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Iris Lark It's quiet in the clinic for once, nobody laying on either bed and Achilles is even gone. The big chair is empty and looks like it's been cleaned as well. The wind is blowing outside and while the clinic is sound, the wind still gets through the cracks.

Iris is kneeling on the floor, and the strong smell of lye surrounds her as she scrubs near the second bed. Every so often she stops to exhale and blow her bangs away from her forehead, but she works steadily, moving the brush she's using in rhythmic circular motions.
Decius The peace and quiet is about to be interrupted slightly as Decius, as always clad in his Legion armor, opens the door to the clinic, enters and quickly shuts the door again. With that said, his entrance still not particularly quiet due to the fact that neither building nor door are structuraly THAT sound.
Iris Lark Iris glances over her shoulder, sees the armored man and gets to her feet, scrubbing her hands against her apron. "Good afternon." She says quietly, a polite smile on her face. "Can ..Can I help you with something?" She asks, her eyes flicking over the tall legionnaire. If she's nervous, she's taking care not to show it.
Decius "Salve. Not really, I was just looking to see where I could get myself patched up if necessary. Which might be soon enough, knowing my terrible luck." Having said that the legionnare just smiles politely and looks past Iris herself to where she was scrubbing the floor. "Need a hand?"
Iris Lark Iris blinks at the man in front of her and she glances down at the floor. It's nearly clean, but there is still some scrubbing to do. "You're..all..are you sure you would be comfortable?" She shifts on her feet and pushes a lock of hair behind one of her ears. Suddenly she grins, holding out a small hand. "Iris Lark, I'm the Healer here." She murmurs, gesturing towards the chair in the corner. "I don't really need help, I'm nearly done but you can make yourself comfortable and talk to me while I finish?"
Decius "Surely." With a few practiced motions he removes the shield and spear he carries over his back and leans those against a nearby wall before briefly shaking her hand. "Decius Caecillius Metellus. Deserter from the Legion, although that is quite obvious." Still smiling politely he quickly settles down on the indicated chair. "So, good to hear that you are the healer. I've allready seen you in action when we were heading out to salvage that vertibird."
Iris Lark "I've been doing this most of my life, but..this is the first time I've been able to settle down somewhere." Iris says, easing herself back down to the floor where she takes up her brush and starts to scrub again. "I like El Dorado, the people here are ..nicer than I've seen elsewhere." She pauses and glances over at Decius. "Why did you leave the Legion?" She asks guilelessly, a smile on her face.
Decius "Well, let me ask you first what you know about Ceasars Legion. I'm asking, because my explanation might get somewhat longwinded so the less I can leave out the better." Decius says with a wry smirk, shifting about on the chair a bit and moving his cloak off the side of the chair to not sit on it.
Iris Lark Iris looks abashed, her cheeks pink. "I don't know much of anything, actually." She gazes at her brush in her hands, trying to think of something clever to say. "I like stories though, and this sounds like it will be a big story!" She glances back up at Decius, a shy smile on her face.
Decius Decius laughs briefly and nods. "Alright, history lesson it is then! It will make the reason why I left quite obvious at the end." He taps against his chin in thought for a moment before nodding to himself. "I'll start at the beginning. Approximately a bit over thirty years ago a man calling himself Ceasar came to Arizona west from New Mexico where we are right now, took command of some tribes in the area and helped them fight and conquer all other tribes in the region all the while beginning or claiming to start modelling his army after the Roman Empire from... over two thousand millenia ago. Don't ask me for the details about it, since I'm not a very educated person in any regard. Something I blame the Legion for. Anyway, their policy has been for decades to conquer tribes, integrate them into the legion and enslave or cruelly make an example out of raiders and particularly stubborn tribals. Keeping up so far?"
Iris Lark Iris drops the brush back into the lye-scented water and shifts to a sitting position, her hands in her lap. "I'm keeping up so far. Go on." She says, obviously curious about how the story is going to end.
Decius Decius crosses his arms and gives a wry smile. "Of course. Anyway, on one hand their territories are quite peacefull and secure as result, on the other hand the army plunders, massacres and enslaves everything that either doesn't submit to their rule fast enough or they view as unfit to be integrated into the Legion. In fact they are a semi-nomadic, highly disciplined and fanatic horde. In addition they despise advanced technology for the most part and the Legionnaires have a lot of vices in addition to their basic cruelty and bloodlust. For example, cannibalism is tolerated, rape of slaves, prisoners and in some cases free women is common and so on and so on."
Iris Lark Iris blinks and nods, words failing her for the moment. She keeps her eyes on Decius as she subtly tries to cover the pip-boy on her arm. She timidly lifts her other hand, gesturing for the man to continue.
Decius "Anyway, they started to attack the Mojave a few years ago to conquer New Vegas and have been fighting the NCR in the region for a few years, until recently when the so called Battle of Hoover Dam happened. Still don't know who won that one so I'm not aware if the NCR or the Legion is in charge up there now. Anyway, now on to me. I was born around the time Ceasar started conquering the tribes in Arizona with my tribe being one of the first dozen to be conquered. In fact, my fater was the leader of the tribe, surrendered immideately and tried to move himself into a position to keep some measure of power of the tribe and raise me to help him in that regard. He wasn't very succesfull as it got himself nailed on a cross and me being put under the care of a Centurion who gave me the job to report on any unusuall activities in Legion camps like murder, smuggling, disloyalty and so on." The legionnaire abruptly stops, visibly catching breath again and looking like he is talking himself dry as he shifts about on the chair again.
Iris Lark Iris is pretty perceptive and she slowly gets to her feet when he takes a breath and walks over to the side of the room to put water in a mug. She walks it back over to Decius and sits back down near the bucket of cleaning water, ready to listen to more of the story.
Achilles Before long a new figure darkens the doorway, a massive man ducking to arrive from outside. He pauses, attention settling on Decius. "Hello Iris. It looks like you found a legionaire." He shifts a bit, putting some of his weight on the massive axe at his side. "It also appears he found my chair." A moment passes before he moves to lean against the table on the back wall.
Decius "So, I was put into a position that would make me extremely unpopular and in constant danger for years, when we arrived in the Mojave I was 'promoted' to Decanus and put in charge of a bunch of malcontents to get us all killed, I creatively interpreted most orders, got my superior killed by withholding informations, got myself redirected back behing our own frontlines and escaped when I got utterly fed up with pretty much everything." Decius just shrugs slightly, signalling that he is finished with his tale and glances over to the arriving Achilles and politiely nods in his direction. "I assume you want your chair back?"
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose and shakes her head slowly, sighing. "Those people sound horrible, I don't blame you for not wanting to fall in with them." When Achilles steps into the clinic, Iris gets to her feet and moves to give the bigger man a hug. "Achilles, look...I met Decius, and he was telling me about how he came to be here." She gazes between the men for a moment and then adds in a stage whisper. "He seems okay."
Achilles Achilles wraps an arm around Iris, "Is that so? It's good to meet new people." The man's gaze moves back over to Decius. "It's fine. I would like a spar when you're free though. It's been a while since I tried my skill against the Legion, not since the Red Raids." A nice name the man gave him systimatically wiping out several Legion encampments after they crucified a friend of his.
Decius "Very well, just don't expect me to be a particular good fighter since I'm not, for various reasons. I'll even gladly admit that I'm reliant on both my spear and shield over there." Decius briefly gestures at the wall next to him where they lean against.
Iris Lark The mention of a spar reminds Iris of the blood still on the floor. She rests a gentle hand on Achilles' arm briefly before she makes her way back to her scrub brush. She gives a brief glance to the spear and shield and then once she's settled on her knees, shaking water from her brush she speaks up again. "Are you going to stay here in El Dorado? I'm sure you could find something to do here, we've plenty of troubles that could use a shield."
Achilles "If your focus isn't on combat, then it may be best if we don't spar." Achilles allows, moving over to kneel next to Iris, he holds his hand out. "Don't worry about it, I'll clean up." he offers. The big guy's gotta earn his keep somehow.
Decius "Appreciated. I intend to get into enought trouble as is, which might make me a occasional 'guest' here. In all honesty? Seeing you I'm quite sure you would break at least several of my bones even in a spar." Decius slowly gets up from his chair and leans against the wall next to his weapons and crosses his arms. "Likely that I'm staying here. I can't head west or northwest since there is Legion territory, its generaly unknown what is down south and even Ceasar was worried about what might be down there and I also have no idea whats in the east. Not much choice in where to go, you know? Besides, so far nobody has been particularly hostile to me around here, even if in a few cases it might have been due to the local laws."
Iris Lark Iris bats at Achilles' hand and shakes her head. "I'm nearly done now." She explains, offering him a smile before she looks back towards Decius. "Well I tend everyone, and I try not to judge, because I used to be.." She presses her lips together for a moment, and gives Achilles a quick look before she goes back to scrubbing. "As long as you're not mean, I'll tend you."
Achilles "Keeping secrets from me?" Achilles asks with a grin. He doesn't seem bothered, merely he ruffles Iris' hair and pushes back up onto his feet. "Not much east. A lot of radiation and destroyed towns. The most interesting place was the Capital Wasteland. If I was the settling type, I probably would have stayed there for a while longer. But then I wouldn't have met Iris, so it worked out for the best."
Decius "I'm stuck here then. Well, there are worse places to be stuck so there is that. Anyway, a good day to you two. I'll be going now and look for something to do." He quickly takes his spear and shiled back from the wall, straps them back over his back and makes his way out the door. "I will see you two around sooner or later. Likely while bleeding all over the floor."