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Konno     Early morning, dawn's not yet there. Before the summer heat decides to heat up, Konno's half-skipping down the stairs and humming to himself an upbeat tune. Getting to the Saloon floor his eyes glance upwards and he makes comparatively quiet stride to find a spot to lean against the bar and survey.
Willow Caine Being up before dawn is about as fun as wrestling rattlesnakes. Business doesn't sleep though, especially in the Saloon, so Willow makes her way down the stairs, coiffed and dressed with a fake, but bright smile on her face.

"How is everyone doing?" She drawls, moving behind the bar with a slight yawn. "What can I get for ya'll?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya comes down from her room early looking for breakfast. She takes a seat at the bar and sighs. "No one knocked on my door last night," she tells Willow. She manages to put on a smile. "I could use some breakfast before I head back out to Roswell." She seems a bit more tense than usual.
Stockton Stockton stomps in, his spurs jingling some, shadowed by a much smaller creature. He takes his hat off once inside and moves to find a table so that he can rest his big frame on something other than his poor horse. Looking back over his shoulder he chuckles, "I promise, yah get too drunk, I'll deliver yah to the Clinic personally," he swears to the healer behind him. Settling in, he flashes Willow a brigh toothy smile, "Two beers, two shots, we're gonna get Iris liquored up fer the first time," he beams.
Iris Lark Iris takes a slow seat at the bar, glancing between Stockton and the others in the room. She squints at Stockton and leans in briefly. "You better." She mutters before she glances around the Saloon. "Are you sure I should do this for the first time in *pubilc*?" She whispers to the Sheriff, a slightly mortified look on her face.
Konno     Konno offers a polite wave to Willow coming down behind him from the bar, a brief and warm look given to Shreya, then the Sheriff, and the medic behind him. "Wow, lots of important people this shift." Konno chimes, mostly to himself. He's appraising everyone, however, those eyes doing their best not to miss a single face.
Willow Caine Willow winks at Shreya, gives a little headtilt and drawls. "I was out like a light last night, early, darlin'" She reaches out and pats the Zealot's hand and turns to grab her a plate of breakfast which she slides in front of her.

The other barmaids aren't up and the robots are being slow, so she makes her way down the barr to Stockton, leaning forward to gaze at him and Iris. "This is gonna be fun." She says, sticking her tongue out a bit as she pours the beers and the shots. "Enjoy, and let me know when you need more."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods but there is little conviction in it. Nevertheless she doesn't inquire further, having made her own conclusion on the matter. She turns toward Iris and Stockton. "A bit early for drink is it not?"
Stockton Stockton chuckles a little bit and shrugs, "At least here no one's gonna tell your alpha males I done ya wrong or dirty," he intones before glancing over at Shreya, "We ain't slept yet, it's the perfect time fer a drink," he decides and gives Willow a sly wink, fun indeed! The first round appears and he takes the shots out to hand one off to Iris first, "Down the hatch," he announces and promptly shoots his.
Iris Lark Iris groans softly and reaches out for the shot, bringing it up to her nose for a sniff. She recoils and grimaces but she drinks it all down. As soon as she swallows it she starts to cough and gasp. "People do this for fun?" She manages to say, her mouth opening and closing as she shudders slightly.
Konno     Konno observes the action and bubbles free a lighthearted giggle as Stockton gives mention to the non-telling. "Always better to drink with the sun down, sun up and you get a plethora of not-fun issues." he comments to Shreya with further amusement to Iris' response.
Willow Caine "What a lamb." Willow comments, a wicked grin on her lips. She pours another shot for Stockton and Iris before she moves away to wait on someone else at the shadowy end of the bar.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya chuckles. "Well who better or worse to get drunk with than the sheriff of a town?" There is some suspicion behind her bulging eyes. She makes herself busy fidgeting with a napkin waiting for Willow to return with her breakfast.
Stockton Stockton reaches out and steadies Iris with a big mitt on her shoulder, keeping the healer from going down for the count just yet. When she's stopped hacking up a lung he pats her on the shoulder, "Yes, because the warm fuzzy feeling yer about to get is worth it," he intones before shoving the beer in front of her and taking up his own. Down the hatch indeed, Stock puts away half of it in a few swallows, some dribbling down the rugged beard. He cheers to Konno's response though and then pauses, "Wait. No. Better to drink while yer still breathin!" He says and then downs the last of his beer, nodding to Willow for a refill to both.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at the beer, and silently prays to some shapeless being that it doesn't taste like the shot. She picks it up, decides not to smell it, and takes a few swallows. She smacks her lips a few times and shrugs. "This isn't so bad." She allows, setting the glass down. She glances at Stockton and watches his beer disappear in short order. "Shouldn't you slow down?" She glances at Shreya, her eyes a little wide. "Worse? What?"
Konno     Konno's grinning and trying to stymie more giggles in the wake of Shreya's comment. She has great point there, but he won't elaborate on it for now. He might be wrong in this specific case anyway, for the moment he just has his left hand loosely before his mouth to prevent spoiling his grin.
Willow Caine Willow comes back to where the crowd has gathered, and she catches sight of Stockton's nod. Before she can tend to that she gets Shreya's ordered breakfast and brings it over to the Zealot, leaning in to smile at the woman. "Here you go honey, no iguana. Let me know if there is *anything* else that I can get you." She stands up straight and moves down the bar to refill Stockton's beer. "I'll be back when she's finished hers." She says, gesturing to the barely touched beer in front of Iris.
Stockton Stockton barks a small laugh, "S'true, could be the best idea, could be the worst to have me with yah fer yer first time," he tells Iris and shrugs a broad shoulder. When Willow comes back around with his beer he gives her a warm smile before looking at Iris, "Darlin, lookit me, my liver's gotta be the size of yer torso, it's gonna take a few more drinks fer me," he tells the healer and chances a glance towards Shreya and Konno again, "Ain't no reason tah not join us, c'mon over, make Iris' first time a special one," he beams.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya can't help but smile at Willow's offer. "I think you know already, but we are going to see if you were just being an agreeable host the other night or not. Its all up to you now. Thankyou for the breakfast. It looks delicious." She holds Willow's gaze for a moment before breaking it and focusing on her food. She ignore's Iris's query because she doesnt need to bring undo trouble to herself if Stockton is actually corrupt. She has other things to focus on at present.
Iris Lark Iris takes the beer in hand again and sips at it while she tries to watch Shreya without getting caught. When Stockton speaks up again she turns away from the other woman and smirks at him. "Right, because you're such a horrible person. Also, what alpha males?" She takes another sip of the beer and reaches out to poke the general area where Stockton's liver might be. "Maybe when I get drunk enough we can see if that's true." Another sip of the beer, maybe half of it is gone now. She aims a shy glance over towards Konno before she goes back to drinking.
Konno     Konno politely shakes his head, "Sorry Sheriff." he murmurs, "I get bad disposition with anything that keeps me off of sober. Part of why I moved two towns ago." an admission from the lad as he leans an arm down on the bar and peers around. A subtle gesture that leaves his shirt more open than previously.
Willow Caine Willow fills the beer in front of Iris and then she checks to make sure the robots are ready to take over. "I've got to go check on some stock, the robots will take care of ya'll if you need anything." She moves towards the backroom, picking up something from beneath the bar before she exits.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya sets to eating, watching Iris and Stockton curiously but trying not to be too obvious about it. With her bulging eyes thats about as likely to be inconspicuous as a cattle stampede through a kitchen.
Stockton Stockton shrugs a shoulder and chuckles, "I might be, you never know what kind of person I've been," he tells her all super secretive and ominous like, or something. Then he chuckles, "You heard the Doc, all the Alpha Males strutting around the prime breeders," he just laughs and then squirms away from the poke, "Easy there, touchin' the Sheriff could be a crime," he jokes and he looks back at Shreya, "You can come over...steada bein' a creep," the Sheriff has a sharp eye.
Iris Lark Iris lets out a sigh and shakes her head as she picks up the beer again. "Another one of those huh?" She says before she takes a larger drink, grimacing as the taste lingers. "This tastes yeasty." She says, picking up the shot to chase away the taste. It's only after she takes the shot that she realizes what she's done and she starts to cough again, groaning softly. "I think you're trying to kill me, wasn't this supposed to be fun?"
Konno     Konno's eyes watch as Willow leaves, then shifts to the ogling Shreya with a smirk, and then back over to the pair of the evening. Yeasty... is, is that really a word? Konno spends a brief moment on this internal debate, he supposes it is in the end. Or, should be. It's entertaining to hear the comments of not-fun from Iris anyway.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks over at Stockton as she chews her food. Waiting to swallow before she replies, "I'm not the one convincing a young girl who has never had a drink to over-indulge. What other firsts will she be trying today, I wonder?" Then she takes up another spoonful of her steak and eggs and raises it to Stockton as if in toast before putting it in her mouth and chewing.
Stockton Stockton lifts his hands up and shrugs, "I'm just repeatin' what the Doc said. Though I ain't sure he was a Doc to be honest," he goes back to his beer and takes a few more swallows before setting it down. Patting his coat down, he finds himself his cigarillo and puts it to his lips and flicks a match to the tip to puff a few times. There's a snort and he shakes his head at Shreya, "I'm not sure I appreciate what yer insinuatin' there, Miss. I'm hopin she enjoys the fun of a hangover tomorrow fer what it's worth," the fucking sadist. It's a sign he cares, honest!
Iris Lark It takes Iris a few minutes to discern what exactly Shreya is inferring. Had she been completely sober, she probably would have fled by now. "Hey, lady." She says, placing a hand on the bar as she starts to get off of her stool. "I asked him to come drinking with me, first of all, and secondly ..THAT wouldn't be a first." She gets to her feet, and suddenly, like a marionette with the strings cut, she's on the floor. A moment or two passes before an "Oww.." Is heard.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "Well I beg your pardon then." She finishes her breakfast and leaves some caps for Willow whenever she gets back. "I was told I was some kind of creep. Its a matter of perception, as we have learned."
Stockton Stockton lifts a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose and he just shakes a few times with hidden laughter, "I said like a creep," in his defense, but then there's aan Iris on the floor and he's trying not to laugh harder while he bends down to scoop her back up to her feet and prop her up against her seat. "Two shots and a beer fer yer first time...yeah...yer prolly drunk already," he is trying not to chortle more.
Iris Lark Iris clutches the barstool and with a few careful steps and hop she manages to get back in her seat. "I'm okay." She says, both hands clutching the the bar until she gets her bearings. She points to the robot and then takes the shotglass in hand. She bangs it on the surface of the bar once and then again and then stares. "Oh, right. Fill it up..please?" She says, squinting at the robot. She'll figure out why there are two of them later.
Konno     Iris drops to the ground and Konno gives a slightly guilty sound as a reply to all the occurances thusfar. A bit of tension between Stockton and Shreya it seems! Drama he'll have to recall for later, but for now he's trying to make sure if Iris is okay after that drop. "Well, she's definately going to need a cure in the morning." he considers, "Think I'll see about whipping something up in case I come across clients whom need one too."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya tilts her head and stares down at Iris for a moment. "If you want her to enjoy drinking you might want to cut her off. The only thing left to do after being that drunk if you keep on is to purge. Not fun." She picks up her staff and adjusts her rifle on her back. "Farewell to you, may Atom's glow shine upon you, and us all."
Stockton Stockton snickers and shakes his head as she wobbles too and fro and finally settles on the bar stool. She smacks the glass and calls for more and he puts his hand over the glass, partly swallowing her smaller paw before going, "Whooooa, there. Nope, yer not gonna fergive me fer the headache as it is. Yah need to learn to pace yerself at the very least. Give it a bit, see how this makes ya feel." There's a glance back to Konno and he nods, "You got a cure, then whip one up to go," he says before saluting towards Shreya, "Have a good evenin'...don't shoot no body."
Iris Lark Iris considers Stockton's words and even Shreya's, gazing between them with squinted eyes. "Okay. Pace myself. Got it." A beat. "No purging." She nods once, and then again. She leans forward, her arms, upper body and chin resting on the bar as she eyes the robots moving back and forth. "How long do I have to wait before I can have another? Also, my legs don't work so we have to hire a porter to carry me to the Clinic, I think I have caps." She rummages around, and pulls out several vials of chems and other equipment before she pops her lips and sighs. "Nope, I left the caps in my jacket." Which she is wearing, maybe she'll figure that out sooner or later.
Konno     Konno spends a moment to process what stockton said. Then again, bewildered. He does offer a wave to Shreya, "Stay safe." is all he can spare. "Only... part of the cure is something you imbibe. It's mostly atmosphere, and some hands-on medical techniques." he explains, free hand roaming back to rub the back of his head. "Unless you want a few hours of lecturing and weeks practicing technique." he says to Stockton.
Stockton Stockton nods emphatically at the healer, "Pace yerself, you throw back four shots and yer gonna be purgin' b'fore you do any kinda walkin' or gettin' carried." The Sheriff already knows who's taking her home, it's his civic duty at the very least. "You need to give it some time that's all. You'll know, when the world ain't spinnin' you can have another," he chuckles and shakes his head, "Eager." A glance to Konno and he tilts his head to the side, "Sounds like somethin Ma would whip up. But I'll skip the lecture this time," he says before finally reaching out a thick calloused hand to the boy of the Saloon, "Stockton, pleasure."
Iris Lark "I saw you wink at me." Iris says to Konno, a grin on her face. She goes quiet and gazes around the bar from her uncomfortable position, the wheels in her head obviously turning, albeit a bit slower than normal. When that little lightbulb above her head finally lights up and she turns to Stockton, the bemused look on her face is almost smug. "I only had two shots. So logically, I should have two more, since you said four. Right?" Someone was only half listening.
Konno     Konno smiles warmly and accepts the hand. His own are smooth and soft, hinting at a lack of hard labour with them. Though they are scarred to see up close, the centre of either palm features a distinct white line, then he looks at Iris. "You should probably stop for just a while." he chimes brightly, "Give it a half hour for a really good measure of if you should stop for the night or have just one more." good advice for Iris is offered. And a wary nod to Stockton about nonlecture.
Stockton Stockton can't help the little grin that stays on his face as Iris dialogues with Konno. The hand shake is firm and quick, there and then over again as he shifts back into his own seat. "Seriously though, girl, give it a rest fer now, you'll thank me when yer not pukin in the outhouse." he Admonishes her before shaking his head, "It's cute you thought that'd be workin."
Iris Lark Iris doesn't respond right away, her chin is resting on her forearms and her legs are swinging back and forth on the barstool, occasionally kicking Stockton. "I'll have you know that I have a cast iron stomach. You have to have one, because vomiting up your food is ten lashes." She sighs and pushes up off the bar to sit up semi-straight. She smiles at Konno and holds out a hand to shake too. "Iris Lark." She says at first, and then adds. "Why did you wink at me?"
Konno     Konno chuckles quietly at the scold from Stockton. Then he nods once to both, "Konno." he greets, then blinks a couple times to Iris. "Did I wink? Might've been something in my eye. Don't often wink unless it's something captivatin' though."
Stockton Stockton watches over the little healer, trying to make sure she isn't about to faceplant, he'll just snatch her up by the scruff if he has to. "Well good, then maybe yer good fer another shot after all," he preens at her before flinching a little. Lashes. He feels a ripple roll down his back and it might be the first time anyone /here/ has seen the Sheriff...uncomfortable. A twitch of his lips comes and he tells her, "Iris, darlin, yer eventually gonna have to realize yer a looker and that men folk're gonna wink at yah. Also? He works yanno, he's tryin' tah make a cap or forty," he laughs.
Iris Lark Iris laughs and reaches out a hand that smooshes against Stockton's face. "Stop that, Alice is the pretty one." She says, pushing the shotglass away in favor of the few swallows of beer left in her glass. She glances at Konno again and gasps. "You mean he's one of the working" She gapes at Konno and after a moment of staring she grins. "If I could find my jacket, I'd give you forty caps, if you really need it."
Konno     Konno giggles, "Now, now. I'm not so terrible as to go an try coaxing her upstairs after she's hit the floor. That's on her, and I'd leave her with a letter to read over 'n the morning to judge if she wants a refund." he murrs. Then nods to Iris, "Yes, I've had almost about decades of experience plyin' my trade, wandered into town recentlike." he explains. "Hangover cure's part of that experience. That ain't nothing that needs closed doors, mind. Some people like the setting for it though." a small shrug.
Stockton Stockton shrugs and bats that hand away, putting it back into Iris' personal bubble once more, "If you say so. That's why Theodore, an' Harlan, an' Jude, an' all those other fellers are all flirtin at you and tryin' to talk to you in private, cuz Alice is the pretty one," he says sarcastically before looking to Konno and smirking, "Sorry, didn't mean to offend," he says plainly before working on another shot and moving onto his third beer. "So Iris, was this what you were hopin fer? Do you ferget the woes of the day?"
Iris Lark "Woes of the day.." Iris repeats, shifting uncomfortably on her stool. "No, everything is sharper now, worst yet some things I thought I had put away for good." She says, her voice quiet and solemn. "Also, Sheriff, I think you're mistaken about all three of those men, they all want to be friends." She picks up the empty shotglass, turns it over onto the bar and starts to spin it around idly. "I am warm though." She adds, almost like an afterthought. Then Konno whispers something to her and she glances down at her chest and smirks. "Huh, I'm wearing my jacket."
Konno     Konno hums. "Looks like she's not the kind of drinker for forgettin'." he comments to Stockton, "She's should be okay." he chimes, "She found her jacket afterall."
Stockton Stockton blinks some and shakes his head, "Well then you clearly haven't had enough to drink," he decides and promptly her empty shot glass is full again by the Sheriff's demand. His own beer worked on and he swaps back to his smoldering cigarillo and he just chuckles at Iris, "Warm's a good start, let's keep goin, see if we can explore fuzzy," he snickers and nods, "Yes you've been wearin' yer jacket, Doc," he just shakes his head again and looks out the window. Positively pondering something.
Iris Lark Iris picks up the shot glass and raises it. "To forgetting the woes of the day." She says before she takes the shot and to her credit it doesn't cause a gasp this time. She leans to one side, nearly falls but manages to stay upright and cross her legs. She filches her pouch of caps from her jacket and jingles them slowly. "Do you need forty caps?" She asks Konno, offering him a slightly crooked smille.
Konno     Konno returns a polite look back to Iris, "Do you need a trip to my room and my undivided company?" he asks to counter her offer, "Probably better to spend a bit of time up there and have any potential hangover handled to send you on your way." a motion of his hand towards Stockton, "Than to hassle our Sheriff to chaperone you home to wind down alone." he considers.
Stockton Stockton lifts his beer and calls out, "Ta fergetting the woes of the day!" before knocking it back and setting the empty on the bar. A hand shoots out and he snags the healer, keeping her from toppling even if she had it under hand now. A glance between them and he withdraws from being in the middle. This is business that ain't his.
Iris Lark Iris tries to get to her feet again, the look on her face might indicate flight rather than facing Konno. "I don''s too scary." She finally mumbles and her arms windmill as she tries to keep her feet. She manages to stay upright, barely and her eyes move to Stockton. "I think..I think that I should go to the Clinic." Which in Iris speak probably means that she'd be there already if she could use her feet.
Konno     Konno smiles and straightens up. "I guess that's settled, then." he chimes, offering a wink. "Looks like it's your part now, Sheriff." spending a moment to bring his eyes over to the rest of the bar.
Stockton Stockton stands up when Iris does, he doesn't necessarily recongize the fight or flight response, but he knows she's trying to do something. "Whoa there," he calls to her even as a hand finds her shoulder to steady her again, "Slow'n steady, I don' wanna have to throw you over a shoulder," he grunts. Looking back at Konno he offers a toothy grin, "G'luck, boyo," he waves and settles up his caps on the counter for the night and turns to slide an arm under one of Iris'. "C'mon, Doc, git you home to yer headache," he chides her.
Iris Lark Iris takes a step, and nearly crumples, but she doesn't go down all the way. "Not gonna have a headache." She insists, both arms wrapping around Stockton's arm to keep from tumbling. She eyes Konno as they leave, and despite the fact he spooked her, she's still polite enough to wave at him.
Konno     Konno offers a little wave back to Iris as she's gathered up by the Sheriff and starts on out. Already shaping up to be a curious day!