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Iris Lark Iris moves quietly through the clinic, trying to clean up and tend to a few people still gathered here from the fight with the mutants. She looks like she might be in a bit of pain though, every so often she clutches her head and clenches her teeth. Eventually though she gets a cool glass of water and begins to sip it, which brings some color back into her pale cheeks.

She walks to where Vuk has been placed, his bed curtained off from others and squints at him to see if he's awake. She sets her water down and gathers some tools so she can change his bandages and poultices. Since he still hasn't said anything she finally speaks up. "Are you awake in there?"
Vuk Vuk will twitch when some one directly speaks to him. "No, I'm entirely incapable of life, this is a recording. At the long boring dead air signal, leave your pipboy identification code and Vault Tech will get back to you.." Then he makes an annoying beeeeeeeeeep noise and looks towards Iris' voice. "So when do I get a cane so I can tap my way out of here and go off to find new found glory Doc?"
Iris Lark The annoying beep causes Iris to grimace, her head is pretty sensitive to sound right now. Not that Vuk can see that. She takes a deep breath, and supresses the urge to chastise him because that will only make more noise. Instead she rests a hand on his shoulder. "You can have a cane and go exploring when you can see again." She says, slipping a hand under his shoulders to sit him up so she can unwrap the bandages over his eyes. "Also, nobody that I treat is incapable of life, I'm far too good at my job."
Vuk Vuk seems amused by her ego, but when she unwraps the bandages? Still no response, but he isn't bleeding any more. "When I can see again, I won't exactly need the cane. You can't keep me here forever..well. I suppose this time you might. I heard Vault Town has medical robots, but I doubt they can fix what I did. Not with out a fuss over what caused it."
Iris Lark "I can't keep you here forever, you're right. Where you choose to go and how you choose to treat this issue is entirely up to you." Iris says, mixing a poultice as she speaks, the grind of the mortar and pestle not nearly as annoying as she was worried it might be. "I'm sure I can help you, but I'm not as quick as the robots." A smile tugs at her lips at the mention of keeping him in the Clinic. "Like I said, if you want a room here, you can have one."
Vuk Vuk gestures around him when she mentions a room. "What? I thought this was my own private room, and there is like, a nurse on duty round the clock for the Hero of what ever town that was. Hope some thing? Did they bother to see if it can be recolonized? If not..I want to set up there. I mean..I doubt any one will come to bother me there. Maybe I can start working on a rig with some people.."
Iris Lark Iris leans in on the bed, her forearms not too far from Vuk's shoulder. "That's quite a ways away, are you that eager to get away from El Dorado?" She asks, her tone amused. "I haven't heard anything, but then again...I wasn't in any shape to ask anyone last night. I a bit sloshed." She pushes away from the bed and starts to scoop the poultice into a new bandage. "I slept like a log though, no nightmares."
Vuk Vuk is listening, nightmares..good thing Iris doesn't go to Dunwich. "Well...El Dorado is going to be a problem in time for me. I don't want to end up levied into the militia or some thing. Eventually I bet they ask, because I'm a capable fighter. You watch Iris..and you should smuggle me out to the bar when you go. I promise not to try and get to handsy with the bar girls under the guise of being blind."
Iris Lark "I don't know if I'm going back there anytime soon. While I slept well, I don't remember a handful of what happened last night." Iris says, and she shakes her head slowly while she processes that. "You can say you've other committments, maybe I can hire you on here to keep the rowdy people from being quite so rowdy." She applies the poulticed bandage and frowns. "There is a new man at the bar, I have a feeling he would try to get handsy with you if I took you there." A beat. "He tried to get me to go upstairs with him."
Vuk Vuk blinks..out of instinct, not that it matters with a poultice over his eyes. "Handsy how so? Do I need to go and jack some one in the face or some thing? I mean...I thought I was the only one who kept trying to flirt with you. I think it's part of doctor patient requirements isn't it?" He asks and tries to locate her voice and pat her knee gently. "So handsy in a good or bad way?"
Iris Lark Iris takes a breath as she decides how to answer his questions. Finally she nudges his legs aside and scoots to sit on the bed. "He wasn't rude or anything, came on a bit stronger than I'm used to. Which..I'm not used to .." She shakes her head and smirks. "*Anyway*, you're apparently not the only one, if what Stockton says is true. I'm pretty sure he's seeing things that aren't there though." She swings her legs back and forth, gently reaching out to take Vuk's hand off her knee. "He's a funny guy, his name is Konno, and he said he had a hangover cure that involved ..something about going upstairs?" She grunts softly. "Part of me wishes I had taken him up on his offer, the rest of me wishes I remember what happened when I got back here last night."
Vuk Vuk is listening..he's rather surprised when Iris sits beside him, and he puts an arm around her shoulder in a friendly manner. "Well I'm pretty sure his hang over cure would have involved alot of sex and breaking in a bed for Stockton..well. You told him to sic deputies on me if I tried to leave, I am naturally inclined to think for the time being, he's an evil man." He says and gives her shoulder a bit of a squeeze. "You want the truth Iris? You crawled into bed with me, and said you were going to rock my world till I could see again." He Deadpans.
Iris Lark "Well from what the Pip-Boy told me, a hangover is basically dehydration, so I'm not sure how sex would have fixed that." Iris says, with a slow roll of her eyes. "Stockton is pretty evil, but it's in that backwards way that actually makes him good. I think you two have that in common." Then Vuk opens his mouth again, words come out and Iris bursts out laughing. "How did I wake up in my own bed then?!" She says, giving Vuk a gentle shot to the shoulder with a fist, before she leans in to give him a hug. "If that would work though, I'd hire you a really nice and clean whore. Someone with standards." She might be joking, she might not be.
Vuk Vuk is pretty sure such whores do not exist in El Dorado..from what he has seen. "Hey now, you can't punch me, I'm the helpless hero!" he teases her and gently kisses her hair when she hugs him. "Also I don't know, I'm blind. How should I know what you did? For all I know you tried to ride a gurney down the street in a race against some one's mutt, or after Bacon." he reminds her with a slight grin. "Sides, what whore would dare to charge me right now? I am both hero, and some one to pity."
Iris Lark "Pity?" Iris snorts and shakes her head, folding her hands in her lap as she gazes out at the rest of the Clinic. "No, you're not something to pity, and it's a shame that you think so. People tease and poke at you, but don't ever take what they say as serious. Most are jealous." She pats his knee then, offering him a smile. "I remember Stockton offering to sleep in an exam room, in case I had a nightmare." She wrinkles her nose and frowns. "Now that Achilles is gone, I'm alone, and this is the first time since I can remember that I was..alone like that. It was scary."
Vuk Vuk is listening..he didn't know Achilles had run off, but maybe he slept through that too. "Well you can always move me into your office so you can throw things at me to see if I'm awake, or if I cunningly fell out the window in another escape attempt." He says with a soft snicker and moves to gently draw her in closer. "Sides..I meant pity as in that I am blind right now. I need to take advantage of this on the whores...I bet I can get a free handful or two if I claim it's cause I'm blind."
Iris Lark Iris glances over at her office and then looks back at Vuk. "I don't sleep in my office, and if I moved you in there so you could have some privacy, I'd board up the windows." She snickers and lets Vuk give her a bit of a side cuddle. "You could always use the pity and hero bit to attempt to get more than a handful." She quips, sounding amused. "You know, a really pretty girl came in here about a week ago. I think she went to work for Katherine at the Saloon. She called herself Sparkle."
Vuk Vuk has -never- heard of any one named Sparkle, and the name sure seems odd. "Yah? Sparkle huh? Weird name." he says and grins a bit to him self. "So Iris..can I try to use the hero thing on you?" He teases, or is he? He's blind, he's allowed to try isn't he? "And I don't want to sleep in a boarded up room, get to damn stuffy!"
Iris Lark "If you promised to stay put, I wouldn't board up the windows then." Iris says and then she stares at Vuk for a moment or two, trying to figure out if he is being serious or not. She decides on not. "Ha Ha, Vuk. One of these days you're going to say that to someone and they're going to shock you when they jump on the opportunity." She slides off of the bed and starts to clean up her mortar and pestle.
Vuk Vuk makes a dismissive wave when she says some one will take him up on it. "Well, I tried. I guess I need to resort to spending caps to get arm candy or what not. So...this they have..sparkles on them or some thing? I mean the weird. Even for these times, where we apparently, have super mutants with tentacles." He says and follows the noise..and discreetly tries to reach out to give Iris bottom a playful squeeze. Maybe she shouldn't give him a cane -ever-.
Iris Lark "Gah!" Iris jumps away from the grope and turns around to smack Vuk's hand. "You don't need to spend caps, you absolute jackass." She starts to laugh and goes back to washing out her tools, keeping tabs on Vuk out of the corner of her eyes. "She doesn't have sparkles on her, she's rather pretty though. Also, she didn't seem to have tentacl.." She presses her lips together and shakes her head. "When I helped her, she seemed not very mutant-y."
Vuk Vuk leans back to rest on his cot again as he lets Iris go about her duties with out him being ill behaved. "I've never seen those kind of muties before, and I seen some odd things. Has any one figured out any leads on how the hell these damn things got so weird?" He asks her, whilst mulling things over. "I suppose I am just against paying a whore..I'd rather if I was with some one, it truly meant some thing."
Iris Lark "I don't think that anyone has any ideas, but Sparrow would probably be the best to talk to about it." Iris says, moving to climb a shelf to put some things away. "I don't have any real background in biology, so I would be absolutely useless in that regard." She drags a stool over towards Vuk and takes a seat. "You're one of the few then, I've heard a lot of stories about what goes on in that Saloon, which is why I don't really go in there often." She goes quiet for a second or two and then she thinks of something. "The store is finished! When you can see again, and I firmly believe you will be able to, you've got to come see it."
Vuk Vuk grins when she seems excited about the store. "You mean it got finished because I wasn't around to make it look worse? But I'm glad you got it finished! Now I can go and sit in it and try to sell all this junk I've discovered over time...unless the mole rats eat all my junk before I can see again.." he murmurs and thinks about some thing. "I'll be able to see again in a few weeks I'm sure..unless I go to Vault Town and it's miracle technology...and I haven't heard any stories about the Saloon."
Iris Lark "Harlan seems to enjoy being there as well, so you'll have company." Iris says, and the stool scrapes along the floor as she gets to her feet. She leans in close to Vuk and quietly says. "You know, if you want to go to Vault Town, we can figure a way to smuggle you in, and then you'll be able to escape the Clinic again." She goes quiet for a moment and then adds. "I won't be offended, if I was blind - I probably would take the path of least resistance so I could see again."
Vuk Vuk listens to her and grunts when she mentions Harlan has a thing for the brothel. "Wait...I can't go there for treatment really? I thought..ahh well. Maybe we should ask Alice how we'd do it..and how much it'll -cost-. I rather suspect it'll be expensive to afford.." he says, annoyed about that. "I should have never slaved my implants to the power armor."
Iris Lark "As far as I know, you need to live there to get treated there." Iris says, shrugging a shoulder. "She offered to smuggle me in when my leg got shattered, but things got complicated and ..I just ended up letting it mend on its own." She reaches out and prods Vuk's shoulder. "If you've got the caps and we can figure it out, you should likely try. I know you wanna get out of here."
Vuk Vuk tries to bat her hand away a bit when she prods him. "I'm claiming I'm broke and going to try and petition some one else to pay for my treatment. I can't let every one know I'm secretly well off or they might start trying to rob me when I get invariably, shot to ribbons. On the other hand..if we can find a semi working Big Rig..I'll spend most of fortune on repairing it." He murmurs.
Iris Lark "So you want someone else to pay for it?" Iris rummages around in her jacket and pulls out a small satchel of caps. "Well when we see Alice I'll find out if it's possible, and we'll get it done." She glances at the door that leads out towards the market. "I don't use my caps on much, so it should go to a good cause."
Vuk Vuk sighs when she offers to pay for it. "No you are not paying for my damn eyes to be whole again. I can pay my own way..if we figure out how we'll get me in there. Maybe we'll claim I'm uh..some thing important to The Vault?"
Iris Lark "Or we'll get a Vault jumpsuit and stuff you in it, pretending you always belonged there." Iris says quietly, her eyes on her knees. "Well if you can't afford it, you let me know, I don't do much with my caps - someone should benefit from them."
Vuk Vuk sighs when she seems to really think he needs the help with caps. "I'm not hurting for caps. Trust me...if you all knew exactly what I had, you might be charging me daily fees for the cot." he teases her and considers the vault suit. "Well..since my wounds mostly appear to be electrical.."
Iris Lark "I barely charge people as it is, and I really hardly ever charge my friends." Iris reminds Vuk, a wry smirk on her face. She slips to her feet and walks over to the counter to pick up her water and sip at it again. "I'm sure we can maybe get Jude to loan you his suit, if we ask nicely...maybe."
Vuk Vuk makes a slight dismissive wave at her words. "I say we cover me in the robot's scrap, then roll me in..and no one will know until it's to late! Unless Vault Town uses -actual- doctors..then they might notice the robot scrap was hiding me." He muses.
Iris Lark "I mean, we can do it the difficult way, or we could do it the easy way." Iris says, dipping her fingers in her water and then flicking them towards Vuk. "For some reason, you always seem to want to go the hard route, should I take this as a personality quirk or flaw?"
Vuk Vuk feels the water splash on him, isn't Iris playful today? "It's neither quirk, nor flaw. If you always pick the most difficult road ahead, you get pleasently surprised when easier options are revealed, and actually work." He says to her with a slight grin.
Iris Lark "I'll remember that when you suddenly want to take a shortcut, I'll be that little buzzing gnat reminding you of what you just said." Iris says, and when she comes back to Vuk's cot she's got lunch. It's not much, a sandwich and some broth-y soup. "So..when you're done eating, do you want me to lead you somewhere so you can ..scavenge to anyone?" A beat. "I know it might not be very fun being stuck here with me for your only company."
Vuk Vuk will mostly avoid the broth..but the sandwich? He'll gleefully eat. "I'll just remember to ignore you." he says between bites. "You aren't the worst company, I mean it could be Alice, she'd probably be trying to sell me things even when I am blind..and now you are stuck dealing with my flirting. See what happens when I do listen and stay in the hospital? I get to drive you nuts." He says and grins a bit. "Sides, this almost qualifies as that hot nurse taking care of me scenario. Except I have the almost undivided attention of a hung over doctor.."
Iris Lark "If you were driving me nuts, I'd say that you were right." Iris deadpans, gazing at the broth with a critical eye. "You better have some of that as well, I didn't make it just to have it go to waste." She settles back on her stool and crosses her legs, lost in thought for a moment or two. "Vuk, if I ask you a question, will you answer it objectively and honestly?"
Vuk Vuk will relent to sipping the broth, not wondering what went into it. He just didn't want to burn him self on it, or spill it. "Depends on the question, but just ask away Doc." he says between sips..well, he didn't burn him self, so this is good right?
Iris Lark "I'll never admit to this if you tell anyone, but ..I find myself confused a lot with how people behave socially." Iris begins, watching to make sure the silly blind man didn't scald his chest or fingers. "So when you flirt, it's sometimes teasing and I'm not sure if that means you're serious or just trying to get me to smack you around. One of the whores said some guys like that." She takes in a breath and continues. "The last few days, a few people have been flirting, but they're being confusing.'ve been around for a while, how do you know if someone is serious..or when they're just trying to funny?"
Vuk Vuk should have prefaced this with 'lets not ask loaded questions' but that went to hell. "Well..I just can tell? It's difficult to truly guess and understand. Like..I'm not doing it to be funny. Some people do, but if they keep doing it, and keep showing that interest in you? I don't think it's just being funny. Is there some one who has been flirting with you and you want to find out if they mean it?" He asks her, trying to look at her. "Also some people in this town of yours..damned weird. So maybe some just..make no sense."
Iris Lark Iris blinks and stares at Vuk, not that he can tell. "I don't know if I want to know, honestly. About any others, I mean." She sighs and makes a soft grunting noise. "Some people are weird, and some people are just nice. I just don't understand the fuss. They say one thing and do another, and I'm not.." If he could see, she might look frustrated and alightly annoyed. "I just don't understand people, I guess. I wasn't raised in a nice place, there wasn't Saloon visits and polite sitting and talking. So I'm always wondering if I'm acting properly, or if someone isn't just taking advantage of my obvious cluelessness." She blinks and adds. "Not you, you said you weren't being ..oh fuck it, nevermind. I'll get it one day, or I won't."
Vuk Vuk reaches out to gently squeeze Iris if he can find her, grinning a bit at her annoyed tone. "You know I was raised in a society focused on technological advancement, and control and dominating others? My Ancestors fought both the Brotherhood of Steel, and a threat none can truly comprehend. I only really learned about this polite society bit because I left my people, and spent many years now, wandering. But don't worry Iris, you can be sure that my flirting with you, is quite sincere." Or that isn't reassuring at all. "But, I rather suspect, you do not like my flirtations."
Iris Lark "Your background is largely why I asked you." Iris replies, glad that he can't see because it's downright embarassing to get misty eyed over a topic of conversation. "I try to keep things to myself, nobody wants to be brought down when someone reveals how women are treated in a Legion camp. I pretend a lot. I pretend that I know what's going on when I don't. I pretend that I understand what people mean when they say things." When Vuk reaches out she snags his hand and keeps a hold of it. "It's not that I don't like your flirtations, it's more that ..well Achilles rescued me, and he was my friend. When that changed, and things changed..and he's gone now and what if you were gone because I did something wrong? I would be sad."
Vuk Vuk gently squeezes her fingers when she holds onto his hand. "I don't think you can do things wrong enough I'd take off..besides. Every time I try to sneak off, I get shot, stabbed, or maimed, and have to come right back to my favourite girl, now don't I?" He says and tries to draw her right back to him. " are now safe from the Legion at least. I don't think they have the resources any more to attack El Dorado do they? I thought El Dorado was considered fairly safe." he murmurs.
Iris Lark "I'm not perfect, not even a little. I have bad sides to me like everyone else does." Iris argues, letting Vuk pull her closer. "I'm not important enough for the Legion to search for me, there are hundreds of women like me in various camps." She lets out a weak chuckle and adds. "That peace of mind doesn't help my nightmares any, but it keeps me from staying in here and hiding all of the time." It's quiet for a few minutes, quiet enough that haggling from the market can be heard. "One of these days your luck is going to get better and you won't keep getting injured like you do. Don't worry."
Vuk Vuk is surprised she lets him keep her so close, not that he is complaining. "Or I could stop volunteering to take gauss rifle barrages for Alice. That might be a good plan to keep my self from being shot to pieces." He admits to her with a slight grin and moves to gently kiss her cheek. "Tell you what, we'll cram a cybernetic implant in your brain, so you won't have nightmares, you'll just hear the occasional unwanted radio broadcast and slowly go insane."
Iris Lark Iris laughs and shakes her head. "You can't help but be a hero, in fact, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often with other damsals, there are plenty around here, you know?" She smiles when he kisses her on the cheek and if he could see, she'd be blushing. "No implants, I've seen the unfortunate side effects of someone who was enhanced and couldn't handle it. In fact, I've got a rather large scar because of it." She glances at Vuk and frowns. "Which is why I was a little shocked when I found cybernetics in you."
Vuk Vuk is quiet for a few moments when she mentions finding them in him. "My people..are ..lets just say. The Brotherhood will never have a grasp of cybernetics as we do. Our priests are truly wise in their ways, and I believe the Brotherhood finds it rather upsetting some Raiders had knowledge beyond them. Now we are bit a few hidden Enclaves." he admits and grins a bit. "Me? A hero? Not overly. I just don't like leaving a new threat unchallenged. We need to unite against this one." he murmurs. "Sides...if I even get one or two kisses on the lips for saving you, entirely worth it, yes?"
Iris Lark For a few fleeting, horrible moments Iris is very glad that Vuk can't see. At least when she speaks, her voice is steady. "Well, regardless..those are dangerous, and you're lucky. Very lucky, that you're not scrambled and insane." She lapses into silence for a few minutes, her eyes on the open door. "Yeah, you're a hero, and I'm pretty sure you know it. You've saved me more than once, and others as well." Her lips twist into a smirk as she adds. "Kisses are hardly currency, and I'm still convinced that you could do a lot better than me. I've always imagined you with some hulking woman who has a bat or something. Weird, huh?"
Vuk Vuk thought it was Iris who tended to prefer that baseball bat. "Me? Hulking woman? What, do you think I want Ashur in drag?" he asks, because she did just describe Ashur in drag! "I doubt I'll ever truly find any one, I am to old for the Wastes, my past to shrouded, and many might yet hunt me down for what I was."
Iris Lark Iris takes a moment to imagine Ashur in drag. It wasn't what she had in mind, but the imagine is certainly amusing enough. "I was thinking you'd want someone who could fend for herself, and keep you safe at the same time." She replies, her tone dry, but amused. "You'll find someone, because if nothing else...survival is paramount here, and part of survival is proving to the Wasteland and its occupants that you can still go forward, even when sometimes it seems prudent go back." She gazes down at her hands, one still holding his and grins. "So people hook up and connect so they don't have to do it alone."
Vuk Vuk gently squeezes her hand again as she speaks. "I suppose so..right now, I'm pretty content to not be hunted by the Enclave or the Brotherhood. Though the Brotherhood doesn't seem..very powerful here. I like this fact, it is nice to see more of us with the fancy toys then them. Shame we have no alot easier to deal with the mutant problem if we had air support. Damned Enclave." he murmurs and tries to look in her direction. "So Iris, still think my flirting is just to annoy you? I mean...I could be asking you for a proper exam and all." He says, implying some thing that is any thing but!
Iris Lark Iris shifts her gaze to rest on Vuk, trying not to laugh. "Are you implying that I haven't given you a proper exam?" She says, and by her tone it's clear that she's holding back laughter. "I think you might like me, but like the rest, you don't know me all that well." She squeezes his hand and allows herself to chuckle softly. "So if you learn more and keep it up, maybe you'll get that exam, or those kisses. Maybe." A beat. "Also, after having ridden in a giant car, I'm a little frightened how Alice would handle a vertibird."
Vuk Vuk didn't consider -that- problem..Alice with a vertibird. "Alright..if we ever get a Vertibird, we don't let Alice fly. Maybe we need to kidnap a Brotherhood pilot..I bet one or two might join up if they could fly..and you ruin my jokes. I do not know if you mean a true exam..or what I had in mind." He teases.
Iris Lark "Are you propositioning me?" Iris asks, both eyebrows lofted slightly and a grin on her face. "Vuk, you're not boring, I will certainly give you that much." She pulls her hand away and gets to her feet. "Now come on, get up. You can't lie in bed all day."
Vuk Vuk will stand up with relative ease, he is rather able yet! See? "Was I? I guess you saw through! Let us go and get me a cane that can let me tap my way around in my power armor, and some one to point me at the mutants!" He says, already trying to figure out how to engage the enemy..when blind.
Iris Lark "No power armor, we're going to the store." Iris says, chuckling at Vuk as she reaches out to snag a hand again. "I'll be your cane until we get there, we have some wood and branches in the back, surely one of them will work out as a cane until these poultices do their work." She tugs at him gently. "We're also going to go through our stores, see what we're gonna sell. You got anything you want to sell?"
Vuk Vuk bobs his head a bit when she mentions things to sell. "You have no idea...and where is my shotgun? I need that, in case things pop up along the way. Them molerats can be ornery." He says as Iris begins to lead him. "I say we sell Over9000's scraps in the store, and then we can get a Mr Handy to handle the store."
Iris Lark "No, like I said before we're gonna find a way to get Deathbot repaired." Iris reminds Vuk, rolling her eyes slowly. She snags his shotgun, passes it back to him and gently says. "I'll shoot anything that looks at us like we're, okay? You just follow and try not to trip."
Vuk Vuk hopefully didn't trip, given he is the one carrying a fully automatic shotgun, and tripping might end poorly. "So is Harlan planning to set up a smithy out here now? We taking over the entire town?"
Iris Lark "We're not taking over the entire town." Iris says, laughing out loud as she tugs him towards the cooler. She liberates two waters and passes one to Vuk. "He did set up a smithy out back, and there is a workshop in the storage room for Jude, Eden and ..well anyone else who works on mechanical things." She glances around, and frowns a bit. "Nowhere for me to work, but honestly...I have enough space back in Shantytown, and I can patch someone up anywhere."
Vuk Vuk is grateful for water, warm or cold. "Why not just make this our town? I don't mean in the take over with violence..but get every service offered...some how ours, or connected to us. Then we won't need to go and deal with swarms of killer robots in a Vault." he says, scowling about them. "Robots that look like those who long ago, wiped out many of my people."
Iris Lark "Well now we're going into that Vault even if we don't make it our base, if nothing else to find something to replace or repair Deathbot." Iris says, and if he could see, he would see a firm resolve on her face. "But your idea isn't so bad, I might buy a house here, leave the Clinic in the hands of someone like Percy or Kumo. I don't know...there are options."
Vuk Vuk has a good idea for once that -didn't- involve trying to be ghoul food in Roswell. "Not a bad worries about the El Dorado politicians trying to shake us down for our goods right? This is a wonderful plan. We should become the rulers of this town. We shall name it..well, some thing good. You know...I could go for retiring as a senile old man who runs a bar with a pretty doctor whose heart he won in brave and valiant single combat with the Mutant Horde of Mexico. I'll make up bullshit stories about how I single handedly defeated their would be Lord and the young doctor, so stricken with love and awe.." he begins droning on.
Iris Lark "Or we could live here, be good citizens, and keep it safe from raiders and mutants." Iris says, tugging Vuk behind the counter. "So who is the pretty doctor?" She asks, her guileless gaze locked on Vuk's face as she settles him on a stool. "Here, sit here, sip your water and let me go through the things I want to sell."
Vuk Vuk is now being treated like a kid or some thing. "Why you of course. I'll go on a quest to find a proper ring. I think. Well, I'll probably find one some where to be fair." He says to Iris, trying to track her by sound again. "It's my delusional story, I get to decide how it goes!"
Iris Lark Iris has never looked in a mirror, point in fact, she's only ever seen herself in a puddle or standing water. So when Vuk calls her pretty, she rolls her eyes and gathers her hair up into a messy bun. "It's quite a story." She allows, picking up her water and taking a large drink. She leans on the counter next to the stool and gazes out at the semi-empty shelves. "Well, what happens next then?"
Vuk Vuk is quiet for a long moment as he thinks. "Well..I figure they settle down and become the rulers of a small community, free of slavers..and corruption. Eventually it becomes a gleaming beacon of hope in the Wasteland. Known to all as those who stood up and ended a new Mutant threat to the United States of America. Then they end up taking over the Enclave assets and using them to spread good health and cheer or what not across the Wastes. Also; they won't live underground in some damn vault. Sounds like a good deal doesn't it?"
Iris Lark Iris leans against the counter and when Vuk talks of a bright happy future in the Wasteland, she takes a wavering breath and doesn't comment. She simply leans in and gently bumps her shoulder against him. "You know, I never stopped to think of what was next. I never imagined a happy ending. Hell, Vuk...I never thought I'd live a life where I wasn't shackled to a metal ring in the ground." A beat. "So everything that happens now, it's a new blessing."
Vuk Vuk makes out like she might knock him over, but that isn't likely now is it? "Well...I guess I've seen the benefits of technology..we now need to harness it for others. My people and the Brotherhood both refused to consider that. I know some people..should never have the benefits. But honestly? Even setting up a few water purification plants would benefit so many.." he says with a sigh. "So like my vision of the future Doc?"
Iris Lark "I like thinking that everything might turn up sunshines and roses." Iris says, taking another drink of water. She reaches out and pats Vuk gently on the hand. "I think you've got a good idea, and I hope at least most of it will go your way."
Vuk Vuk grunts when she mentions most of it going his way. "Well..first I think we need to find some sort of way to build purification plants then. I heard ..ahh well. Maybe we should ask Alice if GECKs are real first. I bet there is vaults with them, that never got completed, and were never mentioned yet. Be nice to get one of those things..heard they can turn sand to grass!"
Iris Lark Iris glances over at Vuk before she opens the door to the back room, peeking inside. "Well even if they are real, she might not be allowed to tell us about it, so don't be surprised if she clams up." She shrugs and then comes back out, behind the counter and gazes around. "Think people will come here and look at our wares?"
Kaydin     Kaydin enters the general store and looks to the two inside. "Hello. Is he supposed to be up and around?" He asks and shrugs. "Doc's the boss so she must approve." He says as he offers a hand to Vuk. "We never fully met, name's Kaydin, Ranger with the NCR." He says, his helmet on his head and his voice sounding like it is on a radio.
Vuk Vuk can't see the hand, but you know, blind and all. "Vuk Aleksy." He says, though he doubts any one will ever remember the last name, and he isn't quite sure what it means him self. "I hope they do Iris..I got plenty of things I hope folk buy..few of them pip boy discs.."
Iris Lark Iris waves to Kaydin, recognizing him from the Clinic and the Lab. "Welcome to the Acme General Store, how are you doing today?" She chirps, trying to sound upbeat despite a bit of a hangover. "Oh, I keep a very good watch on my patients, the last thing I want is for them to get wounded again."
Kaydin     "I am doing fine, just checking out some things to see if there is anything I need to buy." Kaydin says to Iris and smiles. He then turns his attention to Vuk. "Well Vuk I want to be one of the people to thank you for what you did. If there is anything you need help with, you got my help." Kaydin says to the man.
Vuk Vuk is a bit surprised some one is thanking him. "Yes..if you find any Vertibirds and the Enclave ain't using them, make sure Alice doesn't try to fly it. We voted that she isn't allowed to fly a Vertibird." He says and sips his water more. "Is there even things on the selves yet Iris?"
Iris Lark Iris points to several caches of ammo and a flamethrower and night vision goggles. "A few things are here, and more to come. Jude is going to set up something so that people can see inventory on a Pip-Boy or terminal, if they have one." She smiles at Kaydin as he thanks Vuk and her head cants as she studies the militia man. "What kind of weaponry do you use?"
Kaydin     "Prefer pistols myself but got this new rifle from one of the super mutants at the hope's crossing. my money is low from buying ammo for it." Kaydin explains to Iris before looking to Vuk and chuckles. "If I find a vertibird without anyone using it, I probably will keep it for myself but sure I will keep alice from using it."
Vuk Vuk has to remember what all people are dumping off on this place. "I should get the sub guns out here, maybe some one will buy them. I sure never use the damn things. Not enough flash or noise for me." He says, snickering quietly. "Sides, if I stopped making every one worry about the Minigun..Iris would run out of work."
Iris Lark Iris rolls her eyes, feeling that she's safe enough to do so since Vuk is still blind. "She gestures to the supply room behind her. "We're going to be stocking the expensive things in the storage area, and if someone is interested we'll invite them in to take a look." She rests her chin on her palm, and her steady gaze settles on Kaydin. "So how are you liking the militia?"
Iris Lark Iris opens her mouth to say something and then two Deputies walk in, Doomguy held up between them. "Miz Iris, we brought someone who needs ya help." One of the men says, laying Doomguy across one of the shorter counters in the shop. "If ya please?"

Iris gets to her feet and walks over to the man, nodding to the two men and gesturing at them to back up. "Sure gentlemen, step back and I'll handle this."
Doomguy doomguy lets out a struggled breat his skin deathly pale due to his imune systum infected with fev he has a hole in his head from his eye socket thre the back a large gash and is bearly clinging to life "h-help"
Iris Lark Iris smacks at Doomguys's hands as he twitches and basically gets in her way as she's trying to work. "Now now. Don't move, you're going to be okay." She mutters, picking up a cloth and cleaning the wound on his abdomen. "If you don't stay still, I'll have to knock you out, just fair warning."
Vuk Vuk is listening as he sips his water, he's so used to ..well you know, being shot to hell and all, medical sounds no longer disturb him. "Aren't you going to have some one sit on him too?" He asks, because you know, he hars that one -alot-.
Doomguy doomguy dosnt move upon request and stays still just simply nodding that he understood but dose clench his fists when she starts cleaning his wounds "no thats resurved for you blind man"
Kaydin     "I like the militia work. Reminds me of my work for the NCR." Kaydin says as he watches doom guy get brought in. He watches the healer work and gestures to doom guy. "He got eaten by the thing right?" He asks curiously.
Iris Lark "I'm not sure, honestly, I was hiding in a car." Iris replies, pulling a curved needle from her medical kit. She strings it with catgut and sets it aside before she primes her stimpak. "It doesn't matter though, it's going to take some work to put him back together again." With that said, she jams the stimpak into his leg and grunts. "This'll take at least thirty stitches, maybe more."
Vuk Vuk is going to be glad he didn't need stitches then. "This is why we need more missile launchers. We should encourage El Dorado to begin building them. Relying on pre war launchers is a generally, poor idea." He says to no one in particular.
Doomguy doomguy grips the table as the stim pack enters his leg the medical high kicking in numbing his pain enough to it being barable "so hows your day going kaydin," doomguy says as he lays there his fatiges nametag visible to read out his real name hicks
Kaydin     "Doing alright for the most part Hicks." Kaydin says as he watches the woman work. He remains an observer for the most part. "That reminds me, I need to go bother stockton about becoming a deputy." He says as he looks around then back to iris.
Iris Lark Iris grunts at the mention of Stockton, and suddenly that headache that she forgot about is back. Lovely. She picks up the needle, leans over her patient and begins to stitch up Doomguy's wound. The tiny, uniform stitches look as if they would be better for a shirt. Probably why some of the wounds she treats heal so clean. She starts to hum as she works, a soft melody that seems a bit out of place with the work she's doing.
Vuk Vuk will raise his water up again, trying to judge what is left in the bottle before taking another long sip. "We should also figure out a way to begin cooking up the bio fluid used in Stimpaks Iris. You know we'd make a good trade off that alone..that and clean water.."
Doomguy doomguy dosnt wince that much from the needle work but dose ask "so do i get a eyepatch for my eye thats missing"
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Doomguy for a moment, her needle going still. She considers his question and then she gazes back down to continue to stitch. "If you would like an eyepatch, you're more than welcome to have one." She says, sparing Vuk a glance before she speaks up a little louder. "We'll see, Vuk. Did you finish your water yet?"
Kaydin     Kaydin watches and looks to Vuk. "I can try and send word back west. I can get supplies if I ask for it. Wont be much but may help out here." Kaydin says as he watches the stitching.
Vuk Vuk rattles the bottle to determine if he did, then finishes what is left and places it on the counter beside him. "Yes Iris. I did. I think. If I didn't, oh damn well. I don't want any more, let the vault dog have it. If he's around, is he some where around here? The store needs a dog."
Doomguy doomguy even though in pain says "you will drink your water and like it" then continues to lay there getting patched up by iris only to say "yes yes i would like an eyepatch
Iris Lark Iris glances around the store and nods. "Well, I don't think I have one, but I guess I can keep an eye out for you." She leans back and gazes down at the stitches on his torso. "Thirty-seven stitches, all neat and in a row." She moves up towards his head and checks the wound there, cleaning it gently and applying a poulticed bandage. "That is a pretty bad wound there."
Kaydin     Kaydin watches the woman work and nods. "I can keep an eye out also. i sometimes wander the wastes, trying to find supplies nearby." Kaydin says calmly. "What I would like to do is go to the crashed airship and see if there are any brotherhood supplies to loot, but damn deathclaws make it a tricky situation."
Doomguy doomguy turns his head to kaydin "so you say your going to loot that, in front of a brotherhood member?"
Iris Lark "He's not looting your gear, or your faction's gear." Iris says, moving to clean up the mess that she's made. "Doomguy, get to your feet and see how you move around." She says, propping both hands on her hips.
Alice Alice looks at Doomguy and rolls her eyes, "You're pretty daft, you know that? It's a goshed-darned crashed scrap airship in the wasteland. You need to calm down and start thinking before you speak."
Vuk Vuk keeps hearing about this airship and shakes his head. "Flying is not safe. The Enclave has armed Vertibirds, an airship isn't some thing I'd want to be on when they come around...and Alice!" he says, turning his head towards her voice. "You need to help me find a pre war Semi."
Doomguy looking back to iris doomguy apoligizes before looking to vuk "what in gods name do you need a semi for?"
Kaydin     "Thank you." Kaydin says to Alice as she speaks. "Tell you what. Have the brotherhood help kill the deathclaws and they can help get some of the loot. Frankly I think that sort of weapon and armor tech should be availible to everyone." Kaydin says calmly./
Doomguy doomguy get off the table when pached up and starts putting back on his gear and reloading his weapons "id love to stay but there aint no rest for the wicked
Alice Alice began to laugh at Kaydin, she was howling now, "Wait, you actually think that you... Oh my Gosh. Iris, I have to go before I pee myself in laughter at these guys. I can't actually think either of these numbskulls thinks they have any right to something they can't take on their own and could dictate who gets what. Hahahahahaha. I'm sorry Vuk, you're no longer the most SPECIAL person I know. There's a tie for it, right now."
Kaydin     Kaydin just watches alice and looks to vuk and then to iris. "Did I just got called stupid by a vaultie?" Kaydin asks as if to make sure wether or not he should be offended.
Iris Lark "Alice is a woman of many opinions." Iris remarks, shrugging a shoulder as she moves back behind the counter. "You get used to it after a while and you wave it off. Vaulties have a lot more advantages, education wise."
Vuk Vuk follows Iris' movement, to make sure she doesn't get a chance to push him off a counter. "Well, it is rather foolish to assume if you get some one else to clear out Deathclaws, they'll let you have any thing. Further theory; if the Brotherhood hasn't reclaimed the wreck, I rather suspect none of us will."
Kaydin     Kaydin nods to Iris and then looks to vuk and nods. "Still one can dream." Kaydin says as he looks to Vuk and Iris. "Well I am going to head out. Take care, both of you." Kaydin says calmly as he begins to head out.