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Barns barns sent out a message threw a boosted signal to let people who have car parts to show up here he recintly acired one the previos raiders who owned it dead by his feet "shoulda given it up when i asked nicly" he commented to the dead bodies waiting for the others to show up
Percy     Never let it be said that Percy Cooke isn't down for adventure! To high summits! To deep valleys! Onto the oceans themselves! Even to ALIENS! Wait ... aliens? :/ ...maybe not. Yet the allure of car parts was something just too precious for someone like Percy to ignore, so it's with a hesitant trepidation that he approaches the radioed location.
    Booted feet crunch along the dirt ground as Percy makes his way. Long strides carry him efficiently across, his cool blue eyes scanning the horizon for any movement of gouls or... well, aliens. This was Roswell, after all. With his sleeves rolled up, the man adjusts the brown leather pack slung across his shoulder somewhat nervously. Eventually he gets within viewing distance of Barns, his arm lifting to wave in a friendly greeting.
Apostle     It's been a long trip.
    Her gait is not staggered nor tired, Apostle's long tattered tails of crimson dragging behind her like languid rivers tainted by blood as her voice crackles through that old rusted vocaliser. Her hood has been pulled low to protect sensitive eyes, her head ever so vaguely bowed forward as she paces alongside Vector. One fingerless-gloved hand rests at the grip of her laser pistol, her speech becoming audible as the pair grow nearer to Roswell and the man that awaits them.
    "For it falls out, that what we have we prize not to the worth whiles we enjoy it, but being lacked and lost... why, then we rack the value, then we find the virtue that possession would not show us while it was ours." Come the steady words, interrupted at even intervals by the Hssk noise of her rebreather sparking to life, meant for Vector, but transmitted to all that might be near enough to hear.
    Her eyes squint as her chin tilts upward to allow her to stare down her nose at the feral infested locale, without so much as a stutter to her step as her tone maintains that monotanous autonomy. "The cries of the dead are terrible, indeed; you should try not to hear them." She mutters to the rugged fellow that follows along, golden eyes flicking toward Percy quickly as the movement of his waving is caught barely by her peripheral.
    THAT makes her pause.
    She glances down at a crumpled and dirty sheet of paper, then to Barns, then to Percy -- paper, Barns, Percy, paper, Barns... Vector.
    A brow quirks.
    "We have come for that which is ours by our service lent to the Mayor of El Dorado." Her voice, tinny and proud. "Step forward that we might make our exchange and be on our way, lest this blasted and damnedable waste claim you and leave us wanting."
Vector     Vector rather simply paces a little bit infront of Apostle, a little bit to the side, and just a little bit faster. It's not to say that he's trying to outpace her - it's simply that he's taking longer strides to ensure that he stays just a little bit ahead, to make it easier for him to, you know. Shoot anything that comes charging at them in the Wastlelands. A smart idea, considering the things that get on in the wasteland.
    There's a grunt and a swing up of his head towards Percy, giving the man the appropriate level of greeting to ensure that the man knows that A) He's been seen and greeted, and B) That it's assumed he ain't here to try to steal or take anything, and thus, no violence! Which is good for everyone, right? Except those dead bodies. He eyes the corpses for a moment, then his head swings up towards Barns. There's a chuffed breath. "Dead bodies give good loot. We both profit from this exchange."
Barns barns shoulders his anti material rifle before looking and walking over to aposting handing her a carberator "i belive you require this" he says threw his filter on his ncr helmet waiting for a response
Apostle     For long moments when the carburator is offered toward her, feral golden eyes just stare at Barns, as though she were waiting for him to make a move; something aggressive, something untoward -- a trick, his folly, something. Anything.
    ... Hssk.
    There's a click at the end of every breath, as though it sealed off.
    ....... Hssk.
    She's clearly thinking, but she's taking her sweet time doing so. Eyelids twitch and half-close, gloved hand finally moving away from the hilt of her pistol in order to retrieve the part that was offered forth, as per the arrangements made. She lifts it from his grasps suddenly, like she was expecting him to hold onto it, or snatch it back, her body twisting and contorting away from him greedily, one arm looping over it possessively even as she glares at him over now-turned shoulder.
    HSSK. Hssk. ... hssk.
    "Mmn," She makes a bit of a noise, stepping back and away from the NCR fellow in a rolling sidle back toward Vector, one brow arched impossibly high over one eye. "... Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for." There's her inner-outer monologue again, as uncontrolled as one can assume anything else about her is, as ripe with meaning as low hanging fruit is with nectar.
    She blinks, "... Thank... you."
    Was that so hard?!
Percy     "How charming." Percy comments with an amused smile, hand going to his hip as he draws close and hears the exchange between Apostle and Barns. Then, a nod is given to Vector in reply to his own greeting. Sucking in a big breath through his nose, he exhales long and hard. His head tilts a bit in mild curiosity, like a pup trying to learn a new trick.
    "I admit I don't actually own any car parts," He gets out quite quickly, lifting up a hand to surrender himself before saying much more. "Though I'm always curious to engage a bit with those who do. Or who have any sort of salvage around. You never know what could be interesting. Especially around these parts." His nose wrinkles, where a glance is given to inner Rosewell in the distance. "At the very least I can observe any transactions made. Perhaps pick up a tip or so in negotiations."
    Looking down to the corpses, Percy's eyes narrow a little. "You sure made short work of the radiers. Are you of the NCR, ranger?" Though Barns gets a solid look after that question, his attention does shift to the other two strangers as well. Apostle and Vector. Especially with the females expose.
Apostle     When Percy speaks, her attentions shift once more, looking him up and down with all the subtlty of a lion taking in a dead gazelle, her head even going so far as to nod up and down as she's taking him in.
    "Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart," Each word is spoken with emphasis, enunciated in such a way that some importance is placed there, for some reason or another. "It could hold a rather large amount of gratitude." Whatever that means, man. Whatever that means.
    She continues to stare at him, unblinkingly, that respirator continuing its cycle of intake and fragrant, spice-laced release.
    "This is mine."
Vector     "Nothing to learn here, sorry. Pre-made deal." states Vector towards Percy, giving the man at least something to work with. "Doing work for the Mayor. Getting our end of the bargain. You want work? Should speak to her. Or the Sheriff. Militia too." He raises a hand, waving off in the direction of El Dorado, in some vain attempt to be at least a little helpful to the man, letting Apostle handle all the.. You know, business stuff. "Some good loot to be had around here. You properly armed, though?" He questions, giving the lean-looking man a once over.
    There's a small tut.
    "I don't see a gun on you. Hope you're hiding one. Or go trade for one. El Dorado is a bit safe, but out here, it is dangerous. Maybe one of the folk in town will give you work in return for it." He offers this as some sort of sage wise advice. Even if it is very 'aduh'. He looks towards Apostle, and nods once. "It is yours. We will take it back. Velocity will go fast."
Barns barns looks to percy "ya im a ncr old one though" he digs into a pocket and hands persy a bag of 200 caps "here get yourself a gun and ammo youll need it"
Percy     A gruff nod is given to Vector in understanding. "All good points. Not necessarily looking for work. Just the chance to find some scrap that could help in a little side project." With another breath he shifts a bit uncomfortably. "To be honest, my gun was taken from me by a gang of raiders not long before I got to El Dorado. That was a few days ago. This is the first time I've been outside of the city boundaries without it. I am feeling a bit naked."
    "Uh?" Percy blinks in honest surprise when a bag of caps is handed to him so casually. "You're giving me 200 caps? Just because I haven't replaced my gun yet?" The man smiles, lips widening after being in such a state of shock. "Thank-you. If you ever need some treatment, come and see me in the clinic. I'll be happy to make sure you're back on your feet - free of charge. The name's Percy, by the way. Percy Cooke." He nods his greeting to all those have gathered.
Apostle     The wasteland wanderer with the tattered crimson tails then looks to each of those gathered, and even with Percy's charming introduction and offer of clinical aid, she merely turns from the group and begins walking back down the highway with that carberator in heft. She doesn't call for Vector, she doesn't mock the man, nor repremand him for not being armed in a place like this -- no. She has what she came for, and apparently that's good enough for her. There are miles ahead of her weary feet and wary mind, and she's focused on comforting them both.
    She gives no introduction, but she did give thanks.
    One supposes that's enough for her.
Vector     "Vector." States Vector, as he raises a hand and points at himself. He then points at Apostle. He doesn't say a name, "The boss." He offers, before shifting his hand, reaching around to grasp the straw that dangles from his shoulder, looping around behind him to feed into his canteen. It's pushed under the veil that hangs from his turban, and he gives a sharp draw on it, taking a mouthful of the liquid in the canteen before he draws the straw away from his mouth.
    "Lucky man. Get yourself a handgun or a rifle. Something that is cheap. Ammo in these parts is expensive, and nobody wants to run dry - and it all counts up in the end." He offers, before he raises his left hand up in some vague gesture of a salute towards Barns and Percy, as he takes two - no, three - steps back from the pair while facing them, and only then does he turn and start to pace after Apostle, tugging his marksman rifle up into a more 'ready' position.
Barns barns returns the salute to vector and says "pleaser to help names barns" he looks to percy giving him a nod before walking back to town humming the tune "glory glory what a hell of a way to die "
Percy     "Well met, Vector. To your boss, too. And yeah... can't dispute the tip. I'll keep it in mind. If you guys are by the Shantytown clinic, come swing by for a chat?" The casual salute is returned as Vector begins to edge away at first. As the man turns to walk away, Percy's blue eyes will shift to the back of Apostle in the distance.
    "Interesting..." He murmurs, before glancing around to look at Barns as he introduces himself and then strides away! Meaning that... he's now on his own!
    Near the ghouls!
    Oy vey.
    "I suppose I should get back." He says to absolutely no-one, before moving at a quicker-than-normal pace back to Shantytown. Not that he's scared. Just, uh, keen to return.