a grip on his gun and watches the man before looking to einstein. "How is this science if we both shoot each other?" He asks with a curious question before raising his pistol towards stockton.
Stockton Stockton eyes Kaydin, "I gotta take five paces and then shoot 'im..." the man chews on the burnt out butt of a cigar into one corner of his mouth and shrugs. Flashing a look at Iris he chins towards her, "You keep the medkit handy, yeah, darlin?" he stalks over to Kaydin and just punches him in the shoulder. It's an apology and a 'good on ya' at the same time before he presses his back to Kaydin's, "Yer still thinkin yer gonna git yer shot off first," he chuckles.
Harlan      Harlan stops in his tracks and pauses for a long moment. He squints hard, the deep etchings of crow's feet framing his green eyes. His head slowly tilts to the side, his beard crinkling against his collar, his chain-mail rattling, the leathers of his armor creaking. He folds his large biceps over his chest, scarred flesh peeking out beyond his under-shirt sleeves. A man who's lived a hard life. A man who has been shot multiple times, burned, stabbed, smashed, and crushed. His forehead knits deep furrows against his sun-damaged skin. He glances between the two.. looks toward Alice.. then Iris.. then back to the gunmen. "You really are... just going to walk a few paces and shoot each other.. No fucking questions asked. WHAT... THE.... FUUUCCKKK." The word 'fuck' draws out of his mouth as if he's being deflated. He then catches his breath and ushers a simple, 'NOPE' before he turns around and starts walking away.
Alice Einstein holds a pip-boy in his hands now, dictating into it, "Subjects are villing to follow instructions. Hypothesis suggests that they vill prove to be the perfect lab rats." Einstein continued to talk about everyone as if they did not matter, "Subject Number Vun is presently standing against ze vall. Subject Number Vun, how are you doing?" Einstein asked of Theodore before directing Stockton and Kaydin to begin, "Subject Number Two and Three, you may now commence."

He also pulled a revolver from a table and held it loosely in his hand...
Stockton Stockton is a bit touched in the head, and frankly a duel like this is fun and sport for him. So he presses his back to Kaydin's, takes five lumbering steps and then quickdraw spins around and fires off that Desert Eagle with a loud bang, the bullet whirring straight for the would-be deputy's leg.
Abe     Scribe Errant Abreham McDonald is not a hard man. Physically, he is not a hard man. Those fingers find ample purchase in arm, sinking until they find a firmness that is what muscle he possesses. It hurts, but she's done him a good turn, she's doing him a good turn. It accounts for the stiffness in his jaw, the edge in his words.

She speaks, it's not the easiest to keep up with, he needs long strides to get from one statement to the other. He gets there however... and he's got enough of his wits less to understand where it's all going. This will hurt, she is telling him. This will Hurt.

She wasn't wrong, his body stiffens, his eyes go wide. In the back of his throat there is a strained sound. He does not look down to see the needle, to see it's tainted surface. He doesn't like needles as a rule. The blunter the less!

He has a reprieve, her attention turned elsewhere. He writhes, not a lot but a little, his neck creaking as it cranes backwards, turned to the roof.

Her finger tip was at his mouth, his teeth, that unsettling feeling of... she was almost a intimate stranger now of pain could be considered familiarity. The feeling of a stranger touching what was essentially your bones.

Vector, her partner speaks up, wide, brown eyes regard the man. Should he feel pity for this man if he were her companion, does he get a pass from all of this or has he become callused to it? Thick skin against agony. He makes a sound, gruff and grunting... He was worried to actually speak might have her crawling down his throat to arrest his vocal chords.
Kaydin     Kaydin sticks his back to the man, takes five steps and turns in time to be shot in the leg that was recently patched up which causes his own shot to go wild and miss. "Okay was expecting sciency stuff to stop the bullets." He says with a groan.
Iris Lark Iris glances at Harlan and then back to the two combatants, her eyes still slightly wide. When the first shot is fired she ducks behind Alice and lets out a yelp her arms coming up to cover her head. "They're actually shooting each other." She whimpers, a startled laugh escaping her lips.
Harlan      Harlan stops when he hears the nervous laugh from Iris and the rapport of the firearms. He curses under his breath and turns around walking to the doctor. He stands beside her and crosses his forearms. "I'm just saying... to make sure some idiot doesn't shoot you in the process of all this insanity, Doc." He raises a finger. "That's the ONLY reason." He glances at the crazy scientist, slowly unsheathes his sword, tapping the side of his calf with it.. waiting and watching.
Alice As Stockton and Kaydin fire Einstein also shoots off a bullet near Theodore which misses him by what appears to be only a few inches, leaving a hole in the wall.

Kaydins leg is encased in a rapidly hardening foam that spread to his other leg and encases his whole lower torso! The foam also begins to harden almost immediately like concrete!


Einstein set the revolver down, "Subject Number Vun is almost fearless. Did not flinch. Lucky for him, Forcevield Technology was vorking as intended." There was NO SIGN OF A FORCEFIELD lol!

"Subject Number Three is encased in Ze Voam." Einstein walked over and kicked the foam which was now concrete, "He appears to be trapped. Vormula vill need to be perfected. Very Good. Now I need two new test subjects to eat some very delicious food."

He didn't seem to care Kaydin was trapped...
Stockton Stockton stalks up to Kaydin and knocks on the hardened foam with his still smoking gun barrel. There's a bit of a chuckle and he shakes his head, "At least yah pointed it the right way, maybe work on yer marksmanship afore we deputize yah huh?" He's still bemused as he reloads his gun and steps back into the line. Is he helping the man? Hell no, it's more amusing to watch him struggle.
Theodore     Theodore, indeed, did not flinch. He did not because he saw the trajectory of the round and decided not to move. He does however seem much more skeptical than when he walked over. "Professor, I believe your miss was due to poor accuracy rather than a forcefield. Are you certain the field is activated?" He looks around a little more and adds lowly, "Or that it even exists?"
Emily Emily watches this whole charade unfold before her, and the rest of the audience, shaking her head just a little bit, "Wow, what did we just watch? Did his forcefield actually work?" she asks, glancing from person to person.

"I uh... guess I'll volunteer?" she says, stepping forward a little, "I mean how bad can it actually be.." She says, a glance cast towards the entrapped Kaydin.
Iris Lark Iris peeks out from behind Harlan her eyes observing Kaydin and his new foam ..armor? She doesn't object to Harlan making himself a makeshift wall in front of her, the less attention she draws from Einstein, the better. "Thank you Harlan." She stage-whispers to the large man. "I owe you one."
Apostle     There is an intensity to those churning golden eyes of hers as Apostle fixes Abe with a piercing look, chin jutted forward and head back to look up at him as she does. What she's saying makes perfect sense to her, and the fact that his expression is telling him he needs a moment is baffling to a mind that makes sense of the complicated pathways every meandering, maurauding thought takes to get to the destination of her lips for speech. Her brows slowly crease the longer she waits for some sort of response, but when his muscles stiffen and his body writhes, she finds an answer he needn't say.
    She begins to return to her business, idly stitching his wound with the most rudementary, but strangely effective tools. For all her lack of formal education, for all the slapdash, patchworld soldered tools that seem like they should, indeed, do nothing but harm, she is some sort of healer.
    Even black fingers can offer life when what needs understanding is flesh already dead.
    The sudden bang of the guns behind her should have made her jerk, it should have made that blunted instrument tear through the delicate skin of Abe's tender self. But, it doesn't. Her shoulders slowly raise in apprehension, of course, and her head turns to a degree that looks painful in its owlish torque. ... Hssk.
    Eyes slowly narrow, barely slits, just about invisible by the end of her seething. Hsssk. Spiced breath billows in visible steam from her mask, before her head casually turns back to her task, weaving that sinew in neat stitches, tugging together the ragged edges of his wound into some shockingly perfect line. Hssk. The smell is actually quite pleasant, and the 'breath' is like a hairdryer on a cold, damp day. Almost comforting. Hsssk.
    "...By four o'clock..." She murmurs, "I've discounted suicide in favor of killing everyone else in the entire world instead..." Her inner monologue spills outer, as it is wont to do.
    Her eyes lift, glancing around the much larger man to find Vector. "Eat."
Harlan      Harlan whispers over his shoulder. "We should do trials for Vault Team Six like this.. only if you volunteer.. -You- -Don't- -Get- -In-." He blinks at Emily and furrows his brow. "Now wait a second missy! You just took out store credit with me! Don't go getting yourself poisoned or worse.. I'm expecting you to pay me back! You hear me! Don't do anything stupid!"
Alice "Yes. Yes. I am quite certain. This is very very advanced technology, it is quite indistinguishable to the untrained eye from air. If El Dorado's Militia is armed vith my technology, they vill be unstoppable."

Professor Einstein reveals two lovely looking pies that may have been right out of a pre-war advertisement. They smelled delicious!

"Excellent. Subject Number Vour, come here." He was speaking to Emily who he directed to the first Pie which appeared to be strawberry. He motioned to Vector and the blueberry pie, "And you. You heard ze lady, sit and eat Subject Number Vive."
Kaydin     "I am not going to catch any kind of disease of poison from this foam am I?" Kaydin asks as he taps the foam with his gun as if to see how hard it was. He then looks Stockton= "I took an axe to that leg earlier....think you could shot my other leg instead?" He asks curiously.
Iris Lark Iris gazes up at Harlan and lets out a heavy sigh. She is fairly certain that at least half off the current Vault Team Roster would have volunteered by now had they been here. She doesn't say that to Harlan though, instead she just nods slowly to the large man, giving him a reassuring smile and two thumbs up.
Vector     An arched eyebrow as he looks over towards Apostle, before a small shrug and nodded gesture is given back to the woman. His nostrils flare for a second at the scent of food, in this particular case - a pie - and then he's pacing towards the chair that's been set out for him - or Subject Number Five - as he is now called. "Sure." He states, passing by Kaydin and his foam leg.
    He ducks down a bit to peer at it, giving it a rap with his knuckles on his way by, a small grunt of being impressed at it, the marvels of glorious technology that it is, until he slumps down into the seat. He looks around for a moment, then promptly digs his fingers into the pie, scooping up a handful before he promptly rams it down his pie-hole.
Alice Alice holds up the glowing Nuka Cola Quantum to Iris and says, "Pretty, right? This is my favorite flavor, even if stupid Gale says it isn't a flavor. What does she know right?"
Emily "Wow! This smells great!" Emily exclaims as the pies are revealed, "And it'll be fine, it smells great!" She says to Harlan as she moves over towards the strawberry one and works to extract some of the delicious smelling pie to feed into her own mouthhole as well.
Stockton Stockton snickers a little bit and watches as the food relay comes up. At Kaydin's question he shrugs, "You rather I aimed fer yer twig'n'berries?" He asks pointedly before looking at Iris and chuffing, "Drink. Tonight. It's happening. I've decided," he tells her.
Harlan      Harlan is a perceptive individual. His brow knits at Iris, head tilting at the thumbs up. He then face-palms and suddenly gets it. He lowers his hand and resumes playing meat-shield for Iris while watching Emily eat pie.
Emily "Oh. My. God." Emily exclaims as the red strawberry goodness is devoured, she reaches in for another chunk of pie as she starts to guide that up to her precious little mouthhole, red berry making a mess on her face as she noms down on the most delicious pie she has ever eaten. And possibly the first one made out of strawberries! "What is this??"
Iris Lark Iris tries hard to not start laughing when Harlan facepalms, instead she focuses on Alice and murmurs. "Well if you get a tummyache later, I'll be .." Then Stockton speaks up and she takes a breath. "I'll be drunk, but there will be antacids in my office."
Vector     Grom nom nom..
    ... om... nom...
            ... nom.. Hrk. Hrrrk. Hurgh. Hrugh. Hrk.
    Vector, beneath the dirt and the grime, somehow manages to actually look pale. His hands come to clasp over his mouth, and then he's raking his fingers in his mouth and tossing it back onto the pie. He fumbles for his canteen, but it comes too late - the time has come. Vomit comes pouring out of the man's mouth and nostrils, and he eventually just gives up and slaps his hands onto his knees, heaving up the contents of his stomach - perhaps mercifully onto the pie itself.
Theodore     With the spotlight on others, Theodore steps to the side and tries to find a position where he can see all the shenanigans at the same time. Half of this is out of curiosity, half of it out if readiness for if (when) things go wrong. "...This all sounds like one of those Mentats-induced ideas I read about..."
Harlan      "That could have been you, Emily! That could have been you!" He calls out with his free-hand cupped against the side of his mouth. He shakes his head again and taps the flat of his blade against the hard leather encasing his shin. His side-glances toward Einstein. "Why is this happening, Alice? This is.. a little crazy. Don't you think?"
Kaydin     "Um Good point." Kaydin says as he tries to get free from the goop which is incasing his leg. "So what in the name of god, is this stuff?" He says as he tries to move his legs free.
Abe     He expected so much worse from the thunderclap of gunfire. But she didn't start, she didn't jump. She was a deft shot, knew how to use a laser pistol, and despite the crudeness of her tools, was seemingly skilled enough that she could have been doing this with rocks and sticks.

A gross, over generalization but the hyperbole serves! He was impressed, he was suspicious. You don't just find laser weapons and when you do, they are rarely paired with owners manuels. He was about to grow curious when she began her needle work. He did not like needles. Silly, yes, needles could put right what bullets put wrong. He averted his gaze, watching Vector as he dug in, literally digging into the pie.

Her breathing kept time, unconciously, he found himself matching it, drawing in through his broad nose and loosing it in much the same way. His mind going as far away from the pinch and the pull of the needle as it laced through his flesh and drew it closed where he was wronged by his own idiocy and the malice of another.

Something about suicide? He had decided that he couldn't always tell when she was talking to him, herself, or anyone at all. But he could scarcely not say anything! "Good... to have goals." he answered.

Maybe there was something else he could have said, a heart-felt bit of gratitude that she could have scuffed under her shoes as she tread across it...

Instead, Vector just got sick.

Sympathetic nausea rolled in his stomache. He felt a lurch and looked away with KEEN INTEREST, a hand clamped shut over his mouth!

He was running out of places to look that were not Apostle's work.
Emily Emily's eating of the pie hesitates when the 'Subject Vive' has his reaction to the pie, her hand slowly starts to put her piece of pie down.. then slowly brings it back up to her mouth, takes a defiant bite from it before replacing it and slowly, slowly, stepping back, coming to stop nearby Harlan, "No.. it's fine.. It's like never me, when bad stuff like this happens. Almost never, anyway." She says. She licks one finger clean of strawberry mess.. then another, glancing up at Harlan a little and gives a shrug of her shoulders.
Apostle     It's when Vector begins to hurl that Apostle pauses, her fingertips with a contradictory gentility in their resting at Abe's chest with the distraction that's been offered; for a few brief, blissful moments, the agony she represents will subside.
    ... Hssk.
    "All art is a kind of confession, more or less oblique. All artists, if they are to survive, are forced, at last, to tell the whole story; to vomit the anguish up." She has something to say even about this, and as ever, it's very likely it's nothing the person it's directed at wishes to hear. The hand that was not attached to the large man by way of the sinew stitching and crude needle waves about dismissively even as the sympathetic nausea washes over Abe. In fact, she barely notices anything is amiss at all. Hssk, "I see it all perfectly; there are two possible situations -- one can either do this or that. My honest opinion and my friendly advice is this: do it or do not do it -- you will regret both, yes?" Hssk. A moment of quiet contemplation follows, with her hand that IS attached to Abe being pulled to one side as he turns away and clamps down on his mouth.
    "... Clearly, he repents," She offers, voice devoid of humanity, hissing with quiet static in perpetuity, her head turning to regard the now-mended hole, one of her brows high as she looks to Abe's face, the steady roll of hot, fragrant air at least rescuing him from what is likely a smell that could turn a buzzard from a gutwagon.
    "The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, oves on: nor all thy piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it." She finally ties off the stitching, giving it a final tug before flicking out a savage knife to effortlessly saw off the natural twine that so binds him now.
    Her attentions then turn to Vector, a deep breath, a heavy sigh. "Science operates at the height of functionality when the subjects know not what to expect. A monitor of heartrate, the fear response, the flight of excited heart thrumming like the piston of mighty machines of war. If you wonder why he does this without explanation, you do not deserve to know the answers."
Harlan      Harlan rolls his eyes and then chuffs a laugh. "Well fine, Emily. If that's how you live your life, far from me to tell you stop." Feeling a little more comfortable with the situation, he slowly glides his sword back into it's sheath with a brief rasp.

"If I'm around when your luck runs out though, you are getting a huge 'I told you so'." He crosses his arms over his chest and makes a few idle picks at the leather of his forearm guards. He looks over his shoulder to Iris.

"Guess the only thing getting hurt here is people's pride.. and appetites." He thumbs toward the pie disaster.
Iris Lark Iris stands on something and peeks over Harlan's shoulder, nodding slowly. "I wouldn't worry so much Harlan, this is probably one of the ..oddest, but less dangerous thing I've done with VT6."
Vector     Vomiting over, Vector spits, not once, not twice, but thrice. Three spits. Just to make sure. Then the man has his canteen hauled up, the cap taken off as he tilts his head back, pouring the liquid down into his mouth. He swirls it once, then rather promptly spits that onto the pie and vomit monstrosity that has came into life before the man. He shakes his head at the remnants of the taste, raising his sleeve up to his mouth to slowly and firmly wipe his mouth and nose clean of any vomit that remains on his features.
    "I did not care for that." He utters, in a voice that's obviously been ravaged somewhat by the bile that's burnt its way over his throat. He takes another swig from his canteen in a vain attempt to soothe himself, but alas - that is not to be. "No more of that." He states, taking a step to distance himself from said pie and the aftermath of attempting to eat said pie.
Stockton Stockton is trying not to snicker in the back while the experiment goes horribly awry. The former Merc isn't fazed by puking, he just lurks in the back ground, polishing the slide of one ofhis guns.
Alice "Excellent." Einstein said as he walked away from the test subject and began to appraise the rest of the group, "Subject Number Vour has enjoyed the synthetic pie made from supplement V. Subjective Number Vive has had a very alarming reaction to supplement V2. Will add less real veces to supplement V2 and send to Noodle Shop with next shipment of pies and see reactions."

Walking over and kicking Kaydin's massive cast he replied, "The chemical composition of ze vormula has become concrete. I think ve are almost done here. Let us zee. You!"

"Yes You!" He was looking at Abe, "If you had to save only three people in this entire room because ze rest were going to become mutants who would you save?"
Harlan      Harlan deadpans at the mad scientist's question to Abe.

"Ladies..." He murmurs to both Iris and Emily. "Maybe.. that's our queue to leave? I mean.. if he's going to do something stupid and start exposing people to F.E.V. or radiation.. or something else I wouldn't fucking understand.. Should we really be here for it?" He gives a concerned glance toward Einstein then Abe.. then Einstein again. His sword is once more pulled from it's sheath. "Swear if I start seeing people turning into mutants.. I'm gutting him." He whispers lowly.
Stockton Stockton chuckles at Harlan, "You worry too much. Or you've got something firmly wedged somewhere uncomfortable, friend," he shakes his head and swaps the corner of his mouth that cigarillo is in, he's fiddling with a match but not lighting up in here. Who knows what kind of gases and such are about. He's still vaguely amused by Kaydin just struggling away.
Iris Lark Iris tries to peek around Harlan to see what he's talking about, but he's being a very stubborn meat shield. "I'm missing something, clearly." The Healer mutters quietly to herself. She sneaks a drink of Alice's cola and sighs. "I don't think Alice would have brought us here to get hurt." She finally says, her lips pursed. "Would you?" She turns and asks Alice herself, a slight grin on her lips.
Abe     Abreham made a sound, a sound of discomfort. It resonated in the back of his throat but breathed out through his nose. Grnf. He felt his stomache settle, felt his mouth cease to water in expectation of that that goes out rather than in. His jaw no longer feeling as slack, but somewhat sore from the grinding of his teeth. Blessings on blessings, he will no longer have to to that either. She was done, one last pinch, one last pull and all he was left with was the after-glow of agony. Nerves that just couldn't let a grudge go and reminded him of the affront against him with every chance they got. Rightly, it could have been the end of him. Should have been the end of him. But Abreham was deceptively hardy for his soft, pliant exterior. He breathed, cycling air in and out of him as he steadied. Shallow, slow breaths, warding against the ache of a stitch when his chest expanfded too much. What even was it she had closed him up with? Certainly not silk... he lifted a hand, brushing his fingertips across her work, gingerly, curiously.

Now was the time for gratitude, his attention turning to the masked woman, his lips parting-

'Yes You!'

Abe turned his attention to the elder man with the german accent. His features asked the question he did not have time to voice. They asked that same question in a much greater, expressive volume once the question was put to him. His lips formed the word, What?

He considered it, and then he really considered it. What if the Doc' really could... Surruptitiously, his left hand lingered near the holster on the same side.

His eyes wandered, familier faces...

"Doctor Lark, Miss Alice, and..." he didn't know her name. Brown eyes turned and leveled on the woman that had just made him less holely, Apostle "I'm sorry, I never got your name, Miss." Misses? Who knew?
Emily Emily reaches to lay a hand on Harlan's arm lightly, giving the man's forearm a light squeeze, "I'm sure it's all fine." she says, "Just some game or test or something." There's probably little red smudges on Harlan's arm from the pie she just munched down. "And he hasn't done anything like actually harmful yet, has he?" she asks, glancing a little warily towards Vector, however.
Harlan      Harlan pulls a cloth which just a few oil stains on it from underneath a leather bracer and extends it to Emily. He then glances between Iris, Emily, and Stockton.

"Well, if you folks are so sure." He eyes Stockton.

"And maybe I do have a stick up my ass. I find that sorta thing keeps you alive.. or at least not bleeding caps to the auto-doc for no reason."
Iris Lark "You go to an auto-doc?" Iris says, her voice slightly irritated as she squints up at Harlan. "You know, I do treat memebers of the squad for free, largely because if I didn't, Vuk would be bankrupt." She aims a slap at the back wall of muscle in front of her, but it probably didn't hurt.
Vector     Vector is somewhat dubiously silent now. He doesn't look miffed that he's been skipped for survival and instead is now going to be turned into a hypothetical mutant - but it's more the fact that he probably doesn't want to vomit anymore.
    So instead, he keeps to just gently sipping from his canteen, giving Einstein a sidewards glance as he carefully dabs at his face with his sleeve, trying to get rid of any remaining sweat from that previous... strain.
Alice "Good choices. Alright, now if everyone not zelected will just come take an injection from me.." Einstein said with an evil scientist grin before bursting out into laughter, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding buddies. It is all ze joke, I have ze humor sense as well."

Einstein said, "Subject Zex showz ze great willingness to kill all other alpha males and keep prime breeders for himself. Possible reason why so many unsuitable people haz survived zis apocalypse."

Alice "Woooo!" Alice declared with a cheerful cheer before grabbing Iris and Harlan by the hands and rushing over to the table and throwing a labcoat over each of their heads and grabbing one for herself, "Cmon! Let's go before Einstein turns off the lights! It gets spooky in here when he does that." Double-checking to make sure her quantum was in her vaultsuit she looked ready to get the hell out of here for some reason.
Stockton Stockton blinks slowly and just snickers a little bit at the callout of the alpha and the breeders. Usually this is where he expects someone to get shot in the dick. At least he didn't say it! There's a whistle that comes from him when there's caps left on the table. "Well shoot, that was some easy caps," he says while touching them, pondering then scooping up his share and getting a lap coat thrown at him. "Yeah I'm with you, Alice," he looks over his shoulder at Iris and headbobs, "Let's go, drinks're callin'," he'll haul her out fast as he can. Like Wil E. Coyote, just a smoke outline of where he was.
Iris Lark Iris finds herself being dragged along and she grins wryly. "Alice..Alice, slow down. I'm coming!" She says, nearly stumbling at least once. "Can we stop by the store to see what it looks like now that we've opened it?" She gestures for Stockton to follow her and Alice as she is in the process of being dragged off. "We have to make a quick stop first!"
Apostle     Golden eyes meet the browns that look down at her.
    It's just a name, what harm could it do?
    Hssk. Hssk.
    It's like she believes that they're in some sort of staring contest, debating the willingness with which he responded to that question. Apostle might have known her own retort would have come at very little sacrifice in way of time, but this clearly confuses her -- or, at the very least, gives her a moment of pause to calculate what, precisely, may make him so sure. Her eyes ever so slightly move, tick-tock-tick-tock, side to side as though she could literally see the possibilities as they scrawled their way across Abe's fae in her mind, an unsettlingly inhuman twitch that have them flick over the unseen.
    Just a name.
    Just her name.
    Three names...
    "The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: 'If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?'" Her voice comes, a stirring note of humanity lost, awash in the mechanical sea that tries to no avail to silence the barest sliver of emotive truth. "But...the good Samaritan reversed the question: 'If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?"
    Is she incapable of giving a straight answer?
    "It is the truly wretched among us that offer their own name when faced with the dilema of saviour. My name is not yours for the giving," Her gaze turns away from him then with a sharp exhale, something so sudden and forceful that it tears a whistling howl from the gear-bound machination, haunting and mournful. She turns away from him to gesture toward Vector, "He is Vector. He tasted of poison when I asked of him trust."
    She glances to Einstein, "Doctor Lark, Miss Alice, and Vector."
    And then he makes mention that it was all a joke, and her pupils shrink to those enraged pinpricks of ink tainting the sun's surface of her iris. There's a motion to move after him as he scurries off, wordless and absolute, her hand immediately jerking to her hip to unholster her pistol to draw the energy weapon up to persue him.
    "Your name was not spoken." Hssk.
    But, he is gone. There is a tremor, visible and harsh, that works itself over her body with the absolute resolution it takes for her to not continue after him once Alice has spoken, a plaintiff whine once more wheezed out of the mask that keeps her face hidden. Her head jerks to one side to glare toward Abe, as though this were somehow his fault, and then to Vector. Her gun lowers, before she turns to stride by with such rapacity that her scarf and sashes billow out behind her.
    Her reward is snatched up, but within moments, she is gone.
    This is, however, not the end.
Emily Emily accepts the rag from Harlan and uses it to wipe her hands, and at her face before handing it back over to Harlan and flashing a quick smile, "Thanks" She says, glancing ever so slightly towards the professor, then back at the Smith, "Time to go I guess... let's get out of here."
Harlan      "You are the only doc, I goto, Iris. Just a figure of speech." He chuckles lightly at the slap on his back, the chain mail rattling a bit from the half-hearted blow.

"I take care of my own scrapes and bruises beyond the nasty stuff." He's then tugged along by Alice, blinking as a labcoat is tossed over his head.

"I actually spent some time in there today.. Spoke with two customers and setup a forge in the back." He steps back over to Emily to accept his rag and pockets it.

"Okay.. Let's leave this soon to be spooky people shooting each other while eating shit pie laboratory.. You don't have to ask me twice."
Alice "Hey Vector and Vector's Owner, if you guys wanna come check out our store you can! It has lots of cool things. Everyone can come! We'll have nuka colas and stuff!" Alice was out the door at this point. (Open invitation to come RP at the general store though)
Apostle Apostle doesn't even vaguely trust Alice enough to go with her now. Wah wah. Enemies for life.
Alice The lights turn off. No doubt in time Kaydin will manage to get out of his concrete prison. In time....